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Chapter Two: Hogwarts

Hinata walked aimlessly true the corridors of the great castle that she would be calling her home for the next three years, or less than that if she could complete her mission before that time.

That would be impossible thought since she really didn't understand the mission all too well. All that the scroll had said when she had gotten the mission from Tsunade was that she had to protect Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and all that was in it but she didn't see why she had to protect it. The magnificent castle was well protected, she had already surveyed the whole castle as she didn't see what she had to protect. The whole school was protected by a powerful chakra shield that went beyond the gates and a few miles into a little town. The shield also went over to the forest that Dumbledore had said was off limits because of all the dangerous creatures, but the forest couldn't be why she was here I mean they had enough teachers to keep students away from it. So the question still stayed, why did they need her assistance? The world may never know.

So she continued walking down the empty hallways when she heard a loud crackling noise, she quickly activated her Byakugan and looked for the source of the noise. At first glance she didn't see anything until she looked upwards and saw a small pale like boy with jet black hair flying across the wall; she didn't see any kind of chakra coming from his body witch left her in a state of shock. How could he fly without chakra, no how could he be without chakra even normal human had small amounts of chakra? She didn't have time to ponder about it as she soon flew down towards her while laughing a loud crackling laugh as he threw a small balloon at her.

Hinata jumped out of the way and put some chakra to her feet as she clung to the walls while missing the balloons that the creature was throwing at her. She kept running on the walls as she quickly took out a shuriken from her back pouch and quickly aimed it at the creature. The shuriken was in perfect target but instead of piercing its skin it when right through him.

Hinata stopped her attack and stared at her opponent, was he using some sort of genjutsu? No it couldn't be he had no chakra and she didn't feel anything she would have seen it with her Byuakugan. She aimed more shuriken at him but had the same effect only making him roar in laughter at her failed attempts. What exactly was he she didn't know but she did know that all she could do was dodge his attacks and wait and see how it turned out.

He kept aiming the green slimed filled balloons at Hinata and all she did was jump, slide, and dodge all of them making the creature mad since he was missing his target.

After a couple more balloons were thrown at her Hinata herd another pop sound and another pale creature covered in blood came into her view. She almost wanted to grown in frustration, she didn't know how to attack them and she had to deal with another one? She crept down into a crouch position ready to dodge any attack when the creature spoke "Peeves, stop this recklessness at once" it said in a deep haunting voice.

Peeves quickly stopped his movements, only letting the last balloon drop were in splashed Hinata's feet with the green slime.

"Yes, you're Bloodiness" Peeves said as he looked at the Bloody Baron with fearful eyes, awaiting his next command.

"Know leave, I don't want to catch you bothering Ms. Hyuuga here ever again; show some respect" spat the Bloody Baron and not even a second to spare Peeves quickly disappeared in a pop leaving Hinata with the Baron.

"My sincerest apologies for his disrespect, Ms. Hyuuga" said the Baron as he turned to face Hinata who was looking at him with curiosity.

"May I ask, how you know my name?" asked Hinata as she eyed the Baron with her Byuakugan still not putting away her shuriken, just in case.

The Baron didn't respond and just eyed the strange weapon in her hand, then he lifted his gaze into her pearly white eyes and spoke "I'll answer your question but first put those things up, they won't hurt me; after all I am already dead" he said while Hinata eyed him even more.

'Dead? What was he then?' wondered Hinata when the Baron spoke again and answered her un-spoken question "Ghost" he said as he gave her a small smile.

A ghost? There was no way he could be a ghost, but she had seen weirder things and he had saved her clothes from the other said ghost's slime so she lowered her shuriken and proceeded to pick up the ones she had thrown at Peeves. The Bloody Baron just gloated above her head and when she had finished putting all her shuriken in her pouch he spoke.

"Know regarding your question, I know your sub name because everyone had been talking about you since your arrival at Hogwarts with Dumbledore two days ago, and I also had the liberty to be acquainted with your father when he attended school here" he stated simply.

"Oh, well it's an honor to meet you" said Hinata as she bowed down to the ghost, but she stood right up when a loud crash was heard coming from upstairs.

The Bloody Baron let out a long sigh "that my dear lady is my queue that I must attend to Peeves again, it was an honor meet you but I must be of; good day Ms. Hyuuga" he said before he disappeared in a pop.

