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The next day Roxas was feeling strong enough to move and take over the living room with his endless pile of warm blankets. He cocooned himself on the soft couch and played video games for hours. It didn't take long before the coffee table was covered with used tissue balls and empty tea and hot chocolate cups and he had found a bag of cookies in some corner cupboard. Naminé had gone on a yet another date with Demyx, so Roxas spent the evening watching movies with his parents, dozing off every once in a while.

His fever was completely gone by Friday, leaving him with a runny nose and returning throat ache. He was still very sore and tired from the harsh fever, but atleast he had gained his appetite back. Naminé had been bringing his homework home for the whole two weeks he had missed school and finally feeling strong enough on Friday he started to catch up, with the help of his twin of course, after she got home around six. She had gone shopping with Olette and Pence after school and brought Roxas a fresh box of tissues as a souvenir.

Roxas was counting on some quality twin-time on Saturday as well, maybe some homework doing on the side, but that morning (or noon, more precisely) when he got up and loitered into the kitchen he found his twin already dressed up, eating a quick breakfast (brunch) in the dining room.

"Where're you going?" he asked, sitting down next to her, glancing at her attire. She was wearing her tight, black jeans (that Roxas loved to borrow from time to time) and a ruched, red tube top under an open, white blouse. She gave him a quick grin, getting up and fetching his plate of pancakes from the kitchen counter.

"Out." was her happy answer.

"Aha", Roxas quirked an eyebrow at her. "With Demyx again?"

"And some others, yes." she nodded, pouring him a glass of orange juice.

"Who?" he asked, not touching the food yet.

"He wants me to meet some of his friends", Naminé shrugged nonchalantly, placing the chocolate sauce next to his pancakes. Roxas looked up quickly, giving her a worried look. She snorted, rolling her eyes. "Don't worry, Axel's busy today. Besides I don't think he'd recognize me anyway, even if we did meet."

"So, he's not one of the friends you're meeting?" Roxas checked and Naminé shook her head.

"Nope, he's got plans already and Demyx is very devastated. He really wished for his best friend and girlfriend to meet today. We both mean so much to him." she added with a quick smirk, ruffling her brother's hair. "So, you could look a bit more sympathetic. Poor Demy."

"Atleast I'm letting you date him, aren't I?" Roxas grunted back, not even bothering to fix his hair. The bedhead look went well with his light blue flannel pyjamas and black bathrobe. Not to mention his worn killer bunny slippers. They had been a Christmas present from his twin few years back and the white fur was already starting to look more gray than white.

"Oh, don't even start with that, mister." Naminé snapped, sounding frighteningly much like their mother. "Or I will tell him about you and Axel going all -" she wriggled her tongue at him "- back at the club."

Roxas grimaced at her. "I'm trying to eat here, Né."

"Bon appétit!" she quipped, taking her dishes and leaving them in the sink. Then she skipped out of the kitchen, suddenly hitting the brakes by the counter islands. "Oh, mom and dad are having lunch at the Leonhearts and you know how long those always take, right? Mom promised she'll drag dad home by eight, but we'll see."

"And when'll you be heading home?" Roxas asked, tilting his head.

"Dunno. My curfew's two on weekends." she gave him a playful wink and headed towards her room.

Roxas rolled his eyes and concentrated on savoring his tasty breakfast. He heard her skip around the house for awhile before she entered the dining room just to ruffle his hair goodbye. After few affectionate, and not so affectionate words she was out of the house and Roxas was faced with deep silence and most likely the whole day alone.

After getting rid of the dishes he searched the cupboards for some sweets and found a can of toffees behind some flower vases. Jug of orange juice in one hand, a glass in the other and the can of toffees and his box of tissues in his robe pockets he made his way into the living room, cocooning into his blankets again. He could afford few hours of zombie mashing before starting on his homework again.

He had no idea what time it was, but judging from the amount of level upping he had managed to do, he guessed he had played for around three hours when he heard the doorbell ring. Putting the game on pause he crawled from under his blankets, pushing the slippers back on. He had been sucking on a hard toffee for quite awhile and when he started to walk towards the front door he tried to bite it and swallow. Only to have the toffee get stuck between his teeth.

While still trying to separate his jaws he opened the door, thinking either Naminé had forgotten her keys or some of his friends had decided to come and pay him a visit. He had talked with Hayner over the phone the previous evening and told him he was already well and would be joining them on Monday morning on their walk to the train station.

But when he glanced up to grunt at whichever behind the door would be, he froze on spot, other hand in bathrobe pocket, the other still holding the doorknob and jaws still painfully stuck together.

"...hat he..." he managed to breath out behind his teeth, feeling a deep blush rising to his cheeks.

On their doorsteps stood a tall redhead, dressed casually in dark jeans, green t-shit and a short black leather jacket, hand frozen on their doorbell, ready to ring again. A red messenger bag was slung over his shoulder and he was holding a cotton bag in the other hand, packed full with what looked like groceries. And he was staring at Roxas with just as shocked expression as Roxas was sure was on his face.

"Um... Hi." he mumbled, pulling his hand quickly back from the doorbell, but not really knowing what to do with it. So he stuffed his hand into the pocket of his jeans.

Roxas just kept staring for a bit longer.

And then with a snap he forced his jaws apart, the annoying toffee still stuck on his upper teeth. The pain slashed through his whole jaw and Roxas let go of the doorknob, snapping a hand to his chin.

"Shit motherfucker OW!" he yelled loud, crouching slightly to escape the tooth ache. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the redhead startle, taking a half step back from the doorway. Roxas stuck up a finger in air, before turning to hide his face behind the open door. With a grimace he pulled the toffee out of his mouth, grabbing a tissue from his pocket and wrapping it in it. Then he pushed it back into his pocket.

Now that his jaw was finally working he moved back to stand in the doorway, giving the redhead a confused glare. "What the hell are you doing here?" he managed to ask, sounding way too confused for his own taste.

"Um..." the redhead started again and his eyes slowly traveled Roxas' body down and back up.

Roxas glanced down as well and with a small yelp wrapped his bathrobe tightly around him, hiding his pyjamas. "Answer me!" he snapped, now more irritated. But still very, very confused.

The redhead's hand rose up from his pocket to scratch the back of his head, his unruly red spikes bouncing. "I... um... I came to see you."

Roxas regarded him from under his scrunched eyebrows before heaving a loud sigh. "I'm gonna kill Naminé." he muttered, grabbing a hold of the doorknob again.

