Title: One night in Bangkok (three-shot)
: iiv
: Romance / Humor
: T
: 8/13(and some side pairings including Riku/Sora, Hayner/Olette, 11/12 and 9/Naminé & 7/Kairi (ohmigosh!) (also some het FF-pairings in the later parts) :D)
: I've been watching you watching me. What you gonna do? Maybe tonight I'm gonna try my luck, I can see that you want me. I can see it in your eyes. C'mon, make a move on me now, boy.

Warnings: Mild language, drunken teens and grinding. Boylove 3

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts does not belong to me and I'm not making any money with this. Tho I own the plot because it sorta happened to me :D (oh, and all the lyrics in the "prologue" belong to their respectful owners)

A/N: A very insistent plot bunny not leaving me alone. It's funny how it strikes me every time I've been drinking a little. :D I'm blaming the warm buzz in my head for this. And the club music. Puts you into a trance. So I suggest (if you like to listen to music while reading, like I do) you put on some club music playing in the background because this was definitely written while listening to most of the songs you can find in the "prologue" :D

I like the way you look at me with those beautiful eyes,
I like the way you act all surprised,
I like the way you sing along,
I like the way you always get it wrong,
I like the way you clap your hands,
I like the way you love to dance,
I like the way you put your hands up in the air,
I like the way you shake your hair,
I like the way you like to touch,
I like the way you stare so much,
but most of all....
most of all....

I Like the Way You Move~

Music's starting everywhere, get up outta your seat. I'm sure you have seen me, baby. Take a minute, check me out. Why you standing on the wall? C'mon, make a move on me now, boy.

I've been watching you watching me. What you gonna do? Maybe tonight I'm gonna try my luck, I can see that you want me. I can see it in your eyes.

This is the night.

Why don't you do something? Let's stop playing these silly games, do what you gotta do. This is the time we've got to get it right. Don't you worry, it could be so sweet.

Let's go out and dance.

There's more important things than hearing you speak. We can get into the groove, just be patient, I can watch you move.

I'm focused but I'm losing control.

I want to feel your body. Touch me, feel me, heal me, chase me, move me, sooth me, tease me. I want to feel your heart beat next to mine.

All I want is you.

Help me tear down my reason. It's your sex I can smell. Take me. You can have my everything.

Look inside, you'll find a deeper love. The kind that only comes from high above.

You get me closer to god.

Roxas closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath through his nose. The smell of alcohol, cigarettes, sweat and perfumes filled his head, making him wrinkle his nose in distaste. His eyes flew back open when a small hand grabbed a hold of his. Roxas glanced to his side, meeting bright blue eyes, lit up by the colourful lights of the nightclub.

"Ok, let's go find the others." Naminé had to raise her voice so that Roxas could hear her over the loud music playing in the background. Hearing the small girl yell was so wrong, but there was no other option. The music was playing too loud.

Roxas only nodded his head, letting his twin sister pull him through the mass of people, trying to find their group of friends. Naminé was dodging the people with grace and speed, tugging on Roxas' hand, forcing him to keep up. Because of the tugging Roxas ended up bumping into people ever so often, muttering apologies under his breath. He hit his shoulder against a tall, lean body, seeing a flash of red at the corner of his eye and hearing an annoyed yelp when the person he had hit had apparently spilled his drink all over himself. He had no time to apologise, because of Naminé, and when he tried to turn his head to at least see the person he had bumped into, there was already too many people between them, making it impossible for Roxas to see who it was.

"There they are!" Naminé shouted, giving Roxas' hand a rather forceful tug, making the boy almost lose his footing. He stumbled into the blonde girl, pushing her forward. Naminé tilted her head to glance at him. "Hey, watch it! No need to push!"

"Then keep moving!" Roxas shouted back, feeling already very annoyed.

Naminé stuck up her nose at him and continued dodging the dancing bodies all around them. They finally managed to get through the dance floor, finding the small group of friends scattered all over the couch and stools in a corner booth.

"Hey, you guys finally made it!" Hayner shouted his greeting, waving a hand vaguely in air. Olette beamed from under his other arm, giving a small wave as well. Pence moved over a little, making way for Naminé. Roxas stood still, scanning the half empty drinks on the table.

"Sora and Riku went to get something to drink, they should be back in a minute." Pence said, leaning over Naminé to get a tab closer to Roxas. So that he wouldn't have to shout so loud.

Roxas leaned closer as well, his face right next to Naminé's. "I'm gonna go get us some drinks. What do you want?" he asked the girl, who pondered for a moment, glancing at the drinks on the table as well.

"Fuzzy Navel", she finally giggled, her eyes brightening a bit more. Roxas nodded, glancing at Pence next. The boy just shook his head, pointing at a beer pint on the table. Roxas straightened up, turning around to head towards the bar situated right in the middle of the club.

Already slightly intoxicated people were leaning against the circular bar counter, waiting for their turn. Roxas squeezed himself between a giggling blonde girl and her just as ditz friend and a man who looked too old to be in a club full of 18-year-olds. What a pedophile.

Roxas fished his wallet from his back pocket before leaning his elbows against the counter, trying to catch a bartender's eye. Both bartenders were working on the other side of the circle, mixing drinks for drunken customers. Roxas sighed in deep, rolling his eyes.

He seriously was not in a mood for nightclubs and drunken teens. Any other night would have been alright, but Sora, the birthday boy, had insisted they'd go party on exactly this night. Because he finally was of age and could (legally) get in. After all, he was the last of their group of friends to turn 18. It just annoyed Roxas that the brunette's birthday had to be on a Friday and after a long day of school and part-time job as a delivery boy. He simply had no energy to party.

He sighed again and was suddenly painfully pushed against the counter from behind. Someone had just bumped into him hard and Roxas whipped his head around to see who it was. The person was already disappearing into the mass of people, but Roxas still caught the flash of red in the colourful disco lights.

"Hey, blondie!" a woman snapped at him and Roxas turned to stare at an annoyed bartender. "Are you gonna stand there all night or do you actually want something?"

"A Fuzzy Navel and a Strongbow", Roxas ordered and the bartender moved to flip the tap open and mix the drink. After paying for the drinks Roxas faced the task of getting them back to the table intact. The mission seemed impossible, but Roxas slowly and surely made his way, dodging the dancing people all around him.

