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Set roughly 2 months after College Talk ended, so leading up to everyone's anniversaries, since they all got together at the same time. So Christmas, 4 years after the first story began. Alice and Jasper's anniversary has just gone by, as has Bella and Edward's.

DISCLAIMER - EDWARD IS MINE!!!! Not really, Stephenie Meyer owns him. But one day....

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Bella's POV

I stretched luxuriously, turning over in bed, yawning as I threw my hand over my eyes, trying to block out the sunlight that was making my head hurt. I rolled over again then squealed as I rolled straight off the bed.

Arms caught me before I hit the floor, and I was pulled back onto the bed, my eyes still squeezed tightly shut against the hard, wooden landing I was expecting.

Edward chuckled and wrapped his arms tightly around me again. "Ok, that's, what, the tenth time that's happened?" He kissed my eyelids and I opened them gingerly against the light. He chuckled again and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"It hasn't been THAT many times, thank you very much."

"I beg to differ, love." He kissed the tip of my nose affectionately, "You have rolled off this bed precisely ten times since you moved in."

I groaned, "It's because there's no wall there! I need a wall, or I fall off!"

Edward laughed again at my disgruntled expression, and dipped his head, kissing my jaw as he murmured, "I'm sorry I have no wall for you, my love, but would you rather you were in your old apartment with a wall, or here living with me?"

I pretended to think about it, "Well…I'm leaning more towards the wall at the moment, I think."

"Oh really?"

Edward grinned evilly and tightened his arms even more; crushing me against his chest, then trailed his fingers slowly down my jaw. My mind fogged up immediately, and Edward lost his teasing smile.

I pushed myself away a little so I could move my arms, then I pulled him to me and kissed him, already impatient. Edward reacted as he always did, so suddenly I found myself hitting the floor with a thud, Edward on top of me, both of us looking stunned.

I giggled and tapped his nose, "Forget there wasn't a wall there?"

He nodded, then seemed to come back to himself. He realised he was squashing me against the floor and pulled me up, hugging me to him.

"Are you alright? I didn't hurt you?" I smiled at his worried face, and kissed him.

"No, you didn't hurt me, I'm fine."

"Sorry I did that…maybe a wall is more necessary than I thought." He glanced around, his head resting on top of mine.

"Maybe it is," I sighed, resting my head against his chest. He kissed my hair absentmindedly.

"I think so."


"Are you even listening?"

I yawned, "Yeah, yeah, I am."

He chuckled, "No you're not. Come on." He picked me up and climbed back into bed, dragging the covers up over us. "There. You ok?"

I nodded sleepily; my eyes already closed, and pushed myself further back into him before I fell asleep. Edward put his head on mine and I felt his breathing even out as he fell asleep. His clutched me even tighter when he slept; another of the million things I loved about him.

I closed my eyes and just dozed, the light filtering through the window making it impossible for me to sleep. I wondered what day it was as I checked the clock, because if it was anything other than the weekend, I was very late for work.


"Mhmm?" he said, without opening his eyes.

"What day is it?"

"Saturday, eleventh of December."

"Oh, good." The eleventh of December…why did that ring a bell?

"Because it's Emmett and Rosalie's anniversary," said Edward, as if he could read my mind.


He sighed, his eyes still closed, "So we should be expecting a visit from the hooligan across the hall in about…five minutes or so, I would say."

I nodded, "Great."

The same thing happened every year; Emmett completely forgot it was his anniversary, and would appear either in my apartment, Edward's room, or on the phone, asking why Rosalie wouldn't talk to him. Generally these visits were early in the morning, and since Edward and I were living together, in the apartment across the hall from Rosalie and Emmett, we were this year's most likely victims.

Sure enough, there was a loud knock on the door, and a shout of, "Bedward! Help me!"

I sighed and swung my legs out of bed, leaving Edward to sleep and trudged to the door, opening it with a bleary-eyed glare.


"Why is Rosie mad at me?"

I sighed and rubbed my eyes, "Because, Emmett, it's your anniversary today, remember?"

Emmett froze, then groaned, "Goddamnit! And I promised I wouldn't forget this year."

Edward wandered out of our room now, coming to stand behind me with his chin on my head, "Oh dear, Em, you didn't forget again?"

Emmett sighed, "Well, it's hard to remember, December eleventh is a weird date."

"Really? Because we have no trouble remembering ours, do we love?"

I shook my head theatrically, "Nope. December the seventh."

"That's it. I didn't forget, did I, my love?"

"Nope," I answered, popping the 'p'. "And we had such a great time, didn't we?"

"Yup," said Edward, popping the 'p'. "We-"

"Alright, alright, I get it; you remember your anniversary and have fun in the bedroom on it, big deal." I flushed and Emmett frowned, "So, any ideas for what I should do this year?"

Edward shrugged, and Emmett looked agonised. "I know," I piped up, a little shyly, "you should propose to her. I know you've been looking for a good time to do it, and on your anniversary would be perfect."

I blushed even redder as Emmett stared at me; Edward actually moved to stand next to him so he could stare at me with him. "H…h…how did you know that?" Emmett squeaked.

