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The plane ride was mercifully fast. However, I can't really remember much of it since Eric gave me one of the most amazing orgasms ever - just from his hand, sweet Jesus - and I completely blacked out about five minutes after take off.

Seriously, that's just a dangerous skill to have. Eric should patent it or something. The world would be a much happier place.

I wonder how many years it took him to perfect his technique?

The next thing I remembered after take off was waking up long enough to realize that I was being lowered onto my bed back in Bon Temps, in the dead of night by strong and slightly glowing arms.

"Sleep well my Sookie," was all I heard from Eric's lips before he kissed me gently on the forehead. He tried to leave, but like hell I was going to let him. My arm snapped out from my side faster than I could even register and grabbed onto one of his glowing hands before he could even turn from me. I heard him chuckle at my movements, but no words were needed to tell him what I wanted. I immediately felt him crawling into bed next to me and scooping me up in his arms as if I were some precious thing to be kept safe. I snuggled back into him, reveling in the feeling.

The small contented post-climax-high smile I had on my sleepy face grew as I was enclosed by his cool firm embrace. His broad shoulder, though a little hard, was the perfect pillow, and even in the November chill he was a welcome partner in my bed. Lordy, he was the only welcome partner in my bed. I'll admit it, I'd become spoiled, and I wanted to stay that way.

I didn't know how much night there was left but later on, somewhere in the deep of my subconscious I became aware of being moved and blankets being wrapped more soundly around me. I snuggled down into my warm pillows, hugging one to my chest, a dull ache still present where the sting once was, even after Eric's affections back in New Orleans and tonight in my bed.

I knew he had only gone to his little hidey hole so my subconscious self didn't bother to worry, even though the dull pain in my chest became apparent again the second he left my side. Outweighing the pain though was a wholeness that I was happy to have back again. I was in my home, in my bed, and my man - Viking, vampire, lover, whatever - was sleeping just across the hall. The people I loved were safe and tomorrow - well later on that today - was the start of the holiday season.

I wasn't even remotely hesitant in thinking that I was happy, and damn proud of it too.


I awoke with a start at 6am. Seriously, 6 A.M.? What gives with that? I had been stabbed the night before and given a mind blowing orgasm just after. Surely my body must be spent, why the hell was I waking up so early?

My paranoia then returned to me with full force. What if last night had been a dream? A very wonderful but extremely evil dream, because it made me think for the span of my R.E.M. cycle that I was content and safe and happy? And that Eric....


I jumped out of bed as fast as my tired legs would allow, which surprisingly was rather immediate. I was obviously still reaping the benefits of Eric's blood coursing through my system. I ran to my door and screeched to a halt long enough to throw it open before I just full on ran through it like bugs bunny making his way to Albuquerque, and shot across the hall to my old room.

The closet that lead to the hidey hole was open when I got to it, and the smattering of things that normally lined the bottom were now peppered around the outside of the door. I breathed a huge sigh of relief all for about a second before the beginnings of another full on panic attack threatened to overtake me.

I have to see him, I thought.

Just a peak. Just to make sure.

I crept forward and opened the latch in the bottom of the closet. It creaked as I opened it. I cringed away from the noise, but immediately felt like an idiot the second I did, because a creaking door was not going to wake a vampire during their daylight comatose state. It would take a helluva lot more noise than that. I allowed myself to be melodramatic for a second by hitting the butt of my palm to my forehead before continuing. The second I had regained some semblance of sanity I poked my head down into the trap door, searching in the darkness for my vampire.

Sure enough, no more than 2 feet away from the opening of the latch door was Eric's sleeping form, lying luxuriously on top of some of Gran's old quilts. There was even a down pillow under his head. I smiled at the sight.

Then I did a somewhat idiotic but very Sookie-esque thing. I squealed like a school girl would squee at seeing her favorite teen idol on a magazine cover, jumped into the hidey hole and landed on top of Eric's sleeping and very catatonic form.

A small "uff" left his mouth as I landed. I assumed I pushed out whatever unneeded air was in his lungs from my leap but, I didn't care. Last night wasn't a dream. Sweet Jesus, Lord above thank you!

I clung onto his sleeping limp body for all that I was worth, embracing him with all my love and smiling like a damped fool in the semi-darkness. The only light source was coming from Eric's slightly glowing electrified skin.

What I didn't expect was for him to mumble to me. That was wee bit of a shock.

