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Just as I was closing my locker I was caught of guard by Alice. She always scared me like that. I tried to catch my breath.

"Hey Bella" she smiled. She was always happy and chipper. From all my friends, Alice was the energetic one. Sometimes I wondered if she had a spare battery somewhere. She never seemed to be tired.

"Hey Alice, what's up?" I asked her as we were walking to class.

"I was just wondering if you would be a doll and help me out with my trig homework. I can't seem to get the last chapter Mr. Frederick was going through last semester. I'm sorry to be a pain, but we have a test next week and…" she was saying but I stopped her mid sentence.

"It's okay, it's no problem really. But you'll have to help me with Lit. I can't seem to get this book we're going to be reading; 1981".

Alice held out her pinky finger as if to do a promise. "Pinky swear". We always did this, since we were little kids in elementary. I should also add that from all my friends, Alice was the most childish.

Just then her brother passed us in the hallway. Edward Cullen was currently the hottest guy in the whole school and every female in the institution wanted to have him. Too bad he was already taken. Not for me though. The whole time I've known Alice, I hated Edward. He was cocky, obnoxious, and proud. He could have any girl here and he knew it. I think he even tried to get me, but did not succeed. I was Alice's pride and joy and she loved me for just being me. I was the girl that Edward Cullen could never get and he hated me for it. So you could say that our relationship was based purely on hate.

As we were walking, I caught a glimpse of Edward and saw him wink at me. Mocking me, of course. He just loved to do that. It irritated me and he knew that.

It still surprised me that he was older than me. His personality was completely opposite from mine, and if I do say so myself, he was the childish one. I was fine and happy ignoring him. Actually, that was the mature thing to do.

As usual he stopped by Tanya Harver's locker and started locking lips with her. Figures he would go for a girl like her. She was blond with baby blue eyes, big breasts, good ass, everything a guy would want in a girl. And to top it all, she was brainless. Seriously! She was pretty bad at almost everything. The only reason why she was still in school was because of her parents. But if it were up to her, she would probably up in a reality show like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, or maybe she would be better off in the playboy mansion. God knows how many guys she's done while dating Edward. Not that he was clueless about it. He just didn't care. After all, he was doing her too. Pretty sick, right?

Luckily the bell rang and class started. No need to see Edward Cullen and Tanya kissing like they were hungry puppies. I wanted to keep my food down, thank you very much. To my disdain however, Edward was in my English class. God knows why. I could bet my whole inheritance that he hated Literature. I wasn't even sure if he likes to read. Thinking about it, I never saw him holding a book in my whole life. So, imagine my surprise when he came into the classroom like he owned the place. Something told me this would be a fun semester, not.

His presence was not the only thing that surprised me though. Contrary to what I thought, Edward Cullen was pretty smart. Too bad he liked to brag about it. His comments made me want to smash his head with something. But at the same time, listening to his remarks about the book the professor made us read left me speechless. To make matters worse, Mr. Gibbs had to pick me and ask me something. I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I hadn't listened to him completely.

"Um... I'm sorry? Could you repeat the question please?" I asked nervously. I could hear Edward smirk and laugh quietly. I just scowled at him.

"Do you think the world created by the author in the book seems realistic? Could it be a preview of what the future could be? Mr. Masen seems to think so. What is your opinion Miss Swan?" Mr. Gibbs repeated. I tried remembering what exactly the book was about. The world created by the author? Well, it was creepy, that was for sure. I mean, monitors watching your every move? I would never wish for a world like that.

"I really hope not" I answered flatly. The teacher looked at me thoughtfully.

"And why not Miss Swan?"

"Well, although I do agree that some measure of surveillance is needed, there are certain boundaries to be kept. People have personal lives and don't deserve to be judged by them. And more than anything, I wouldn't want to be treated as a machine with no feelings or thoughts whatsoever. Not loving or caring about someone just seems so cold" I explained. Now Mr. Gibbs was not the only one interested in my reply, so was most of the class, including Edward.

"Yeah, well. You might think that way because you're a girl. Always worrying about romantic stuff like that. I think that a world with no feelings works better than one with them. It would avoid many unnecessary quarrels" Edward retaliated. I swear I could have strangled him right then and there for his sexist comment. Did he just call me girly? I hated that!

"I'm sorry, but I see nothing wrong with my viewpoint. How can you possibly condone an idea like that?" I asked him exasperated. I had also stood up to face him.

I could see that Edward was going to respond but the bell rang at that instant and he left with a smile. Before he was completely out the door Mr. Gibbs stopped him and asked us both to stay for a few minutes. When the whole class had gone out he sat us both in two desks in front of him.

"You two are very talented. Out of most of my class here, I think you two are the only ones who actually read the book. And I like your ideas and how you debate. That's why I'm assigning you on a project, which will be due at the end of the course. That would give you about three months to work on it. I want you to read one of my favorite novels, The Devil's Feather and make a commentary about it. Of course, the rest of the class will have a similar project, but they will get to decide what to do. Since I think you two can handle a book of that caliber, I am making you two read it. But I don't want separate commentaries; I want you to work as one team. Understood?" he explained. I just gaped and looked at him as if he lost it or something. There was no way I was working with Edward Cullen. We both looked at each other and then back at Mr. Gibbs.