Sora and Riku were already sitting in the booth, Sora holding onto Riku's shoulder and speaking straight into his ear. Riku had a half smirk on his lips as he listened. Roxas gave his twin sister her drink before slouching next to Riku. He tried to peer at Sora around the silverhead, but the brunette was still whispering hurried words into Riku's ear, his tickling breath causing the goosebumps on the silverhead's arms.

"Mmm, this is really good!" Naminé sighed in delight, tasting her bright orange drink. "Lette, you've gotta try this!" she sat up straight, holding out her drink for the other girl in the group. Olette sipped the drink, her face brightening up even more, if possible.

"Yummy!" she squealed, "What was that again?"

Roxas turned to glance at the dance floor, tuning out the boring conversation between the girls. Poor Pence, having to sit right between them. A flash of red again and Roxas saw Kairi making her way towards them, holding a bright pink drink in her hand.

Pence was the next one to notice her, elbowing both girls beside him.

"Kairi!" Olette bolted up from her seat, running up to hug her friend. Naminé got up as well. Olette's yell brought Sora and Riku back from their bubble, both turning to see what the fuzz was about.

"Kairi!" Sora actually sounded exactly the same as the brunette girl had, when he finally recognized the redhead. Riku and Roxas had to duck when the boy lunged at the girl. Riku chuckled before standing up as well and making his way towards the others.

Roxas glanced at the empty space between him and Hayner, before moving his drink and scooting closer to his best friend. Hayner grinned at him, sitting up straighter.

"It's good to see Kai again", he muttered, nodding towards the girl and her fans.

Roxas chuckled. "Yeah, it's been awhile, hasn't it?"

"How're things between you two?" Hayner asked, taking a large gulp from his beer. Roxas glanced at the girl again, worrying his lip between his teeth before shrugging.

"We're fine. She took the whole 'being gay' thing quite good, I think."

"Poor girl", Pence joined the conversation, scooting closer as well. "First Sora and Riku and then you. That can't do good on self-esteem."

"You're just hoping she'd try you next!" Hayner cackled, nudging their shoulders together. Pence gave him a hard glare.

"No, I don't. I don't want to break her heart, too." Pence muttered, reaching out for his beer. Hayner and Roxas shared a look.

"Hey, Pency-boy. Something you haven't told us, hm?" Hayner asked, nudging the brunette again. "Coming out of the closet as well?"

Pence snorted, rolling his eyes. "Like hell I'm gonna give Lette the pleasure of trying to pair me and Rox up. No. There's actually a girl I quite like."

Hayner glanced at Roxas and Roxas took the hint. He clapped his hands together in an overly gay manner, scooting closer to the brunette, an excited gleam in his eyes. "Oh, do share!" he squealed in his fake girly voice.

Pence stared at him for a second before bursting out in laughter, throwing his head back. Hayner was chuckling as well and Roxas had a big grin on his face.

"What's so funny?" Kairi asked, sitting down right next to Roxas. The boys turned to look at her, genuine smiles stretching to their lips.

"Good to see you, Kai." Roxas greeted, hugging her briefly.

"You too, Rox, boys." She nodded her head towards the other two boys, before focusing completely on Roxas. "Still flamboyantly gay, I see."

Roxas glanced down at his posture, giving the girl a sheepish smile. He quickly slouched back in his seat, earning a smirk from her. Sora had sat down next to her, Riku's arm draped lazily over his shoulders and Olette and Naminé were sitting next to Pence.

Riku didn't look all too pleased when Sora turned his back on him, completely focusing on the girl none of them had seen in three months. Sora started asking questions, getting Kairi's attention purely on him. Riku wrapped his arms around Sora's waist, leaning his chin against the brunette's shoulder, taking part in the conversation as well. Roxas smiled lightly, glancing at his other friends. Hayner and Pence had started talking about a movie Roxas had not seen, both of them laughing and quoting lines in turns. Olette and Naminé were too far away for Roxas to hear what they were talking about, and judging from the way they were giggling behind their hands, Roxas didn't even want to know.

He let his eyes wander over the nightclub, the dance floor, the grinding teenagers. There was a group of friends in a corner booth few tables down, a group of guys, a bit older than Roxas and his friends. And the amount of drinks on their table suggested they were there to simply drink their brains out.

Out of boredom Roxas started checking out the young men sitting in a circle (he was a single gay guy after all, so why not?). They were sitting in a rather dark corner, so it was hard to tell what they looked like. Few sitting with their backs towards Roxas had broad shoulders, and looked big and bulky anyway, so Roxas quickly shifted his eyes to the ones sitting opposite them.

Like out of request a lonely disco light glided over them, giving Roxas a chance to see some faces. A flash of red and Roxas was caught in an intense stare.

Just like Roxas' friends, everyone was indulged in series of conversations, but right in the middle of the group was a lean young man, slouched in his seat, his arms around two of his friends and his eyes glued on Roxas.

Roxas sat back a little in surprise, his cheeks flushing at the embarrassment of getting caught eyeing other men. But the other guy didn't stop staring, he had his eyes fixed on Roxas and Roxas only. And the stare wasn't an annoyed one like Roxas had thought it would be, but rather... flirtatious. Roxas sat still and stared back.

The light glided over their table, blinding the blonde boy for a second. He was forced to turn his face away and when he finally managed to glance back at the lean man, blinking white spots out of his sight, the man had sat up a bit straighter, talking with a blonde woman leaning over the table towards him. She ruffled his long hair before letting him taste her drink.

Roxas averted his gaze, staring at his own glass. Figures. He wasn't in a gay bar, after all. The other guy had probably just stared to tease him, knowing his girlfriend would soon come and save him. Roxas sighed in deep, taking a gulp from his drink. An arm draped over his shoulders suddenly and Hayner pulled him out of his thoughts.

"No moping!" he ordered, raising his drink. "How 'bout we give a toast to the birthday boy!" Hayner's words were followed by raised glasses and all eyes turned to blushing Sora.

"Hey guys, no need!" he chuckled, still in Riku's arms. Riku picked up his own drink from the table, but kept his other arm securely around the brunette.

Hayner grinned. "To Sora, for at last getting in legally!" The girls giggled after his words and Roxas rolled his eyes. But Hayner was not finished yet. "And to Riku, for finally having a boyfriend of legal age. I'm sure the waiting has just been eating you alive."

Sora blushed deep red, hiding his face behind one hand and there was a certain pink tint to the silverhead's cheeks as well after Hayner's blunt wink.