"Seewwwk...." he said in his death-like state and I stopped my squeezing and stared unabashedly at where his mouth would be in all the darkness. He was trying to say my name! It was six in the morning and Eric was actually attempting to form words. God, I loved him that much more just for that sad, half-assed attempt at my name!

I giggled atop of him and crawled up a bit to kiss his mouth. He surprised me again by puckering his lips just enough to kiss me back with the slightest of touches. I smiled into his lips and was just about to snuggle into his side when one more extremely surprising thing greeted me from the very much almost asleep Eric.

The gracious plenty was saluting.

Eric Northman, Viking vampire, dead asleep at the crack of day was sporting wood and attempting to kiss me even though all the physical, biological and whatever magical elements that keep vampires living pointed to their hands at this being impossible. He should be sleeping. Plain fact.

But he wasn't.

"Seewwkkee" he mumbled again and I giggled once more while snuggling on top of him. This was apparently a mistake though, because the G.P. down in his pants went from half mast to full blow at sea status from my slight movements. It was official, Eric was insatiable, no matter what time of day or night.

Even though I was finding this little display of arousal at my mere presence cute and slightly hilarious; sleeping with someone while they were actually sleeping was just not my bag. I giggled a little more at that considering Eric had said the same thing to me just the night before.

I wanted to linger, but I didn't want to disturb his sleep anymore than I'd already did. So, I kissed him one last time, and gave his hand a squeeze. It was no longer surprising to me when he squeezed it back gently. I looked down at him with reverence. Even in his catatonic state Eric could give me reassurance and love. I had certainly lucked out now didn't I?

However, it did not go unnoticed that the second I left his calming presence that the slight ache started to throb again in my chest. It was no longer as painful as last night, but it was still there, dull and present throughout the morning as I shuffled around, making a shopping list of last minute items we needed for dinner tonight and preparing my morning coffee.

"Sookie!" Amelia exclaimed from the back stairwell that led into my Gran's kitchen. I smiled at her from my perch on the counter.

"I can't believe it, you're up before me! When I smelt the coffee wafting up from downstairs, I just assumed we had a robber in the house with a caffeine addiction."

I chuckled at her little joke and jumped down off the counter to give her a Hey-roomie-I-haven't-seen-you-in-a-few-days-thanks-for-making-me-laugh hug. She was clearly shocked by my chipper and affectionate mood though, but I didn't blame her; I knew I had been a little distant in the past months. I could see now that without Eric, I had regressed back into myself, not connecting with anyone. It was as if my body knew I'd only feel complete the second we had reconciled. I kind of hated my body for that, but I couldn't help but smile now. I was happy and I'd never get sick of thinking it.

"When'd you get back girl?" Amelia asked.

"Last night. We flew up from New Orleans as soon as we could. Pam and Eric had to get back before dawn of course," I said with a little roll of my eyes.

"I see," she said nodding her head. I didn't need to be a telepath to know that she was holding back about ten-bazillion questions she knew I didn't want to answer. I silently thanked her for that.

"Well, wow. I wasn't expecting you for Thanksgiving!" She was looking down and scratching the back of her neck as she spoke. I tried to stay out of her head but it was pointless. Amelia was the epitome of a loud broadcaster.

I couldn't help the booming laugh that left my throat the second I had heard what she was trying not to tell me. She looked at me with a wary gaze.

"You're worried I'm going to be upset that you invited over a lot of people for Thanksgiving!?" I said in between fits. Amelia still looked awkward and uncertain. It only brought on another wave of giggles. I think I was more delirious from the past days events then actually cracking up at Amelia's thoughts, but never the less, a good laugh never hurt anyone.

I calmed down just enough to straighten myself and put my coffee mug down before I dropped it.

"Amelia, please don't worry. I'd be happy to have a lot of people here! I was actually just making a list of things we might need extra or more of. I was gonna head to the store right after finishing my cup of coffee."

"Oh! You don't have to worry about that. Tray and I went nuts with prep. Most of the food is all back at his house in his industrial sized fridge."

"You serious?" I was totally amused at the thought of Tray and Amelia being so domestic. "Was it gonna be a surprise Thanksgiving?" I asked.

"No, just... we didn't want you to worry. Well, we didn't even know if you'd be here, but with Sam being sick, and Eric... well, being Eric, we just wanted to take care of the dinner. Besides, Tray has decided that it's his life's mission to become a TV chef like that Guy Fiori person on the Food Network." Amelia finished her little speech with an eye roll at her boyfriend's endearing hobbies.