The redhead anticipated his intentions and letting go of the bag of groceries he shot forward to keep the door open. "Wait! I... We need to talk." he mumbled, looking a bit ashamed. "Uh... Do you think I could come in?"


His shoulders slumped in disappointment before he quickly straightened his back again. "No, seriously. You have to let me explain. 'Cause I'm really, really sorry for getting you sick, Roxas."

Roxas gritted his teeth together, sending him a pointed glare. "Fine, Axel." he seethed, "I'm listening."

Axel smiled a little at hearing his name, but soon checked his expression into a serious stare. "Please let me in." he pleaded, pointedly glancing at the bag next to his feet. "Your sister suggested I could... like... prepare a dinner for you."

Roxas gave the bag a sceptic eye and then checked out the owner. "Why are you here?" he asked with a sigh, tilting his head. "So, my idiot of a sister told you where I live? And that I've been sick for the past two weeks? So what? Why the hell did you come?"

"Because..." Axel shrugged. "Because I wanted to see you. I have no idea why, but you're all I've been able to think about for the past two weeks." Roxas gave him a pointed look and Axel huffed. "Yes, I know, cheesy. But it's the truth. Even though you just disappeared on me like that – and yes, I know it wasn't your fault, Naminé told me what happened... But... I dunno. I just kept thinking there was a good reason. That you wouldn't just walk out like that after... Stupid, I know, but... I just wanted to see you again."

Roxas watched him for few more seconds before sighing and slumping against the door. "I'm starting to feel dizzy. I'm too tired for this right now."

But Axel wasn't ready to give up just yet. "Okay, we don't have to talk or anything. Just let me cook for you and I'm sure you'll feel a lot better once you've gotten something to eat."

Roxas regarded him for few more seconds from behind his bangs. With a small roll of his eyes he suddenly turned around and loitered back inside the house. Leaving the front door wide open.

He flopped back down on the couch, pulling few blankets around his shoulders. He heard Axel shuffle at the doorway, moving his groceries inside and shutting the door behind him. Roxas waited until he felt Axel stand behind the couch before starting his game again.

Axel stood behind him for few more seconds before sighing loudly. "Where's the -" Roxas cut him off with a lazy wave towards the open kitchen past the dining room. "Thanks." Axel said and Roxas heard him walk in the way he pointed. Axel moved around the kitchen for few minutes, most probably making sure whatever groceries he had gotten would find a proper place to wait and Roxas made himself comfortable, placing his bunny slippered feet on the coffee table.

Axel was back after few more minutes and stood behind the couch again. He snorted when Roxas missed his target couple times. "You should go 'round the house first before going in. There's few switches at the back."

Roxas leaned against the backrest to glance up. "You've played this?"

"Yeah, Demyx has it. Kinda boring, actually." Axel shrugged, giving him a small smile.

Roxas looked quickly away. "Yeah, it is." he agreed, going around the house like Axel had suggested.

"What other games you have?" Axel asked, making some shuffling sound again. Roxas glanced up to find him taking off his jacket, lying it gently on the backrest. Axel moved around the couch and sat down beside Roxas, bending over to browse through few games on the coffee table. His green shirt rode up a bit, exposing a small line of skin between the jeans and the shirt. Another tattoo, the roman number VIII was inked to the redhead's skin. Roxas forced his eyes back to the screen.

"Gummi racing? Damn, I haven't played this in ages!" Axel chuckled, glancing over his shoulder to grin at Roxas. He didn't say anything else, just gave him a pleading look, holding the game in hand.

Roxas glanced back, and then at his current game. "Fine, just pop it in."

Axel let out a small, excited squee and got off the couch to change the game. He tossed the empty covers next to Roxas' feet, tilting his head at the killer bunny slippers. "Cute." he commented with a smirk.

Roxas glanced at his feet as well, still propped up on the coffee table. Axel was moving back to the couch when Roxas lifted his foot from the table, pushing quickly the killer bunny, soft teeth first, against surprised Axel's hard stomach, stopping him from getting closer.

"Chomp?" Roxas tilted his head, a grin playing on his lips.

Axel gently took hold of his ankle, keeping his leg in air. He smiled widely back at the blond. "So eager to eat me already?" he asked, tilting his head playfully to the side as well.

Roxas pulled his leg back, the slipper almost slipping off when Axel didn't realise to let go. Placing both feet on the floor Roxas reached for the second controller, tossing it to the redhead. Axel caught it easily, sitting down in his place.

They didn't say more than two or three words during the first four races, playing in complete silence, Roxas trying to ignore the redhead and Axel trying not to piss him off more. During the fifth race Roxas relaxed a bit more and forgot who he was playing with.

"Hah! Won again!" he cheered when his part of the screen exploded in fireworks. "You suck at this, Axel."

"Or maybe you've played too much." Axel pouted back, glancing at him from the corner of his eyes. "'Sides you can hardly stay still when you drive. You keep distracting me."

"Oh, keep whining, see if I care." Roxas send him a teasing grin, tilting his head. Axel smiled back and Roxas tensed again, quickly whipping his head to stare at the screen. "I thought you said you're gonna make dinner for me."

Axel pursed his lips, putting the controller down. "Are you hungry?"

"Not now, but how long it'll take?" Roxas asked back.

"Um... About an hour."

"Then you should get to it." Roxas said, shrugging the blanket off of him and standing up. He let the controller drop onto the table before giving Axel a pointed look.

Axel stood up as well, pushing his hands into pockets. "I need some help in the kitchen, 'cause I don't know where you guys keep all your utensils and all..."

Roxas bit his lip in thought, glancing at the kitchen and then the still running game. "Turn that off first. I need to go to the bathroom." he said and as quickly as he could with his bunny slippers he moved past Axel and down the hall, disappearing behind a corner and heading straight into the bathroom. Locking the door behind him he turned to glance into the mirror.

He looked absolutely hideous. His sickly pale skin accentuated the dark circles around his tired eyes, his hair pointing in every damn direction and his nose was red and irritated from blowing so often. And the light blue pyjamas had a chocolate stain on the hem.

He emptied his bathrobe pockets, the paper wrapped toffee (and few used tissues) flew into the trash can and his cell phone was placed on the counter. Slipping out of his bathrobe he hung it next to the other bathrobes and opened the mirrored cabinet above the sink, fetching his toothbrush and hairbrush. He didn't dare to take a shower, so what little he could do to quickly freshen up a bit he did.

Ten minutes later he idly walked into the kitchen, stopping by the counter islands. He had changed into gray sweatpants and the black hoodie Naminé had borrowed the previous week. Axel was going through their cupboards and drawers, checking out what he might need and where to find them when he did. He had tied his hair at the nape of his neck and was currently checking out their Voodoo knife holder, pulling out the largest knife from the plastic man.