"Congratulations, you're no longer a pedophile!" Kairi giggled, nudging the brunette boy next to her, who in turn swayed against his boyfriend, delivering the nudge.

"Sod off", Riku sneered, "All of you." The group of friends burst in laughter, leaning back in their seats. Sora tilted his head to glance at the boy behind him, a small smile playing on his face. They shared a look before Riku leaned in, pecking Sora gently on the smiling lips.

"Get a room!" Pence laughed, getting the girls beside him giggle all the more.

Roxas glanced at Kairi, waiting to see the amused grin often seen on her face. And sure, the grin was there, but it was more out of politeness than actual amusement. Her blue eyes were slightly glazed over as she watched her two best friends cuddle right next to her. Two boys she had had huge crushes on.

Roxas wished he could have reached out to comfort her, but knew anything from him would only hurt her just as well. So, instead of acknowledging the bitter jealousy next to him, he glanced up, eyes automatically landing on the lean young man from the other table.

He was staring again. Intense eyes fixed straight on Roxas.

When he noticed Roxas staring back, a small smirk appeared on his lips, before he lifted his drink in salute. He took a sip, eyes still glued on Roxas. And then he winked.

Perhaps Roxas had been wrong about the girlfriend-thing.

"Rox! More drinks!" Hayner shook his arm, giving it a rather insistent pull.

Roxas looked up confused. Hayner huffed, pulling the empty glass out of the blonde's hands. Roxas hadn't even noticed when he'd finished that.

"More drinks, c'mon." Hayner said again, this time managing to pull his friend up and towards the bar. Roxas let himself been led, concentrating on dodging people. The guy from the other table confused him. Roxas was not a total rookie in dating, but he wasn't all that used to bold moves. He twisted his head to glance at the young man in question, the blonde woman from before blocking his view.

"Earth to Roxas!" Someone yelled next to his ear and Roxas turned to regard his best friend. Hayner scowled. "Shit, Rox. You high or something?"

Roxas frowned. "Course not. Get me a Strongbow."

Hayner turned towards the same bartender from before, adding some obvious and obnoxious flirting into his words. Roxas rolled his eyes, shifting to face the dance floor. The song playing was a catchy one, on top of the hit list on radio and the floor was flooded with groups of girls rocking their bodies to the beat, mouthing the lyrics and shaking their heads when they didn't remember some lines.

One girl in particular caught Roxas' eye, making him wrinkle his nose in distaste. She was showing off her dance moves in what looked like only a shirt that just reached past her derrière. Her cheeks were flicking from under the short hem, her bright strings making Roxas' eye twitch.

He just knew she was something every straight guy would ogle at. Roxas just found her slutty and pathetic. She and people like her were the reasons Roxas disliked places like this. And teenagers altogether.

"Wow, check out that ass!" Hayner whooped next to him and Roxas sighed deeply.

"I find nothing worth checking out in that." he muttered, getting his cider from his friend's clutches.

"You were so much more fun when you were still pretending to be totally straight." Hayner snorted, throwing an arm around the blonde's shoulders and guiding them back to their table. Roxas gave a weak smile in return, eyes automatically flying in search for a pair of intense eyes.

He found them staring at him again. The man's lips were slightly parted, breathing through his mouth. His gaze glided over Roxas' body, checking him out. Roxas tore his eyes away, taking in a sharp breath. Shit. Hayner was talking a mile a minute, but Roxas barely heard a word over the loud music. His gaze slowly shifted back to the lean man, finding him fixing a glare at Hayner's arm around his shoulders.

Without really thinking Roxas shook his friend off, Hayner turning to give him a confused look. Roxas swallowed. "I'm no stand, Hay."

Hayner chuckled, shaking his head. "Gee, am I making you seem like you're taken?"

Roxas gave a secretive smile. "Maybe."

"Shit, really?" Hayner asked surprised, his eyes quickly flying to scan the room. When he found no one worth a double take, he returned to grin at his friend. "You're freakin' fast, Rox."

Roxas rolled his eyes, giving his friend a push towards their table. "Keep moving."

Riku and Sora had moved to cuddle at the back of the booth, Sora's legs carelessly thrown over Riku's lap. Kairi was leaning towards the two other girls, hands waving in air while she spoke, telling them stories. Pence had moved to sit opposite them, sipping the last of his drink and checking out the people on the dance floor, gaze fixed on – surprise surprise - the girl Hayner had been ogling.

Hayner placed Pence's new beer infront of him, giving a wide grin. "Rox's already found himself a fuck for the night."

Hayner's comment not only got Pence's attention, but all the girl's as well. "Say what?" Naminé asked, twisting to stare at her twin brother.

Roxas scoffed. "Shut up, Hay. I don't do one night stands."

"Yeah right..." Hayner snorted, rolling his eyes. He sat down next to Pence, making way for his best friend.

"Who is it, Roxas?" Olette asked, a striking gleam appearing in her eyes. Roxas groaned, slouching in his seat.

"There's no one. Hay's just making things up. I'm just fricking tired, that's all." Roxas explained with a lazy wave of a hand. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the disco light glide over the other group of friends again, a flash of red distracting him.

Hayner pushed something into his hand under the table. Roxas looked down to find his friend had given him a condom. "Go fuck yourself, Hay." Roxas growled, throwing the prophylactic at his laughing friend. Hayner kept on chuckling, but left his friend alone for now. He had turned to converse with Pence, the girls getting back to their story as well.

Roxas was feeling quite annoyed at their seating arrangement. If he wanted to see the young man from before, he would have to make his gazing rather obvious by turning in his seat. And now that Hayner had gone and boasted about it, he didn't actually dare.

The song playing switched into a more upbeat one and Olette and Kairi suddenly squealed at the same time.

"Oh my gawd, I love this song!" Olette giggled, jumping up from her seat, Kairi following right after her. "C'mon Né, let's go dancing!" The two girls grabbed Naminé by her arms, pulling her up and towards the dance floor Kairi noticed Roxas watching them in amusement and let go of the blonde girl, extending an arm towards Roxas.

"Join us, Roxas." she insisted, jumping in excitement.

Roxas glanced at the now snogging couple at the back of the booth and his two best friends completely shutting him out of their conversation. He sighed, getting up. "I hate this song", he told Kairi, taking her arm and leading her to the dance floor. Kairi giggled in delight, getting into the beat quickly.

