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I want to note something. I haven't finished watching the film, "Hellboy 2; The Golden Army" but there have been hints that Princess Nuala gave up her life to save mankind.

So that means she's been somewhat kicked off for a love interest for Abe.

So this is a fanfic of Abe, Johann and an OC. I've been getting so obsessed with them. (:D)

Anyway, here's the fanfic. I hope you enjoy and that you will review at the end.

Also, I've put in the summary!

This is just like any fanfics with OCs that you've read.

Girl comes to the BPRD.
Girl charms Johann or Abe.
The 2 of them overcome a conquest which strengthens their love.
Later as he learns more about girl, she has very mysterious power.
He still accepts her.
They live happily ever after..

But there are a few changes.

A new agent, Nancy Le, transfers to the BPRD of America from a BPRD base in Japan.
Upon going there she meets;
Johann Krauss,
the german ectoplasmic medium
Abraham Sapien, the brain of the team and the amphibious psychic channelor
Liz Sherman, an agent who's been a pyrokinetic since she was 11
Hellboy of course,
the bad boy of hell and the BPRD....who's dating Liz and knocked her up with twins.

When Nancy comes with her guide, Jack Quartz, she only wants one thing from her team; pure solitude and silence.
But Johann, finding himself enamored with her, refuses to let that happen. But Nancy finds herself attracted to Abe. Though this seems like the most confusing love story, it gets harder.
Aside from the love triangle, Nancy, who is in love with Abe, hates him completely and wants nothing to do with him getting close to her.
What's a fish boy and a ghost to do?

Oh, a few things left.

Why does Nancy wear gloves and sunglasses all the time?
Even when the weather is hot?
Is it she just wants to look cool or is there something sinister behind her?
Who will she choose in the end?

The man who loves her and will always be there for her


the one who she can't stop her heart from loving no matter what?

One last thing; she's blind.

Read on to find out about this complicated ordeal of love, loss, compassion, passion, and friendship.
And Hellboy will be there for the laughs....

Abe sat in his area, aka, the large library once more, drinking a gift of beer from Hellboy, ignoring the siren of an elevater arrival in sector 36 but listening to a recent cd he found, "Popular Love Songs."

He couldn't help repeating this habit. Just a few months ago, he had found someone just for him.
His own "Liz".

She was from another world as he was,
she had the same power as he did,
she felt the same for him as he did for her.

She was poetic,
she was beautiful,
she was proud,
she was loyal,
she was loving.

She was perfect, for him.
He took another swig as the chorus of track 8 played,

"I can't smile without yooou! I can't laugh and I can't siinng!"

He sung along with the chorus in his slurred disposition. He didn't care how drunk he was now. He just wanted to tide the heartache he was still feeling.
He sighed so pitifully. God how he missed her. All he could do for her after was just hold her as she turned stone hard in his arms. His only regret from meeting her was that he wasn't able to tell her his own words without her touch sooner.

As he sat there, drinking and drowning in his sorrows, Hellboy stormed through. His leather trench coat shipped harshly as he stomped towards the impaired Abe.
He took another swig and slurred, "What is it now, Red?"

Hellboy slapped his forehead slightly with his bare hand and sighed out loud, "Geez, Blue. You're still drinking like that? It's been months!"

Abe smashed the empty silver can among the red carpeted floor, he argued back, "What are you contradicting me for? I have seen you in your fits when Liz is on her mood swings."

"That's different! She's pregnant!"

"What of your other drunk fits?"

"Well, I just like...Crap. You got me there."

Even though he couldn't really smile, Abe gave a small unnoticeable smirk of victory to himself.
He grabbed for another can of beer. It gurgled and hissed as his long fingers snapped the cap open.
Hellboy gave another sigh and told him,

"Hey Abe, Washington sent another monkey here."

Abe stopped in mid-drink and lowered the can from his hard lips. "An Agent or working monkey?"


He sighed as he stood, no...stumbled up to his feet. "Really? Are you sure it is an agent? I thought that one of the conditions to us returning back to work was that we did not need any more nannies or wards in disguise as agents."

"Yeah, but that Manning guy said that it's an agent for sure we're getting... And y'know how big Liz is getting now, everybody is getting worried about the twins. So they thought to transfer in a newbie so she can fill in for Liz for a while."


That was when Hellboy's face lit up like a literal Christmas light. "Who knows, Abe?" he laughed as he put his arm around Abe's brawny neck, "She could be the one for you."

"No one, only Nuala was the one for me."

"What ever helps you sleep at night, Blue."

