Author's notes: This is an Alternate universe story where the characters are 18, If you know why then you get a cookie :) Also This story has explicit content and some blood in it so readers be warned.

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OUt in the sea the was an island called Duel Island where the famous Duel Academy was. It was a facility where they taught many young adults how to play the world wide game know as Dual Monsters in the profecional manner. A young woman of the age of 18 was in her room of the Slifer Red dorm that goes by the name of Blair Flannigan. She was thinking about her roomate Drake Shyft, who was currently training out in the back. She looked out the window to see Drake With nothing but his pants on doing one armed push-ups. She subconsciously licked her lips as she watched him. For the past three months she had a thing for him. Zane and Jaden didnt matter anymore since Zane was in other parts of the world, and Jaden was the headmaster of the Slifer Red Dorm, and was married to Alexis, whom was Headmistress of the Obelisk Blue Grils Dorm. However things was never so good in fact she hated Drake when she first met him.


Blair was on the ship as she saw the island grow in the distance. She grew eager to start her classes, and hopefully get the attention of Jaden, she heard he was still on the island after all these years since she left. She was on the island 10 years ago when she was trying to get into Zanes room because she loved him at the time but was stoped by none other than Jaden Yuki who beat her in a duel, ever since then she fell in love with him instead. But that was 10 years ago. She was thinking on how much Jaden has grown over the years, she had grown much also, She was about 5'7 and her breast was about a D cup, her orange shirt and black skirt with black stockings huged her hourglass figure. She thought hereself as a very hot woman, blushing at her thoughts she almost didnt realize that the boat has docked and was wlecomed by none other than Jaden! Blair Squeeled as she ran off the dock to embrace Jaden in a hug. He blushed at the sign of affection by her as he pushed her off.

"Blair, how good it is to see you! its been what 10 years?" He said with the same enthusiactic grin he had on. He grown tall and handsome since she last saw him.

"Who is it darling?" Asked an older woman who has grown also over the years. She pulled Jaden over in a passionate kiss that left blair on the verge of tears, But she put on a fake smile so she whould not embarris herself.

"Its Blair Alexis, we met 10 years ago. Remember?" Jaden said as he pulled Alexis in closer to him. But she pushed him away.

"Love not now we have work to do first, Alright evryone with blue coats follow me! All yellow and red coats follow my husband!" Jaden waved as Alexis said "my husband" Blair's heart went to peices when she said that. Not only was jaden seeing someone but he was married also! Things were not looking so good for her.

She followed the group of red and yellow till Jaden stoped at the Ra Yellow dorm where all the yellow students where left. When they arrived at the Slifer Red dorm Jaden told everyone to place their stuff in their rooms, except for Blair who was told to go to the headmasters dorm. Her heart lept thinking that Jaden was going to announce his love for her, but was quickly dashed away when she found out it was about her room arrangements.

"I dont want to sound like I dont want you here but, I think its best you should leave." Jaden told her with his hands covering his face as he sat in his desk.

"What why?" She was horrified. The man she came all the way to see is telling her to leave. Right then she knew he never did love her, she looked down in sadness.

"The reason why is that the Obelisk girl dorm is stuffed full. And that Slifer is filled with male students." Jaden gave her a look of concern.

"Sir I think I may have a solution!" Said a timid man that she knew from the first time she came here. It was Syrus. He leaned over to wisper in Jadens ear.

Wispering "Sir why not have her use Drake Shyft's room we both know that we wont do anything to hurt her."

"Syrus are you mad? you know how many students have been injured by him?"

"Yes over 60 MALE students but not a single female student."

"You have a good point there, but still..."

"We chould always have her use the tent,"

"That old thing? Anyone chould break in,"

"How about she stays in your room?"

Jaden just stared at Syrus showing he was not amused.

"And have my Wife KILL ME?! No I dont think so."

"Lets leave it up to her then"
End wispering

Jaden looked back at Blair who was waiting patiently.

"Well I have some good news. It seems my assistant here has opened up some possibilities for you to stay here." Jaden stated.