Roxas cleared his sore throat and Axel twirled around, eyes quickly taking in his new attire. "What happened to the bunny slippers?" he asked, pointedly looking at Roxas' white socks.

"It's difficult to walk fast in them." Roxas shrugged back and Axel looked up to give him a wide grin.

"In case you need to run for your life?"

"You are holding a knife." Roxas pointed out, giving the chef's knife a wary eye.

Axel glanced at the knife in his hand as well, letting out a light chuckle. "Yeah well... Don't worry, I'm not planning on stabbing you." he said with a grin, placing the knife back into the plastic man. "Even though you did ditch me back at the club."

Roxas sat on a barstool by the islands, leaning his elbows against the counter. He worried a lip between his teeth as he watched Axel continue to raid their kitchen. "What did Naminé tell you?" he finally asked, unable to stay quiet anymore. "And when the hell did you two meet? I thought she said you weren't going to be one of the friends she'd meet today."

"She gave me a note through Demyx and we met up for some coffee yesterday." Axel said, placing a cutting board and the Voodoo knife holder on the counter Roxas was leaning against. "She said she found out about me through Dem and that you've been sick for two weeks now. And really bitchy about it." he added with a playful smirk. "She also mentioned you like chicken."

Roxas glanced at the groceries Axel had placed on the counter and snorted. "Don't tell me you're making chicken soup?"

"Absolutely, my specialty. I mastered the recipe already in high school. Miraculous chicken soup that will cure any flu just like that." Axel snapped his fingers on emphasis and then moved to wash his hands.

"Just like that?" Roxas asked, tilting his head sceptically. "Then why did my sister say she heard you were sick for two weeks as well."

Axel laughed, starting to dice a red bell pepper. "Well, I live alone, so I barely got out of bed for the first week. Like hell I would've managed to cook something for myself in that condition. My brother actually came all the way from Hollow Bastion to look after me, it was that bad. But then the fever got down and I made some of my miraculous chicken soup and voilà! The flu was gone."

Roxas gave him a pointed glare and Axel gave out an awkward laugh.

"Ahah... Okay, seriously. I had no idea I was still carrying the virus. I didn't mean to get you sick. I had been pretty healthy for few days already." Axel said, pouting slightly. "Besides, I didn't exactly expect to meet anyone worth a second look. Let alone some hot make out sessions."

As much as he tried, Roxas was unable to fight the warmth crawling to his cheeks and quickly glanced down, shaking his bangs for shield. "Um... I wasn't really looking for company either."

"Yeah, friend's birthday or something along those lines, right?" Axel moved to dice a green bell pepper.

"Yeah... something along those lines." Roxas sighed, watching as Axel cut the vegetables like a true professional. When he was done with the green and yellow bell pepper, he poured some olive oil into a soup kettle, placing it on the stove and plopped the colourful pepper dices into it. Then he crushed few garlic cloves and added them into the mix as well.

The oil sizzled as Axel sautéed the vegetables, stirring them with a wooden spatula. The strong scent of garlic filled the open kitchen and even Roxas was able to smell it. He couldn't help the small smile when he watched the redhead move around their kitchen with incredible grace. He added some water into the kettle, leaving it on the stove to boil. Then he opened a cupboard that contained a seriously vast collection of different spices and Axel looked like a kid in a candystore.

"I seriously love your kitchen, Roxas." Axel chuckled, starting to browse through the glass jars.

"That's all very nice, but aren't you forgetting the chicken? It's supposed to be chicken soup, right?" Roxas snorted back, leaning against his hand with a smug look on his face.

Axel glanced at him, flashing a grin. "Okay, who's the cook here, Rox? I told you I mastered this recipe already back in high school. The chicken's browned and ready in the fridge, waiting to be added."

"Whatever, Ax." Roxas rolled his eyes, smiling. "And 'back in high school'? How old are you? You can't be more than twenty."

"Turned twenty-five last August." Axel said quickly, adding some spices into the already steaming soup, stirring it with the spatula.

Roxas froze, staring at him in shock. "Wh-what?"

"Yeah..." Axel shrugged, glancing at the blonde again, this time looking a bit hesitant. "And I know you're only eighteen. So yeah, it's a bit of an age gap, but -"

"A bit?" Roxas interrupted. "That's like... seven years. I was like the size of a fire extinguisher when you first got to drink alcohol."

Axel snorted, not able to resist the temptation. "Aren't you still?"

Roxas gave him a small glare. "Yes, Axel. That is absolutely the best way to hit on a person. Make fun of their height."

"Sorry. I find you very cute, is all." Axel gave another disarming smile and Roxas didn't know how to counter that. So he chucked a forgotten dice of red bell pepper at him. Axel laughed when the dice hit his arm, catching it with ease. "Feisty, aren't we?" he smirked, placing it between his lips and sucking in.

Roxas blushed and looked away, missing the sly grin appearing on the redhead's lips. With some light humming he returned to the cooking, fetching the browned chicken slices from the fridge and added them into the soup.

"How's your throat?" he suddenly asked, glancing at the blonde.

Roxas looked up confused. "Huh?"

"I could make us some tea while the soup boils. You keep touching your throat like something's stuck in there. Warm liquid will ease the aching." Axel said and quickly filled the water boiler and flipped it on. "Where do you keep the teabags?"

Roxas gently touched his sore throat again. "Um, on your left, second cupboard."

Axel took some boxes of tea out of the cupboard and placed them on the counter. Then he skipped over to give the soup few stirs. "Hey, the soup needs to boil for like ten more minutes before I add the final ingredients, so do you want some garlic bread? It goes well with the soup and takes about ten minutes to make." Axel asked, moving to clean up the counter islands Roxas was leaning against.

"Garlic breath would be lovely, yes. Seeing how much you put garlic into the soup as well I'm going to stink like garlic the rest of the day and won't be able to smell it myself." Roxas deadpanned back, getting a wide grin in reply.

"I was planning on eating the soup and bread as well, so at least I won't smell it." Axel chuckled, leaning against the counter. He was bending over it in a rather seductive manner, lopsided smirk playing on his lips.

"Yay, we can stink together then."

Axel kept leaning closer, his green eyes searching Roxas' blue ones, pulling him in. And Roxas found it harder and harder to fight the pull.

The front door clicked closed, indicating someone's arrival.

Roxas jumped back in surprise when he heard his mother call out his name. "Shit, mom." he hissed, glancing over his shoulder to look past the dining room.

