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Chapter Fifty

Part Two

Although unconscious with an elevated BP, House was relieved that Cuddy seemed to be in no immediate danger. The baby was showing no signs of distress, most of her vitals were normal and a urinalysis ruled out preeclampsia. Her chem panel and other blood work indicated she was anemic and dehydrated but an iron supplement and fluids would easily resolve that. He knew she had been stressed recently but he had no idea just how much she had been neglecting herself. It scared the hell out of him that not only was he incapable of controling the situation but he cared enough that the thought of losing her or the baby sent him into a panic he'd never felt before. He hated feeling useless and he hated even more that there was only so much he could do to keep them safe.

"How is she?" Wilson asked catching House as he was walking out of her room.

"Other than being a complete moron, she's fine."

"The baby?"

"Is ok too… for now ."

"She didn't look well this morning… What's wrong with her?" He hated the way Wilson could make caring look like an artform.


Wilson gave House the same look he always did when he was being glib and unfortunately it was effective.

"Cuddy is the very definition of a control freak. So much so that she can't trust anyone to do what she thinks she could do better. New House plus New relationship plus New baby and her irrational need for everything to be perfect equal overload."

"Did she have a panic attack?"

House shook his head, "Her calorie intake is lower than it should be, she isn't getting enough rest and she's putting unnecessary stress on herself and the baby. Nothing an iron supplement and fluids can't take care of for now."

Wilson's accusatory stare was burning into House, "I'm sure none of this has anything to do with you."

"Don't look at me at me like that…it's not my fault, it's not like she trusts me to do anything. Responsibility isn't exactly on my list of attributes and she knew that going into this." He denied it and he would never admit it to his friend but he did feel responsible in some way.

House's complete lack of accountability always left him baffled, "You're in a relationship, you're about to become a parent and that's the very definition of the two. Responsibility, the responsibility of taking care of the mother of your child and putting them before yourself."

"She's a grown woman. I can't make her do anything." He reached over the desk at the nurse's station grabbing a pen.

"But you can suggest it and you can show that you care enough to make her life a little easier."

House opened a chart and began to sign off on the lab orders,"And you know this because taking care of all of your wives worked out so well for you. Cuddy needs her independence, its part of what defines who she is."

"Doesn't mean she doesn't need to be taken care of every now and then."

House scoffed, "I am not a nurse maid; I can't be there for her every minute of the day."

"Then hire someone to take on some of work load."

"This is Cuddy we're talking about. She'll find a way to manipulate them."

House was right Cuddy would be okay until the first crisis flared up at the hospital. She would find a way to insert herself and put out the flames. "I guess we could take shifts."

"I've got a better idea." House flipped open his phone and began dialing.

"Who are you calling?"

"The only person I know that can be stern enough to keep Lisa in line, nurturing enough to take care of her and instinctually provide the guilt trip she needs."

"You're not calling?.."

"Don't ever say I didn't care enough…"

When Cuddy opened her eyes it was with effort. Her head felt like it weighed a ton, her ears were filled with cotton and everything seemed far away. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to bright florescent lighting. As everything around her came into focus she was suddenly aware that the hard bed under her was not her own and in fact a hospital bed and the taught feeling around her belly was apparently a fetal monitor strapped around her. Panicked she began to assess her situation; the last thing she remembered was being in her office with House. Looking around, gradually she became more aware of her surroundings and realized she wasn't alone. Two familiar sneakers were propped at the end of her bed, it's owner sitting just a few feet away , a PSP in his hand and lollipop hanging out of his mouth.

He looked up when he saw her move and turned off the PSP, pulling the lollipop out of his mouth with a loud POP, "Well if isn't sleeping beauty."

Her voice came out hoarse, "What happened? We were in my office.."

"Ohh nothing, you just lost consciousness for ohh.." he looked at his watch. "Three hours."

"What?" She asked with a look of shear shock.

He smirked, "You're BP was through the roof."

She could feel the adrenaline kick in realizing high blood pressure may mean they have to deliver the baby, "Preeclampsia?"

He rubbed his thumb on his forehead, "Yeah that's what I thought too but your urinalysis came back clean. This was nothing more than a simple case of you being a complete moron and trying to control everything. Narcissism at its finest."

"The baby?" She asked weakly, tears starting to fill her eyes.

"Is fine. For Now. You're anemic and a little dehydrated which is no doubt due to you skipping meals and working too many hours. Pascal has put you on bed rest and is going to continue to monitor you. If you're a good girl he may let up on good behavior.."

"But the House. We move in.."

He put his hand up to hush her, "The house will still be there. Wilson and I will supervise the move and everything else can just wait. Lisa this isn't a contest, you don't get extra points for being the perfect mother, having the perfect home and being the perfect administrator. You've got to choose. As much as you hate to be reminded of this fact, this is my kid too and unfortunately that does give me a vote.."

"I didn't sleep last night, I was stressed about the house.. "She defensively interrupted

"and you forgot to eat for a month. Save it. You're weight gain has slowed to a crawl. You may care more about that svelte figure but babies need calories." His tone had turned acidic as he was struggling not to yell.

She looked sheepish, "I was busy not vain."

"Well now you're not."

"I can't be on bed rest. The board doesn't have a replacement for me yet and there's an inspection next week."

"Again, not your concern anymore. Wilson and the board are going to make sure the hospital is looked after. If you're good I'm sure Pascal will allow you to do light work from home. You can video conference if you need to but as soon as we get everything over to the new place, you're going to take some time off and I'm going to make sure that fat ass gets fatter."

"You are not going to stay home all day with me to get out of work."

"I didn't say that. I've called in reinforcements."

"Your team is not staying home with me either."

He shook his head and smiled. "Not my team." He loved this game.

"Then Who?"

"My mother has decided to move to Princeton. She'll be staying with us while she finds a new home. She's arriving in two weeks, so no funny business."

"You really called your mother." The fight seemed to dissolve from her as soon she realized just how seriously he was taking this.

"Yep. She's immune to my charms which means you'll have an even harder time duping her."

She gave a little nod and started letting it sink in that this was going to be her life for the next few months.

"Pascal and I agree that you should be monitored overnight and if your BP stays within the normal range we'll release you tomorrow afternoon."

She nodded again.

"First things first, I'm going to get us some real grub, can't expect you to gain weight eating the stuff this hospital passes off as food." He pushed himself up with his cane and turned to leave but just before he walked through the door he turned back and spoke softly. "Lisa, I know I didn't exactly take the news of being a father very well but this baby is very real to me now. I don't want to see anything happen to either of you."

She could feel tears starting to sting her eyes as the guilt set in. She nodded again, "I know."


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