I shrugged, still blushing, "It's obvious, Em. You have your hand in your pocket all the time, you're nervous around Rosalie sometimes, and you, Edward and Jasper keep having secret conversations around something you don't want me to see." I smiled, "It was obvious."

Edward just gaped at me, and Emmett stammered, "But…how?!"

"I'm more observant than you think, Emmett. Rosalie and Alice were too busy talking, and, believe it or not, sometimes it gets a little boring, and I pass the time-" I cut off, realising what I was about to say, and looked down at my feet, my face traffic-light red.

"Wow, Bells," said Emmett. He seemed to have recovered, "That is a really good idea! And today would be perfect! I'd better go get ready!" He clapped Edward on the shoulder, hugged me so I was lifted off the floor, then steamed out, slamming the door behind him.

I went and sat on the sofa, still conscious of Edward's eyes on me. I bugged my eyes at him, "What?"

He came and sat next to me, pulling me onto his lap, "Nothing, love, I'm just amazed you managed to find us out. Hmm…" he mused, "you seem to be very good at sensing when a guy is getting ready to propose to his girlfriend…I'd better be extra sneaky now."

It was my turn to stare; I was almost speechless with shock. Edward was looking off towards the kitchen, a thoughtful expression on his face. "Ed…edwar…"

He turned and grinned brightly at me, "Yes?"

"Do you mean…that you're…that you're going to…?"

He shrugged, "You're going to have to find out, aren't you?" When I still didn't say anything, he laughed, "What, are you scared now?"

I shook my head violently, "No, not scared, just…surprised."

He kissed my forehead, "Don't worry about it. All in due course."

That was all he would say on the subject, no matter how I tried to mangle more information out of him.

Eventually I gave up, "You are one of the most evasive people on the planet, Edward Cullen."

"I try."

I rolled my eyes, "So, is Jasper planning on it too?"

"I don't think so. He and Alice are doing fine, but I'll think it'll be sometime in the next year, before Emmett and Rose actually get married."


We sat together in silence for another long while, whilst I tried to unravel his riddles in my head. Did he mean that he was planning to propose to me sometime soon? I wasn't sure how I felt about that one…

I sighed and put it out of my head, deciding it was better for the situation to come to me than for me to go to it.

"So, what should we do today?"

Edward shrugged, "We could see if Alice and Jasper are free, then have a movie marathon?"

"Like last Saturday? Sounds good."

I went and changed into my sweats whilst Edward called Alice; she lived pretty close to us, only one or two blocks away. She wanted to get an apartment with Jasper in the same building as us, like Rose and Emmett had, but she hadn't managed it. I was secretly a little bit gladder than I pretended; having Alice within half a second's walking distance didn't seem like such a good idea.

She announced her arrival with a loud, "Open the door! Alice is here!" Edward rolled his eyes and let them in; Alice flew straight at me, hugging me tightly with her tiny arms.

"Hey, Al, had a good week?"

She smiled brightly, "Yeah, the best! You?"

I shrugged, "Alright. I've spent most of my time at interviews. How's your job going?"

"Completely fantastic, Bells! I can't believe I ever lived without fashion design, it's so fun! I've got a whole load of sketches that they want made, and the free clothes…" she sighed, "oh, my god…it's amazing!"

I laughed at Jasper, who was pretending to sob into Edward's shoulder, and Alice turned to glare at him, looking very much like an evil, very skinny leprechaun.

"Don't try me, Jasper. Remember what happened last week…" Jasper immediately sobered up, and Alice turned back to me, smiling brightly, "So, movie marathon?"

We all sat down on the sofa, "So, what movie should we watch first?" Alice asked.

"Hot Fuzz!" Jasper and Edward shouted.

"No, not that again!" I moaned, and Alice nodded.

"She's right; we've watched it way too many times. The Notebook?"

"Ugh, no, total chick flick. The Grudge?"

"Too scary, definitely." I shuddered; I didn't match well with horror films. Edward hated them too, since I always had terrible nightmares and, most of the time, managed to hit him with something. He'd had one too many black eyes from my sleep-thrashing.

Jasper, Alice and Edward were still bickering over which movie to watch, so I spaced out and waited for them to come to a decision. They finally all decided on the third Pirates of the Caribbean, just because none of us minded it, and we all loved pirates.

We all snuggled down on the sofa, me with my pillow on my lap and my head on Edward's shoulder, and Jasper had some trouble with the remote. In the end Edward had to get up and press the play button, as Jasper discovered Emmett had stolen the batteries out of the remote.

"Stupid immature…" I rolled my eyes and settled down to watch the swashbuckling adventure.

We all laughed along as Jack Sparrow battled a rock-crab, and as he and Barbosa had telescope wars. Both Alice and I were clutching our boyfriends tightly at the end; the sad atmosphere was not helped by the sad music in the background. Edward and Jasper, even, seemed a little subdued, and Edward had taken to kissing me at regular points throughout the movie.

We were sitting through the credits, waiting for them to end so we could see the final scene when Emmett burst through the door, shouting, "She said…"

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