Hinata looked up and saw the silhouette of the Baron scowling Peeves for something, she smiled a little before she deactivated her Byuakugan and continued her walk.

She walked for countless of hours just exploring and once she got tired she made her way back to Dumbledore's office.

When she arrived at the statue of a huge gargoyle she said the password Dumbledore had told her, she failed numerous of times before she finally was about to pronounce it right; Sherbet Lemon. The gargoyle then leaped aside and the wall behind it split in two revealing a spiral stone staircase that started to move like an escalator.

Hinata quickly leaped on it as it rose, then it slowed down at the very top were a big oak door stood. Hinata grabbed the griffin shaped knocker and tapped it against the wood two times and let it go. She stood outside until she heard Dumbledore's low voice allowing her to enter. She opened the doors and inside was Dumbledore sitting on his chair in a beautifully decorated room; well strange beautifully.

Dumbledore was looking outside his small window that held the view of the green covered mountains surrounding the castle. When she made it to the front of his desk he faced her and motioned for her to take a seat and once she did he spoke.

"I trust that everything in Hogwarts was to your liking" he said as he put his elbows on the table and intertwined his small bony fingers and stared at her through his crescent moon shaped glasses.

"Hai, your school is v-very beautiful but I have one question thought?" asked Hinata and when she received no decline or approval she continued "are there really ghost residing here?"

"Ah, so I guess you had a little run in with Peeves" said Dumbledore as he straightened up.

"Yes, they are in fact ghost" he said before he went back to his seating position.

"May I ask how they become ghost, or well what I'm trying to say what are their purpose f-for staying here?" said Hinata as her eyebrows knitted together in puzzlement; this sure was a strange world. Her team and Naruto had once gotten in a predicament with a 'ghost' but they never got answers.

"Oh, well ghost as we all know are loved ones who passed away, but ghost in Hogwarts are here because they leave ties on this world. The ghost that stay here are not brave enough to move onward to the next dimension, some simply don't want to move on and others are here because they hold a deep grudge sort of like revenge and until they fulfill their purpose then they can pass on. Some never do" finished Dumbledore as he looked at Hinata with his clear blue eyes.

"I must say it's not that pleasant I for once wouldn't like to be a ghost. Know dose that answer your question"

"Hai, I mean yes" said Hinata as she smiled up at Dumbledore.

"Right, know that that's threw with we must be heading out know" said Dumbledore as he stood up and motioned Hinata to follow him.

"May I ask where we are going?" asked Hinata as she stumbled out of her chair and followed Dumbledore as he walked to a small fireplace.

"Well since you are going to be staying with us as a Hogwarts student you need school materials. I already had the liberty to buy you all your things except one thing that I need your assistance with."

He said as he grabbed a small jar and opened the lid taking out some powdery substance. He then proceeded to throw it inside the burning flames making them turn an emerald green color.

After he did this Dumbledore turned around and addressed Hinata telling her to enter the flames and say some strange worlds. At firs Hinata was reluctant to enter the flames, there flames! But after Dumbledore assured her that there was no danger she did as she was told.

Hinata coughed and looked around and noticed that she was no longer in Dumbledore's office rather she was in a small house; she stood up and looked around. A couple of seconds latter Dumbledore appeared from the flames as well; he did it with more grace thought. He dusted his clothes off all the soot and gave Hinata a small smile before continuing into the house. He barely took a step before a tall old man with pure white hair and a tick bushy beard appeared. He walked down some small stairs while caring a wand in his hands pointing it at them.

"Gregorovitch, please lower you wand it is I; Dumbledore"

Gregorovitch eyed Dumbledore for a while before lowering his wand, "What are you here for, Dumbledore?" he asked as he walked down the last few steps.

"Cant a man come visit an old friend once in a while" said Dumbledore in a joking voice witch made Gregorovitch mouth just twitch in annoyance, "Well, if you must know I have a new student who is in need of a wand" finished Dumbledore as he pushed Hinata's shoulders a bit revealing her to Gregorovitch.

"You know very well that I am no longer in the wand making business, Dumbledore" said Gregorovitch as he stepped down the final steps of the staircase into the same floor that his guests were in.