Roxas took his time positioning himself in regards of the three girls. He made sure he had a straight line towards the group of friends in that dark corner booth. It didn't take long before the beat took him, making his body move on it's own.

Roxas loved dancing, it was something he did all the time at home, in his room when no one was watching. But now that he knew someone was definitely watching, he was feeling very self-conscious.

The song was horrible and Roxas absolutely hated it. But it didn't mean he didn't know all the lyrics by heart. Sometimes he just hated his sister insisting on listening to the radio all the time. During an instrumental part Roxas took the chance and glanced up, in search for some intense eyes. And found the table almost empty, the blonde woman from earlier sucking some guy's insides out through his mouth. The guy actually looked pretty girly in Roxas' opinion, fair hair layered, brushing his shoulders. His build was rather manly, though. Broad shoulders and a strong chest.

Roxas realised Naminé was giving him a look and quickly shifted his eyes to his feet, moving more purposely, closing his eyes to the beat. Something brushed against his rear and blue eyes shot open, blond hair whipping when Roxas twirled to see who had groped him. The dance floor was full of people moving, rocking, dancing, blocking Roxas' view. But then he saw a glimpse of a smirk and flash of red again. The mass moved and Roxas saw the lean body moving, dodging people, a fresh drink in hand. He was making his way back to his table, back to his friends.

With a small smile Roxas turned to dance with the girls again. Surprisingly the night seemed to get better by the minute.

Roxas lost count how many songs he danced through, occasionally humouring the girls by playing the gentleman. Olette was always very clingy when she had had few drinks and her hands were all over Roxas in an innocent way. She had no interest in the blonde really, but loved any attention she could get. Especially since her boyfriend was such a tightass and never danced with her. Encouraged by the brunette's touching, Kairi was the next to leech on him. With both girls hanging from his arms, Roxas tried his best to please them both, hating the job that had fallen on him.

Luckily he was saved from the dancing demon twins by the birthday boy and his stoic boyfriend. How Sora always managed to drag Riku to the dance floor was a mystery, but Roxas was no one to complain when Riku took the job to dance with Kairi and Sora saved him from Olette's wandering touch.

Looking up he found his twin sister give him a fond, sympathetic smile, before losing herself to the beat again. Roxas' gaze glided behind the blonde head, landing on the lean man again. He was explaining something to few of his friends, hands flying in air as his mouth moved in rapid motion. Somehow the pure energy flowing from the man's antics made Roxas smile briefly, before checking himself, reaching out for his sister's hand and twirling her around. Naminé had a confused look on her face when a light giggle left her mouth. Roxas just smiled back.

The song switched to something Roxas had never heard before, but judging by the squeals the girls let out, it was another popular one. Reaching out for his sister again, Roxas pulled her close to speak into her ear.

"I'm gonna go sit with Hayner and Pence. Look after Lette, she's way too drunk for her own good." he asked, getting a nod as an answer.

With a small wave Roxas left to make his way towards their table. Only to find it occupied by people he didn't know. There was no sight of Hayner and Pence, only their empty drinks on the table. Turning around again Roxas scanned the nightclub. The dance floor was out of the question. Hayner never danced and Pence was a rare sight on the floor as well. The bar was Roxas' next guess and sure enough, the two of them were leaning against the counter, trying to catch a bartender's attention.

"Hey guys, someone stole our table." Roxas chuckled when he finally reached them, squeezing himself to stand next to Pence.

Both Hayner and Pence twisted around to find their table truly occupied, just like Roxas had said. "Well shit, I thought Sora and Riku were just getting some drinks." Hayner muttered, pursing his lips.

"They went dancing with the girls." Roxas said when the boys turned towards the bar again.

"We'll find another table then..." Pence muttered, trying in vain to catch a bartender. She just went right past to serve guys a bit older than them. A flash of red and Roxas found his eyes widening in surprise. The lean man was amongst the guys being waited on, leaning halfly over the counter and playing with a black straw between his fingers. He was obviously flirting with the bartender, saying something that made the woman giggle. She moved to flip few taps open and returned to get their payment.

Roxas was too engrossed with the other man to notice another bartender had finally come to get their orders. Hayner glanced at his best friend, needing only one look to know the blonde was in his la-la land again and ordered another Strongbow for him. When she moved to get their drinks, Hayner followed Roxas' eyes to find what he was staring at.

A skinny redhead was signing a receipt, handing it over to the annoying bartender that had ignored them a few times, saying something to her. She giggled, giving him back his card and receipt, pushing a cider infront of him. Lifting his drink in salute the redhead turned to leave. His eyes scanned quickly the rest of the bar, effortlessly landing on Roxas.

"Aha!" Hayner chuckled, throwing a hand behind Pence to slap Roxas upside the head. With a surprised yelp the blonde turned to stare at his friend. "That him?" Hayner asked, nodding his head towards the empty spot the redhead had just occupied.

"Wh-what?" Roxas asked, eyes wide. Hayner just rolled his eyes, accepting their drinks and handing the bartender some munny.

"That guy. Red hair, skinny as hell." he described, giving Roxas a sleezy grin. "Tonight's fuck."

Roxas took his cider from him, frowning. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Hayner snorted. "C'mon Rox! You were totally ogling at him. I'm not blind."

"Let's go find a table", Roxas insisted, unconsciously starting to follow the lean man's steps. Pence grabbed a hold of his arm, pulling him back.

"There's a table over there, c'mon!" he said pointing at an empty table on the other side of the dance floor. Roxas wrinkled his nose. If they went to sit there, he would lose sight of the other man. But he had no time to protest when both Pence and Hayner hurried their way to the table, taking it over. Roxas idly followed them, placing his drink on the table.

"I'll go inform the others." he said, nodding his head towards the dance floor. Getting two nods in answer he made his way through the rocking mass, grabbing a hold of Sora's shoulder.

Sora let out a surprised yelp, twirling around to glare at the grinning blonde. "Don't scare me like that, Rox!"

With a small chuckle Roxas leaned closer to speak into Sora's ear. "Someone took our table so we are on that side of the floor now." he said with a vague hand movement towards Hayner and Pence. Sora nodded in understanding, getting back into dancing with Naminé and Olette. Roxas stood behind him a little longer, eyes searching for a flash of red.

