Challenge Word: nausea/nauseated/nauseous

Written for the special Enkidu07 birthday challenge! Hope you're enoying all your favorite things!


Elbow to his ribs, strike to his temple, the motherfucker has his wrist. Twisted against the wall Dean feels the shoulder dislocate, ignores the wave of nausea, manages a head butt, gets space. And Sam's there, silver piercing the wolf's heart.

Business first, Sam getting rid of evidence.

Then his good arm's over Sam's shoulder. They're at the motel, a bottle of Jack and Tylenol doing nothing against pain.

"Dude?" Sam's hand on Dean's shoulder blade. Stupid, but that works.

He relaxes into the jerk, but no way this doesn't suck. Then Sam's hand on his neck, thumb pressing. "Yeah."