The gilled agent and the expecting Hellboy walked through the many gates and barriers to the front of the headquarters. As they passed by Hellboy's wing, Liz arrived out.
She was practically still the same, except with the very noticeable features of pregnancy.

Her skin, that was always so pale, had more of a rosy glow now, due to the raging hormones that were also aiding in her violent mood swings.

Her hair that she had decided to keep short because it was always getting in the way when she was on her mission, grew unusually quickly so that she had to be getting trims once a week and sometimes a few days. However, just a week ago, she decided to just trim it once a month, so now it was up to her shoulders.
Today, she had tied it back into a tight braid that hung over her shoulder in front.

Because of the huge growth at her stomach that was equipped to hold 2 little baby demons, she wore more black than usual. Trying to lessen the appearance of the belly that she was getting with each passing day.

That day, she wore a long maternity shirt, black of course, that cupped her growing chest and went loose from then on. She wore soft black capris that stopped at her knees and had a small split for a fashionable look. The braid of hair in front made her look more homely than she thought it would. Oh, how she regretted tying her hair like that, but so many of the agents had suggested it for her.

She ran, well fast-walked, out of the sliding mechanical doors while clutching her bulging stomach. She endured to catch up to her 2 team-mates.

While Abe kept his steady pace, Hellboy stopped in his tracks to wait for his lovely bride.

"Hey, Liz." he greeted as he opened up his arms to embrace her.
She walked straight into him and gave him a tight hug, but released quickly holding her stomach again. "Sorry, Red. The babies are kicking again."

He chuckled, "Guess the kids thinks that I hug too tight."

Abe had stopped after 17 steps and turned around to wait for the couple to catch up to where he was.

Liz smiled at him as she approached him, "What's up, Blue?"

Abe didn't answer directly at her. He didn't want another of his friends to see that he was drinking again. But the alcohol on his breath was too strong to go unnoticed.
As soon as he spoke, "Nothing much, just work."

Liz covered her mouth and nose and snapped, "God! Have you been drinking again?"

"Not that much!"

"How 'not that much'? I could smell it from here!"

Abe sighed again, seemed like he was doing a lot of that lately.
As they walked together, Hellboy asked Liz if she knew what the Government had suggested to keep her from doing anything that might hurt the twins.
In fact, she was the one who gave the idea to the government to send another agent.
Even though Johann was a valuable asset to the team, it was best to have a female member around to keep the boys in order.

If there was one thing she never wanted to do, it was risk the safety of Hellboy's children. All the monsters and things that go bump in the night seemed to be stirring up more than usual.
Aside from the children, she wasn't really that fast and in shape since she was carrying about 30 pounds extra in babies and water weight.
It must've been from the mood swings and the excessive amounts of hormones being shot into her brain every half hour, but she was feeling really cautious now.

When they came to the last doorway, the doors slid open in a whir to reveal an amount of distinguished agents, male and female, in black suits standing in front of an empty tube.

The 3 of them walked up to join the group and Manning.

Manning turned around and said in that almost worried and comedic voice of his, "Oh there you are. You're just in time."

Abe stumbled slightly, still trying to hide the fact that he was slightly intoxicated.
Manning held a file that was filled with more paperwork than usual. However, he appeared to only be reading the first page. Or should we say that he just started reading the first page.

"Our new agent is....uh...."

Abe looked over Manning's shoulder and continued reading for him. "Nancy Le, a transfer from a sect in Japan."

"Uh...yeah. She's a teleken...tellitu...telikent-"

"A telekinetic channelor with powers in telepathy of the 5th class."

Hellboy whistled, "Wow...a real good resume, huh?"

Liz smiled and nuzzled back into Hellboy's chest, "Handpicked out of a list of dozens. At least, that's what the government told me."

Then Hellboy suddenly shivered, as though he remembered something, "She's human right? Not a demon or monster?"

"Something bad happen in Japan that I missed?"

Hellboy shrugged a bit, "Trust me, Japanese monsters are the strangest out of everything else."

Manning and Abe were looking over the file page.
It listed everything from power,
eye colour,
hair colour,
skin colour,
to recommendations.
However, there was no picture or any files that showed any prior existence before she was found by the BPRD. Just like she was suddenly made up out of the blue.
No list of relatives either or even fingerprints.

Aside from the status of her power's height, there was really nothing else special about the new agent. No one really took much heed to the person herself, but just like before with Johann, Manning almost took a liking to the new agent immediately.
It wasn't just the power or the ability to stay so concealed from the public with class-5 powers, it was something else that was mentioned in the file.
The comments left on the file had pointed out that she was very obedient who followed orders nonetheless with no questions, just silence and action. He pointed out,

"You see, it's agents like these who knows who's boss that are usually more likely to succeed."