"Roxas, are you in here?" she called from the living room and Axel quickly straightened up, accidentally pushing the knife he had used off the counter, the metal blade clanging against the floor tiles.

He crouched down to pick it up just when Roxas' mother walked into the dining room, finding her son alone.

"Ah, there you are!" she sighed pleased, moving to ruffle his hair. "Sorry it took this long at the Leonhearts, but you know how your father is when -"

She cut her sentence short when Axel stood up, dropping the knife onto the table and straightening his shirt. "Um... hi." he mumbled, light colour appearing on his cheeks.

"... Hello?" she answered bit hesitantly, glancing between her son and the redhead. "I'm sorry... Roxas, who is this?" she asked, finally giving Roxas a questioning look.

"I'm Axel, a... uh..." Axel started, glancing at Roxas. "A friend of Roxas." He finished, holding out his hand for her.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, raising a hand to her mouth. "Of course, of course. I'm sorry, sorry." she let out a slightly embarrassed giggle, taking a hold of his hand. "Aerith Strife, Roxas' mother." she smiled disarmingly, before giving her son a knowing look. "I didn't know you had such pretty friends, honey."

"Mom..." Roxas groaned back and both boys blushed.

Aerith giggled again. "I just came home to see if I could quickly cook something up for you to eat, but apparently..." she gave the kitchen a scanning look. "Someone beat me to it."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude on your territory or anything, but you see... uh..." Axel had trouble finishing his sentence again.

"Axel's here to cook me some apology chicken soup." Roxas quipped, ignoring the glare Axel sent him. "He's my personal chef for today, on Naminé's request."

"Oh, you're actually a chef?" she asked amazed, checking Axel out for the second time.

"Still studying, but it's my fifth year already." Axel smiled, "And the chicken soup I'm making is actually one of my own recipes."

"How lovely!" Aerith sighed, turning to give her son a quick wink. "Hear that, he can cook."

"Yes, mom, I know." Roxas glared back. "I've been sitting here the whole time. I have eyes."

"Just saying", she pouted, "It's hard to find a man who can actually cook a decent meal and we all know you can hardly make yourself a sandwich. I'm just looking out for my darling son." She ignored the death glare Roxas fixed at her and moved around Axel to peek into the soup kettle. "Smells lovely. Do you think there's enough for Roxas' father and I too, Axel?"

"Dad's home too?" Roxas groaned, slouching against the counter.

"No, but he'll be here soon. He needed to talk with Squall for a bit more, so I'm hoping it won't take him the whole evening. But you know those two. It takes them hours to utter few words." she huffed affectionately, turning to smile at Axel. "So, do you think we can join you two for dinner?"

Axel looked a bit confused, but quickly gave her an easy smile. "Of course. Naminé did ask me to make enough for the whole family. I just didn't know you'd be home this early."

"Oh, I see. I'm intruding on your private time. My apologies." she walked out of the kitchen, stopping next to her son. "I'll leave you two alone now." she winked and then leaned down to give him a small peck in his hair.

Roxas tried to dodge, but was too late. "Mom!" he growled again, blushing heavily.

His mother smirked, patting him on the shoulder and leaning down again to whisper not so silently into his ear. "He's a keeper." Then she stood up and walked out of the kitchen with a small wave past her shoulder.

"Your mom's a bit... scary." Axel muttered with an awkward chuckle.

Roxas groaned, hiding his face into his arms. "Ever since I came out to them she's been trying to set me up with every male I talk with. She even tried to make me flirt with that guy at the library!" he muttered bitterly.

"Vexen? She tried to pair you up with Vexen?" Axel cackled, throwing his head back. "Christ, that's priceless!"

"Shut up." Roxas scowled, "My male friends don't dare to come anywhere near our house anymore, ever since she tried to lock me and Hayner in a bathroom while Hayner's girlfriend was waiting in my room. And I've known Hayner since I was five!"

Axel kept chuckling, leaning a hand against the counter. "Why is she so eager to pair you up?"

"I have no idea. She's always been like that. My godmother actually told us mom made our dad dress up as a girl once, when they were in their teens and tried to see which one of them would gain more attention in a bar. She's just crazy."

"Did your dad make a pretty girl?" Axel snorted, grinning widely.

"Some old geezer almost kidnapped him, not even knowing he's a guy." Roxas shrugged, pursing his lips. "Dad kicked his ass of course, and when I came out he made me swear never to go into cross-dressing."

"Damn, I would've liked to see you in a dress." Axel smirked, sending him a mock wink.

Roxas snorted, shaking his head. Then he glanced up, eyes twinkling and a teasing smile on his lips. "But I have to admit, my sister's skirts are pretty comfortable."

"You tease!" Axel gasped, giving Roxas' arm a lazy slap, making the blonde giggle. They stared at each other for few minutes before Roxas glanced at the soup still boiling on the stove.

"Think that's ready yet?" he asked and it took Axel few seconds to realise what they were talking about.

"Shit!" he laughed, rushing to make sure the soup was still alright. He added some water and waited for it to start boiling again before trying it out. He added some spices and then moved to the sink to wash a pair of scissors. He placed them infront of Roxas, giving him an empty cup as well.

"Now, I need some help." he said, placing a fresh basil, still in pot, next to the cup and scissors. "Half a cup of basil leaves cut up into tiny bits. Think you can do that?" Roxas gave him a pointed look and Axel reached out to ruffle his hair. "Good boy."

Roxas ripped off some leaves and placed them in the cup, starting to chop with the scissors. He saw Axel move around the kitchen in his peripheral vision, but didn't pay much attention to him. He got something from the fridge and added into the soup, stirring it slowly. Roxas heard the front door open and close, but didn't really register the meaning of it, concentrating purely in his mission of cutting up basil leaves.

"Mm... That smells lovely, darling." Someone sighed in the living room, brisk steps coming from behind Roxas.

Both Axel and Roxas looked up at the same time, surprised, and Roxas' father stared at them both just as surprised from the doorway.

"Oh..." he muttered, hand flying to scratch his spiky blond hair. "Not... my darling." he gave Roxas a sheepish smile and started to take few steps back to the living room. "Sorry to interrupt... son", he nodded at Roxas and then gave Axel a questioning look, "... son's friend." Then he quickly turned around and disappeared into the living room.

Roxas and Axel sat and stood in silence for few minutes, before Axel couldn't bear it any longer. He crouched down to disappear behind the counters, biting his fist and started snickering.

"Oh god..." he breathed, looking up to find Roxas giving him a half-hearted glare. "That was your dad?"

