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No sooner when she went to sleep did she have a dream. She was walking down the forest path unsure where she going nor did she care much. She saw in the distance a figure punching a tree log. She decided to have a closer look and to no surprise to her it was Drake. Doing what he was doing not to long ago. He turned towards her with a smile and chuckled.

"You should stop running Blair, be true to yourself." He then started walking slowly towards her and placed his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to him. She chouldnt take it anymore, she wanted him badly. She grabed his face and smashed his lips into hers in a deep passionate kiss. Thier tounge's exploring each others mouths. She felt her body warm up quikly almost to the point where it got to hot for her. She was about to take off her clothes till she woke up, with a large wet spot was in between her legs. That was it, she finally admited that she was desprately in love with Drake Shyft.

Now back to the story.

The very next day Blair chouldnt help but blush everytime Drake was near her. Since she had finally given in to her feelings she had always wanted to be around him. It has even gone to where she whould call herself a pervert. Spying on Drake when he took a shower and thinking about sexual activitys with him, such as a new type of dual called "Strip Dual" Its just like a regular dual but if your life points reaches a certain number, you must strip an article of clothing, and if you win you get to be dominant. Blair whould always have herself lose in her mind though. She smiled at her thoughts and sighed as she watched Drake do his daily routine.

Drake however was unaware of Blair feelings though. He wasnt a virgin by anymeans but he was somewhat oblivious about the situation. He saw her as a friend nothing more nothing less. How Blair wanted to change that. But she whould have to be careful though, she didnt want to scare off Drake, nor did she want him to not recognize, her love for him. She whould think long and hard about what she can do. She was lying in bed, a sheet barely covered her body as she sighed in frustration.

"How am I going to get Drake to love me back? Im going to have to think long and hard about this... mmmm Long, Hard, just like Drake." Blair then sliped her hand down her panties and started to stroke her pussy. Her other hand squeezing her left breast. She moaned loudly and kept on thinking about Drake and him thrusting his hard cock into her. Her stroking got faster and her moaning got louder.

"Ahhh, Drake! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" She felt her juices cover her hand and on to her sheet, she whould have to change later. However what she forgot was that Drake was right over her in his bed and was awake but thinking about something else. Her heard her moaning and looked down.

"Blair are you alright?" He never heard a girl masterbate before, so he thought something was wrong. Blair felt a cold rush of dread. Did Drake hear all that? She panicked and pretended to be asleep.

"Drake, I'm coming, wait up..." She wispered shakely, afraid that drake whould know what she was just doing. Drake sighed and smiled.

"Just a dream I suppose." and went back to his bunk. He felt something wet grab his hand, It was Blair. Drake looked at her confused.

"Blair? you ok?" He asked. Blair looked back and nodded.

"Yeah, I just wanted to say goodnight." She said blushing, but it was to dark to see. Drake smirked and nodded.

"Well I thought you were having a dream, I guess I woke you up, sorry." he said as he kissed her hand. He then raised a brow at the taste.

"Its alright Drake." Blair said as she blushed even more when Drake kissed her hand, she even forgot that her hand was still covered in her own cum.

"Goodnight Blair." Drake said sweetly and went back to his bunk. He rubbed his fingers together to examine the substance on his hand.

"Hmm thats strange, when I kissed her hand I tasted something famiular, yet diffrent." He licked his lips and thoguht about it for a moment, then he shook his head and wiped his hand on his sheet.

"Ah must be nothing." He said as he drifted off to sleep. Blair who later relized that she forgot to wipe herself off sighed in relief when Drake said. "Must be nothing." She sighed and went to sleep herself.


Blair smiled as she looked at Drake, he still dosent know that she loves him. But the problem is that she is afraid of rejection, and she really wants Drake as hers, but she dosnt know how to do it without scaring him. She figured she needed help and the only person that chould help was Jaden and Alexis. Blair sighed when she was facing Jadens office and knocked on the door.

"Enter." She head Jaden say. and she opened the door. Jaden and Alexis were sitting on the sofa drinking coffee. Blair sighed as Jaden looked up.

