"Ditto." Monique said, smiling.

Monique smiled, as she remembered that moment. They hadn't fought like that since. The next song made her laugh as it now came through the speakers.

Stressed out, uptight, overworked, wound up
Unleash what you got let's explore your naughty side,
Follow me, where we goin', we don't need no bread crumbs,
Don't you see baby, you're the only one,
You are my love,
You are my love, I'll be your medicine,
Cause I got one thing on my mind I'll be your valentine,
Spread your wings and baby fly away!

It's your body you can yell if you want to,
As loud as you want to,
Scream if you want to,
Give me your lovin' lay right here girl don't be scared of me,
Give you sex therapy,
Give you sex therapy,

It's your body you can yell if you want to, As loud if you want to, Scream if you want to,
Give me your lovin' lay right here girl don't be scared of me,
Give you sex therapy,
Give you sex therapy,

Monique awoke and immediately reached for Corbin. He'd been there when she fell asleep. Where was he now? Before she could even sit up in bed, Corbin walked out of the bathroom, and slipped back into his spot, holding her close to him.

The feeling of him so close to her clouded her mind easily, making her want more of him. Even though it was two o'clock in the morning and they'd just finished up their third round, Monique wanted more.

"I was wondering when you were going to wake up…" Corbin said, as he pulled her tighter to his body, his arousal also becoming obvious. Monique, who was rested, giggled as Corbin leaned over her and placed sloppy kisses on her cheek. His foot must've hit something because the TV clicked on and Robin Thicke's new song "Sex Therapy" came on.

"Fitting." Corbin muttered, tickling Monique's sides. Her laughs soon turned to moaning as his hands began to roam other places, not needing to take the time to remove anything except sheets. "We're doing this my way now." Corbin added, whispering in her ear. Monique shivered, and let Corbin turn her onto her back. Slowly, he kissed down her spine. Her toes curled involuntarily and she stuck out her ass, signaling for him to stop teasing.

"Don't be so impatient, because if you rush me, you'll be sorry." Corbin growled, the huskiness of his voice turned Monique on further. Corbin now kneaded Monique's back, making her whole body relax. He knew she'd turn limp once he started his massage. She always did. This time was different.

As Corbin's hands began to further down her back, Monique raised her hips again, urging Corbin to get to the point. Corbin looked at her and shrugged.

"You asked for it…" Corbin muttered, as he grabbed Monique's ass and pulled her hair, positioning her on her knees.

"Ow, that hur-" Monique tried to say, but was met with a soft 'shh'. Almost instantly, Corbin shoved his entire length into her making her back arch. Monique enjoyed his slow, rough pace, until he began pulling her back into him faster. Every thrust shook the bed, and made the headboard bang against the wall. They also made Monique claw at the bed sheets and hold onto the headboard. Soon Monique's passionate moans turned into climatic screams, and Monique's body wracked with climax after climax.

Just when she thought Corbin was done, he raised her hips higher and pounder into her. As Monique experienced what seemed to be her millionth orgasm of the night, Corbin came, his grip on her ass and hips tightened. Corbin collapsed onto of Monique, sending them both onto the bed.

"See what happens when you rush me?" Corbin asked, looking at Monique. She nodded and laughed, turning towards him.

"I should make you angrier more often." Monique laughed, reaching over Corbin and turning off the TV.

"Wow, I forgot that was on…" Corbin sighed as Monique lay her head on his chest.

When Monique looked out the window, she saw the airport come into view. The last song clicked on and Monique listened intently.

When we go to work
How the day seems so long
The only thing I think about
Can't wait 'til we get home
'Cause we got a way of talking
And it's better than words
It's the strangest kind of relationship
Oh, but with us it always works

This song had been the easiest to recognize, considering it was one of Corbin's favorite Babyface songs, Whip Appeal.

"Girl, you got it! Girl you got it! Baby…" Corbin sang as Monique drove down the dark highway. They were on their way to Los Angeles to see Jag's ballet recital for the next day.

"This song is about us." Monique sighed, smiling at Corbin.

"I love you." Corbin said, kissing Monique's cheek.

"And I, you." Monique replied.

"One of these days I'm going to put a ring around your finger and call you Adrienne Monique Coleman-Reviers." Corbin mumbled, catching Monique's attention. Their families knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but it still surprised her by his lax attitude towards it.

"Well Mr. Reivers, I'm glad you have such high aspirations for when you grow up." Monique joked, quickly glancing over at a flustered Corbin.

"Ha, ha." Corbin retorted, sarcastically.

"Aww, don't be like that Corbi! I can't wait to have little Corbin's running around us." Monique said, easily detecting Corbin's bright smile.

When the car pulled up to the airport, the driver came and opened the door, handing Monique her purse and pulling her luggage behind her. He helped her through check-in and waved at her.

"Tell Mr. Reivers I said hi." Monique smiled and nodded, walking to her terminal. When she showed the lady at the desk her ticket, the lady handed her another note.

I see you made it this far. I hope you enjoyed the CD, the ride and the walk down memory lane. After you board your plane, check your iPod for a new playlist, which should be titled: Momo. Judging by the plane ride, we'll be together in a few hours. Love You.

