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Chapter One: New Guest

The Hogwarts trio had just arrived at the top of the stadium that would be holding the Quidditch World Cup tournament.

The stands were all nearly full, but what did you expect every wizard in their right mind would be there trying to see the magnificent game that would start in a couple of minutes.

"Wow, look at all those people" exclaimed Ron as he looked out of the top box they were currently at viewing all the old, young, and just about any kind of creature meeting today.

Yes, almost every seat in the huge stadium that was holding the World Cup tournament was full; the top box that our friends were currently sitting at was nearly full.

There were many seats already taken some by a few families that Harry didn't know, a house elf named Winky who the trio had a conversation with a few minutes ago was seated alone in a corner waiting for her master Barty Crouch to arrive and some family members that were all together to view their favorite sport.

The trio happily talked about the upcoming game, and argued about who was going to win the game.

"I think it's a possibility that Ireland might win this year" said Hermione as she looked around the stadium with the omnioculars that Harry had purchased for them a couple of minutes ago from a salesman.

"Are you bloody crazy, Bulgaria is going to win I mean they have Viktor Krum for a seeker he would surly catch the snitch and win the game" argued Ron.

Hermione was about to comment back when the top box doors suddenly opened.

A eerie silence then came upon everyone as in walked some people, the first one that walked in was a middle aged man, Mr. Weasly was the first brave enough to speak to the man "Hello, Cornelius it's a pleasure to see you again, you as well Bagman" he said as he stared at the big blond man behind Fudge.

Bagman just roared in laughter and said "No need to great me so formally, Ludo will do."

"Yes, sorry Ludo I sometimes tend to get carried away" said Mr. Weasly as he scratched the back his head in embarrassment.

(Note: The Wesley's always remind me of Naruto for some reason)

While Mr. Wesley shook hands with Bagman he noticed a girl hiding behind the big man, "Ludo who is this beautiful girl using you as a shield" said girl quickly blushed at the compliment and tried to hide herself even more behind the blond, but failed as the man quickly side stepped and revealed a young girl about the same age as Harry.

She was wearing some tight black caprice that ended a few inches above her ankles, a formfitting lavender jacket, and a headband wrapped around her neck. She had long straight midnight blue locks that cascaded at her back, she had pure white eyes and she was wearing a small blush on her cheeks from all the attention she was getting from everyone in the top box.

"Don't be shy introduce yourself" said Bagman as he put a reassuring hand on her shoulder telling her that it was ok.

"Hyuuga Hinata" she said as she gave a short bow to Mr. Weasly and quickly stood up, and then you hear the chorus of whistles as the Weasly Twins make them self's noticeable.

Hinata looked at both of them and then stopped and winked at her, she quickly blushed and went back to Bagman's side trying to blend in with the big blond man while stealing glances at the twins who were currently fighting about who got Hinata; finally deciding that they could share.

"Sorry about that, my boys can be…bell boys" said Mr. Weasly as he scrolled the Twins before going back to talk to his superiors.

"No worries, anyways Dumbledore asked me too show Ms. Hyuuga around and since this year she will be attending Hogwarts and since she has never seen a quidditch match what better to show her than the World Cup?" Bagman said in a deep voice as he quickly put his hands on her shoulders leading Hinata towards their seats.

Mr. Weasly just nodded in understanding and when back to his seat, while the rest of the wizards went back to looking at the stadium waiting anxiously for the game to begging.

"Know that that's settled let's start the game" suggested Fudge as he eyed Bagman telling him silently to hurry up with the instructions.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot with all the excitement" Bagman roared with laughter as he made his way to the front of the box and gave the instruction to start the match.

After Bagman finished the game started quickly and there were already many blurs as the players flew from place to place trying to get a point.

Everyone quickly forgot about everything around them and now where now concentrating on the game in front of their eyes, which was hard considering how fast the players were going.

"Foul" one of the Weasly twins yelled as one of the Ireland beaters collided with one of the Bulgarian players.

Some of the crowd booed while the other cheered in excitement.

Harry was so concentrated on the game that he jumped up a couple of inches of the ground when he felt a tap on this right shoulder, he took off his omnioculars he meet with the beautiful girl he had seen Mr. Weasly talk with.

A blush quickly took over his face as he looked at the girl in front of him, "Sorry for interrupting you but I was wondering if you could explain the game for me, since I don't want to interrupt Mr. Bagman" said Hinata.

Harry looked behind her to where the Blond man was talking to Fudge in hushed tones; he looked back at the cute girl who was twirling a lock of her hair with her fingers while shyly looking down at her feet, he smiled happily he was about to help her by explaining the rules of quidditch since it was one of his greatest achievements.

"You don't know how to play quidditch?" asked Ron when he overheard the conversation Harry was having with the new girl; he was a little jealous since Harry always seemed to get the pretty girls.

