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Dreams and Nightmares-Prologue




For three days I sat by Bella watching her writhe in pain. She screamed as the venom claimed her body shutting down each organ as it went and eating away her blood, the blood that had first called me to her. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared and a little sad as well. We were embarking into the unknown. Would she survive? Would she remember me? Would she still want me?

Carlisle sat with me since he had been through this many times before. There was nothing we could do but wait. Occasionally I ran my cold hands across her fevered flesh in a vain attempt to relieve her suffering. But eventually her fever broke and her flesh began to chill on its own. The changes were subtle and yet undeniable. Her hair darkened to a deep chestnut, almost black. Her features became sharper and less childlike. She grew pale and lithe. She was becoming like the rest of us. She was becoming the perfect predator.

On the third day her heart rate increased to an impossible speed and I knew the end was near. I would miss her blush and her erratic breath and yet I had no regrets. We would be equals in strength. I would no longer have to hold back and I could explore entirely new things with her. That, and of course there was also eternity with her. My lips twitched into a slight smile at the thought but I was snapped out of my reverie as I recognized the thunderous sounds of the last beats of her heart.


I sucked in a deep breath, an involuntary reaction from my previous life. My eyes were still closed as I marveled at my new senses. It was almost overwhelming. I'm not even sure I needed eyes. I could smell Edward beside me. I knew Carlisle was off to my right. I'm not even sure I can quite explain how I knew. He had no heartbeat. He wasn't breathing. He wasn't moving. It was almost like I could sense the displacement in the air where he stood. I could hear the others in the hallway shuffling their feet, eager to come in. I could feel every thread in the sheets beneath my hands. I could smell the forest beyond the glass of the windows. And I could hear the hundreds of tiny heartbeats that called the forest home. My eyes snapped open at this and immediately my vision locked on the window and the green beyond it.

"She's hungry."

I recognized Jasper's voice coming through the door, a mere whisper and yet loud as elephants, and I finally brought my gaze to the room around me. Edward was the first to come into view. His eyes held so much in them; worry, love, lust and fear. I threw myself at him, wrapping myself around him, nearly knocking him over. If I had ever thought he smelled good when I was human it was nothing compared to the scent of him now and it must have been the same for him because he ran his nose over every part of me he could reach; my hair, my neck, my chin, my shoulder. He buried himself in me, latching on as though I would disappear.

With this contact my memories came flooding back to me. Every ounce of love, every touch, and every thought sent a new fire in me and I began placing small kisses on his head and neck and eventually to his lips, grasping his face in my slender hands and finally smiling. He had done it. He had kept his promise and now I was like him. I pulled back to look at him and he was smiling back at me, mirroring my love for him.

Carlisle made a coughing noise in an attempt to bring us back to reality but I was having none of that. I nodded almost imperceptibly towards the window and Edward caught on immediately. Before anyone could stop us we crashed through it not caring about the shards of glass scattering around us. I could hear Alice's petulant voice chiding me for not saying hello before I left and then I heard her reassuring Carlisle that everything was okay and we were only going to hunt and that people weren't on the menu.

Indeed they weren't. There was a cacophony of blood singing to me in the depths of the trees and brush and not one of them was human. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that it should be odd to me that I wasn't craving the living human beings that inhabited the small town of Forks but I was too hungry and too happy to care at the moment.

I was hand in hand with my love, finally able to hunt with him, finally able to not have to worry about tripping over my own feet. I felt strong and alert and beautiful and safe and content with my hand wrapped in Edward's.

I stopped abruptly, my nose having caught the scent of a substantial prey. I could tell by the sound of its heart and the rush of its blood that it was something larger than a rabbit or bird. Edward let go of my hand and when I turned to see why, he was simply nodding towards the scent in encouragement with a small smile still on his face. He almost looked proud which I guess he should be. I had mused once that he had created me the moment he laid eyes on me and now he had taken that to the utmost level.

I stalked through the brush, allowing my newly acquired animal instincts to take over and found myself face to face with a very large moose. I made short work of it, not wanting to torture it and I gorged myself on its ample blood supply. When I released its limp body and stood up I could feel rivulets of its cooling blood on my lips and slipping down the corner of my mouth. I made to lick them clean but before I could Edward was on me, his mouth ravishing mine. For the first time since I'd met him we were able to kiss, to REALLY kiss and it was heaven. I recalled a line from a film as that new fire built within me. "You're first kiss shouldn't taste like blood." They couldn't have been more wrong.

A/N: The movie line is from Darkness Falls. It wasn't a very good movie imo but I love that line.