"Yes, I know that very well but I thought you might have some extra wands you were not able to sale that we might take of your hands" said Dumbledore as he approached Gregorovitch.

"Why don't you just take her to Ollivander's? I'm sure that man would love to have someone like her enter his shop" Gregorovitch said as he motioned to Hinata who just looked at him curiously. What did he mean by her?

"Oh yes, I have no doubt that Ollivander would love to have Ms. Hyuuga here purchase a wand from his store but I think there would be a more suitable wand for her here" argued Dumbledore as he kept his small smile on his face. Gregorovitch knowing Dumbledore for some time knew he was not going to leave, so what good would it be to keep arguing.

"Fine, I'll show her some of my extra wands I have laying around" Gregorovitch said as he started to walk into another room followed by Dumbledore and Hinata.

It was a normal sized room with a couple of book shelves; some actually containing books while others held small boxes. Gregorovitch then proceeded to grab one of the small boxes on a desk and dust it off before opening the box and taking out a rather large wand.

"15 inches, Unicorn hair" he said before turning the handle around so that Hinata would be able to hold it more properly. Once Hinata had the wand in her hands she didn't know what to do so she just held the stick in her small hands.

"Don't just stand there, give it a whack" said Gregorovitch as he did movements with his hands, telling her to move her hands.

Hinata finally understanding what he was meaning to tell her moved her arm wrist and flicked the wand towards one of the book shelves but nothing happened.

Gregorovitch then proceeded to grab the wand out of Hinata's hands and put it back into its box. He then grabbed another box and opened it saying "11 inches, Phoenix feather."

They did the same procedures and they got the same results; nothing.

"I tell you she's not going to posses one of my wands" said Gregorovitch in a small whisper before proceeding to another wand.

"10 inches, Dragon heartstring" he handed her it but still no luck, after a few more wands leading to the same results Hinata thought that she was doing something wrong but then Gregorovitch sighed.

"I might have one wand that would work, but if it doesn't work you guys will have to leave; and leave me to rest" he said the last in a hushed tone as he eyed Dumbledore. After receiving a nod he quickly went to a one of the larger bookshelf's and proceeded to take out a rather large book and opened it. The book had a hollow inside but it contained a deep black colored wand that shined a red color with the little light that showed in the house.

"12 inches, Ebony Vampire blood" he said before he handed the end of the wand to Hinata. She looked up at Dumbledore who gave her a small smile and a wink, Hinata took this as a yes and grabbed it.

Her hand felt instant warmth that she quickly flicked the wand and light instantly covered the room exposing all the cobwebs and dust that had gathered over the years.

"Well it seems that we have found a perfect match" said Dumbledore in a light happy voice; obviously he had gotten what he came for. He then proceeded to take out a small bag that rattled out of his long robes and put it in Gregorovitch hands.

"Like I promised Gregorovitch, we will be on our way good bye" Dumbledore said as he released Gregorovitch hand and walked out of the door and back to the fire place where he and Hinata returned to his office.

=] Smile [=

Hinata walked down from her room after packing mostly all her things, again. Dumbledore had told her that she was going to be sorted? Or something like that, so she was going to live with the other students thus making her have to leave the comforts of her current room. She really didn't want to she liked the room that she had stayed at, it had a perfect view of the beautiful lake outside and it was quiet enough that she didn't hear anything; but that might be because there was hardly anyone here since the students hadn't arrived and most of the teachers just arrived yesterday.

Oh well it didn't matter it was a mission and she wasn't allowed to choose where she stayed, plus it was better than staying on the floor…in a tent…with teammates…that snore; KIBA!

Still, even if he snored like no tomorrow she would give anything too see him right now. She missed her friends so bad already, they had never been separated; even when they became ANBU they still were placed in the same squad. It just wasn't the same without her team there Kiba and Shino; their trio.

She let out a long sigh before she heard a loud splash followed by some screams. She quickly went to the entrance of the castle and saw Peeves. He was throwing the same green filled balloons at a couple of little kids who were desperately trying to dodge them; most didn't succeed one said student was Ron Weasly who got splattered from head to toe in goo.

Then Minerva McGonagall, a very strict lady Hinata had the liberty of meeting before the Hogwarts school year began started yelling at Peeves trying to stop him.