Poor Manning still needed someone who would just do what they were told without him freaking out over what he wanted done.
He was such a child.

Then the hissing came from the upper floor and another group of agents came down on the elevator. Surprisingly Johann was there as well, chatting it up with the new agent who was hidden behind a fort of tall agents.

As it descended down, Johann suddenly stopped talking and in his heavy accent stepped off one step of the elevator,
"Gute Nacht! Ve have retrieved ze new agent!"

He looked back at the circle of straight agents.

His hand that was hidden in the midst of their black suits was revealed to be holding a very petit hand. A hand that was gloved tightly in what seemed to be leather.
The group of people moved to the front so that the new agent could move to the side. As Johann led the small agent out of the crowd, everyone was speechless.

The new agent looked....looked.... Well, she might've looked pretty.
There was a possibility.
However it was how she adorned herself that had everyone shocked out of their minds.

She stood up to Johann's shoulder, or a little bit shorter. While he ringed his arm for her to lock her arm with his and interlock their hands, she gave a blank stare around the room as he walked her to meet with the members of the team and Manning. Not that they could tell her stare was blank.

She wore a pair of dark black sleek sunglasses that hid her eyes very well. You could not see what her eyes look like or any other details from behind them.
Although you thought you would at least have an idea of what her face looked like, you are wrong.
Aside from the sunglasses indoors, she wore a sort of black sick mask that covered the under-rimming of the sunglasses so that only a pale slit of skin was showing.
She had cropped bangs that stopped square at her eyebrows which were also covered by her sunglasses and her long black hair was left flowing freely over her left shoulder to around her waist-line.

Her entire wardrobe consisted of black, about as much as Liz.
Everyone noticed the large leather gloves that went up to her elbows and hugged the shape of her forearms perfectly as though it was her second skin.

She wore a hooded trench coat that must've been leather as well but with some trimming of beige faux-fur at the ends. The jacket/coat had 5 large buttons that gave the coat a fashionable sense and reached between her shins and knees. The jacket was open at the front in an upside-down V.
Her slacks were black as well and carefully hugged her thighs, with the rest of the fabric draping down over her black boots.

As Johan walked her to meet the other agents and members of the team, she seemed very cautious with every step.
Behind Johan and the girl, a new agent stepped in.
He had not so much a thick neck and looked average, with the regular suit and short cropped hair. There were some questions as to how a caucasian agent could stay in an asian sect. He had those steely blue eyes which drastically clashed with that warm nervous smile of his.
His huge sweaty hand grabbed for the girl's free hand that wasn't being held by Johann and the 3 of them walked in front of Manning and stopped. He seemed like a very friendly fellow.

The large man greeted, "Hello, Mr Manning. I'm Jack Quartz, 3rd class psychic and Nancy Le's guide."

Manning grabbed for the Quartz's hand and shook it firmly, " do you mean 'guide'?"

They stopped shaking hands and something seemed odd.
He answered,

"You didn't read her file? She's blind."

Again, it was awkwardly silent.
Then Hellboy spoke out, "Wow, buddy! That's a good joke! She can't speak English, huh? It's not like she's actually blind."

"I can speak english fluently. As well as
Japanese of course,
and Spanish."

They looked around, where did that voice come from?
There was a muffled cough, so they looked to Nancy. She pulled down her mask cover and repeated,

"I said I can speak English,
and Spanish."

As the one free hand that left Johann removed the mask completely off her face, she continued,
"And yes, I am actually blind like you say."

Nancy's face was neutral and Quartz's face was still smiling happily. Everybody's, on the other hand, faces had a confused look.
Did the governemnt really send a blind girl to replace Liz?
If they did it on purpose, those Washington bastards were real assholes.

Quartz blinked once...
then he went on about to being friendly with the other members of the team. He shook hands quickly with the human agents and old man Manning, then to the supernatural team.

Johann was already done, so he led Nancy to meet Abe, Liz and Hellboy. Quartz was about to shake left hands with Hellboy, until he saw that his hand was made of red brimstone. So he just grabbed one finger and shook it well.
All the while, Nancy was still watching, or really staring ahead.

The strange thing was that while he was shaking Hellboy's hand, his eyes were looking up and down Hellboy. As though he was examining him...or checking him out.
After 2 or 3 scanning gazes of Hellboy, Quartz moved to Liz. He shook Liz's hand and looked at her the same way that he looked at Hellboy.

Suddenly, Nancy spoke out,
"Ah, I see you are pregnant, Agent....Sherman, is it?"

Liz nodded hesitantly.

"Or should I call you, the happily married Agent Bruttenholm?"

