Beyond the Coral Seas

Chapter 11 Finale

"They are BACK," Emma carried her new baby girl Cicely Arista Dove, in a knapsack she wore.

"That was a close call!" Exclaimed Ash as he rang the knocked. "You just made it to the hospital, Emma! said."

Ash rang the doorbell of their friends. Emma carried their new baby. "No answer," as he rang the doorbell. Then he saw the note that read, please come to the pool in the back.

He entered through the back gate of their home, and heard the splashing.

"Guys?" Ash called. "This way" called Cleo. "I have something to show you"

"Turns out she came early! Please come here to meet Cicely Arista Dove!" Emma called out as she searched their patio. "Hey I can hear you but not see you."

Ash peered too. "Hey where are you?"

They could walk to the pool which led to the inside of the McCartney residence.

"Here, closer, "Cleo's voice was softer.

Emma could only say WOW as she saw four not three mermaids! She blinked her eyes to make sure it wasn't blood sugar playing tricks on her.

Ash stared in disbelief. "Uh..Lewis?"

"Come in the water is great!" Lewis beamed at them.

Emma gave the baby to Ash, who stood there like a statue. "I don't need to be asked twice!" she declared before she dove in the water.


"Come around!" Lewis and Cleo said together.

"Is your bell not working?" Rikki asked. Red was definitely her color as sported a new red outfit. Her belly was getting quite large.

"Rikki, walk real slowly", Cleo told her.

Upon walking towards the rear of the pool, her mouth dropped.

"What do you think of this, now Rikki?"Now I really am part of the club!"Lewis ran his hand in the water.

"I'm actually…speechless!" She sat down to compose herself, watching Lewis intently.

"Hold up your hand Lewis. Feel anything?" Rikki put him to the test.

Lewis held up his hand. "Yep still 5 fingers!" He did not deliberately try to antagonize Rikki, but he thought she'd had it coming.

"Oh get on now, be serious!" Emma shook her head at the silliness. "The Coral sea islands must have done wonders for your, ah…"

"Whatever you are thinking, Emma you're probably right", Cleo giggled, patting her belly. "Isn't' that right, merman?"

"In every way" Lewis answered as he smiled at Cleo.

"Lewis, here CATCH! Cleo threw a waterball at him. It splattered his face.

"Where are the kids?" asked Emma.

"My mom's got them today."

"Rikki you need to get WET!" Lewis splashed her. Instantly, she held up her hand and she steamed dry. In turn, he closed his eyes and in his mind, he'd formed a frozen water stick which hit her!

"Oops, sorry about that", Lewis apologized.

"Not bad not bad!" Rikki returned to the pool, shaking her blonde hair.

"Hey guys, I thought Zane was going to turn us in? Well, it turned out he called me the next day, apologized for the wacky way he'd been acting. On that crazy day, Zane had a change of heart.

HE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM! See here is my ring!" She showed everyone a glittering emerald.

"I'm so relieved you did not need our help, although I know we offered it." Emma picked up her baby as she got out of the pool.

"Oh Rikki, that's wonderful news!" cried Emma as she hugged Rikki.

"Rikki what a beautiful ring!" Cleo chimed in.

"You guys are so great. I now know there is nothing to fear that we cannot handle" Rikki grew quiet. "Yeah, I have this big bravado, but I' was scared just like you. I wanted to be happy like you were and to give this baby a happy home. On that crazy day, Zane had a change of heart.

"You'll do fine,Rikki, Emma encouraged her. "It's one day at a time".

"Yeah who knows what will happen with Cicely one day." Ash pondered.

She rocked her little girl. "She'll be our little girl, just like your kids are your kids", Emma stated happily.

Ash had been reading a magazine; looked up asked "What do you say we all go to the Coral Sea Islands next summer? There seems to be life changing effects there".

Lewis looked from face to face before snidely saying "You never know what COULD happen there."

Cleo shook her head, "I think I created a monster."

They all agreed and swam some more. And shared some chips and dip.

Four months had passed and it was Rikki and Zane's wedding. She looked prettier than he'd ever seen her. Her hair was curled, she wore baby's breath in her hair as she and Zane exchanged I do's.

Whatever would happen in the next day, year all six people would resolve to be honest and deal with whatever would come up in life. They would all need to watch out for each other. Their kids would grow up together.

As the priest pronounced Rikki and Zane man and wife, Lewis reflected on the words. He smiled as he realized he was keeping those promises.