I stared back at her in disbelief. "Who are you and what have you done with my roommate Amelia Broadway?"

"Shove it girl," she snapped as she smacked my arm before grinning and turning to put the kettle on the stove.

"So, what is there for me to do? I have to do something."

"Well, Tray's taking care of the oyster stuffing and the turkey. I'm gonna make a huge ol' pot of gumbo. Sam's bring turtle soup for some ungodly reason, though he is also bringing the alcoh..."

"Sam's coming!?"

"Yes, of course. So's Holly and her little boy, and Hoyt and his mama, Tara and J.B. and..."

I cut her off again. "Amelia, is the entire town coming to Thanksgiving at my house?"

She looked down slightly before answering with a small smile. "No, not the entire town."

"How are they all gonna fit at the table?"

"Haven't you looked out back?" She asked slightly baffled.

"No Amelia, my first thoughts this morning consisted of Eric and coffee," I told her in a very Pam like tone. I even put my hands on my hips to emphasis my sass.

"Okay, ew to the crack of dawn Viking fantasies... but I can understand your need for caffeine." She paused for a minute before chuckling and saying, "Sookie, just go look out back."

I really didn't want to leave my post next to the heavenly coffee maker, where I could not only enjoy my first cup of what promised to be many, but I could also smell the fresh wonderful liquid caffeine slowly dripping into the next pot; but I did. I hoisted myself off my little perch on the counter and shuffled my slipper clad feet to the back porch. The second I stepped out onto it, I gasped.

There were two huge white tents set up in the spacious yard. They sat, end to end with only one side pulled up like curtains at a theater. Their openings matched each other, and I could see that in one sat a long dining table, where the other was simply a shiny floor with speakers set up all around it. Realization hit a second later, it was a dance floor. Heat lamps dotted the property along with extra chez lounges and chairs set up in little groups. There was even a fire pit off to the side. I guess that's for roasting marshmallows, I jokingly thought.

All in all, my backyard looked like it was set up for the best party Bon Temps had ever seen.

"Amelia," I called over my shoulder, wanting to tell her how amazing I thought everything looked. I didn't even see the lines of Christmas lights crisscrossed above the tents and hanging from every tree until she came up behind me and said, "wait till you see this."

She either flipped the switch or flicked her wrists, something, but whatever it was that she did it worked. All the lights twinkled to life, and even in the dull light of the early morning, with a light layer of fog covering the grounds they glowed warm and cheerful. I beamed at the sight.

"This is amazing! Who did it?"

"Tray and Terry mostly. He's coming too by the way," she said. Counting off another person on the guest list. "My job was to dictated where each strand and every of lights were to go. It was a very difficult task to perfect."

"I bet," I said with a small laugh.

"Well shit girl, what am I supposed to do now? I had planned a whole day of getting the turkey in the oven and making baked goods and fixings for the dinner," I said throwing my hands up in the air.

"Oh well, we do need a couple sweet potato pies. Hoyt's mama's gonna bring one, but frankly, I've had her pies before, they taste like sawdust."

"Then I'll just have to make my own now won't I?"

Amelia smiled back at me and we both walked inside, turning our backs on the wonderland in front of us, to go gather up the ingredients from the pantry. I outwardly beamed when I noticed that Eric's pie-safe had actually been delivered in the past few overwhelming days. I had no idea where he found the time, but there it was, standing where Gran's used to sit, right in the alcove between the kitchen and the hall leading out to the rest of the house. I wondered for a minute how he knew...

My idle wondering was cut short when Amelia called me from the kitchen. I popped my head out of the pantry to hear what she had to say.

"If you're looking for the brown sugar its out here." She was holding the bag in her hand.

"Amelia, what exactly were you doing with the brown sugar?"

Suddenly her brain was shut off from me, but not before I got a flash of an image. It involved Tray and baking and my brand new kitchen table. My jaw hit the floor.

"You better have cleaned up," was all I said on the subject.

The morning carried on without any interruptions, or explosions, or random supes showing up at my door, or fires, or witch paraphernalia falling from the top shelves of the cabinets... nothing untoward. Just me, Amelia and the pies. Which after coming out of the oven were promptly stored in the pie safe for safe pie keeping, thank you very much.