The redhead was sitting with his friends again, listening to the girly man from earlier talk. Everyone in their group was leaning closer to hear what he had to say. Roxas stared, biting his lip. Finally the lean man looked up, as if sensing the stare, and made eye contact. With a small smile Roxas pointedly shifted his gaze to their old table and back to the redhead, only to find him following his example. Widening his smile Roxas waited for him to look back at him before tilting his head lightly backwards, towards the other side of the dance floor The redhead eyed him in thought, finally tilting his head down in almost a half nod.

With a lopsided smirk Roxas turned around and returned to their new table.

"Well look who's practically glowing", Hayner snorted when Roxas sat down. "Making progress?"

"Shut up", Roxas shot back with a grin, taking a sip of his cider.

"Who are you talking about?" Pence asked, feeling left out. "Wait, is it that 'fuck for the night' you mentioned earlier?"

Roxas was about to start with his 'no one' mantra, when Hayner reached out to twist Pence's face towards the dance floor. "That redhead there showing off his dance moves."

Roxas twirled in his seat, eyes wide. Sure enough the lean man had dragged few of his friends to the dance floor, twirling the blonde woman around with a wide grin on his face. Turning around to find both of his best friends craning their necks to see the redhead better, Roxas growled.

"Geez, stop staring, you idiots!" he snapped, reaching out to grab a hold of the front of their shirts and pulling down.

Hayner gave him a sly grin, wriggling his eyebrows. "You're so busted, Rocks ass."

Pence glanced at the lean man again, frowning lightly. "Is he really your type?"

"Huh?" was the intelligent answer he got back.

"He's a stick. He's like all limbs..." Pence muttered.

"Bet he's all bendy, though. And just look at those hips!" Hayner cackled, nudging Pence with his elbow, lightly wriggling his eyebrows again.

"Gawd, stop staring at him. You sound more gay than me!" Roxas snapped, but couldn't help the small chuckle escaping him.

"Uuh, he's totally checking you out, Rox." Hayner said with wink, taking a gulp from his beer. "Someone's gonna get lucky tonight."

Pence was right next to him, grinning as well. "Why not go talk to him?"

Hayner suddenly ducked, snorting. "Shit, he saw us."

Roxas couldn't help but roll his eyes, sighing deep. Someone took a seat beside him and he looked to find a lightly flushed Naminé grinning at him. Olette scooted to snuggle next to her boyfriend and Sora sat next to her.

"Riku and Kairi went to get drinks." he explained before anyone got to ask, slightly out of breath.

"Are you having fun?" Naminé asked her twin, trying to hide her worrying. Roxas had complained a lot before they got to the nightclub.

"Oh, he sure is!" Hayner jumped in before Roxas got to answer. "He's got his eyes on this really skinny redhead."

"Really?" Naminé asked, worrying replaced with a mischievous twink in her eyes. "Do we know him?"

Pence decided to answer this time. "Nah, never seen him before in my life. Or any of his friends."

"Geez, can't you guys mind your own business?" Roxas huffed, crossing his arms. "You don't see me going on and on about that girl you mentioned earlier."

"What girl?" Kairi and Riku were back with a tray full of shots, Riku placing the tray on the table while Kairi grinned at Pence. "Well?"

"Ah, no one you know. It doesn't matter." Pence mumbled, blushing in embarrassment.

"C'mon, c'mon! Gossip!" Kairi pushed taking a seat next to Naminé. Riku sat down next to Sora, snaking an arm around his waist and pulling closer.

"Leave the boy alone, Kai." Sora chuckled, "If he doesn't want to share, then he don't have to."

Kairi pouted at him but dropped the topic anyway. "Alright guys!" she suddenly announced, perking up in her seat. "We've got tequila!"

All eyes turned towards the tray littered with small shots, bags of salt and lime slices. Hayner, Pence and Sora all jumped at the small glasses, Hayner placing a shot infront of Olette as well. Riku and Naminé were more graceful in getting their shots and Naminé gave Roxas one too. Kairi picked the last one while Riku threw bags of salt around. The pile of lime slices stayed on the tray.

Silence followed while everyone licked the back of their hands, pouring the salt and getting ready. Lifting the shot in salute Kairi cleared her voice, telling everyone to sit still.

"Okay, we already gave a toast to Sora, so I would like this to be to all of you. You guys are great and I could not hope for better friends!"

"You're so drunk, Kai." Olette giggled, swaying in her seat.

"Pfft, so are you!" Kairi giggled back, clearing her voice again. "To friendship!"

There was a silence while shots were thrown back, followed by a sudden rush when everyone reached out for the limes in the middle of the table. All three of the girls were holding grimaces on their pretty faces, before promptly bursting into a fit of giggles. Sora leaned back in his seat, resting his head on Riku's shoulder, the silverhead taking advantage of the situation and engaging the younger boy in a battle of tongues.

Kairi wrinkled her nose at them both, turning to start talking with Naminé. Pence and Roxas shared a look, together glancing at Hayner who suddenly found his hands full of Olette. Apparently she had had enough of her boyfriend ignoring her. Roxas rolled his eyes, drinking the rest of his cider to get rid of the taste of tequila in his mouth. He got up, pushing past his sister and Kairi before turning to ask if any of them wanted more drinks.

"Get me a beer." Pence reached out to give him some munny. "I want a cider", Naminé said, not bothering to give her brother any money for it. Sora pushed Riku off of him enough to ask for some fruity drink. He had no time to elaborate when Riku was attacking his lips again. Hayner lifted up two fingers. "A beer and a cider, right?" he checked with the brunette under his arm and Olette nodded.

Roxas groaned. "How many hands do you think I have?"

"I'll go with you", Kairi volunteered, getting up as well. "So it's two beers and ciders and a fruity drink for birthday boy. Riku, do you want something or is Sora enough for you?" Riku waved a hand in air, not bothering to look up. Kairi snorted. "So he is..."

She reached out for Roxas' arm and together they made their way to the circular bar. Kairi was faster to get a bartender to serve them, so Roxas let her deal with the ordering. While they waited for their drinks Kairi turned to give Roxas a small smile.

"I'm dating someone." she announced, right out of the blue.

Roxas could only stare. "Yeah?"

"He's a classmate. Original Hollow Bastioner. Saïx's the name." Kairi told him, her smile widening. "He's actually a few years older than me, but yeah... we're dating."

"I'm happy for you", Roxas said in earnest, smiling back.

"Yeah?" Kairi grinned, "Well, you should be. I'm happy. But y'know, just wanted to tell you."

"So, the others don't know?" Roxas checked, glancing at their table.