"Axel, stop laughing." Roxas scowled, trying hard not laugh as well. "He just wasn't expecting me to have company. Plus he'd just spent hours at the Leonhearts, listening to Yuffie's – and most likely Sora's too – annoying blabbering... Seriously, stop laughing!" he tried to keep his voice stable, but couldn't help the small snicker escaping his throat. "Oh god." he finally gave up, slumping against the counter. "Why is my family so screwed up?"

Axel was now sitting on the floor, trying to keep breathing. "Ahhah, don't worry, Rox. They're not as bad as my family. You're lucky to have such understanding parents. Though I think I freaked your dad out."

Roxas snickered again. "He just needs few minutes to rise above it. He's cool. Just... give him few minutes."

Axel was slightly out of breath when he finally cooled down, still sitting on the floor, legs bend and sprawled before him. He was grinning at Roxas, who found it really hard not grin back.

Then he heard his mother's voice.

"Oh for the love of -! Cloud! Get back in there and introduce yourself! That's no way to treat your son's boyfriend!"

His parents showed up at the doorway together and Axel quickly got up from the floor, trying to put on a serious face. Roxas returned to the chopping, fighting a grin.

"Hi, I'm Axel." Axel introduced himself with a small wave. "Roxas' friend, here to make him some chicken soup, 'cause he's sick."

"He knows I'm sick, doofus." Roxas snorted, still unable to look up. Then he raised his voice to speak to his parents. "And no, Axel's not my boyfriend. He's just here to make the soup, eat it with us and then he'll leave." Axel gave him a childish pout and Roxas threw a basil leaf at him. "Get back to cooking, slave."

Axel scowled at him, reaching out to snatch the cup of chopped basil from him. "Yes, master." He went to empty the contents of the cup into the soup and stirred.

Roxas took in a breath and glanced over his shoulder. His parents still stood in the doorway, his mother giving him a scolding look, his father eyeing Axel's back with a small frown.

"Axel", Roxas said, standing up. "I'll be back in a minute, okay?" Axel nodded, giving him a questioning look. "Don't even think about trying to poison the soup. You'll be eating it first."

Axel snorted. "Like I would want to poison you. Or drug you. I'm not into date raping."

"Gee, good to know." Roxas scoffed back, walking past his parents and grabbing a hold of both of them. He dragged them into his father's study before turning around and leaving the talking to them. Or more precisely to his mother. His father wasn't all that talkative.

Except apparently now. "Who is that?" he asked, pointing in the way they had just come from. "And what is he doing here? You're still ill, Roxas. You're not allowed to have visitors."

Roxas didn't get to answer before his mother started nagging. "Of course he's allowed to have his worried boyfriend over. You need to be more supportive of your son, Cloud."

"I am supportive. I don't care who he's dating, but he's recovering from a bad flu and should be resting, not playing the host." his father said back, keeping his tone down.

"Mom, dad. I'm right here." Roxas scoffed. "And stop talking like I'm some ten-year-old. And stop assuming I'm dating him. Naminé sent him here."

"Oh, but he's so handsome, honey!" she sighed, pursing her lips. "And he can cook."

"And he's also how old again?" his father asked, narrowing his eyes.

"You didn't mind Vincent marrying Shelke and who knows how young that woman really is." she pointed out, placing her hands on hips, giving her husband a stern glare.

"We're talking about our son here, not our friend. I was just happy he finally settled down with someone." his father grunted back.

His mother turned to give Roxas a sweet smile. "As long as he's under thirty, you're free to date him. Just keep it innocent enough for few years."

"I'm not dating him!" Roxas snapped, "Né's just trying to pair us up 'cause he's her boyfriend's best friend."

"If she's only trying, then why is he in our kitchen, happily preparing dinner with you?" his mother asked, raising a sceptic eyebrow at him.

Roxas pulled his hands into fists, thinking hard for a comeback. But he could only think about her previous suggestion. With a grimace he crossed his arms. "And ew, we're not sleeping together. I can't believe you even suggested that."

"Oh? So he's not the one behind the hickeys all over your neck few weeks back?" she asked, mimicking his pose.

"What hickeys?" his father finally snapped, staring at his son with wide eyes.

"No! We're not having this conversation right now!" Roxas groaned and tried to flee the room, but his father pulled him back. He didn't say anything, just stared at him with a disapproving frown and Roxas gave up with a deep sigh. "Look, can we talk about this after he's left? And after I've murdered my sister? Because I'm really tired and I can't really kick him out, 'cause he's actually trying to help and I just don't have the energy to fight about this with you."

His father looked like he wanted to protest, but his mother nodded her head, letting him leave the room.

When he walked back into the kitchen, he found Axel sipping tea, another steaming cup next to him on the counter and the kitchen completely cleaned. The soup kettle was placed on a red trivet that went with their Voodoo knife holder, firmly lidded to keep the steam and warmth inside.

Axel gave him a small smile over the rim of his cup. "Your dinner's ready."

Roxas sighed and moved to lift a tray off the wall, placing it on the counter next to the redhead. "Get two soup bowls from the cupboard behind you." he told Axel, getting two spoons and some napkins himself. He placed them on the tray and quickly their teacups followed. Axel nodded at his plan and filled the bowls with creamy looking chicken soup. He placed the soups on the tray and fetched few fresh bread rolls from a paperbag. After placing the bread on the tray he picked it up and grinned at Roxas.

"Where to?" he asked and Roxas shook his head in amusement.

He signaled for Axel to follow him, walking out of the kitchen. He picked up Axel's red messenger bag and jacket from the living room and started walking towards his room. His parents met them in the hallway and gave the two boys a questioning look.

Roxas sighed. "We're eating in my room. The soup's on the trivet, help yourselves out." he said and went around his curious looking mother. He heard Axel mention something about the bread rolls before quickly following him.

Roxas wrinkled his nose at his messy room, moving fast to dispose all the used tissue balls and make his bed look a bit more presentable. He left Axel's bag and jacket at the foot of his bed. After clearing out some space on his desk he turned around to face the redhead in his doorway. Axel, still holding the tray gave his room a curious look, green eyes scanning over his bookshelf and old keyboard.

"You play?" he asked, putting the tray down on the cleaned desk.

Roxas sat on the chair next to the desk, glancing at the keyboard. "Nah, not in many years." he shrugged, giving Axel a small smile. "Sit down. The beanbag's a bit hard to eat in, so the bed should do just fine."

