A/N: There are a lot of us in this challenge. Check out Enkidu07 or Onyx Moonbeam's profile for the list of usual suspects. Enkidu07, hope you had a wonderful birthday and this hits all the right buttons for you.

Word Count: 100

Drabble word: Nauseous (nausea or nauseated).

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Here's some extreme Hurt!Dean, the first of five related drabbles. Dean's hunting cannibal fuglies, and he's gotten a little too close to the action.

Sometimes they hang him from one of the hooks in the ceiling. He's stretched out then, almost on tiptoe, until the soles of his feet cramp up and his calves ache and tremble.

Sometimes they use one of the long hooks set lower in the wall.

It's the ceiling today. Today he's on his feet.

Left shoulder's dislocated. Cracked at least two ribs. He's bare-chested and barefoot. Dean fights down the nausea rising up in his throat as he rests his forehead against his arms. He can hear the cries coming from the adjoining cells.

It's not time. Not yet.

1 of 5 drabbles