Takes place during New moon.

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Bella's POV

I lay awake on my bed staring at the cieling allow the emptiness and pain to crush me. I gasped for air but found none. That's it. That's when the decision was made. I knew Alice...no I couldn't think about her...or E...E.. I couldn't force my self to think the name. I sat up it required all my strenght though. I found my suitcase. I started grabbing my clothes and throwing them in. I was leaving and I wasn't coming back. I wasn't sure where I was going yet. I took all the money I had..it should last me..I would find an apartment...get a life started for me. It would be lonely but nothing could feel worse than I felt now. I got dressed and wrote a note for Charlie.

Dear Dad,

I love you, I hope you know that. I'm going to miss you. But I am going to write this letter tell you that, I'm leaving and probably won't ever come back..to live with you. But I will come to visit. I'm going to og start life on my own, I'll call you when I figure out where I'm going

Love Bella

I left the note on the table and took my bags outside to my truck. What was I doing? Was I doing this because I wanted to forget about him? WHo was he to run me out of my home? But I wasn't running, was I? What ever. I backed the truck out of the driveway. I felt guilty for doing this, for leaving the way I am. But I have to take care of myself.

I drove down to the gas station and filled up my tank. I was going to keep driving until I couldn't, I would sleep in my truck until I found a place to be content with...so what? Was I dropping out of school now, there are other schools.

Edward's POV

I sat at ther bottom of a tree trunk. THinking about the one and only. What was I doing? I can't live with out her, I have to go back. If I don't see her soon I feel like my unbeating heart is going to be ripped from my chest...could I possibly...would she take me back. My thoughts were interrupted by a shrill beep.

"Edward.." It was Alice she sounded worried.

"Hi," I muttered.

"It's Bella."

"I thought I told you not to interfere."

"I didn't I wasn't keeping tabs on her I sware. She's leaving." My mouth dropped open.

"Where is she going?"

"I don't know she hasn't made a decision she's just driving...but the last time I saw her she was in California. I think she might stop at Sacramento, but I can't be sure." Crap!This interfeared completely. She left...I had an idea. But what if she didn't want me to find her. What had I done?


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