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I woke up to the buzzing of my alarm and to Emmett banging on the door telling me to get up. I put the pillow over my head and was trying to fall back to sleep. "GO AWAY!" someone must have unlocked the door because everyone was in my room telling me to get up. That's when I felt the pillow come off my head and hit me a few times. "Hey alright already I'm up take it easy." Emmett was just laughing at me.

I got up and went to take a shower to rid of the wolf smell. Then I went down stairs and saw Rosalie and Esmee cooking. "What's with the food?" "You still need to eat" dad said from behind me. I wasn't in the mood to eat especially after last night but everyone seemed in such a good mood that I didn't want to ruin it so I ate it anyways. "Ok everyone ready for school?" dad asked while I was eating bacon and eggs. We all nodded. "good." He walked over to me and put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a small box I felt so excited I was hoping it was a car I really wanted it to be a car, but would dad trust me enough to buy me a car. He handed the box over and I opened it to find contacts.

"Really dad contacts?"

Edward just laughed "she thought it was a car hahaha."

"Your eyes are still red sweetheart wouldn't want anyone becoming suspicious."

"So how am I supposed to get to school?"

"In your new car" Edward laughed so I threw my contacts at him.

"With Edward or Emmett take your pick, now I don't want any phone calls from the school ok." He looked at me I was already short tempered but now that I had just quit drinking human blood which is like my drug I had an even shorter temper.

"I promise will try not to get into trouble."

"Uh huh? Something tells me I should have someone on standby at the hospital."

"I guess I'll ride with Eddie" I said with a smile

"Let's go then ace." He called me that because I always wore this necklace of the ace of spades. We walked to his Volvo and I got in on the passenger side. It was a pretty quiet drive quieter than I thought it would be/ we arrived at the school and he walked me to the office, he explained to the receptionist that I was his sister and that I was a new student. I sat in a chair and waited for Edward to give me my schedule. While I was waiting this girl came out of the principal's office, she had blond hair and was chewing her gum obnoxiously as she came closer I could smell her blood it smelled like alcohol she walked right up to me with a smirk on her face

"Are you waiting to see the principle?"

"Actually I'm waiting for my brother."

"You new?"


"I'm Ashley; since you're new I'll consider making you my friend."

"Wow what a great honor it would be to be your friend." I said with a load of sarcasm. "You know what else would be a great honor if I was to break that fake nose of yours." At first I didn't understand why she just turned around and ran away but then I realized that my eyes were red and I had forgotten to pick up my contacts when I had thrown them at Edward. I turned around to find Edward right behind me. "Don't do that you scared me."

"Here you forgot these, quick put them on your eyes are getting redder and redder." he handed me the box that Carlisle had given me. I pulled out a mirror from my bag and gave it to Edward to hold up for me while I put them on. After I had them on he handed me my schedule along with my mirror and a photo copy of his so that I could compare. I compared the two we had almost all the same classes and the same lunch.

We went to our first class which was history, then biology, algebra then Spanish and finally lunch. The others were still buying their lunch so I sat ant any table only to find out that I was sitting at Ashley's table.

"So you changed your mind huh want to be friends?"

"Not really I'm just sitting here."

"Well move."

"Whose gonna make me?"

"I am."

"Oh really?" just as I said that she grabbed me by the hair and tried to pull me out of the seat. My instant reaction was to knee her in the stomach which worked momentarily until she regained some of her strength and she punched me in the nose, I heard a crack and thought it was her hand that had been broken until I felt the pain and realized it was my nose, she had broken my nose which was strange because I didn't think she was strong enough to break it. Now I was pissed I hit her right in the jaw and heard it pop. By this time a group of students had gathered and two teachers were trying to pull us apart but weren't succeeding. That's when I felt Emmett wrap his arms around my waist and with one thrust pulled us apart.