"And those are?" Blair asked curious about the situation.

"One. You Leave here till room opens up in the girl dorm and youll be able to attend there next year." Blair was about to protest till Jaden continued.

"Two you can use the tent we have, but its seen better days and anyone chould enter at anytime." Blair shook her head as she saw the tent in the corner covered in bugs.

"Or Three you can use Drake Shyft's room, but I warn you, hes not the most friendly of people." Jaden awaited her response. Blair thought about her desission, she didnt want to leave nor did she want to sleep in a bug infested tent.

"Ill go with this Drake guy, he cant be that bad." She stated.

"Blair you have no idea, but if thats your choice then fine." Jaden said as he handed her a key and walked right next door of the office that was Drakes room.

"Huh, convenient." Blair Stated. Jaden was about to open the door till Syrus yelled.

"Jaden knock first!" Jaden quickly backed his hand from the door knob.

"Oh yeah right." He knocked the door three times. And the door was opened by a young man of the age of 19. He had semi long blood red hair that went down to his back as his deep green eyes looked tired but annoyed, and wore a mesh net shirt with black jeans and taped hands, though he didnt ware any shoes though. He looked at Jaden with a look of unintrest.

"Headmaster, what do I owe the hounor of your visit?" He said in a very icey tone. Jaden cleared his thoat.

"This is Blair Flannigan, a fellow Slifer red and your new roommate. You are responsible for her safety from now on." Jaden told him. Drake just stared st Jaden with murderous intent.

"Why should I babysit her? shes a full grown woman she can take care of herself." Drake said as icey as before. Jaden however was smiling.

"Drake if your training to become a ninja duelist then you should know of all people that they have bodyguard missions right? So consider this to be your mission." Blair was dumbstruck She was being treated like a bargining chip to these men, and Drakes attitude didnt help at all. In fact she hated him despite him having a hot body.

"Fine I'll look after the girl." He said in defeat with a now acid like tone. He took one look at Blair and turned leaving the door open.

"Well what are you waiting for, an invitation? Get in here!" He yelled out as he turned on the light.

His room was very clean and organized despite his shity attitude. I was decorated with scrolls on the wall and various metal sticks and stars on the wall next to the scrolls. She looked over to her dresser and closet and started placing her things in the correct drawer. But she chouldnt help but read what was on Drakes desk. A Jounal was open and she started to read the begining part till drake swiped it up with god like speed. He turned to her with a look of rage.

"I do not go through your things so im going to tell you to stay out of mine!" Drake then placed his book in his closet. Blair had just about enough with his attitude.

"You do not tell me what I can or cant do, got it? And if you do that one more time I will have to Kick your ass!" Bad move, cause after she finsihed her sentance Drake was very close to her with a Kunai up against her throat as if he threatens to cut it. She knew from that point on he ment business. She felt her heart pounding out of her chest.

"Im going to let that opne slide because your new, but if you ever threaten me again, and I promise you that this Kunai will be in a lot deeper next time." he pulled the kunai away and made his way towards the window. "The new year banquet is in the kitchen, you should go there now." he said without turning back. Blair nodded and left.

The banquet wasnt as good as she thought but it tasted wonderful all the same. Jaden was a very good cook as he said he made all this. Blair wanted to tell Jaden what drake had done and said to her but was afriad that Drake whould acually hurt her if she did, so she stayed silent as she ate. She looked around and saw that all the boys had their eyes on her which made her very nervous. She knew she was pretty but she was very uncomfortable. That is till one of them looked out the door that was open and looked down at his food. The others did the rest. Blair looked back and saw that Drake was walking by. Was everyone really afraid of him? She sighed and got up and went to her room. She then collaped on the bed crying in her pillow. Her life was a mess, the man she loved was married, her roommate was an asshole and now she was perhaps being stalked by almost every guy on center. She should have gone back home and waited the year.

"Whats wrong Blair?" Said a familiar voice but it wasnt acid like or icey, it was full of consern this time. Drake was standing in the window his hands on his knees as his feet kept him from falling out.