By one in the afternoon there was nothing else to do, and my tired aching body was begging for some more rest. I told Amelia just that and trudged off to my room to hopefully sleep until the guests arrived at 7. I could wake up around 6 and have plenty of time to get ready before folks started walking through the door at the fashionable late time of 10 minutes past.

Thanksgiving was normally an afternoon affair in my house, and always rather small. The few amount of guests we'd invite would arrive around three and we'd eat around four, but Amelia had said that since both Pam and Eric were assumed to be key priorities on my guests list, they pushed the whole thing back till after nightfall to accommodate their vampiric needs, on the slight chance that I'd even make it to dinner. (My next door neighbor and ancient-freakin-history Bill was thankfully out of town.) I again, was boggled. Amelia, my sweet and witchy roommate, with no brain filter and less tact than a hyena, had planned it all. With only minimal help from Octavia - the seating chart - and Tray - manual labor and lugger of the heavy food and drink aka turkey and kegs.

Once in my room, I drew the curtains, kicked off my slippers, dropped my casual jeans and climbed into my bed happier than a kitty cat in a canary cage. I feel asleep almost the second my head hit the pillow. I didn't even have time to attempt to make a silly Eric cuddle bundle with my blankets and sheets.


I awoke for the second time that day to the sound of water running in my bathroom and the feeling of gentle relaxing circles being rubbed into my hip and upper thigh. A large cool body was pressed into my back and when I stirred slightly it hummed contentedly into my hair at the base of my neck. The vibrations sent shivers down my spine.

"Good morning," was all he said, his nose still nuzzling into my hair.

"It's not morning Eric," was my genius response. Seriously, I needed more sleep.

"Yes, but it was earlier. Don't think I can't comprehend or feel things when I'm sleeping. If I'm not mistaken, I believe you were rubbing yourself all over me this morning."

"I was not!"

He laughed softly into my ear before nibbling slightly on the lobe. My stomach immediately started to feel tight and I tried very hard to stifle a moan.

"Regardless, it was slightly torturous sleeping all that time with a rather large strain in my pants. Not to mention I could smell you all over me, even after you'd gone." His hand moved to press my pelvis further into the curve of his body. Hello! The gracious plenty was still most definitely saluting. Poor thing.

"Why do I hear water?"

"I'm drawing you a bath. Come, let's go soak a while and relax," he said before scooping me up in one smooth movement. He didn't even bother to climb off the bed, we simply floated over to the bathroom. I only noticed then that I was completely nude.

"Eric..." I began to ask but he cut me off.

"I didn't want the water to turn cold. I thought I'd take care of a step, so we wouldn't waste anytime." He smiled down at me and I noticed his fangs were halfway draw out. My hips practically bucked at the sight. Stupid traitor body. Then again, I had been promised some serious mind blowing, brain addling, symphonic humming lovin' back in New Orleans. My body was probably just trying to remind Eric of the debt he owed to it. Yeah, that was probably it.

"So, what do you think?" he asked with a fangy smile that made me both melt into his arms and become nervous at the same time.

"About what?"

He didn't respond he just nodded his head towards my tub. Or, correction, what used to be my tub. Sweet Jesus! There was a swimming pool in my bathroom!


What was once my small Victorian free standing ol' bathtub was now a newer, larger, broader and deeper model. With a slightly raised back on one side and elegant claw-foot legs that stood out from the glazed smooth curve of the tub base with a buffed silver finish. The result being feminine yet masculine. Eric obviously put some time into its choosing. What he didn't think of was the size of my bathroom in comparison too it. The poor thing looked entirely dwarfed.

Eric apparently felt my reservations about that and said, "It will fit perfectly in your new bathroom. I know it's a little tight in here."

I managed to chock on nothing but air. "Wh-What?!"

"I had the plans drawn up before I left for an addition to the back of your house. This room, along with your old closet will be gutted for an entirely new walk-in closet. "

"And the bathroom goes...?"

"That's the addition," he said with a smile while leaning in to kiss me on the forehead. He was killing me with kindness here. I saw right through it.

"Eric, why are you suddenly remodeling just my bedroom and bathroom?"

"Well... if I'm going to be spending more and more time here, we're going to need a bathroom and a closet that accommodates both our needs."

"We!?" I felt my eyes un-focus as a small debate whirled around my head. The small child like part in me rebelled at the pronoun, but the more prominent part of me that had finally accepted Eric's love and wanted nothing more than to love him right back with just as much affection, won out on the little internal argument in my head. I kicked the child inside of me away. We were a "we." I just apparently needed a new sinful looking bathtub to solidify the idea in my brain.

