A/N I heard it through the grapevine that it's Enkidu07's birthday this week so, Enkidu07, this one is dedicated to you. Happy Birthday. Incidentally it was also Dean Winchester's b-day this week, hence the inspiration for the first drabble. I don't know why I love to hurt him, even on his birthday but... *shrugs*, you only hurt the ones you love, right?

I just want to thank everyone who reviewed my first set of drabbles, they really made me happy. Again I have two drabbles, but this time they're a continuation of each other though I hope that each one can still stand alone as a 100 word story. I hope you all enjoy! Please let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: "Supernatural" is not mine.


Dean shouldn't have had those funny tasting tacos for lunch because now he's sick. He barely touches his supper and as soon Sam's done eating he groans, "Let's go."

"Not yet," Sam grins mischievously.

"Sam, I'm really not feeling…"

A chorus of "Happy Birthday" interrupts him as their waitress serves him some blueberry pie. Now he feels really, really nauseous.

Dean forgot it's his 30th birthday. He's not sure whether to thank Sam or punch him for the sentiment but it doesn't matter because his stomach lurches and he hurls on the waitress's shoes instead.

Shocked, Sam shrugs sheepishly, "Uh…surprise?"