Axel nodded, tensely sitting on the edge of his bed, hands neatly in lap and eyes scanning the room again. "You read a lot?" he asked, nodding towards his filled bookshelf.

"Used to, yeah. I'm reading that one now." Roxas shrugged again, pointing at the book on his nightstand. Axel picked it up, checking the cover.

Suddenly he smiled. "Hey, I've read this one. Back when I was like... thirteen, or something."

"Oh, so back when I couldn't even read yet?" Roxas snorted, snatching the book from Axel's hands.

"I know many people who could read at the age of six, y'know." Axel quipped back, leaning his hands against the bed. He smirked when Roxas found nothing to shoot back at him.

"Let's just eat." he finally muttered, picking up a bowl and a spoon. He waited for Axel to do the same, giving the redhead a sceptic look.

Axel grinned when he realised why he was being stared at. "I didn't poison it. Look, it's delicious." he laughed, theatrically eating a spoonful of the creamy soup. Roxas waited for him to eat three more before finally trying out the soup himself.

Axel had been right, the soup was delicious. Roxas gave the cook a lopsided smile. "How'd you get it so creamy?" he asked.

"Secret ingredients, I ain't gonna tell you." Axel chuckled and Roxas gave him a small pout before getting back to the soup.

They ate in silence and placed the empty bowls on the tray after they were done. Axel stood up from the bed, going to browse through the bookshelf while Roxas watched him curiously.

"You're not really mad at your sister, are you?" Axel asked, his back still facing the blonde. "Yeah, it was a bit rude for her to intervene and all, but she said you were kinda hoping to see me again too."

Roxas moved to sit on the bed, pulling his legs under him. He sighed. "I did. Hope to see you again. After that guard tossed us out." he muttered, playing with a snag in the leg of his sweatpants. "But then I got sick. And Naminé met Demyx and found out about you being sick as well. And... I dunno..." he sighed again, snorting. "We named you Mr. Infectious Disease."

Axel turned to give him a slightly shocked look, before promptly bursting in laughter. "Geez, Roxas. You just looove to give me pet names, don't you?" he snorted, tilting his head. "Mr. Cannibal, Shakira and little mermaid weren't enough?"

"Don't forget slave", Roxas added helpfully, smirking.

"Of course not, master." Axel chuckled, scratching the back of his head. "But seriously... um... just... Did you like the soup?"

Roxas glanced at the empty bowls. "Yeah, it was good. And I do feel a bit better, actually."

"Good, good", Axel nodded and Roxas noted he was slightly fidgeting. He was looking around the room again, trying to come up with something to say. His green eyes finally stopped to stare at his bag. "Oh, right. Naminé said you'd like to have this back, so..." he muttered, digging out a black folder from his bag. He opened it and presented Roxas with a pencil drawing.

A pencil drawing of Roxas. The one Naminé had made not too many days ago.

Roxas snatched the drawing from Axel. "Why do you have it?" he asked, eyes wide. "Did she give this to you?"

Axel scratched his head again. "Um, read the text at the back. That's the "note" she had slipped into Demyx's bag."

Roxas turned the paper over to read his sister's neat handwriting at the back. "'Meet me at the ice cream parlor tomorrow, 17.00.'" he read aloud, frowning. "The note's signed by 'X'?"

"Yeah, I actually thought I was meeting with you." Axel muttered, "That you had somehow found me. Although I did wonder why'd you send me a drawing of yourself. Not saying it ain't a pretty drawing. Just... weird."

"So, you got to the ice cream parlor and saw my sister?" Roxas checked, glancing up.

"Yeah, the pretty little cockblocker." Axel snorted fondly, shaking his head. "Before I even got to ask she said neither you nor Demyx knew we were meeting. She had lied to you both and told she was out shopping with some friends. I didn't even know she was the girlfriend Demyx had been gushing about for two weeks."

"And she told you I was sick and we got thrown out of the club that night?"

"Yeah, she somewhat explained the situation and told me I have to prove I have no STDs before she'd let me anywhere near you." Axel said, shrugging nonchalantly, but the aghast look he was getting from the blonde broke his face into a wide grin.

Roxas pinched the bridge of his nose. "I can't believe she said that..." he muttered, before glancing up. "But wait... you met yesterday? Knowing my sister, she -"

Axel cut him off with a light chuckle. "Rox, I'm not a walking STD, okay?" he said, "I rarely get sick anyway. And just so you know, I got the infamous flu from my six-year-old niece when I was looking after her... Just a harmless flu from daycare. That is all." Roxas was still frowning so Axel sighed deep and slouched into the beanbag on the floor. "What?" he almost snapped, "Do I have to go get tested before you believe me? Before I can get you to like me again?"

"Axel..." Roxas finally sighed, thinking of something to say.

"What?" Axel snapped again, looking impatient. "You know why I'm here and you let me in knowing why I'm here. So, either toss me out already or -"

"Or what?" Roxas snapped back. "What do you want me to do? I'm still sick and my parents are most probably behind the door listening to us. I ate your goddamn soup and you're in my room. So what the hell do you want?"

Axel stared at him in silence for awhile before nodding towards the drawing. "May I keep that?"

Roxas glanced at the drawing in his hands as well. "Sure, why the hell not." he shrugged, "If you really want it." He bent forward a bit, reaching out to give the drawing. Axel got up from the beanbag, taking the drawing and placing it inside the folder again. After packing his bag he gave Roxas a hesitant look.

"I think I should be going..." he said. "You're probably tired and all."

"Yeah, a bit."

"Walk me to the door?" Axel asked, pulling on his leather jacket. Roxas gave a curt nod, standing up. Axel slung the bag over his shoulder and the two boys left the room in silence, slowly making their way to the front door.

Axel bent down to pull on his green chucks, Roxas stood beside him with his hands deep in the pockets of his sweatpants. He could hear his parents eating in the dining room.

That reminded him of something. "Uh, what about all the left-over groceries? I can go get them if you want. Where's the cotton bag you had?" he asked, glancing over his shoulder towards the living room.

"You guys can keep the bread and the basil. And the rest of the garlic. I don't need them. I have the bag right here." Axel chuckled, standing up and patting the red messenger bag slung over his shoulder.

"Okay", Roxas nodded, swaying lightly on his heels. "Did you forget anything else?"

Axel pursed his lips in mock thought before smirking. "Yeah. Your phone number."

Roxas blushed a bit, averting his eyes. "Uh... Right." After two seconds of consideration he held out his hand, surrendering. "Give me your phone."