"Don't you dare drop that balloon Peeves" she kept yelling but failed miserably as Peeves just roared in laughter and send one of the balloons flying towards her head which she tried to dodge but just ended up covered as well.

"Someone get the Bloody Baron" she yelled but with no luck as her words were drown out from the kids screams.

Hinata wanting to help quickly made her way down the stairs, but she wasn't even down when Peeves saw a glimpse of her and quickly let out a strange yelp and disappeared.

"Don't just stand there move along" yelled Professor McGonagall as she got the goo out of her robes with a wick of her wand and motioned for the rest of the students to move along and enter the Great Hall. Hinata who followed orders pretty well started heading to the great doors leading to the dining area but was quickly stopped.

"Ms. Hyuuga it would be wise if you changed into your school robes before you make your grand entrance" said McGonagall before giving her a smile and entering the room herself.

Hinata then proceeded to walk back upstairs, was it just her or was she getting more of a workout here than in missions? Oh well she climbed the stairs and was about to open her door when she felt a spark of chakra come from behind the rooms. She activated her Byuakugan and looked inside and sure enough there was a chakra signature coming behind them, but she noticed something else; it was the same chakra as the one in the Quidditch World Cup. She took out a kunai from the pocket in her leg and held it in her right hand and she quickly knocked the door down with a chakra infested kick. Once she was inside she quickly drew a smoke bomb on the floor before the guy could see her and instantly the room was covered with a tick gray smoke.

She watched as the man spun around and when his back was towards her Hinata attacked, but as the Kunai was about to pierce his skin he flung around and stick his walking staff in front of himself blocking Hinata's attack. They reached a stale mate no one winning just one blocking the other ones attack, Hinata eyed him carefully; how was he reading her attacks in the smoke?

Then she noticed it, his left eye had chakra signatures emitting from it enough to increase his eyesight. She still continued attacking trying to get the upper hand, with no much luck as the fog soon died out leaving Hinata exposed to the weird looking man.

His face was covered with many scars, but that's not what made Hinata shutter. His eyes, one was a regular chocolate brown eye but the other on was a mechanical piercing blue eye. She quickly made a black flip and put some distance between them. This was her mistake thought because as soon as the man was free he took out his wand and directed it at Hinata.

Hinata didn't know what he was going to do, she really still didn't understand the Wizard's powers but she knew that she was going to be ready for whatever he dished out. She got in a lower stance as he started to flick his wand but the words didn't have a change to leave his mouth as Professor McGonagall entered the room screaming.

"Moody put your wand down, now" she yelled as she stepped in front of Hinata blocking his target.

"Dumbledore already went through this Moody you are not allowed to attack the students" she said as Moody put his wand away reluctantly.

"She attacked me first thought" said Moody as Professor McGonagall looked at Hinata waiting for her explanation for this whole ordeal.

"Gomen, He was in my room so I thought he was an intruder" was Hinata's simple rely; she didn't want to tell her about him having the same chakra signature as the one she felt at the World Cup; something's were better left unsaid.

"Okay, well I see both people at fault so let's just forget this whole ordeal and come Ms. Hyuuga the sorting is about to begging get your robes on" said McGonagall as she pushed Hinata towards the restroom tossing her robes in after her.

=] Smile [=

Hinata finally made her way into the Great Hall where the sorting hat had already sorted half of the first years. She got in line with one of the kinds and looked around the area; she had seen it all before but no like this. It so crowded, during her stay here she shad only gotten to see 4 people...and 2 of them were dead! Maybe this was the reason Dumbledore hired her? To take care of all these kids, well they were really all kids some were older than her but still.

She snapped out of her daze as one of the kids told her to walk ahead since the line had shortened. She walked a couple of faces before she heard her name being called out by Professor McGonagall.

"Hyuuga Hinata, please come up here my dear" she said

Hinata walked up the stairs and noticed all eyes were set upon her and it had gotten rather quite. She blushed due to embarrassment and looked at Dumbledore asking for assistance. Witch he only smiled at her before tilting his head in the direction of a little chair in front of him. Hinata understood what he meant and quickly sat down and as soon as she did her head was covered by the Sorting Hat.

"Finally I get to see inside your little pretty head of yours, know let's see what house were going to put you in" it mumbled.