"Nope, not yet. I wanted to tell you first, cos... Well, with what happened in the summer. Naminé said you've been feeling pretty bad about it."

"Ah, yeah... Well, I survived, right?" Roxas muttered lightly embarrassed, but Kairi just laughed.

"Water under the bridge already. Don't worry about it. But hey, how 'bout you?" she gave him a pretty wink. "Hayner said something about having eyes on someone special." Their drinks were placed on the counter and Roxas reached out to pay for them.

"Uh, just lookin'. Nothing special." he mumbled, taking one of the trays and Kairi took the other. They turned around to get back to their table when Roxas almost bumped into someone. Looking up he found his mouth falling open in surprise. A pretty smirk, twinkling, definitely green eyes and weird make-up right under them. Make-up or tattoos, Roxas had a hard time telling in the poor light.

"Hey", a smooth voice drawled and Roxas could've sworn his knees buckled.

"C'mon, lazy bum", Kairi called from behind the tall, tall, lean redhead.

Roxas swallowed, forcing his legs to move. With a small "sorry" he walked past the redhead, feeling the green eyes on his back. Kairi was waiting for him few steps from the bar and only after he finally reached her, he felt like he was able to breath.

Kairi set out to give everyone their drinks while Roxas simply sat down next to his sister, totally spaced out.

"Two beers, two ciders and here's your Sex on the Beach, Sora." Kairi giggled when both boys looked up at the word 'sex'. "Geez, you two really need to get a room."

When his friends settled down, engaging in conversations, Roxas let his eyes scan the dance floor again, deep in thought. So yeah, the redhead was after him. But with both his and Roxas' own friends in the way, it was difficult to come up with ideas for situations where he could approach the incredibly hot, lean, young man. Had he not had his friend's drinks in his hands and Kairi calling after him, he would have had that situation right there. Dammit. He needed to get up and move.

Luckily for him, right when he was about to stand up, the song playing switched. The DJ had been playing some old, danceable disco songs for awhile, but now he was apparently back with the top 10 list. The reaction was imminent. Drinks forgotten, Kairi, Naminé and Olette all squealed again, jumping up from their seats with a chorus of "Ohmigod I love this song!" and practically rushed to the dance floor Somehow in the chaos that had followed Kairi had managed to grab Riku and Sora with her, and Naminé was hanging from Roxas' arm, pulling him towards the dance floor

Roxas hadn't really cared how many ciders he had managed to gulp down in the past few hours, but when his sister suddenly pulled him up, he couldn't deny the sudden light-headedness he was feeling. The world kept turning for him for few seconds before he managed to regain his balance. Okay, perhaps that was few drinks too much.

But Naminé wasn't stopping and wouldn't, until she had her twin standing on the dance floor. Kairi and Olette were dancing with each other, not bothering to try and get male company when they both had such waiting at home (or in Olette's case, back at the table). Sora and Riku just continued where they were left off, grinding to the beat, and Naminé put a bit of a distance between herself and Roxas, not wanting her brother to scare off any possible suitors.

Roxas closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath. He felt dizzy. He felt like standing on a water-bed. He felt drunk. And so damn good.

The song was another of his least-favourites, but he knew the lyrics still. The beat was catchy, making his body move on his own and before Roxas knew it, he had lost himself to the rhythm. Everything was turning, spinning and twisting. His eyes caught brief flashes of red, intense eyes and sexy smirks, but nothing made sense. The song changed, but he didn't even notice. Everything just blurred together into this alcohol infused bliss.

That was until he felt it. Warm. Smooth. Definitely a hand. On his hip. Followed by another one. Mirroring the other. The hands moved in beat with his hips, gently toning his movement down to something more simple. Something another body could easily follow, copy.

The right hand started slowly creep across his tightly clad stomach, warm palm pressing against his abs. The light pull was next to come, forcing Roxas to take a step backwards, his back pressing against a firm chest. Hips behind his slowly started to guide their movements, getting them back to beat.

From what Roxas could tell, the person behind him was tall and very skinny, firm muscles stretching over bone. Their legs were long and by the way they were embracing him, so were the arms. Tall, lean and...

Hot breath skimmed across his right ear, a breathy "... hey gorgeous..." following.

This time it were the arms around him that kept his knees from buckling.

Twisting his head to right Roxas caught a flash of red and the corner of an incredibly sexy smirk. Tilting his head more back he found the green orbs, some make-up lining the feline eyes. Tattoos. Definitely tattoos. Like upside down tear drops under the green, green eyes, making them all the more irresistible.

The smirk toned down into a lopsided smile. A very sexy smile. One Roxas couldn't help but answer with one of his own. The half smile stretched into a full one, leaning closer, before disappearing from his line of vision. At that moment, had Roxas not felt the light touch behind his ear, he would have turned to see where those surely tasty lips went. But as he did feel the light kisses, he was very content on just keeping his head right where it was.

While concentrating on the sensational feeling behind his ear, he almost didn't notice the left hand slowly, gently slipping under the hem of his t-shirt. Hot. Burning. So damn good. That's what it felt when the warm fingertips skimmed across his soft skin, sending a shiver down his spine. A grin stretched on those firm lips against his skin when he shivered in the warm arms. Damn, he was turning into a pile of goo in seconds.

Just when he was about to Jesus Christ do something, the lips behind his ear moved down, applying a sudden suction on his neck.

Roxas couldn't help the sharp intake of breath. Nor the second shiver, goosebumps appearing on his skin. He closed his eyes sighing, forgetting everything around them. He didn't even notice what he was doing until he felt soft hair between his fingers. With his right hand buried deep in the red mane, he craned his neck to give more space for that wonderful mouth, wanting more. More.

His left hand snaked under his own shirt, finding the warm fingers already drawing circles on his stomach and overlapping them. Sharp teeth nipped at his skin and Roxas pulled on the hair in reflex. The mouth was gone from his neck, leaving behind a small aching sensation. Turning his head to the side to see that damn sexy smirk again, he felt a nose nuzzle into his blond locks.

The hands moved to take a firm grip on his hips, Roxas' hands unconsciously following, overlapping again. His hips were pulled back, pressing him closer to the body behind him. What felt like a buckle of a belt (at least that's what he hoped it was) was painfully pressing against his lower back and Roxas couldn't help but to fidget a little to get more comfortable.