"With all due respect Mr. Gibbs, I can't work on this project, I already… um…. have another project due" Edward was trying to lie, lamely.

"Keep it Mr. Masen. If you two think I didn't notice your animosity earlier, you are sadly mistaken. That is one of the reasons why I think you two will make a perfect team. This book entails you two getting to know a character who suffers a tragedy and must overcome it. It's perfect for you two. I can see many discussions surging between the two of you. Can't wait to see your finished work. You are dismissed" He responded flatly, then he got his belongings and lefts us in the room.

Edward and I were speechless for once. We knew there was no way out of this. After a few minutes of quiet and silence, he faced me with his knowing smile.

"Let's work hard partner" he joked and left the room.

After the whole fiasco I just wanted to go home and lock myself in my room to never resurface. This was a nightmare, and I knew I was never going to wake up.


This was just great. As I left the room, I tried racking my brains for a way out of this. I didn't want to work with Bella just as much as she didn't want to work with me. I pictured that she would be taking Lit. She loved to read, anyone who knew her, knew that much. But why the fuck did Mr. Gibbs have to stick me with her? What did he see in our so called team? We would be bickering and shouting during this project. Bella was too dramatic and touchy feely for my own good. I wanted things to be simple and conflict free. She always called me a coward for that.

It was definite, I was pissed. So you can well imagine how I reacted when Tanya threw her arms around me. I just wanted to throw her away like a ragged doll. I know I'm an asshole for even imagining it. Tanya, being her usual sweet self could tell that something bothered me and let me go, but not without asking me.

"Something wrong?" she looked genuinely worried and I hated making her feel like that. Tanya and I have been dating for over a year already, and although I didn't love her, I did like her. I mean, she had a hot body and she cared about me a little. And she was a good listener. The only downside to her was that she was a slut and she slept with not only me but also my friends. The first time I caught her was in freshman year. We broke up for real, but then one thing led to the other and we got back together again. Then we broke up again, and got together again. We've been on a off a lot of times, but this time we made it last a year. She was like a female friend with benefit. I still doubted whether I could really call her a real girlfriend.

"It's nothing really. I just got stuck in a position I never asked for" I answered her and kissed her head. Then I took her in my arms we went to our next class.

"Explain" she pleaded and looked at me with her sad puppy eyes. I had to stifle a laugh. She looked cute when she did that.

"It's my Lit class. I have to do this project with Bella…" I started but she stopped me by putting a finger in front of my lips.

"Bella Swan? Ha! But you hate her since you two were small. You always say how bitchy she is and how much she complains about stuff" she told me. I knew all that, so forgive me but I had to look at her like she was stupid. It annoyed me when people repeated things I already knew. "Well, can't you ask your professor to excuse you?" again I gave the same look. She was starting to notice my ill mood again so tried to change the subject to her shopping plans this afternoon. I knew this was my queue to run away. I didn't want to be part of her plans. So I kissed her again, this time in the lips, and left for my next class.

My next class was biology. Since I didn't want to take chemistry, the councilor told me to take biology. She said I needed a science class to fill my curriculum. Boy did I ever regret telling her I hated chemistry. Just imagine who was also taking biology? Yup! None other than Bella Swan. Just great. Just what I needed. Not only do I have to do a freaking project with her in Lit class but I have to be her fucking lab partner now. All because I was two minutes late for class. Why didn't anyone want to pair up with her? Oh! Right. Cause' they knew just how annoying she could be.

I sat as far away from her as possible, avoiding any contact with her as if she were a plague. I know I was being an idiot and ass by doing that, but I didn't want to upset her or get her started on her usual rants. I just wanted to get by quietly in class. Time didn't seem to help though. The seconds ticked by as slowly as possible and it felt like torture. I tried listening to Mrs. Steiffer but my mind kept going to Bella. She looked so focused on the class which surprised me. The whole time she was quiet. She was not fuming like I was minutes before.

I tried to run from the classroom as fast as possible when the bell rang, but Bella stopped me by grabbing hold of my arm. I looked at her surprised.

"Um… Edward…" she was trying to say something and was failing miserably at it. It was clear and evident that she was at a loss for words and as much as I tried, I couldn't help but smile. The whole time I've known the girl, we've always been awkward to each other. Best not let that affect our grades though. I really wanted to get into Princeton.

"Look Bella. No offense. I don't want to start an argument with you right now, so let's just work in this project together and get by in biology. I really need my grades to stay up. So, partners?" I held my hand out in signal of a truce.

She looked at me questioningly and I couldn't blame her. But I waited patiently for her to believe my words and we shook hands. Then I left. I had no wish to prolong this torture, and I also knew that it would last the whole semester.

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