"Sherman is fine."

As Quartz happily walked past Liz and Hellboy, Hellboy discreetly whispered in her ear,
"Y'know. I thought she was blind. How could she tell?"

"The file did say she was psychic, so...."

"But she can't see."

When Quartz grabbed for Abe's finned hand, he took a look at Abe like he did for the first 2.
Abe felt awash in all useless information. Everything that he wanted to know about Quartz, he could read from that one firm handshake. But as he looked briefly to Nancy, he noticed that she quickly looked down in a way that she wouldn't dare look at him.

As though she could see anyway, so he paid no attention to her heed to how he may have appeared to her. She must've brushed away because she too could smell the linger of alchohol on his breath.
However, he couldn't turn his black filled eyes away to the incrediably crimson glow spreading over her pale face.

When Quartz was leading her away to talk to Manning about the sleeping and staying arrangements, Nancy glued her feet to the floor, refusing to move. "Agent Quartz, Please let go of my hand."

Her face appeared more stern than it was before, probably. She snapped her hand out of Quartz's grip and held it to her side.
All eyes were on her now, watching her as she was something exotic that they had never seen.

She slowly held out her hand straight in front of her,
"I am pleased to meet you, Agent Sapien."

She still held her hand out, waiting for him to take it.
He reached out, "Yes, same here, Agent Le." and shook her hand. Her full lips almost curled up in a smile, but in that same instant it dropped back to the expressionless line it was before. Like she wasn't even supposed to smile.

His hand felt like something was surging within it, going against the flow of his own blood. He readied himself to see any information that could be handy should the situation call for it. He breathed in expecting to see her whole life, well some parts of her life to blow through his mind.
But there was nothing.

Abe's flat face grew questioning and confused.

He could not read her mind.

Anything about her was not to be seen. He couldn't access any memory or information of her. It was like reading stone, no worse than stone. Stone he could read at least, but her.... It was as though she had no mind, no memories, nothing to her that couldn't already be displayed as she was already.

But that was impossible! He could read anything! Nobody could lock him out of their minds!
How could she be an exception?!

The blush on her face grew to a massive proportion.

She pulled her hand unexpectedly quick out of his grip and ordered, "Agent Quartz!"
He ran to her side and grabbed her hand. "Have you learnt of our staying arrangements?"

He stuttered, "Sorry, I got distracted. I worry about you, huh."

She pulled slowly out of his grip and put her mask back on, just to return to his hands. "You shouldn't worry about me so much, I am 17 after all."
She turned to face directly at Manning,
"Mr. Manning, I trust you have already prepared where Agent Quartz and I will be staying. It is not of the BPRD to be so short and caught up of news and information."

Manning jumped a bit. This was not the sweet agent he was expecting.
When Joahnn came, he was friendly but still commanding.
This girl was just plain scary. He started to regret every praising her file and hoping that she would be like Agent Krauss.

Manning quickly turned to Abe and Johann, "Johann, Fishstick! Can them their rooms?"
Manning didn't really know if they did prepare rooms. To be honest, he didn't even know that she was coming until a few hours ago. He just hoped that the 2 smartest agents in the Bureau read ahead of him and already prepared rooms.

Johann did a clanky salute against the plastic bubble of his suit. "Ja, I'll take zem to zheir rooms."
His heels clicked loudly and he marched ahead of Quartz and Nancy, leading them to the new wings of the Bureau that were cleaned out for them.

Abe kept his eyes on Nancy. Her dark form stood out in the building of silver and white. She looked back at him, well, this time, it was more that she was trying to see him through those useless eyes of hers.

Abe dropped his gaze from her to his hand.

He looked over the hand that he had shook hands with her and contemplated.

What kind of being was this girl?
As far as he could tell, she was human, but she was different from human.
Although his head should've been filled of questions about who she was,
how he couldn't read her,
his power,
her power,
everything that occured during that moment.

Only one word filled his infinite head,


Abe walked back to the library, to the highest floor where the entrance to his tank was.

He breathed out loud.
God, he needed a drink. He decided he would swim for a bit to try and get his mind off that idea, but if in an hour, he still craved it, he would drink just one can.

Not bothering to be polite and gently go into water to not cause a splash. He stopped in midfoot at the edge of his tank and stared down at the water.

He took a few steps backwards. After doing so, he ran and dove deep into his tank. The water poured out excessively, but he didn't say anything or do anything.

Swimming down as far as he could,
as fast as he could,
as much as he could to vent this lonely frustration he was feeling.

He could not believe the man he was now. There he was making a mess, and not caring for it so much.
How could a woman change him so much?

He swam in circles, round and round.

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