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Rating: lol, PG / K+
Genre: Romance, Adventure, Humor
Shipping: Tai/Sora, Izzy/Mimi/Joe, a toss-up between Takari and Daikari (it tends to go back and forth, lol)
Description: The Destined's kids travel backward from a dark future to their parents' past! TK and Kari have a kid? Yay! Davis and Kari have a kid, too? Scandalous! Do they want to destroy their parents or save them? :O
Author's Note: I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS 9-YEARS-OLD! XDD This is NOT edited at all (except some serious grammar/spelling problems, for obvious reasons XD). This was the second story I ever wrote, so it's BAD. I've improved A LOT (at least, I hope I have), but I decided to post this just for the fun! Feel free to mock and spork. I just put this up for fun. :) Also, I have a lot of this story finished, but I can't seem to find later chapters. They're lost somewhere in my bedroom, but I'll try to find them so I can post up the final hilariously horrible chapters. XD
OTHER NOTE: I came up with the title of the story when I was around 10, so I didn't mean to steal any titles of a story that's actually good. XD Hehe.

Digimon Knights
Chapter One
Midnight Love

"Oh! We'll never get to the digiportal! It's a thunderstorm," said Davis.

"Sadly, my mom was going to make apple pie tonight and I'll be stuck in the DigiWorld," said Kari.

"Correction: our mom," said Tai.

"Whatever," said Kari.

"Oops I told my mom I would take a bath tonight. Oh well! I'll just take it in the rain," said Davis.

"No! You'll just get more dirty and stinky!" said Kari. Davis walked back under the willow tree caked in mud and rainwater. Kari sighed. "I told you... Ugh. Hey, I'm cold."

TK pulled his jacket around Kari and smiled at Davis.

Davis frowned and looked at Kari. "Ah, ah! Kari, do you want my jacket, too?"

"Uhh, no thanks, Davis," Kari replied, looking at the mud slopped across the front of his flame-decorated jacket.

"I'm cold," Yolei said, crouched in front of the tree as she blinked up at Davis.

Davis glared at her. "Shut-up, Yolei."

"I brought jackets for everyone," TK said. "And I brought a tent. I'm always prepared."

"You're a cheap cow, TK!" Davis shouted.

"Lay off, bed-wetter," Yolei said.

"Davis, how dare you be a DigiDestined," Kari snapped, hurting Davis's feelings. "You act dumb most of the time, so how dare you set foot in this world without trying to work with TK as a team! Stop. Just stop, okay?"

"Kari, I—I—"

Davis's hand lifted in her direction, but Kari only sighed. "Don't even talk about it."

"Now I know Kari won't touch me..." said Davis.

Later, when the storm had calmed and the others set up a crackling bonfire, TK stepped out of the tent and directed his attention toward the other Destined. They huddled beneath the willow tree, peering up at him.

"Somebody has to sleep outside the tent," TK said.

"Oh yeah, I was totally wrong," Davis sneered. "Who are you going to work your magic on now, TK?"


Davis's fist connected with TK's face, giving blondie a bloody lip.

"Ha—ha—hey! We got enough fighting the past two days!" Yolei shouted. It's true: they'd been fighting in the Digital World for a while now, looking for a certain rune they couldn't leave the Digital World without. However, when Yolei held out her hand to stop the fight, Davis wound his fist backward and reflexively and accidentally landed it right in her face. Yolei threw her hands toward Davis's neck and leaped into the fight!

Kari screamed at the top of her lungs and I mean at the top of her lungs. Her scream didn't stop them, so she quickly punched and slapped everyone.

"Ouch!" said Davis.

"Ouch!" said Yolei.

"Ouch!" said TK.

"You stop it! Stop fighting!" said Kari. "It's bad and Yolei's right—we've had enough of it!"

Kari kissed TK's bloody lip. Davis was pure red. He jumped TK again without a moment to waste, giving him a gash across his forehead. Kari, now severely upset with her fiendly friend, picked up Davis and pinned him to the trunk of the willow tree. Smack! Palm met cheek. Ten times. That'd bruise in the morning!

"Why are you being so mean?" Davis said, gasping. "Are you on P.M.S., Kari?"

Kari kicked Davis in the nuts.

"Ouuuuch!" said Davis, tumbling backward into the mud.

"That'll show you to ask me if I'm on P.M.S.," Kari huffed, helping TK toward the tent. She turned toward her brother's partner and continued, "Agumon, make a fire for Davis. He'll be the one to sleep outside."

"Alright, Agumon!" Tai said. "Do it!"

"Pepper breath!" Agumon shouted.

The clock turned to midnight. Davis wrapped a vine around his neck, climbed to the top of the tree, and jumped down. Hanging ruthlessly by his neck, Matt came out of the tent and rushed forward to cut the goggle boy down from the vine.

Author's Note: LOL