A breathy moan caught his ear and a hand was lifted up to caress his jawline. His head was slowly tilted to the side and those lovely, lovely lips pressed a light kiss right under his ear. The first kiss was followed by a series of other light kisses, slowly making their way across his jawline. Closer and closer to his own lips. Closing his eyes Roxas tilted his head a bit more, inviting.

Hot breath and then, finally. The kiss was light at first, just like the ones that still made his jaw tingle pleasurably. To apply more pressure, Roxas leaned forward, into the kiss and felt the lazy smile stretch on the lips against his. The hand on his hip pulled him even closer when the kiss was deepened, the belt buckle pressing against his back again. A tongue skimmed against his lower lip in question and Roxas didn't hesitate to open his mouth and invite it in.

Something was repeatedly pulling on his sleeve and when it finally got too annoying Roxas had to pull back, turning his head to find a glare fixed in his way.

Naminé was standing infront of him, some guy attached to her hips, but she acted like she didn't even notice it. Her glare was moving between Roxas and the green eyes behind him.

"Get a room!" she barked, giving Roxas a half-hearted push. "Geez, I don't need to watch my bro making out!"

A low chuckled reached his ears and the hand on his hip moved to snake around his waist.

"Sorry, girlie. I'll take your brother somewhere you can't see him, 'k?"

"Oh, don't you try anything funny, 'k?" she mocked back, crossing her arms, shifting her gaze back to Roxas. "And just remember we're going home together, you horny teenager."

"He'll remember that", the redhead promised, moving to take hold of Roxas' hand. "C'mon, gorgeous."

Roxas was half expecting to be pulled into the toilets, but luckily (or unluckily?) the redhead led him into an empty corner booth. He barely got to sit down before he was pulled closer and the redhead attacked the other side of his neck with his teeth.

"Whoah! Hey... Ah... W-wait..." he stuttered, a hand sinking into the red mane again.

"Hmm?" was hummed against his neck and Roxas felt like melting.

"Ah... mmm... nevermind..."

A definite smirk followed. "Thought so." He nipped at Roxas' collarbone, leaving another mark on his skin, before looking up, gaining eye contact.

"That's gonna bruise", Roxas muttered, breathless.

The redhead chuckled. "I know that. Never said I didn't bite." And to prove his point he moved to nibble on Roxas' earlobe. Roxas shivered, caressing the red locks between his fingers. "So", the redhead started again, pulling away enough to see some blue eyes. "What a gorgeous blonde like yourself is doing in a place like this, looking oh so bored?"

Roxas chuckled, rolling his eyes. "Sis sorta forced me to come."

The redhead made a tutting sound, reaching out to play with the soft hair at the back of Roxas' neck. "She drags you here and whines when you're finally having fun... How unfair."

Roxas twitched at the tickling sensation. "It's our friend's birthday and... ah... stop... that tickles..."

A perfect replica of the Cheshire cat grin appeared on the redhead's lips. "Yeah?" he purred, leaning closer, "You ticklish anywhere else?" Roxas felt another hand move to dance on his ribs.

With a chuckle Roxas twisted again. "Ah... no..."

"No?" the redhead tried again, grin widening. Roxas twitched, earning a low chuckle. "Good then." The hand behind his neck pulled him closer, lips crashing against lips. The tongue was there, begging for entrance again and Roxas wasted no time parting his lips and meeting it halfway with his own.

The kiss was in no way rushed, tongues scanning their surroundings, soon followed by exploring hands, sneaking under shirts. When the kissing got a bit too heated the redhead pulled back, green eyes opening to find a very flustered Roxas.

A low chuckle again. "You're cute."

Roxas licked his lips, grinning back. "I thought I was gorgeous."

"Ahhaha... Well, that too." the redhead laughed, leaning in to give a small peck. That transformed into series of small pecks. "And you taste... really good."

"Thank you", Roxas snorted, "Mr. Cannibal."

"Don't you worry", the redhead whispered, capturing his lips again. "I always eat my prey's raw." They both blinked at the same time, the redhead pulling back and scratching his head. "Shit, that sounded lame." he muttered, suddenly sounding rather ashamed.

Roxas couldn't help it. He turned his face away and promptly burst out in laughter. The redhead stayed quiet, watching him laugh, but a small grin stretched to his lips as well.

Roxas tilted his head back, still chuckling lightly. "You're funny."

"Oh?" the redhead huffed, faking offended. "I say you're cute and gorgeous and I'm just funny?"

"Well, you're also quite gorgeous." Roxas tried again, smiling.

"How original", the redhead quipped, a hand sneaking to dance on Roxas' ribs again.

With a twitch Roxas jumped back. "Hey! Okay, okay... You're, um..." he pondered, eyeing the lean man slouched next to him. "Sexy?"

"What's with the question?" the redhead grinned back. "'Course I'm sexy. Have you even seen these hips? They'd win any hips any time! Whenever and wherever! And let me tell you something..." he leaned a tab closer again, lowering his voice. "These hips don't lie."

Roxas snorted, leaning back in his seat. "Okay, Shakira."

"Ah, you just keep getting my name wrong, don't you?" the redhead chuckled, shaking his head. "Hmm, maybe you can guess it. I'll give you a hint. Starts with an A, ends with an L."

"Oh, I know", Roxas grinned, playing along. "Ariel."

The redhead blinked at him a few times, before it was his turn to turn away and start laughing out loud. Roxas watched him finally get past his laughing fit and turning back around.

He was wiping at his eyes, chuckling. "Geez, I need a drink." he muttered, glancing at Roxas. "Do you want something?" he asked with a grin, tilting his head. "Sex on the Beach?"

"With my little mermaid?" Roxas asked innocently back, answering the grin with one of his own.

"Why the hell not." The redhead shrugged, leaning in to give Roxas a short, but deep kiss. "Now, be a good prince and stay right where you are. I'll be right back."

"Okay", Roxas nodded, letting the redhead move past him and towards the bar. He let his head drop against the backrest, eyes fixing on the ceiling. Who'd thought? His 'fuck for the night' was not only sexy as hell, but hilarious too. And a reeeally good kisser. And totally wanted him.

Roxas grinned to himself, pondering if he should perhaps ask for a number.

"Rox! There you are!"

Roxas jumped up to find Naminé running towards him, looking worried. "Né? What's wrong?"

Naminé grabbed his arm, pulling him up. "You've gotta help us! It's Riku and... oh god, Kairi can't hold him back long. C'mon!"

