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For the army of Grand Kingdom, both Valentine's Day and White Day were just days like any other. There were a few people who would give out chocolate and set up decorations, making sure that it was away from the critical eyes of Nene or Szabo; as long as no one did it near him, Rogi usually didn't mind too much. One person in particular who loved to do this was Cynthia, which was another thing that made her absence so painfully apparent.

While he was careful to show it, Rogi was still upset about the loss of Lemaire and Cynthia, and was still concerned about Gilliam's status - he hadn't been doing well. On top of all of that, Nene seemed like he had Rogi on the chopping block. The thing that was so infuriating to Rogi was that he was going to be replaced by, of all things, a robot.

He sighed, going through the previous reports of their battles with the Shadow User children and Zola. It just didn't make sense; how had a powerful army like Grand Kingdom been bested by the likes of them so many times?

There was a knock on his door. "Enter."

He was surprised when Delphinium walked in, looking particularly uncomfortable, which was an odd thing in itself. But he thought he might be sick when he thought he saw her blushing. "General Rogi, could I have a word with you?"

"I suppose. What is it regarding?" he looked through the papers, pretending to be bored. But something that could unnerve the spy made him curious, and he was eager to find out what it might be.

"It's concerning today's holiday."

"Which is?"

"...White Day."

Now he did abandon the act, looking up at her with wide eyes. "And what would this have to do with me?"

"I-I just wanted to give this to you," she quickly set down a wrapped chocolate on his desk and started backing away. "Cynthia had given everyone chocolate for Valentine's Day, and now that she's passed... It seemed appropriate to give it to you." The way she said it, he almost thought it sounded like an excuse.

"I see. Well, thank you. Is there anything else you needed?"

"N-no. I guess I should be going..." she turned to leave, then stopped. "Oh, and I'm sorry if you don't like it. I asked Andropov what kind of chocolate you liked, but he didn't know. I, um... I just guessed." She hurried out of the door.

Once she'd gone, he opened it up and ate it, instantly surprised. Dark chocolate and orange... The only one who knew I liked that flavor was Cynthia. I was pretty sure she hadn't told anyone, so how did Delphinium find out? Thoroughly amused at the possibilities, he went back to work, in the back of his mind trying to think of a way to find out how she'd discovered it.

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