"What do you care?" She snaped back her face going back into her soaking wet pillow. Drake just sighed as he jumped off the window to the top bunk that was his bed.

"I dont im just confused." He said as she looked up at the top bunk.

"About what?" Blair snaped again.

"Why didnt you report me? Ive threaten you but you didnt say a word. Why?" Drake said as Blair widened her eyes.

"You were expecting me to?" Blair asked.

"Yes I was." Drake said bluntly. Blair looked out the window.

"Well I was afraid that you whould hurt me if I did." She admitted, crying a bit more. "Is that why you were at the banquet?" She asked.

"No, I was there to make sure that you were safe and that no one here whould give you any trouble." Drake said his tone changed a bit though. Blair blushed a bit by the act of gererousity displayed by her roommate. But that soon faded when she was reminded on how much a asshole he is.

"Well dont im perfectly fine by myself!" She said as she fliped over her pillow so she chould sleep. Drake Sighed, "Very well then." he said before he went to sleep as well.
Blair sighed as Drake walked in the room. He sighed as he put his shirt back on and jumped on the window again. He smiled and looked down at Blair.

"Hey Blair what are you doing?" he asked her as he streched his arms. Blair Just blushed and looked at her deck.

"Oh Im just thinking about how we met. And how much of an ass you where." They both laughed and Drake looked out the window again.

"Yeah I was an ass, but you know it was because of you, that I've changed for the better." Blair knew what he was talking about. The one fateful night where blair started to have fellings for him.

FLASHBACK [I know another one]

It has been 2 months since she first came to the island. It was like normal school to her but with cards this time. She was bored in classes, but that changed when they acually practiced duels, See seen Drake dual and tell you the truth she was impressed for a moment when he summoned one of his best monsters, The Five God Dragon. He then played jar of greed and drew from his deck. He looked at his card and smiled wickedly.

"First ill play lighting vortex and destroy your monsters!" Drake yelled out as the other players Elemental Hero Flame Wingman was destroyed.

"Next Ill send these three dragons from my hand to the grave yard to summon my next best monster! Montage Dragon! Thats 18 stars total with a multiplyer of 300 so his attack is 5300 ATK! Now Five God Dragon and Montage Dragon attack him directly!" And the other player screamed in terror as 8 Vicious heads attacked him directly ending the game. Blair never knew that drake was a very good duelist also. But she didnt realy care because she won her duels also. But that wasnt why she started to love him, no.

It was dark out and Blair was walking back to her dorm. There was no one in sight at least that what she thought. She heard foot steps behind her, she quickened her pace but the footsteps became quicker also, now it sounded like a group. She then started to run, But was stoped by a stange man holding her still.

"Hey Pretty lady where do you think your going?" He said evily, as he fliped her so that she whould face her attackers. there was at least 5 men counting the one holding her. She whould try to struggle but the men that was holding her was to strong.

"Me and my freinds here have been having a rough time so we figure out to let off some steam, and your the only one who can help us." Another man said in a most sarcastic tone. The other men grabed her legs and spread them apart as one of them that seemed to be the leader pulled down his pants. her worst fear is coming true, she was about to be raped by these men.

She started to cry as all hope seemed to disappear. The leader was about to pull on her skirt untill, something came from above and slamed a fist on the top of his head knocking him unconscious. It was Drake who came down from the shadows, his Green eyes now filled with rage and hatered for these men. The men dropped Blair and pulled out knifes but Drake was a step ahead of them and deflected thier knifes with his kunai and stabed two in the groin. The other two started to run for it till they were balsted with shuriken in the back. But for some reason despite all the pain they are going through they got up and pulled out guns! Drake sighed as he looked at his fist.

"Im sorry but I must use this." He picked up Blair and threw her up in the air as he jumped himself, His fist glowing with energy.

"Your right to live has been revoked! MAKE YOUR WAY TO HELL! GAIA CRUSH!" and with that he charged down to the ground slamming his fist in the earth causing it to explode around him and fire swirled around the impact killing the evil men. He then held out his arms to catch Blair and carryed her bridal style to the emergency room.