So uh hi, long time no see. I can't believe it has been this long since I saw this story.

I've notice the reviews and PM's asking me to come back or continue this story, don't give up and message like that. And from the bottom of my heart truly thank you for the reviews.

It is quite a pep peeve of mine when people don't finish stories, however; I unfortunately don't know if I will ever complete my stories. Honestly I don't even know where I left off, or what I would do. I reread some of what I wrote, and goodness gracious it was terrible XD. Grammatically I guess.

Once again I truly appreciate the support this story got but I don't have the drive to write for Twilight anymore. I had started writing the story when the 4th book first came out, and though I am still a fan, I am not as huge as one as use to be nor have I seen much of the series lately. And if I were to put my lack of fandom aside to finish, I feel as if my story would not have any heart to it. It saddens me that I must abandon this project. Thank you all who stuck by, once again I am terribly sorry.

However, I have not given up writing at all, maybe someday I will write another fanfic, perhaps soon or maybe a few months from now. And who knows maybe the drive may hit me again.

From Dreamcast girl, Until next time :)