"Sookie?" Eric asked tentatively. I just smiled back at him like a schoolgirl would smile at her favorite crush. His brow furrowed even further.

I rolled my eyes at him. "Don't be so dense Eric. I love the bathtub! Thank you. Now come on, get me in there before all that hot water runs cold."

Eric didn't move though, he simply stood with me in his arms and his eyes closed. A small grin tugging at his lips.

"Sookie Stackhouse said thank you to me for something I did... I think I need a moment."

I leaned in and bit his neck playfully before dragging my tongue over the sensitive skin.

"Moment taken," he said, and then gracefully stepped into the now full and deliciously warm tub. As we sat, he pulled some small brown bottles from my free standing bookshelf against the wall that acted as storage for my bathroom. I had never seen them before.

"What are those?" I asked.

He started adding droplets of each to the water. "Aromatics. It'll sooth you."

I snuggled back into his chest with a small nod, already feeling completely soothed. The water was hot but not unbearable, and paired with Eric's cool body behind me, only slightly warming from the heat in the water, everything felt just right. Even that dull ache that had been in my chest throughout the day; I noticed the minute Eric and I were back within each other's reach, it had gone away. That perked my interests though...

"Eric, what did your sword actually do to me?"

He stiffened behind me slightly, but relaxed a millisecond later and embraced me tighter. "What do you mean, Victor pierced your heart with it and Niall healed the wound. There's nothing more to tell."

"Well, there must be. A dull ache is constant in my chest when you're gone."

"Aww Sookie, you miss me that much?" The sarcasm did not escape me. I elbowed him in the rib. He flinched at the jab and the water swished around us.

"No, I mean, well, for instance... Last night when we, you know, on the bed the ache almost completely subsided. Prior to that it was stinging like a mother. I swear."

I looked back to see Eric in a pensive almost "down-time" like state. His erection pressing into my back even subsided a little. I was boggled.

"But, Sookie, I gave you blood. Of course you felt healed." He was shaking his head at me not quiet getting it. I think I knew what we needed though, and it wasn't vampire blood.

"I know that Eric - thank you by the way - but it was after our little quickie that I felt complete again. Not broken." I turned slightly in the water to get a better look at his face, I wanted his full attention, "Eric, I think we need to have sex to fix this."

Booming laughter filled the bathroom, echoing off each tile on each wall as it ricochetted throughout the small space. It was a glorious sound but at the same time a condescending one. I was dead serious. I glared at him from my spot in between his legs. Seriously, this was the second day in a row he was not jumping at the chance of jumping my bones. I didn't get it.

"Eric," I threatened, "just listen to my theory, okay?"

He nodded still grinning like a fool and I continued. "Okay, when I got stabbed with your sword," Eric immediately tensed and hissed at the memory. It momentarily shocked me at how much even mentioning it had hurt him, I slouched against him again and placed my hand in his hair to comfort him as I went on. "Well, I think because it was your sword and because it's been with you so long; it's loyal to you as my great grandfather would say, I think by piercing me in the heart with it, it unintentionally severed part of our bond." Eric stiffened even more behind me and his nostrils flared. He didn't like hearing my theory one bit. I didn't want to cause him stress, but I wasn't finished just yet. "Eric, my chest has been stinging ever since last night, when we "connected" again, and of course when we shared blood, the pain dulled, but even today it was there, like a white noise in the background. I could still feel it, and I knew that you felt it too on the bed back in the hotel. I saw it in your eyes."

Eric nodded. Whether he was agreeing with me or telling me to continue, I didn't really catch on. I think it was a bit of both.

"Eric, I don't know why you'd be opposed to this. I'm telling you to have sex with me."

I could see a horde of emotions raining behind Eric's eyes. He was starting at me, but not really with me, past me, as if he were literally looking backwards on time. I didn't know what he was thinking and anything that I could even attempt to detect mentally was jumbled and flying by like rapid fire across his brain waves.

I knew Eric's practicality sometimes got in the way of his emotions, but I never knew it to get in the way of sex. That was just astonishing to me. Still, I had an inkling that my theory was correct and I was petrified to ever feel that ache burn inside of me again. I had tasted a little sip of the pain I would experience if I were to loose Eric. I now knew better, I didn't want a repeat of my previous child like uncertainties. They now seemed like ancient history, I wanted to keep them in the past and move forward.