"He sure knows how to romance a woman…" the lady at the desk commented, looking at Monique.

"How do y-"

"He explained everything and everyone that works at this airport knows what's happening." The woman said, looking excited. Never had anyone at the airport seen such a nice, well mannered person, and so they jumped at the chance to help Corbin romance Monique.

"First class is boarding now, right this way Mrs. Reivers." A man said, interrupting what the woman was about to say.

"Have fun in Jamaica Ms. Monique." The woman said, smiling. Monique nodded and boarded the plane finding her seat. To her surprise and enjoyment, she sat alone. This meant she had two first class seats to her disposal.

As soon as the airplane took off, Monique put her iPod in her ears. She quickly located the playlist Corbin put on her iPod and pressed play.

Baby, I just wanna get your attention
I really wanna be your love in your head
Cuz when I got you don't wanna get some yeah
But girl that's only if you ain't scared

And I won't knock or ring no bells
You just float bottom up in the air
I'll get you hot, I know you oh so well
And when I'm walking, all that I wanna hear

Is you say Daddy's home, home for me
And I know you've been waiting for this lovin all day
You know your daddy's home (daddy's home), and it's time to play (so it's time to play)
So you ain't got to give my loving away
So all my ladies say hey hey hey daddy
Hey hey hey daddy
So all my ladies say hey hey hey daddy
Hey hey hey daddy

When the song got to the chorus, Monique knew what it was. The song had been on her iPod since the CD came out, but Monique couldn't figure out how this song related her and Corbin in any way, and then it hit her.

"Well I was thinking, if we were to have kids, how many?" Corbin asked, looking at Monique. She knew he loved kids and would soon want them once they got married.

"I was thinking two. I hate the idea of an only child, they seem so lonely." Monique explained, examining Corbin's expression. He looked as if this had been bothering him for a while and he was glad to get if off his chest.

"Wow, I wanted four, but two's good too." Corbin sighed, sitting on the bed and removing his shirt.

"Four Corbin? Seriously? You want four kids?" Monique asked incredulously. Never in her life had she pictured herself with a man who'd want a small clan of children. Monique always thought she'd end up with a guy who didn't favor kids.

"I mean I've always had a big family, and surprisingly I want one." Corbin explained, stepping out of his jeans.

"Well I'm sure you'll make a great dad Corbin. Come here." Monique said, putting down her book and opening her arms. Corbin removed his undershirt and crawled towards Monique laying his head on her chest. Monique didn't bother to protest when Corbin leaned up and kissed her neck, massaging the straps of her nightgown down her shoulders. By the time Corbin's trail of kisses lead to her chest, Monique's nightgown was bunched around her abdomen.

When Corbin took one of her hardened nipples into his mouth, Monique arched her back, moaning his name. Monique's moans got louder and more frequent when Corbin's hands drifted down her stomach and into her panties.

"No teasing tonight baby." Monique smiled, rolling them over and grinding against Corbin. Almost instantly, his arousal was made apparent. Leaning down, Monique returned his torture, leaving a trail of kisses down his chest towards the waistband of his boxers. "Well these have to go." Monique sighed, tugging them down and throwing them across the room. Corbin leaned up to look at Monique with an eyebrow raised, but his head quickly hit the pillow as Monique grasped his face, kissing his lips roughly.

"Someone's serious tonight." Corbin said, before grabbing Monique by the hips and sitting her directly in his lap. Monique looked down at him wide-eyed.

"Wow, you've been working out. I guess Broadway whipped you into shape." Monique giggled, before gasping as he sank down further into her. Corbin smiled at her reaction and took a hold of her hips. The dept and intensity of his thrust made Monique grab endless handfuls of sheets and her toes curl. Just when she was about to fall over the edge, Corbin stopped and decided change everything. He placed her on knees, fully knowing her core was throbbing from the climax that was so abruptly stopped. Without so much as a warning, Corbin pulled her hands behind her back and pulled her into him, quickly filling her up.

"Say my name." Corbin demanded smiling. Monique loved it when he was like this in bed.

"Corbin." Monique said, smirking. Determined to wipe the self satisfied smirk off her face, he pulled her by hair, making Monique wince at the pain. He used his free hand to grab her hips and thrust into he faster than before.

"Say my name." Corbin said, stopping once again and turning Monique's head to face him.

"Corbin." Monique muttered through clinched teeth. Still not satisfied with her answer, he let go of her hair and focused totally on holding her hips. The sound that now filled the bedroom were no longer moans and whispers, but also the mattress groaning, the headboard banging against the wall, Corbin's grunts and Monique moans and pleasured screams.

"Say my name." Corbin asked, one more time.

"Daddy, oh my god, daddy." Monique moaned, screaming lowly as she came. Soon after Corbin followed her, laying on her back.

The only sounds that could be heard then were the sounds of Corbin and Monique's gasps to catch their breath.

"You did good Mommi." Corbin whispered in Monique's ear as she drifted off to sleep.

"You too daddi." Monique sighed, before falling asleep.