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Genre: Romance, Adventure, Humor
Author's Note: I rited dis gud. :)
Apparently, according to the booklet I wrote this fic in when I was 9, the STORY THEME is "Here With Me" by Dido. XD

Digimon Knights
Chapter Four
The Worst Fear

TK, who'd chosen to sleep over at Matt's house to help out with Theratha, was kept wide awake by Matt's obnoxious neighbors.

"OH, DADDY!" one woman screamed. "OH, HARDER!"

TK tried a million times to cover his ears and block out the sound, but it never worked. He tried to sleep, but every time he was two seconds away, he'd get interrupted by the creaking of bedsprings and thumps. He'd even tried muffling the sound with a pillow! But... it didn't work.

Theratha huffed and turned toward him.

"Can you hear it?" she asked.

"What do you mean 'it'?"

"You know, IT!" she replied.

"OOOH, it!" He laughed. Then immediately paled and turned a sickening shade of green. "Yeah. Yeah, I can."

"It's been past, like, one minute... they should be done by now!" Theratha grumbled.

"Uh, well, Theratha, maybe in the Digital World they have S-E-X for a minute, but in the real world they have S-E-X for at least—"


TK blinked.

Until he realized Theratha was kissing him... ON THE LIPS.

TK pulled away and stood, pointing at her as his face turned bright red. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!"

Matt jumped awake and glared at the both of them.

Commercial break!

"Oh, well, what the hell are YOU doing awake?!" Matt growled at his younger brother, eyes red with a lack of sleep.

"I—I was just talking to Theratha," TK stuttered.

"Psh, talking," Theratha giggled.

"Well, please, for the love of God, go back to sleep!" Matt said as he, himself, went back to bed.

"Okay," Theratha answered, crawling back into her sleeping bag.

"OH, DAAAAAA—oh no!" said the woman's voice. "I think someone can hear us, dear! Because... because I can hear them!"

"I TOLD YOU TO SHUT THE WINDOW BEFORE WE..." said Matt's male neighbor, only to be interrupted by the female.

"Before we do what? Do... this?" she said. "Mmmmm."

Oh, God, Takeru covered his ears with the pillow.


Matt slammed the window so hard it shattered into many pieces.

"Oops..." Matt said.

"Oooo BABY! Ooooo—what was that?"


Matt's and TK's father rushed into the room, slamming the door behind him. He blinked at the shattered window before looking back at Matt with a stern expression. "What's going on here?! Oh! Dammit, Matt! Do you know how much that cost me?!"

Their father rushed over to the window and looked over it, only to look outside and notice the neighbor situation.

"I tried to shut it," Matt said quietly. "But it... didn't work out like I hoped it would."

"SICKOS!" their father shouted.

"GO SUCK A DICK!" said the male neighbor.


Matt slapped a hand to his forehead, choosing not to comment on his father's rather... exquisite choice of comebacks.

"Ugh," he said, turning to the three kids sprawled out in front of him. "We'll put a blanket over it and staple it for now."

"Thanks, Dad," TK said.

"You're welcome, TK," said "Dad". "Dad" left the room.

Matt went to sleep and had the same dream as before, only it was like a nightmare. This time, it was a little different. He heard a song as he wandered through the battlefield—a small song, from the lips of a small girl about Kari's age during their first adventures into the Digital World.

La, la, la~ she sang, her voice small.

As he wandered through the battlefield, the song only got louder and louder and louder until SPLSSSH—he was stabbed by the human-digimon.

Then he woke up to...



"What the heck?" Matt asked, brow furrowed. "Are you two still awake?"

"Ah, just, uh..." TK stammered. "Uh, we were... um... I DON'T KNOW!"

"It's okay, TK," Theratha said. "We were having a date, Matt."

"More like she pounced me out of nowhere like a rabid dog during mating season..." TK mumbled.

Theratha only smiled big. "Sorry we woke you up."

"It's okay, just... just be quiet," Matt replied, despite TK's growing blush.

His blush vanished, though, when he noticed something painting Matt's face. "Matt, you're sweating a lot."

"Yeah..." he replied with a nervous smile. "I just had a nightmare. A bad one."

TK didn't buy it. "Are you okay? You don't look good. You really don't."

"I'm fine," said Matt.

The next day...

Tai was in the DigiLibrary looking for Cordy. After finding out some information, he looked through a book or two while reading anything he could find out. He read one entry in particular that caught his attention:

Dark DigiDestined: A DigiDestined that turned evil. There are over 200. They all joined together under Cordelia Takaishi, their #1 leader. Their second and third leaders' names are unknown.

The entry didn't stop there, even though Tai prayed to God that it had.

"Oh, bloody hell!" Tai dropped the book. "We're all going to die!"

Sora came in.

"Oh, hi, Tai!" she said.

