Hello my lovely and loyal readers! As I'm sure some – if not all – of you already know, the great Peter Facinelli has been bet against. That's right people! Mr. Facinelli has been bet by his friend Rob DeFranco to get 500,000 followers on Twitter, by FRIDAY (June 19th)!!

People, if you aren't already, FOLLOW PETER ON TWITTER NOW!! This man will lose the back of his actors chair to Rob if you don't!! All Rob will lose is his dignity (I'm sure he doesn't have much of it anyways)!

Here is what you do;

1--- Go to T-W-I-T-T-E-R (dot) com.

2--- Search for peterfacinelli.

3--- CLICK ON FOLLOW HIM! (First you should make a Twitter account if you don't already have one. If you have numerous email accounts, make many Twitter accounts using them. I have done this as well)

If you don't want to search for him you can always go to Peter's OFFICIAL website and find the link on there.

Remember, Mr. Facinelli is counting on us to help him win! WE CANNOT LET HIM DOWN!!


P.S. If Mr. Facinelli (…should I call him Peter?...Oh well) loses; I will be very very angry. I WANT TO SEE ROB DEFRANCO WALKING DOWN HOLLYWOOD BLVD WEARING A BIKINI DANCING TO 'Single Ladies' WITH A SIGN THAT SAYS 'Twitter Me'!!! DON'T FAIL ME NOW!

Also, review and let me know if you have started following Peter. REMEMBER; I do accept anonymous reviews. You do not have to log in, or have an account, with FFnet to review.