"You are very brace I see willing to stand up to anyone or anything especially when it's protecting someone you love, great material for Gryffindor. Thought I see that you have a mind as well, you see that in order for your clan to prosper and improve you need unity so Ravenclaw would be a good match as well. You were born in the prestigious Hyuuga clan thought, your blood is the riches and purest blood around even better for Slytherin just like your parents but of course your more clam and severe. You love the earth and are good with it, making raw material for Hufflepuff; like your mother would have been. Um, you are a very had challenge I haven't had one in a long time. Maybe you would like to have a word in Ms. Hyuuga want house would you prefer?" the hat asked making Hinata snap out and look around herself.

"I d-don't really mind" she said as she looked at the faces of the students to see if anyone was able to hear them speak, but it appeared they weren't able to.

"Hugh, fine Ill select your house by your most powerful element" said the hat before it announced its final decision to everyone.

"SLYTHERIN" it yelled as everyone in the Slytherin table stood up and cheered while the Weasley Twins made their sobs clear to everyone "NO, our beautiful princess a Slytherin?!" they kept saying over and over as Hinata offered them a small smile before walking over to the Slytherin table.

"Hello, Ms. Hyuuga it's an honor to have you in my house" said a deep haunting voice, that Hinata had gotten to know for the past few days.

"It's a pleasure to be in your house Baron" said Hinata as she gave him a smile and a wave as the Bloody Baron flew away to another corner of the table.

"I've never seen the Bloody Baron talk to anyone, let alone be nice to them" said Draco as he eyed the ghost.

"Yeah, well he is rather nice after you get to know him of course" said Hinata as she sat down in one of the open seats next to Grabbe and another Slytherin boy. Draco eyed her before shaking his head; the pretty ones were always the crazy ones.

"Grabbe get up I was sitting there" Draco sneered making Grabbe quickly stand up and offer his seat next to Hinata to him, which he gladly took.

After a while Professor McGonagall finished with the names and Dumbledore stood up and told them they were allowed to eat. Everyone soon started eating while Hinata looked at the food weirdly. It wasn't because she was picky…it was just strange how the food looked.

"Why aren't you eating, don't tell me your in a bloody diet your skinny enough as it is" said Draco as he munched on some food.

"No i-it's just, I don't know what would be good" said Hinata as she poked something that wobbled.

"Oh yeah, my father said you weren't from around here you can try the Roast Beef or the Roast Chicken those usually are the best. If you're not really hungry you could have some Rock Cake it is rather good" said Draco as he pointed to some weird things; but she trusted him so she reached over and took some chocolate rock cake and took a bite.

It was delicious, she took another bite and turned to Draco and gave him a chocolate covered teeth smile as she closed her eyes while leaning over letting her hair fall over her shoulder.

"Draco just stared at her for a while with eyes; bloody hell she was gorgeous. He was snapped out of his fantasies by a crisp sharp voice addressing Hinata.

"What do you think you're doing, first year that's my seat" yelled Pansy Parkinson as she stood in front of Hinata with her hands on her hips while she glared at Hinata.

"Gomen, I didn't know I'll just move" said Hinata as she was about to stand up and offer her seat to the heart shaped girl when a hand snatched itself into her wrist.

"She was sitting here, there are other places to sit Pansy" said Draco in a low voice making almost everyone in the Slytherin table quiet down and look over at their Slytherin Prince talking back to his usual princess.

Pansy was about to complain when she was the dead serious stare in his face, she quickly left before giving Hinata on last glare.

"Well know you twits stop staring and continue eating" yelled Draco as everyone quickly started up with their conversations again; while still stealing quick glances.

All of a sudden Dumbledore stood up and made his annual speech but this time he said something different; he announced that the Triwizard Tournament was going to be held at Hogwarts that year and then Hinata didn't bother listening anymore. Since first of all the age limit was 17 and second she really didn't know any magic yet, she would get killed. After a while Dumbledore finally finished and dismissed everyone telling them to head to their rooms.

Hinata stood up and was about to walk up with the first years and follow the prefect when she meet with cold gray eyes of Draco Malfoy.

"Why are you doing to follow that git, just come with me I'll show you the way" Hinata was about to politely refuse but he had already turned his back on her and started walking.

Hinata had a feeling this was going to be a long mission.

=] Smile [=

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