"Sora, come here—read this!" Tai demanded.

After reading the definition of Dark DigiDestined, she put a hand to her lips and said, "Holy shiiiiiiticky!"

Maybe it was the element of danger, maybe it was the fact that they were hormonal teenagers, or maybe it was a combination, but the two suddenly burst into kissing! Tai then put the book away and the both of them, together, went back to the real world.

After Ken and Yolei's fantastic date, all the DigiDestined grouped together to discuss what Tai found. However, before getting down to the nitty-gritty, the two felt there was something else they wanted to tell everyone...

"We have an announcement to make," Sora said, glancing toward Tai.

He grinned. "We're dating."

"Oh my gosh," Matt said. He ran out of the room and into an alley. After absorbing the information Tai and Sora told everyone, Kari was the first to leave. Matt's abrupt exit was still fresh on her mind when she wandered near the alley he was in.

Matt threw himself down mostly on accident. A little teary-eyed, he hit a trashcan with his shoulder. It began bleeding, causing him to hiss and wince. Kari walked by the alley and saw Matt.

"Wow, Matt, are you okay?" Kari asked him.


He obviously wasn't. Kari pursed her lips before sighing and reaching down to help him up.

"Here, come with me," she said. "I'll help you."

In Kari's apartment...

"Here, Matt," Kari said, putting a bandage on his wound.

"Thank you, Kari," he replied, looking down at his hands.

Knowing that he wouldn't tell her what was on his mind, she sighed and reached forward to ruffle his blond hair, almost as if she was the senior and he her junior. He looked up at her with wide eyes, but she only smiled warmly at him and said, "You're welcome."

He left.

She left, too, to join the others at the library. Though Tai and Sora had told them the beginning of what the book told them, they hadn't finished their little "announcement"...

"Well, I'm sure you all remember Cordy," Sora began, folding her arms in front of her. "Tai and I found out that there's more to her than just the Dark DigiDestined."

"Yeah," Tai huffed. "She's our defeater."

"Our... what?" Davis raised an eyebrow.

"No way!" Cody said.

They talked about it. The announcement. Until night.

This time, TK was at his own house and Theratha was in the Digital World, while at Matt's house, Matt was falling asleep (no, he was asleep).

And then he was in the Digital World.

He was watching as Garurumon's long thin body jolted down a wide battlefield. He ran after his partner, calling his name, hoping Garurumon would stop and help Matt. Just help him! He needed help! He... he wanted help.

But then Garurumon vanished.

A very loud whisper hurt ears; hurt his mind. It didn't whisper words in another language and it definitely wasn't saying "Aquamon", but something different.

It whispered, You're gonna die. Mocha moka norma suzuka die.

Then he started to run, but here he was again! It was an endless, neverending battlefield he was in. Just like before, there was the same exact digimon falling and dying, the same exact nightmare, and the same exact woman with floating hair and a large sword. This time, he tried to run away, but he was paralyzed. As he began floating, she said the same exact words and pierced him with the same exact sword—

He woke up with a scream. A scar was tethered across his stomach where the woman pierced him, bleeding through his thin pajama shirt. His father opened the door quickly and said, "Matt! You have to go—holy SH—F—F—SH..." The father bit the side of his index finger to calm himself down before he continued. "What did you do to get THAT?"

He pointed to the gash across Matt's stomach.

"I fell on some glass," Matt lied. "That's why I screamed, too."

The boy got up to get a Band-Aid.

"Do you want me to help?" his father asked.

"Um, no thank you," Matt said, shuffling through his medicinal cabinet. "I'm alright."

Another lie.


During the daytime...

"Hi, Kari," said Davis, red forming on his cheeks.

"Hi, Davis," Kari said through a smile.

It was lunchtime, and the Destined just so happened to be sitting altogether.

"So, Ken, like the movie?" asked Yolei.

"Yes," Ken answered. "Like the kiss on the cheek after the movie?"

"Yes," said Yolei with a smirk.

"Hey, Kari," Davis began nervously. "Prom's coming up and I was kinda wondering..."

"Yes," Kari said, not looking up from her lunch.

"...If you'd like to come with me to—YES!" Both Davis and Kari laughed. However, Davis then looked a little bit more than embarrassed. "Kari, you remember a few days ago during the thunderstorm... I just wanted to say sorry. I was acting like a jerk. I guess I was kinda jealous."

"No, I was a jerk more than anything," Kari said. "I'm sorry, too."

Davis, surprised, spat out his milk all over Yolei's hair. As the girl screamed at him in anger, Davis and Kari snorted with laughter while TK folded his arms in a pout.

I was gonna do that, he thought. Minus the spitting-milk-in-Yolei's-hair part. Hm. Well, this competition's not over yet, Davis!

TK grinned and nodded. He was determined to not give up!

In the Digital World...