"Blair! How is everything? Whats up?" He asked her as he got up and sat her down next to Alexis. Blair sighed and was very nervous about what she had to say to them. Half of her wanted to just get up and leave never to return, but the other half forced her to stay. She gulped and stutterd her next words.

"I need to talk to you two... Its about Drake." She looked down in embarrisment. Jaden had a serious look on his face now.

"Whats wrong did he hurt you?" Jaden said, Blair qucikly shook her head, a little to quick.

"Dont worry Drake wont do anything to us, we'll castrate the little bastard for you." Alexis said as she clenched her fist. Blair shoot up with a shocked expression.

"NO! DONT HURT HIM! HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING!" she yelled out and quickly put her hands to her mouth. Blushing a deep red. She took a deep breath.

"I do need help with him, but not like he hurt me or anything. you see I....I...." Blair put her finger to her mouth and bit it slightly afraid of what she said next.

"I love him...and I want to express it to him but I dont know how!" There was a dead silence in the air for a few minutes. Alexis broke the silence.

"Does he know that you love him?" She asked, still very shocked at the situation. Blair shook her head, Her face still as red as a beet.

"Huh... That complicates things." she looked at Jaden who was just as if not even more shocked by Blairs love for the Ninja Dualist. He shruged lost for words. He wasnt sure how to help her either. Then Alexis face went bright, she had just got an idea. She wispered her plan top both of them. Jaden still had his shocked expression when he heard as Blair only blushed even more making her look more like a beet. Blair looked at Alexis.

"Are you sure this will work?" Blair asked Alexis. She smirked and nooded.

"Im positive Drake will have no choice." She said with an evil smile. Blair smiled evily as well. Jaden just sighed and looked out the window.

"Boy do I feel sorry for you Drake." He said as he finished his coffee.

The next week on a very cold day Blair whould be walking on the shore of the ocean, she looked up and sighed. "Showtime." she then "accidently" sliped off a rock and into the water. It was frezzing cold and the wind didnt help either. She stayed for about a minute till she got out and rushed to her room, she then fell on the floor with the window wide open, she was setting hypothermia on purpose knowing that Drake will be walking in a few minutes from now. And so he did. Drake saw Blair just lying on the floor wet, he panicked and quickly held Blair close to him. He screamed to the top of his lungs.

"JADEN! JADEN! I NEED HELP!" He yelled out and rubbed her cheek trying to get some warmth into her. She felt icy cold to the touch and Drake panicked even more. Jaden sighed before he walked into Drakes room thinking. "She must have really done it." He looked at the two and looked worried.

"Drake what happened?" He asked sounding panicked. Drake shook his head.

"I dont know I just came back and she was like this! Shes very cold I dont know what to do..." Drake said rubbing Blairs face trying to warm her up still. Jaden closed the window and grabed Drakes blanket and threw it next to him.

"The heater is broken," He said after he checked it. [It seemed to be hit with a monkey wrench many times.]

"WHAT?!?!" Drake yelled as he took the blanket and wraped her up in it. Jaden shook his head.

"That wont work. Theres only one thing you can do." Jaden said just as Alexis told him to say.

"What, I'll do anything." Drake said desperate.

"Well see, You have to strip her down, naked, and you must do the same." Jaden said almost to embarised to say it. Drake looked at him as if he was crazy.

"WHAT?!?!" Drake yelled out, but Jaden continued.

"Blair needs warmth, and your body is the only source of heat in this room you have to rub your body against hers so that your heat will be transferred to her, saving her life." Jaden sighed, This isnt how a relationship should be forged. But it wasnt his way so he chouldnt say anything.

"I cant do that... It seems so...wrong." Drake said as he saw her lips turning purple.

"Drake theres no time! Look her lips are turning purple, besides I thought you said you do anything for her." Jaden said as he left shuting the door behind him. Drake sighed he had no choice in the matter. He striped Blair down, and his jaw almost droped as he saw Blair naked. Her body was so beautiful so delicate, He blushed greatly but then he quickly striped himself down.