"No, were I come from we don't play these kinds of games" Hinata said as she stares at the bright red headed boy.

"Wow, never heard of anyone who didn't know how to play Quidditch" mumbled Ron as he looked at Hinata.

"Ron don't be so mean, you can clearly see she's not from around here it's not her fault she doesn't know how to play" hissed Hermione as she looked at Hinata with a smile.

"It's actually not that difficult to play every team has three chasers, two beaters, and one keeper and one Seeker. The Chasers have to pass that red ball with their hands amongst themselves, they shoot at the three goal hoops" said Hermione as she pointed to the Ireland Chasers who just made a goal making half of the crowd cheer.

"Yeah, and then it's the keepers job to protect the three goals to make sure that no one in the other team gets a ball in" said Harry.

She had asked him to explain the rules to him anyways.

"The Beaters have those wooden clubs, they have to protect their teammates with from the Bludgers by hitting them with it, and last is the Seeker he as to find a little Golden Snitch and once you get the Snitch you get 150 points ending the game" finished Harry he had a little smug look when he was talking about the seeker but you could barely notice it.

"Arigato, I mean thank you that was really helpful" said Hinata as she eyed the field were the intense game was currently being played.

"If you want you can use my omnioculars if you want, they help you see better" said Ron as he eyed Hinata.

"No thank you, I can see perfectly fine" said Hinata, the small group eyed Hinata with weird looks before quickly looking back at the game as Ireland made another point.

Everyone was too busy focusing on the game to notice Hinata as vanes started popping our near her eyes.

Hinata was looking out at the game, the Bulgarian Beater had just hit the bludger that was about to hit one of her teammates, when all of a sudden a small little golden ball flew in the top box.

No one of course noticed this except out little Hyuuga, Hinata extended her hand as the little golden ball flew with incredible speed.

It flew on top of her hand for a few seconds before going and flying in her hair, Hinata let out a little set of giggles as the snitches wings tickled her ear.

Her laughter suddenly stopped when all of a sudden a broom stick flew with great speed and stopped just in front of the top box.

The Bulgarian seeker's dark black eyes locked with Hinata's eyes, they stayed there staring at each other for what it seemed like hours even thought the snitch had flew off when the seekers broom came into close distance to it.

After a few minutes Hinata blushed because of his gaze and looked down to her fingers as she played with them, even thought she was looking down she could still see the beautiful boy looking at her.

After a few seconds the boy snapped out of his daze and flew after the golden snitch that was around one goal post.

"Did you see that, Krum was this close to us" yelled Ron as he showed a small section of his fingers meaning that Krum had gotten rather close to them.

"I know I wonder why all of a sudden he came here and then after a few seconds he left, do you thing the snitch came over here" asked Hermione.

"I don't think so, I didn't see anything" said Harry as he looked threw his omnioculars and replaying the footage again, but he didn't see any snitch.

"Did you see anything, Hinata" asked Hermione as she looked at the blushing girl.

Hinata quickly looked up before shaking her head saying that she had seen nothing, then when they looked back up the announcer screamed "KRUM HAS CAUGHT THE SNITCH, BUT IRELAND WINS I bet you no one was expecting that."

Hinata looked down to where the young man that had just caught the snitch was standing, normally no one could see that far without the omnioculars but we are talking about a Hyuuga?

Hinata looked at his other teammates that were shaking their heads in disappointment; she then looked back to where Krum was at only to lock eyes with him.

She knew that he couldn't possibly be able to see her gaze from where he was standing at but he was looking in her direction, she quickly averted her eyes and started to walk back to Mr. Bagman when she noticed something odd.

On the seat next to the house-elf she noticed someone's chakra with her byakugan, she hadn't noticed this before since there were many signatures in the stadium but with her eyes activated she could clearly see someone there.

When she was about to investigate it any further Mr. Bagman came in front of her view, "That was an excellent game was it not, I was up in my seat the whole time; Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes" said Hinata as she looked back towards the seat were the mysterious chakra signature was at but only to see that they had already left.

Here brows knitted together in a puzzling face as she followed Mr. Bagman as he talked to her about the game.

As she was exiting the arena Mr. Bagman stopped and started chatting with Mr. Weasley about the game, Hinata approached the kids her own age and started having a conversation with them; mostly about Hogwarts.

When all of a sudden a blond haired boy came up and sneered at them "How was the game, were you guys were standing unlike you guys my family and I of course were seated right in the middle were you could see all the action taking place."

"What do you want Malfoy?" sneered Harry who obviously did not like this boy.

"Nothing at all, but Ron what did your dad have to sell to get you guys seats at the top box, surly your house isn't worth that much?" the bleach blond boy sneered to the redheaded.

