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Setting: starting on page 159-163 in volume 7 particularly page 163. Italics have been taken out of the book and reformatted.

POV: third person, Illsaide

Rating: between K+ and T

The Beginning of the End

"So Vord, when can you leave for Zi Alda?" Falan asks brightly.

"What?" Vord wasn't the only one confused, just a second ago the princess had been rambling on about Ishtar, and now Vord is going to Zi Alda?

"He can't go now! He's on a mission of diplomacy! The people need to see our houses standing together in the wake of your father's passing!" a concerned advisor exclaimed. Having been chatting with one of the other guards, Illsaide paused to listen to the rest of the conversation.

"Oh, It'll be alright! We'll cover for him if his mother comes looking. Besides, Vord's not a diplomat, he's a warrior. Aren't you?" Falan leaned in closer to Vord, "A warrior that just happens to have a crush on Ishtar…"at his look of shock she continued, "Don't worry! I'm in your corner! Get out there and fight for the one you love! And don't let your guard down around those other noblemen!"

"Wait a second! Why are you doing this?" he was still very confused about this whole turn of events.

"Well, to be perfectly frank, your antics have made my guards look like a bunch of imbeciles. And besides, I've seen the way you look at her. You're not just after her crown. And it couldn't hurt to have the King of Pheliosta in your debt!" Falan exclaimed in her cheery tone.

Vord was as still and as silent as a statue thinking: King Vord does have a nice ring to it…

"Well, what are you waiting for?! Zi Alda's not getting any closer! Ishtar sure is a lucky girl! If she has any sense, she'll pick you Vord. I know I would!"

I my head snapped to the left in shock as she said that dreaded sentence; turning quickly I strode out of the courtyard and down the west hall. The guard and I continued our conversation on how to best set up patrols until we had set up Legsaram charms around the castle. Managing to get rid of the guard fairly quickly, I headed to my quarters. The halls were quiet, only a few guards here and there to cause any sort of noise; so I wasn't distracted from the thoughts that plagued my brain.

"I know I would!" It echoed, bouncing around in my skull until I was quite sure it would drive me insane!

"I know I would!" She would choose him. Maybe it would be for the best if she did; after all, she is my…sister. They would never be allowed to pursue a relationship outside of being brother and sister, and it made sense if she would want to move on to someone she could love and be with in public without being frowned upon. Logic didn't stop it from hurting though, likely nothing ever for all the hurt and insecurity that befuddled his senses… he couldn't stop the terrible combination of knowledge and fear telling him that -indeed- this was simply the beginning. The beginning of the end.

AN: I realize that most of it was the reformatting of 159-163, but I felt it necessary to set up the context in order to remind everyone of what's happening. I think that this will be the prologue to an AU fic about IllsaidexOFC but either can be read on its own.