He didn't see the victorious grin on Axel's face when he fished his phone from his jean pocket, giving it to the blonde. Roxas quickly saved his number, pressing the call button and felt his own phone vibrate in his pocket. With a shy smile he gave the phone back to Axel.

"Okay, so..." Roxas started, glancing up. Axel pocketed the phone again. "So, um..."

"I'll call you?" the redhead suggested with an innocent smile.

"Yeah, that would be... nice." Roxas sighed, defeated. "Just give me few days to get over this tiring flu."

"Sure, no problem." Axel nodded, grinning. "The miraculous chicken soup should have you up and running in no time. Just re-heat a portion tomorrow and you'll be as good as new by Monday."

Roxas smiled back. "Okay, we'll see about that." he chuckled, "I just hope there will be something left for me tomorrow. Once Né gets home she'll most likely eat the rest of the -"

Axel cut his mumbling off with a quick kiss on lips. Roxas' body went rigid, his eyes widening as he stared shocked at the redhead. Axel let out an awkward chuckle at the open-mouthed look he was getting.

"Uh, sorry. Didn't mean to... scare you." he mumbled embarrassed.

"Are you an idiot?" Roxas hissed back, "What part of "I'm still sick" don't you get?"

Axel tilted his head, giving the blonde a confused look. "I gave you the flu. I can't suffer through it twice. I'm already immune to the virus." he said, snorting. "So if I do get sick, then you didn't get that from me."

Roxas frowned. "Wait, you can't get sick?"

Axel shook his head. "Nope. Like I said, you got the virus from me, so I can't -"

This time Roxas cut him off by grabbing a handful of green shirt and pulling the redhead down into a forceful kiss. Axel stared at him shocked for few seconds before closing his eyes and deepening the kiss. He buried one hand in the blond locks, the other winding around slim waist, pulling the younger boy closer. Roxas' free hand tugged at his hair, pressing their lips more forcefully together.

Axel had enjoyed dominating their first kisses back at the club, but he wasn't about to complain when Roxas pried his lips open and slipped his soft tongue in. Especially when the boy let out a soft moan, a shiver traveling down his spine. Roxas was tugging at his shirt, making Axel move forward while the blonde took few steps back, mouths still otherwise occupied. Roxas' feet bumped on the large drawer against the wall and he felt Axel smirk against his lips. With one swift move Axel had lifted the younger boy up onto the drawer, moving to stand in between his thighs. Roxas moaned again, winding his legs around the redhead and pulling him in closer, both hands now deep in the red spikes.

Neither of them heard the front door open. But they most definitely heard the surprised shriek that followed.

"Oh my god, you slut!" someone half chuckled, half screamed and the kissing boys sprang apart fast.

Roxas stared at his twin sister with wide eyes, face flushed deep red from the making out and embarrassment. "Naminé?" he squeaked and only then seemed to notice the other person standing in the doorway with his sister. The dirty-blond boy was a head taller than her, and his incredibly wide, aqua-coloured eyes were staring at Axel.

"Axel?" the boy finally managed to stutter, squeezing Naminé's hand.

Axel scratched his head, looking only a bit ashamed. "Hey, Demy."

Roxas ignored the two boys for a second, giving his sister a wide-eyed look. "What are you doing here?" he asked, still sitting on the drawer. Then he heard the rushed footsteps coming their way from inside the house.

All four of them turned to look at the worried parents standing in the doorway to the living room

"What happened?" their mother asked, holding a hand up against her chest. "We heard you scream, honey. Is everything alright?"

Naminé had the decency to hide her mouth when she started to laugh. Loudly. Roxas slowly slipped off the drawer, trying not to gain anyone's attention. Axel was straightening his shirt and Demyx just looked dumbfounded.

Axel finally cleared his voice. "Uh, there's nothing to worry about, Mrs. Strife, Mr. Strife." he gave them both an apologetic smile. "Roxas and I only gave her a slight fright when she opened the door right when I was leaving. Y'know, scared her a bit."

Luckily Naminé was still laughing so hard she didn't manage to correct the redhead.

"Oh, alright." their mother sighed, relieved. "I thought something bad happened." she smiled at Axel and then she noticed the strange boy on their doorsteps. "Ah, and who might this young man be?"

Naminé was still wheezing so she glanced at Roxas. Roxas faked a grin, his face still flushed. "Uh, this is Demyx. Naminé's boyfriend." he introduced the blonde boy he haven't even gotten to trade few words with. "Mom, could you give us a few minutes? Axel's just leaving and I'm sure Né and Demyx will gladly join you and dad in the living room after that."

Aerith glanced at their silently staring father and nodded. "Of course, we'll be in the kitchen." she moved to pull her husband away when he opened his mouth.

"After Axel has left I need to have few words with you, young man." he said, glancing between the two boys. "And pull your shirt straight."

Roxas glanced down, finding his stomach almost completely exposed. With a deep blush he pulled his shirt down and watched his parents disappear into the living room.

"Ooooooh, someone's in trouble." Naminé cackled behind him and Roxas sent her a death glare.

"Shut up. What are you doing here?" he seethed, crossing his arms.

"Pumpkin, I live here." Naminé snorted back, mirroring his pose. "Dem and I thought we should come and try out some of that famous soup Axel kept telling me all about yesterday."

Axel gave her a small smile, but Demyx turned to gape at her. "How do you know Axel?" he asked.

Before Naminé got to answer Axel had reached out to grab a hold of Roxas, pulling him into a spooning embrace. "Dem, I'd like you to meet Roxas."

Demyx gave them a contemplating look, raising an eyebrow. "What happened to the blonde from the club? I thought you were still pining after him."

Axel smirked, placing his chin on top of Roxas' head. Naminé snorted at the two of them.

"Demyx, this is my twin brother Roxas." she sighed, waving a hand at her brother. "He's been sick for two weeks now, so I would suggest against shaking hands. Oh, and he got the flu from this disturbingly tall redhead he met in a nightclub two weeks back."

It took Demyx few seconds to pull it all together and he turned to give Axel this wide, happy grin. "Oh my god, you found him!" he squealed, grinning at Roxas before glancing at Naminé. "And he's your brother!" Naminé nodded. "Gawd, how freaky is that? We're like... best friends dating twins. So cool!"

Naminé let out a light giggle, Axel snorted, burying his face into Roxas' hair and Roxas scowled halfheartedly. "Okay, who said anything about dating?" he asked, glancing up to glare at Axel. Axel reached in to sweetly peck him on lips.

"Like hell I'm gonna let you ditch me again." he muttered, answering the glare with one of his owns. "After all the trouble it took to find you. Y'know, I actually went back to the club. Hoping you'd be there. I dragged Dem along."

