Hey guys, just thought I'd write up a new Blue Dragon story. Yeah, I know, it's kind of early for a Valentine's Day fic. But I'd rather start writing it now and have it up when Valentine's Day comes around; with Blue Dragon's "popularity", most people probably won't read it until March. I'm personally hoping that this series will become more widely known once Blue Dragon Plus is released in February. I can't wait! Uh... Right. So, about the pairings: Kluke and Bouquet's pairings are currently unknown, since Shu, Jiro and Marumaro will all be involved in the competition. It will probably end up being Kluke x Jiro, Bouquet x Shu, but I'm not sure yet. And about the spoiler... Well, this actually takes place right after episode 30, but there isn't much of a spoiler in that episode; the only things that could be considered spoilers in that episode aren't really mentioned, so I thought there wasn't any point in warning about it. Anyway, I'll stop rambling and let you read. Hope you like it. :)

Disclaimer: Yes, I do not own Blue Dragon. If I did, why wouldn't I just make my stories into an episode of the anime?


Concerning White Day: White Day is a holiday in Japan, and is basically a role reversal of Valentine's Day; girls are supposed to give chocolate to the boys they like. Honmei-choco (chocolate of love) are given to boys who the girls are in love with, and Giri-choco (chocolate of courtesy) are given to friends. As Blue Dragon is in the future from our time, some facts have been modified about White Day. First of all, Valentine's Day has been moved to February 7th, and White Day has been moved to March 7th (the Shu-tachi arrive in the village around February 20th). Second of all, the Honmei and Giri choco don't play as big of a role as they do in current day Japan. In fact, there's almost no difference between them.

Concerning Shu and Kluke's Sickness:Partly due to reasons that will be brought up in a different fic, Shu and Kluke have a sort-of-condition called severe cold intolerance (commonly known as SCI). In the Blue Dragon world (or at least, my version of it), SCI is very common in children who live in warm climates (especially deserts). Unfortunately, they often don't know they have it until they go into a place that's cold enough to snow. Usually it won't kill them, although there have been deaths contributed to it. It is usually treatable with medicine and rest (and possibly some old home remedies). Shadow Users have partial resistance to cold, but Shu and Kluke show that the SCI - while it doesn't stop it entirely - somewhat neutralizes the immunity.

Jiro sneezed; he was glad to be somewhere that was seasonal by ancient standards, but still not used to it yet. He clutched the paper bags closer to his chest. The last thing he needed to do was sneeze on them. The very thought was ironic, to say the least. He was relieved to find himself only a few feet away from the inn. At least, until he saw Bouquet sitting (depressed) on the front steps.

Jiro's initial reaction was to do his best to ignore her. Usually, he tried to avoid any social or physical contact with the girl. To him, the incidents with Legolas when they first met were proof that Bouquet was a walking hazard.

But avoiding her wouldn't be easy, as when she saw him, she stood and unwittingly block his path. "Jiro?"

He held back a sigh. "What is it, Bouquet?"

"Do you... Do you think Shu and Kluke will be okay?"

Now he did sigh, letting his eyes slide shut. "Yeah, they'll be fine. As long as you let me get inside and bring them the medicine."

"Oh!" Startled, Bouquet practically leapt off the stairs. "Sorry."

"It's okay." Jiro walked to the door, then stopped. "Oh, and Bouquet?"

"Yes?" she looked at him curiously. Jiro only talked to her to tell her to shut up or to give her battle instructions, and that in itself was a rare occurrence.

He swallowed. "... Try not to stay outside too long. It's cold." Before she could respond, he hurried through the front door.

Kluke scrunched her eyes as she woke up, moaning slightly; her head was still hurting. When her eyes were open, she blinked a few times to clear her view.

She was on a bed, in a well-furnished room... She guessed it was an inn. She just wondered what she was doing there.

To her left, on another bed, was Shu. He seemed to be sound asleep.

She tried to push herself up, but found herself falling back into the bed. It was like she was being held down with weights. It didn't make sense... She had several thick blankets draped over her, but they shouldn't be holding her down like that.

"Good. You're awake."

Kluke recognized the voice. "Zola...? What... What happened?"

"What's the last thing you remember?"

"I remember we changed course... We were heading for a village in the mountains. Me and Shu got sick from the cold, and you had to take over and pilot the mechat."

"About that..." Zola interrupted. "Thank you, for the tips on landing. That was a very clever and discreet way to tell me, too."

"It's no problem." Kluke smiled. Zola was skilled in many things, but piloting wasn't one of them. Kluke had ended up coming out of the mechat cabin to direct Zola, all under the guise of trying to get a better view of the village. Then, thinking further, Kluke became confused. "But... I can't remember what happened after we landed."

"You and Shu passed out from the cold. We had to carry you to the village; I carried Shu and Jiro carried you."

"Jiro carried me?" Kluke blushed slightly. The boy had never been particularly mean to her, but she certainly wouldn't imagine him carrying her, even in an emergency. Not that she minded.

Zola smiled, noticing Kluke's sudden flush, but chose not to say anything about it. "He brought you and Shu some medicine. We gave it to you about an hour ago, so you should start to feel the effects."

"I guess I feel better than before. But that might just be because it isn't as cold in here."

"Kluke, you're awake, maro!" Marumaro appeared out of nowhere, bouncing over to the side of the bed.

Jiro walked to stand next to him. "How are you feeling?"

"Better. And thank you, for carrying me."

Jiro blushed, his eyes looking up at Zola accusingly.

Zola chuckled, closing her eyes. "I'll leave you three to each other." With that, she left the room.

The trio chatted for a while, Jiro and Marumaro telling her what the town was like and such. Shu woke up a little while later, and Bouquet joined the group once she discovered that "her Darling" was conscious. Soon, Shu and Kluke were able to get up and move around; the medicine was working like a charm.

"I wonder if it's safe to go outside..." Shu looked longingly out the window. As much as he didn't like it making him sick, he'd never seen snow up close, and was endlessly curious about it.

"Probably," Zola walked into the room. "The medicine should be just about done working. If you couldn't go outside, then I'd say the pharmacist is due for a talk."

"Hopefully involving our money being returned." Jiro muttered under his breath.

Kluke pushed the inside of her cheek with her tongue. "Zola, is it alright if I go shopping?"

"What would you want to do that for?" Shu frowned at her.

Zola ignored him. "As long as someone goes with you, it's fine." she scanned the group with her eyes, instantly deciding who. "Take Bouquet with you."

"What?" Bouquet yelped, taking a step back.

Kluke closed her eyes, sighing and starting to count to ten. Putting up with Bouquet was a chore, but she knew that Zola had done this as a favor to her; if Bouquet was with Kluke, she wouldn't be with Shu. "Okay."

"What?" Bouquet repeated, this time directed at Kluke.

"There's a few things I'd like you to pick up for me while you're out there," Zola was still grinning at the exchange between Kluke and Bouquet. "I'll make a list."

Okay, there's the first chapter. Sorry it's so slow; it'll pick up next chapter, I promise. And hopefully there will be some romance in that. Although, there was a little something between Bouquet/Jiro and Kluke/Jiro. :) Anyway, all this story needs is about ten hits or so before I update it. But please, please review. I like to know that someone didn't just click on it and then go back to the last page. And suggestions are always appreciated. ;) Well... I already asked you to review, so I don't think there's anything else I need to mention. Hope you liked it.