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Word Count: 100

Drabble word: Nauseous (nausea or nauseated).

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Here's some extreme Hurt!Dean, the last of five related drabbles. Dean's hunting cannibal fuglies, and he's gotten a little too close to the action.

There were twelve people to be used in the feast. Dean made thirteen. An unlucky number for some.

Dean stood swaying on his feet, shielding the former captives with his own body. He stared at John and Bobby. Dean didn't recognize them at first.

"Dean? Son?"

Dean's head bobbled slowly at the sound of John's voice.

"Dad," Dean whispered. He didn't feel real anymore. He was burning up. His skin was on fire, bits and pieces of him floating away into the air, and nausea churned his insides up. None of that mattered.

Dad was here. It was all good.