It was like Naminé had said the magic words and Roxas was up and running before she got to explain more. She led him to the other side of the bar where they got to witness Riku breaking free from Kairi and Hayner's clutches and lunging at that same man Roxas remembered from earlier. The man who looked too old to be in a club full of 18-year-olds.

"Keep your hands off of him, you pedophile!" Riku shouted, fighting again against Kairi and Hayner who both had lunged right after him and caught his arms.

"Riku!" Kairi yelled, pulling him back. Roxas glanced at the rest of their group, finding Olette hugging Sora a few steps behind them and Pence looking hopeless. With a deep sigh Roxas glanced at Naminé.

"Get the guards." he muttered before jumping right in the middle of the fight, facing Riku. With a firm push he got the silverhead to stagger back a few steps, giving time for Kairi and Hayner to get a better hold of him. Roxas twirled around to glare at the older man. He looked perhaps a bit over thirty, fake tanned skin bringing out his bright, white hair and creepy orange eyes.

"What's going on in here?" a low voice boomed from behind them and Roxas glanced over his shoulder to see Naminé had infact found the guards. Or well, a guard.

Kairi was the first one to open her mouth. "That man molested our friend!" she said, pointing a finger at the older man.

"She lies! It was an accident!" the man defended himself. "My hand barely touched him and then that... that creature just jumped at me and started beating me up!" he yelled, pointing a finger at Riku.

"Alright, alright", the guard said, starting to point towards the front doors. "You're making a scene, let's take this outside." And he started pushing Riku, Kairi and the man towards the doors, Hayner, Pence, Olette and Sora right behind them. Roxas took hold of Naminé's hand and rushed after them as well.

Once they were standing outside the guard questioned all of them, one at a time. And since Riku kept threatening to rip the man's limbs off and Sora refused to say anything concerning the situation, the guard finally got enough of the 'bullshit' and let the older man go. Riku got banned from the nightclub and all of them were thrown out for the rest of the night.

"Well, I didn't like that club anyway..." Olette muttered, crossing her arms.

"Why didn't you say anything, Sora?" Kairi asked, irritated.

Sora was hugging himself, blushing a little. He looked up at his friends, biting his lip. "Um... It was an accident." he finally muttered, looking back at the ground in shame.

"What?" Riku snapped, grabbing his shoulder.

"It was an accident, but before I got to say that you had already started to beat him up." Sora said, wincing.

"What? We got thrown out for nothing?" Hayner asked, going for Riku. "You frickin' idiot!"

"What would you have done in that situation?" Riku yelled back at him.

Naminé rushed to stand between the two boys. "Calm down! What's done is done. It's not like we were gonna stay there any longer anyway. I was ready to go home as soon as I'd find Roxas."

Pence perked up at the mention of the blonde. "Oh yeah. Where were you? We like totally lost sight of you when Naminé dragged you to the dance floor."

Roxas froze, his eyes going wide. "Shit!" Before anyone had time to say anything else, Roxas was running back to the club, his group of friends soon following.

The guard was standing at the doors and frowned when he recognized Roxas. "What? You forgot something?"

Roxas scratched his head, blushing slightly. "Ah, there's someone waiting for me inside." he tried to explain.

The guard scoffed. "Well then call them and tell them to get outside."

"Um, I don't have his number..." Roxas tried again, biting his lip.

The guard stared at him for a while before sighing. "Fine, what's his name? I can ask for him on the central radio."

Roxas blushed again, realising his friends were right behind him. "Um... I don't know his name..."

The guard frowned, glaring at him. "Get lost, kid. Before I ban you, too."

"But..." Roxas kept trying, but the guard took one menacing step towards him and Roxas gave up. Giving Riku one of his death glares, Roxas stomped past his friends and started walking home.

"Hey, hey! Rox wait up!" Hayner was the first one to caught up with him. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing", Roxas growled, walking faster.

"Hey, Roxas!" Sora was the next to reach him, lying a hand on his shoulder. "Did something happen?"

Twirling around Roxas fixed a glare at innocent Sora. "Yes, something did happen! Your idiot of a boyfriend blew up my chances with a fricking hot redhead!"

"Oh, c'mon Rox." Hayner snorted. "Plenty of fish in the sea."

"No, he was great. And he totally wanted me. Which has happened like... never!" Roxas muttered, watching his friends stare at him with wide eyes. "Gah!" Roxas huffed, twirling around and starting to stomp away again. "Just leave me alone."

They watched him keep walking for awhile before Naminé sighed, glancing at their friends. "Drama Queen." she snorted. "Let him cool off over the night, he should be fine tomorrow."

"Did something happen with him and the redhead?" Pence asked, curious. "I thought he was just sighing after him."

"Oh, the redhead approached him on the dance floor and they went to make out in some corner." Naminé shrugged, glancing at Riku. "Be glad he's not forcing you to take care of his 'sexual frustration'."

Sora's eyes got wide as he reached out for Riku's hand. "Hey, Riku's mine!"

Naminé giggled behind a hand. "Well, g'dnight guys. I better get going if I want to catch him." She briefly hugged Kairi and Olette before starting to run after her brother.

Roxas had gotten quite a good distance between them and when Naminé finally caught up with him, she was badly out of breath. He waited for her to catch her breath before glancing in her way.

"Y'know..." Naminé started. "It's not their fault. It was a pure misunderstanding."

Roxas sighed, kicking a small stone on the road. "Yeah, I know. I'm more mad at myself."

"Why?" she asked, reaching out for his hand.

"I should've asked for a name or a phone number. Most probably I'll never see him again." he sighed again, leaning his head on his twin sister's shoulder.

Naminé smiled. "Well, you'll never know. You might bump into him some day again. Twilight Town's not that big of a town anyway." She reached her arm around his shoulders, giving him a squeeze.

"Yeah, you're right." Roxas smiled back. Before promptly letting out a big sneeze.

Naminé blinked. "Are you catching a cold?"

Roxas rubbed at his nose. "I don't know... I don't think so. It's still almost like summer here."

Naminé took a step away from him, wrinkling her nose. "Well, don't contaminate me. I've got a date on Sunday."

"Oh right. You and that guitarist?" Roxas grinned at her, teasing.

"It's a sitar, dummy." Naminé quipped back.

Roxas let out a light laugh, shaking his head. They kept walking in silence after that, both deep in thought. Before they reached their front door, Roxas had decided to go out the following night again. Perhaps the redhead would think the same and be there waiting. Hopefully.

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