It had to be the most uncomfortable thing he had ever done. He brought Blair closer to him as he wraped the blanket around them, he huged Blair which felt like hugging an ice statue, only the more reason to rub his body against hers. His hands were going up and down her back as his chest was pressed against hers. Blair secretly smiled as she felt Drakes warm body rub up on hers. Her hands went around Drakes back and pulled herself closer to him. She wanted more though, a lot more.

"Drake.." She said weakly. Drake looked at her. Fear in his eyes, Blair placed a hand on his cheek.

"Drake...I think im going to die..." She knew it was a lie but she had a plan of her own. Drake shook his head violently.

"No, no your not I wont let you!" He said his rubbing becoming faster in desperation. Blair leaned in closer to him, her lips basicly touching his ear.

"Drake, please, before I die I wanted to say, I Love you, I have for a long time now, And before I met my maker I want you to take my virginity." She said weakly. Drake just stoped. He didnt know how to respond to something like that. Realizing he stoped and the heat in Blair was fading away he started to rub his body on hers again. He shook his head.

"No Blair, your not going to die, you must be delirious." But Blair shook her head and pulled Drakes head to hers as she gave him a passionate kiss that sent shivers down both thier backs. Drake knew from that point on she wasnt lying about her love. Drake blushed and felt heat from inside his own body. He then felt a cold hand grip around his dick that made him jump. He thought about what he was about to do. He nodded and sighed.

"Alright, I'll hounor your last request." He said, as Blair pulled herself in for another kiss.

Drake moaned a bit as he felt Blairs tounge against his. His hand were now on her breasts rubbing them gently. Blair moaned in his mouth when he pinched a nipple and started to play with it. Blairs hand on his dick started to go up and down he felt it warm up very quickly. He broke their kiss, a little saliva was connected to their mouths for a moment till it fell.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Drake asked her. Blairs hand still rubbing his now hard dick. She nodded as she lifted herself up and pressed herself over the tip of Drakes hard dick. She let her weight drop on his dick and screamed in pain and pleasure as her virginity was claimed by Drake. Drake let out a gasp as he entered her. He waited a moment before he started to rock his hips against her, she gasped and wraped her legs around his waist as he clung on to Drake, moaning and letting out crys of pleasure. Drake panted as he felt both of thier bodys get hot from the experience.

Blair was in ecstasy and chouldnt contain the amount of pleasure she was reciving as she reached her climax feeling an orgasum coming. She griped Drake tighter and bit down on his shoulder hard leaving a hicky. Drake yelled in pain but didnt stop, he acually went faster, pounding his dick in Blair at a high speed, he satrted to feel his dick throbing with pleasure.

"Drake Im...Im...Im cumming Drake OH GOD!" She screamed out loud as she draged her nails across his back leaving nail marks, as she had the most intense orgasum of her life. Drake felt himself about to orgasum himself. He panted heavily as he pulled Blair in for a very passionate kiss.

"Blair Im cumming!" He yelled as he tried to pull himself out but Blair held him close.

"No I want your warmth inside of me." She said as they both felt Drake warm seed fill her up completely. She took in a sharp breath and collapsed on Drake, color back to her face as she smiled weakly to him. Drake just held her close to him kissing her softly. They both just layed there in bliss. Drake knew that things whould never be the same between them, and he welcomed it.

Meanwhile Jaden had the displeasure of hearing them both through the wall. He grabed a bottle of sake and sighed.

"Good thing Alexis wasnt here to hear all that...How Im supposed to compete with that?" He said as he took a swig. Well as long as Blair and Drake was happy so was Jaden, though he whould have to make a note to tell them to not have sex all the time, if that was possible.

A week past since the incident and Drake and Blair were walking down the hall, hand in hand. They didnt care who said what now as long as they have each other. They whould spend their days going to class or other parts of the island to makeout, and their nights are filled with moans of pleasure. It was hummorus when Drake and Jaden started to compete through the walls, Drake always won, but both Blair and Alexis chouldnt be happier after those sessions. Blair finally found love and whouldnt trade him for anything in the world.

Then a dark figure whould step foot on the island he looked at the island with intensity. The figure had crazy blue hair and a black trenchcoat. He smiled wicked ly as he found what he came for.

"I have come here, to claim whats MINE!"


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