"Know, Draco it's not their fault now if you please quiet down" said a man with long blond hair that reached past his shoulders with the same piercing blue eyes as his son had walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder silently telling him not to go further; since he was about to say something worse to the lot but then his eyes landed on the young girl who was standing behind the group near Hermione.

His eyes widen a couple of inches before speaking "May I ask what your name is young lady?" he asked directing his gaze to Hinata.

Everyone was shocked that the Malfoy head was asking such a thing, especially with no malice behind his words.

"Hyuuga Hinata" she responded with a short bow, since in the Hyuuga compounds you were taught to show respect to your elder's especially the heir to the throne.

The man grabbed her small hands in his and bowed down while placing a small kiss on her knuckles, and said "It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Hyuuga if I'm correct your father is Hyuuga Hiashi?" he asked after he stood back up; know everyone surrounding them were in even greater shock that Lucius Malfoy actually bowed down, to a small shy girl like Hinata none the less.

Hinata blushed at the attention but answered his questions "Hai, I mean yes"

The corners of Lucius lips turned up right into a smirk "Yes, Hiashi attended school with me for a couple of years, we were quite close at the time you resemble him greatly especially those eyes" he said as he eyed her.

"Oh, my father hardly ever mentioned Hogwarts, sorry I'm not familiar with you" she stated.

"Oh" you could hear the disappointment in his voice but it quickly disappeared as he replied to her unstated question "I'm Lucius Malfoy and this is my son Draco Malfoy" he gestured to his son who had short locks of bleach blond hair and deep grey eyes that he had inherited from his father.

A small smirk formed in Dracos lips as he looked at the young, shy, cute girl in front of him, he did the same thing his father did, but he unlike his father kept his sapphire grey eyes with her crystal eyes and did not release eye contact until Mr. Bagman interrupted them.

"Hello, Lucius it's a pleasure to see you and your family here" he said as they shook hands with the older man.

"Yes, it's a pleasure to see the head of the department of magical games and sports here, the game was magnificent to watch" the blond said.

"Yes a very excellent game if you don't tell me" Mr. Bagman said but then looked back at Hinata.

"Hinata, I have some work to get to and Mr. Weasley offered to let you stay in his tent until Dumbledore comes to pick you up later."

"Hai" Hinata said but getting weird looks from everyone she quickly realized she spoke in Japanese again she quickly said yes and Mr. Bagman beamed.

"So you're staying with Dumbledore?" asked Lucius as he eyed Hinata.

"Yes, I'm going to start attending Hogwarts this year."

"I would offer you to stay at our tent Ms. Hyuuga but I also have some business to attend to, I hope the Weaslys tent is to your licking even thought I doubt it since it's a long distance from your level" he said as he eyed the redheaded with a sneer "It was a pleasure to hear that you are going to Hogwarts but I must be off" he said while giving a small bow before he started walking off.

Draco stayed afterwards he smirked at Hinata who was playing with her fingers; he then turned to Harry and glared before he headed off after his father.

"Ignore him Ron" said Hermione as Ron took deep breaths in and finally unclenched his fingers that started turning its regular color know that they blood could flow freely threw them.

"They think they're the best just because their pure bloods, what's so bloody great about them, sometimes I wish I was one just so I can bloody tell them off without them saying that were lower than them." he yelled out, not expecting to get an answer back.

"Nothing is great about pure bloods; nothing at all they expect you to be the best the strongest. If you don't they work you to the bone until you are one, you wouldn't want to be one Ron even the pure blooded how much they say they love it hate it." said Hinata as she looked at Ron, they kept eye contact until Mr. Weasly came and said "Come on you guys our tent is this way" he said as he started walking.

Hinata quickly followed him, a few minutes later Ron broke out of his daze and started walking with the rest.

No one talked except the twins who were whispering among themselves about how they were going to get close to Hinata…without their father noticing.

Once they made it to their tents they all quickly entered.

Outside the tent might look like an ordinary tent but inside it was a full house, with some bunk beds and a small kitchen.

"Wow" said Hinata as she activated her Byakugan and looked around; she could see some chakra surrounding every tent but it still amazed her how they did these jutsu or dare she say magic?

"You've never seen a magical tent before?" asked Fred and George at the same time as they eyed Hinata and got closer to her.

Hinata shock her head saying no in a soft whisper.

"Were have you been hiding, you don't know anything about the wizard realm?" hey both said at the same time again as they looked at each other and then back at Hinata.

"W-Well it's that," started Hinata before an older boy with the same fire red hair as them but longer appeared behind Hinata and put a hand in her shoulder "Stop asking her so many questions when she wants to answer them she will, know you two should be off I strictly remember dad telling you guys to stay away from Hinata."

He received some groans and complains saying he wasn't as fun as he was before the twins went to their bunks and started to count their money they had earned from winning the bets.