A bloody sky arose as Cordy killed a fleet of strong digimon with her anger and skill. Darkmon, who had been watching her, came out and told her, "Control your anger, Cordy. We'll get our chance again."

"I want to kill them!" Cordy snarled, ripping into another champion-leveled digimon with a golden dagger. "I want to kill my mother, my brother, I want to kill that damn step-father and most of all I want to kill my father. He is the one I hate most! Hope... hah! I'll show him hope—I'll show him where to stick it."

Darkmon left in grief of what she said.

Komosamon, a spider-type digimon, came out and said, "You know, Cordy, you really should control your anger. If you don't, well... you could ruin it all. You simple-minded child."

"I'm not a child," she growled. "I'm a teenager. An 18-year-old, to be exact, so I make my own rules, stupid spider."

Komosamon mumbled something quietly to himself before crawling back into his corner, which he called his "room". Cordy knocked down a couple more boxes and killed a few more digimon before going for a walk.

They were right, as much as she didn't want to admit it. She needed to control her anger.

In the Digital World...

"Well, at least it's not raining," said Cody.

"I'm still prepared!" TK said. Everyone laughed, especially Kari and Davis, who glanced at each other as they walked side-by-side.

But then, from above them:

"Hahaha, how very funny, peoples!"

Cordy jumped down from the top of a tree, smirking at them all as she rested her hand behind her head. "You know, I'm kinda bored of you guys. There's not enough drama or heart-wrenching soap opera romance! Like the drive-thru at McDonald's, I was expecting Kari's legs to be wide open for anyone to, well, drive-thru. But nope, she's little miss purity-pants! So boring!"

"Yeah, we're boring because we always defeat you and you can't beat us," Matt said.

Cordy wasn't listening. Instead, she stared at TK.

"Goodbye, Daddy," she said to herself. She then grabbed hold of TK and glared at Kari, but Kari wasn't going to be intimidated! She kicked TK out of Cordy's arms.

Stunned that she was able to do it, Kari said, "I guess those kung-fu classes when I was little paid off!"

"Ouch!" said TK. "Gee, Kari, mind kicking Cordy instead of the innocent hostage?!"

"Sorry, TK, I had to," Kari said.

Cordy gave another glare in Kari's directed before she fled, only because of what she saw behind the Destined.

"AAAAAH!" Yolei screamed, pushing Ken behind her as if to protect him.

What they saw behind them was a half-formed digimon at least twice their size! It roared and chased after them, so the Destined ran away as fast as their legs could take them.

"Hey," said Davis, after they'd gotten away from the mutated digimon and felt safe. He turned to the others and put his hands on his hips, lips twisted into a grin. "Since we're all in a good mood, let's camp out here tonight! And Kari, don't worry, I'll protect you from the things that go rawrrr." He clawed his hands at her as if to emphasize his point.

"Not before I do!" TK teased, wrapping his arm around Kari's as the brunette girl blushed.

"And don't worry, Yolei," Ken began with a wink, "I'll make sure to never let you go."

"Tai, you don't even need to say it!" Sora giggled, poking the older goggle boy in the belly. "We all now I'll be the one protecting you!"

Tai's cheeks reddened as he waved her finger away from his stomach. Coyly, he said, "Nahh, I can take care of myself..."

Sora only giggled.

Cody looked around suspiciously and said, "This is really weird..."

"BOOOOO!" Theratha popped up behind TK.

"AHHH!" TK screamed.

"Uh... hi... to you, too..." Theratha said, binding her hands together behind her back as she blushed.

"You always do that!" TK shouted, covering his reddening face as he half-heartedly glared at the wild digi-girl who always tried to pounce on him when he didn't expect it. If Davis had Kiwa as a weird stalker, then TK's stalker was definitely this bizarre girl.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Ken about TK's sudden frustration, glancing to Cody. Cody only blinked and shrugged.

"Dunno," the younger boy said.

"We're all acting a little weird today," Kari said with a warm smile.

"Am I bugging you guys at the wrong time?" asked Theratha.

"Uhh... no," said Sora with a smile. She held out her hand to Theratha. "I don't think we've met."

"Oh, hi! I'm Theratha," the girl said, taking Sora's hand and shaking it.

"I'm Sora," the redheaded girl replied with a firm nod of her own.

"Hey, where's Matt?" asked TK.

"He went to get wood for the fire," Kari replied. The blond boy had been on her mind a lot lately, too. She couldn't get that image out of her head, back when she'd seen him torn-up in the alleyway. What was wrong with him? Was he okay? She knew he wouldn't tell her, but she always felt as if they were family. She wanted him to tell her. A second later, Kari looked at a worried TK.

"Alone?" TK asked.

"Yes..." Kari sighed.

It was a sigh TK shared.

Author's Note: I preferred it when everyone was beating the shit out of each other. XDD