This is just a oneshot I've been toying with in my mind since I heard this song. Lol ENJOY!

It had been eight months, twelve days, and twenty-two hours since the day Edward walked out of my life taking my heart with him. I was like a zombie for a while, going through the motions of living without acknowledging anything really. I had become more of an ordainment than a person and I couldn't shake myself out of the darkness he had left me in that day. For fourth straight months it was like I was already dead and just waiting for my body to realize it wasn't suppose to live without the heart Edward had walked away with so indifferently that day.

Jacob was the one who showed me the way out of that darkness I had been dwelling in, he had made what was left of my heartbeat even though I hadn't wanted it to. He had become my personal sun, lighting up my life and warming me with his tenderness. It had not lasted, within a month things had changed once more and I was left in the darkness alone again. Jacob had changed into a 'werewolf' by two months in and by the end of the third month of us being together in a strange friendship he had imprinted on a pretty girl from out of town.

Her name was Jesse; she was wild, free and very much like Jacob. However, he had promised he would not leave me like Edward had, he had promised. But some promises weren't meant to be kept; I knew from the moment he had laid eyes on her that I was going to be alone again. This was harder for me to endure than being around Sam and Emily had, Jacob, my sun, was in love and I couldn't stand being near them. It had pained him, I knew it had but I had avoided him for about a week afterwards.

It was then that I had made a choice; in the dead of the night I left Forks, Washington and made my way out into the world. I could no longer stay there it was just too painful for me, I left Charlie a note and said good-bye to all the things that had kept me tied there. I had said good-bye to the man who had stolen my heart; to the love I had once felt and to the joy it had brought to my life. I said goodbye but it still hurt more than words could ever have the hope of describing.

I traveled around for a while, going wherever the mood struck me and eventually I ended up here in this quiet little town in Canada. They spoke French here, English too, but I was getting the hang of it. I was waitressing at a popular bar, one that had a live band, and served a lot of random truckers that passed through. This was a passing town, no one stayed for long but it was nice enough while it lasted. I had rented a small cottage not far from work so I could walk here when I felt inclined to. I'm not sure what had happened to start it all, but one day I was thrown up on stage by some drunken regulars and had been forced to sing.

Apparently I wasn't half-bad so every so often someone would throw me upstage and the crowd would chant 'sing' so with little choice I would. At first it was all for fun, silly, but then slowly it became something more for me. It became a way to express everything I had kept inside of me, the pain, the heartache, the loneliness and really it was like therapy. It was the same tonight, they were chanting for a song and with a rosy blush staining my face I went up to the microphone and I stood there in the spotlight for a moment.

The door opened in back and a gusty chilly wind caught my attention drawing my eyes to the door, and there he was the one I had lost my heart to and the one I longed to forget. I shut my eyes against the tears, wondering why he was here and why he had to be here now. They were still chanting sing so I took a deep breath and kept my eyes closed. I knew if I opened my eyes and looked at his beautiful face I would not be able to sing tonight. I would not recover from the pain.

One thing I'm wondering, when you run out of friends will you be coming back home?

Let's think this through again, let's take a different spin,

Why can't I leave you alone?

I thought of my birthday, the party that had started this all, the haunted nights pining for him and the arguments we always got in for some odd reason.

Somewhere tonight, you may be found

With some other girl you've been dragging around

You lie to yourself, you lie to me

Seems like the truth is your worst enemy

I remembered all the times he promised not to leave, all the whispered 'I love yous' and the way he had held me at night. It was all a lie, I hadn't been good enough to keep him and I remembered all the arguments we had about changing me.

'Cause Baby I'm TIRED, I'm tired of the fight

I'm tired of the lonely days and the dark endless nights

It's taken some time 'cause I didn't know if I had the strength to let you go

You helped me figure it out, I'm better off alone

Oh, I'm better off alone, yes I am

I had been alone for so long now, before Edward I had been alone but I had been somewhat content with it. But he had given me a glimpse of what it was to be loved and I knew now I was better off alone. Better off never knowing what it was I was missing.

I may be found somewhere tonight cursing the day you walked into my life

But what's done is done, I can't change time

But I'll be damned if I'm not gonna TRY, oh I'm gonna try

I did try, endlessly to forget his face, forget the way he had held me close and the way he struck me speechless and the way he had loved me. Even if it was only a lie.

But Baby I'm tired, I'm tired of the fight,

I'm tired of the lonely days and the dark endless nights

It's taken some time 'cause I didn't know if I had the strength to let you go

You helped me figure it out, I'm better off alone

I opened my eyes then, I was strong enough I hoped for this, I sought him out with my eyes. At first I couldn't see him so I kept singing, bolstered by that fact for a brief moment.

But every now and then my heart gives in

To the hope that someday you'll change

Then alone I'll wake to my own mistakes

That it's just a foolish game

I searched the room and for a shining moment I had thought I had imagined him walking through that door, but then I found him standing in the back head bowed. Just the sight of him brought it all back, all the fights, his over protectiveness, his refusal to let me run my own life and make my own choices. It all just made me feel resigned to the fact that he had never wanted to spend forever with me.

I'm tired, I'm tired of the fight

I'm tired of the lonely lonely days and the DARK endless nights

You didn't think 'cause you didn't know

That I'd find the strength to let you go, let you go

I finally figured it out, I'm better off alone

Oh, I'm better off alone, yeah

He looked up at me then, I saw pain in his eyes, and the tears I hadn't known were there spilled down my cheeks. With our eyes locked I just had to know.

One thing before I go

Something I got to know

I stared at his eyes; he knew this was for him.

Boy, did you ever love me?