Mostly, I just wanted to solidify our connection again.

I slowly turned in the water, while Eric conducted some kind of internal battle with his own mind behind his eyes, and I scooted up onto my knees in front of him. His eyes momentarily focused on mine, but quickly flickered back to what he was pondering.

I'll fix that, I thought.

I leaned forward to run my tongue along his jaw, nibbling every so often before dipping beneath his ear and kissing the cool skin of his neck. I took my time, while simultaneously pressing my body flushed against his, wanting him to feel me, and I him.

One of Eric's arms came and circled my waist, holding me to him. I smiled into his neck.

Next I moved down towards his collar bones, paying extra attention to the tense muscles of his shoulders. I wondered idly if they ever relaxed, while my hands scrapped gently along his chest, sparking electricity in the air as our skin felt like it was coming alive from the contact.

His hips started to sway slightly in the water and my grin widened. I was making progress and so was Eric's erection I noted.

I pulled back to focus on his face, trying to see if he was now paying attention. I lifted my eyes to his and they locked. Eric was most certainly back to business. I took it as my cue and bent closer.

As I moved in to kiss him, I stood up further onto my knees, willing my hips forward. Eric's strong hangs grabbed hold of me, one hand on each hip and helped to lift me so I could come to rest, straddling his lap. The water sloshed around us and our legs moving along the sides of the tub squeaked from the friction, but we quickly became comfortable once again and I wasted no time on sliding myself onto his now fully erect length.

Of course, in two days, like the idiot I am, I had managed to forget how fan-freakin-tastic he felt inside of me and my head flew back at the sensation as a gasp left my lips. Eric laughed huskily in front of me, pulling me closer to kiss my mouth again. He was obviously proud of himself.

For the next however many minutes or hours, who knows, we barely moved from our spots. Well, we moved of course, but in slow languid rhythms, taking time to feel each other completely. With each thrust we wrapped our arms around each other's torsos that much tighter. We just couldn't get close enough, it was almost desperate; for me at least. I was desperate for the connection.

I felt that if I could recreate the supreme intimacy of our last physical bonding we could somehow repair what I thought had been broken.

As we both slowly built to a release, I felt the ache in my chest releasing as well. The pain was dulling with each swivel of my hips on Eric's, and as the intensity grew with the electricity around us in the bathroom, the light stinging in my chest fell away. All leading to the symphonic climax of a resounding base note and tingling nerve endings sparking throughout each extremity.

I had locked eyes with Eric right before my climax tore through my body and afterwards, we fell apart in each other's arms; loosing the connection of our eyes, but never once letting go of each other. It felt as if gravity itself were slipping away, but then I opened my eyes and it actually had. Eric's back was arching with his own climax and as he came, filling me even more, we lifted up out of the water a few inches.

We fell back down with a final splash into the now temped water and Eric laughed lazily as if he were drunk or drugged. Either way, he sounded extremely happy.

He encircled me with his arms and I buried my head into the crook of his neck in between his jaw and shoulder. The outside of me was too spent to move but on the inside I was doing a literal Irish jig of joy. The pain had completely left. Everything about me felt right and perfect and whole. I sighed in Eric's arms.

"We should probably make an appearance at the party out back," Eric said. Speaking softly into my slightly damp hair.

I nodded into his chest and did a mental count of how many people were actually around the house right then. After a minute or so I guessed about 20.

"Umm, Eric?"


"About 20 probably heard us having mind blowing sex just now." I told him with a slight chuckle.

"And I care because?"

"No reason, just thought you'd like to know."

"Thank you Sookie," he said sounding utterly proud of himself.

We got out of the tub and dried each other off with large fluffy towels that had also been replaced by Eric's seemingly magic delivery service. Eric then wrapped an equally impressive terry-cloth robe around me. It was light blue.

I noticed a second one hanging on the back of the door and quickly threw it over his shoulders, once he had tied a bow with the robe's belt around my waist. We kept on looking at each like stoned teenagers. I guess great sex will do that to you.

Great sex could also work up quite an appetite it seemed. My stomach growled not a second after I stepped out of the bathroom. The smells of cinnamon and nutmeg swirled around the house, while cedar and birch pit fires burned out back. The combination of the smells signifying one thing. Thanksgiving.

Thank God, I was starving.


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