"Thank you" said Hinata as she turned to the red headed, who gave her a wink before going to his own bunk.

Hinata blushed and when to the kitchen quickly finding a kettle and starting it to make tea.

After a few minutes Harry, Ron, and Hermione made their way inside the tent Ron and Hermione made their way to their own beds and started to argue about the match they had just saw while Harry made his way to Hinata but when he was about to have a conversation with the girl Mr. Weasly entered the tent in a hurry "Everyone outside come on" he yelled everyone quickly made their way outside.

Outside you could see many muggle's flying in the sky, who were being controlled by dark hooded creatures.

They were flicking their wands making the family of muggles fly were they wanted to, some would flick their wands at the tents making them catch on fire.

Everyone was running around trying to escape the path that the death eaters were coming from.

Bill, Charlie, and Percy quickly pulled out their wands and rushed out towards the death eaters trying to stop them and save the muggles they were controlling while Mr. Weasly got all the kids to run away.

Hinata stayed behind thought and she quickly activated her byakugan and was about to run with after these hooded creatures when Mr. Weasly caught her arm "You can't go out there, you are no match for them you and the rest of the kids have to run for it" he said.

Hinata struggled with him "I need to go out there, let me threw this is why I'm here" she said but Mr. Weasly wouldn't hear her out.

After a few struggles Hinata reached into her pouch and took out a Kunai.

Mr. Weasly who had never held or seen a kunai was startled when it was put against his throat "Let me go or I will kill you" she said in a low voice, not the quiet voice she usually had but a deadly one with warning.

Mr. Weasly was in shock of this new weapon that he didn't have any words; he just shook his head signaling yes as Hinata lowered her kunai from his neck. She quickly apologized and left in a fast speed one faster than most people in the wizard realm had seen.

Everyone stayed there in a daze as they say Hinata run off into the direction of the monsters, but then a fire bold came their way.

Hinata dashed threw the crowds that were heading the opposite direction that she was going, there were so many people that she couldn't seem to get through.

After a few seconds passed she send enough chakra to her feet to make her bounce up, she stretched her hands up and caught a tree branch that was just above her head.

She quickly did a flip making her feet land on top of the branch she then speed up and jumped from tree to tree until she could see the clothed figures just a head. She speed up and once she was underneath them she jumped down knocking one out.

He fell to the floor and then one of the men turned to her pointed his wand at her and said some strange words; she quickly dodged the flash that came from his wand she knocked him out with a kid and landed on her feet. She looked to her right and noticed one of the Weasly boys on the ground and one of the men pointing the wand at him; she quickly got a kunai out of her bag and threw it at the man.

It hit his hand with the wand; the wand flew up into the sky as the man grabbed his hand in pain from the cut he had received.

He looked up at his wand that was falling down to the ground when he noticed a green skeleton in the sky with a serpent coming out of it.

The man then stopped in his track and then quickly made his way to his wand that had landed on the floor; he stumped as he grabbed it and said a word that made him disappear.

Hinata hurried up to the Charlie and gave him her hand, he took it and stood up and quickly grabbed his wand that was not to far way and her kunai.

They looked around and noticed that all the death eaters had disappeared, "Here" said Charlie as he handed her the kunai, he gave her a weird look asking for an explanation but received none.

Mr. Weasly, Bill, Percy, and other wizards then appeared; they started to run towards Hinata and Charlie.

"Are you ok, Charlie I saw one of the death eaters holding there wand at you, you gave me a scare" said Mr. Weasly as he checked to see if there were any scratches on Charlie.

"No, father I'm all right Hinata saved me" he said, everyone stopped and stared at Hinata giving her a weird look.

Hinata didn't notice any of these gazes as she was looking around with her Byakugan activated "They didn't get far a couple of miles southwest if we go know we can catch them" said Hinata as she turned to look at the wizards.

They all just stared at her none saying anything, "Are you guys coming or am I going alone?" she asked urgently, but no one answered.

"Fine I'll go alone, I'll get there faster anyways" said Hinata as she put more chakra into her feet preparing to speed off into the woods after these men.

"Hinata, Stop" said a voice, Hinata looked around and quickly saw Dumbledore standing there "It will do no good to go after them, you did enough" he said as he walked up to the group of wizards.

"But there close I can catch up to them, this is my job I have" but she stopped when Dumbledore interrupted her "I hired you to protect Hogwarts not everyone here, you have done more than anyone expected you to know come we must head off" he said before motioning Hinata to come to him.

Hinata looked like she wanted to protest but this was the man that requested the mission she couldn't disobey him, she deactivated her Byakugan and put her kunai away and when to his side.

"I would like it if none of you mentioned this to anyone at the time" Dumbledore eyed the wizards before Hinata and him disappeared.


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