Roxas rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I know. She told me. She's told me everything you've told Demyx, because apparently your friend can't just shut up about other people's business."

Demyx had the decency to blush while Naminé sent her brother a glare. "You should be happy about that, ass. Without Demyx you wouldn't have most probably met Axel again." she snapped and Roxas opened his mouth to snap back, but she wasn't finished. "And enough with the act, Rox! That was the second time I've seen you completely throw yourself at him. And hell, I thought you were tired and sick just this morning, but noooo, here you are, dry humping on an antique drawer!"

Roxas blushed. "It's not antique!" he wailed, waving a hand towards the drawer. Axel snorted against his hair again. "Oh shut up, Shakira."

"Y'know, I was only joking about the "whenever, wherever" part." the redhead chuckled. "You didn't need to take it so seriously."

"Oh, gawd. I don't even wanna know." Naminé grimaced. Demyx was chuckling with his best friend while the twins didn't look all too amused.

After a brief silence Roxas suddenly slumped against Axel, sighing deep. "Could you two get inside and close the door already. I'm feeling a bit cold." Demyx pushed Naminé gently inside, closing the door behind him. Another deep silence fell around them as none really knew what to say.

Finally Axel cleared his throat, reluctantly letting go of the blonde. "Well, I was kinda leaving, so I should... go."

"What, you leaving already?" Demyx whined, "Can't you like, wait for an hour with Roxas and then we can go home together?"

Axel glanced down at the blonde still standing infront of him, a small smile crawling to his lips. "Nah, Roxie's ill. I should let him rest."

Roxas' head shot up at the nickname. "Who're you calling Roxie?"

"Well, if you insist on calling me Shakira, then you're going to be my Roxie." Axel chuckled back, leaning down to peck Roxas on lips again. After a quick decision he gave the boy another, a bit longer kiss, smiling slyly. "Mmm, god I like doing this."

"Urgh, you two are just gross." Naminé huffed, kicking off her shoes. "C'mon Dem, let's go get something to eat." Demyx hardly had time to kick off his shoes when she was already pulling him towards the kitchen, leaving Roxas and Axel alone again.

Roxas was swaying a bit on spot and had to reach out to grab a hold of the drawer. Axel gave him a worried look. "You should go take a nap or something. Get some rest." he mused, brushing some blonde hair behind Roxas' ear.

"I do that and my dad'll come and drag me up so he can yell at me." Roxas shrugged, moving to properly lean against the drawer. He looked up to smile at Axel. "But I'll try to take a nap after he's done yelling."

"Okay." Axel chuckled, pushing hands into pockets. "So, when do think I can call you?"

Roxas pondered for few seconds, measuring the redhead up. Finally he snorted, rolling his eyes. "Oh screw waiting couple days, just call whenever you want."

Axel grinned widely, leaning down to give the boy one last deep kiss, Roxas eagerly leaning into it. With an extremely pleased smile Axel finally pulled back and stood up straight.

"Later, then." he saluted, opening the front door. Sending the blonde one last smirk over his shoulder, he walked out, closing the door behind him.

Roxas stood there, leaning against the drawer for awhile, before gently lifting a hand to touch his lips. A bashful smile stretched on his face while he slowly made his way back into his room, happily flopping down on his soft bed. With a content sigh and a smile on his lips he cuddled up with his pillow and fell asleep in minutes.

Roxas let his eyes wander over the nightclub, the dance floor, the grinding teenagers. There was a group of friends in a corner booth few tables down, a group of guys and one female, all a bit older than Roxas and most of his friends. The blonde woman was sending light glares at him whenever she thought he wasn't looking and Roxas couldn't help but chuckle softly.

"What's so funny?" a smooth voice asked next to his ear, warm fingers lightly massaging the nape of his neck.

Roxas glanced at the lean man slouched against him, a tender smile appearing on his lips. "Your friend's glaring at me."

Axel glanced at the table full of his friends. "Larx? Yeah, just ignore her." he chuckled, turning to nibble on the blonde's earlobe. "Hag hates it when her fags pair up."

"Hm-mmh." Roxas momentarily forgot what they were talking about when the firm lips moved to suck his neck. "Ah... But isn't that a bit harsh to say about your friends?"

"No." Axel chuckled, giving the spot a wet lick. "They're mostly gay anyway. Or bi. Who cares."

Roxas rolled his eyes, moving the hand behind Axel so he could sink his fingers in the red mane of hair. "Nevermind then." He could feel his boyfriend smile against his neck and rolled his eyes again. He had known it would be a bad idea to ask Axel to come along with him and his friends (who were all either on the dance floor or at the bar, avoiding the "even more obnoxious couple than Riku and Sora" like plague), and the horny redhead was just proving him right.

Leaving Axel to have his fun on his neck Roxas scanned the dance floor again with slightly hazy eyes. A tall brunette caught his eye, dancing with a pretty, blue-haired girl quite near their table. The tight t-shirt the young man was wearing was bringing out his strong build and hard muscles and a sleezy smirk slowly appeared on Roxas' lips.

"Well, he's kinda cute, don't you think?" he commented nonchalantly, Axel's head snapping up in an instant.

"What?" the redhead asked, looking confused.

"That guy over there, dancing with the pretty blue-haired girl." Roxas clarified, trying to keep his face mostly expressionless. Axel glanced at the pointed guy, frowning.

"Okay... so what about him?" he asked, turning to frown at Roxas.

Roxas smiled innocently back. "I just think he's kinda cute. Y'know, in a ass-kicking-sexy kinda way. Perfect next victim, right?"

Axel was starting to look even more confused. "Victim for what? What the heck are you talking about?"

"Well, you're not thinking I'm keeping this flu all to myself? I need to find someone gullible to contaminate before it's too late!" Roxas waved his free hand in air, making a point. "And I've got my eyes set on that very nice piece of ass."

"Oy!" Axel suddenly protested loudly, wrapping his arms tightly around the younger boy. "That flu's exclusively meant for you and only you! Don't you dare give it to anyone else. Especially not the way you got it yourself."

Roxas chuckled loudly, settling down in the strong arms around him, glancing up to give his boyfriend an assuring smile. "I'm just kidding. I don't think I could even get anyone sick anymore. And he's not really my type." he said softly, giving Axel a sweet kiss. "Sides, my cousin would kill me if I tried to hit on his boyfriend."

Axel decided to just ignore the last comment and pulled the blonde closer to deepen the kiss. And Roxas didn't really feel like objecting, sinking his fingers in the red mane.

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