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The room was sinisterly dark; the only light source of light the blazing fire in the stone grate, casting its reflection on the long polished dining room table. Shadows played off the faces of the witches and wizards sitting around it, all eyes pointed cautiously to the massive wing back chair at the head of the table. The silence was painstaking. One pair of eyes were not pointing towards her master. She wrung her hands together under the table, her head bend down to hide her sallow face. She could feel her heart pounding forcefully in her chest, causing her to shake violently. No one dared to look at her.

"Bellatrix…" a high-pitched, sickeningly sweet voice cooed, accompanied by the low hiss of a snake.

"Yes, Master…?" she inquired humbly, her voice quivering.

"You've betrayed me…have you not?"

No reply.

The chair at the end scraped back along the wooden floor, and a hooded figure rose, his right arm outstretched towards her.

"You heard me, Bellatrix!" Voldermort hissed angrily. "Answer me!"

"Master, I…I tried but…I just couldn't do it. Please forgive me…"

"Were you unable to perform the task I assigned you? Something got in your way? Someone? I want a straight answer…why is Andromeda Tonks still alive? She is a member of the Order of The Phoenix. I've sent all of you on missions to kill them. I want no interference when I take over the ministry. Tell me now, as I repeat- Why is she still alive?"

"Master…she is my sister. I could not kill her…" Bellatrix choked out, on the brink of tears.

"WHERE DO YOUR ALLIEGENCES LIE?" He shrieked, banging both fists on the table with such force that the remainder of the group jumped, terrified. Bellatrix watched the person sitting nest to her, crumple with silent despair, and her hands had flown to her pale face. She wanted to take her sister into her arms but she knew it would only provoke Voldermort further. Bellatrix shuddered before answering.

"With you, my lord." Bellatrix murmured.

"I don't think they do. I think you are still relying on your family ties. Have I not given you a place of honor in my circle, Bellatrix? Have I not shown you praise above all others? What is it you wish me to do for you? I think I have been fair enough." He paused for a moment. "Lucius, my wand, please." Voldermort's voice was low, sickeningly sweet once more.

"My lord, please…I will do better." Bellatrix pleaded. Lucius reluctantly rose from his chair and walked to the mantle to retrieve his master's wand. He stared gravely to Bellatrix before handing it over. Narcissa inhaled but never released the breath.

"Perhaps…" Voldermort replied, his face entirely covered by the hood of his cloak and he clasped his long, bony, and pale fingers tightly around the wand.

"Master, I beg of you…" a make voice spoke from across the table from Bellatrix. "Pardon her this once…and I assure you, your bidding will be done most adequately."

"And you think your opinion on this matter is relevant, Rodolphus?" Voldermort spat. "That your wife should be pardoned for her disloyalty? Forgiven like it was nothing. Your ignorance annoys me…perhaps this will teach you a lesson! Crucio!" Voldermort's horrifying voice echoed through the room as Rodolphus fell from his chair, screaming in agony as the curse coarsed through his body. Bellatrix let out a cry of misery as she watched her husband writhe in unending pain. Narcissa's cold hand clamped on her elder sister's knee, silencing her instantly.

"There…" Voldermort hissed as Rodolphus lay unconscious now on the stone floor. "Silence is golden."

"Bellatrix Lestrange…" he turned his attention back to her. "You have one more chance to redeem yourself in my sight. Fail me again and you will endure far worse than death itself. Thank your husband. Pitiful thing…love."

Voldermort stood, casting his gaze over the hall of his beloved Death Eaters and with a crack, he disapperated. The others one by one disappeared as well as Bellatrix flew from her chair to Rodolphus' side. She set her cool hand on his face, tears streaming down her cheeks. He stirred slightly before she threw herself over his chest, grasping him with both hands.

"Are you alright?" she breathed. He shook her off of him, his muscles tense.

"You're lucky he didn't kill you!" He bellowed as he stood, glaring down at her. "Next time do as you are told, Bella! You chose this! I tried to keep you away! It was too late for me! I was already trapped! I could not leave him! Don't make me lose you, Bella! I mean it! I won't stay here to watch you ruin our lives! Mine, Narcissa's, Lucius'! I won't!" He stormed away as Bella crumbled on the floor, her hair hiding her face. All of the sudden she felt a set of arms wrap around her.

"Oh Bella, I was so frightened." She murmured, as Bellatrix laid her head on Narcissa's shoulder. "I thought I was going to lose you…"

"I didn't kill her, Cissy…" Bellatrix's voice was harsh with despair.

"I know, I know. I would have been angrier with you if you had…" Narcissa replied. "I know

"Wait a minute! Angry at me? You are angry at me?!" Bellatrix pulled out of her sister's embrace, shocked.

"You nearly got us all killed!" Narcissa shot back. "You think this was really the way I wanted to die? Not particularly!"

"You think I wanted to kill Andromeda? You think I wanted that on my shoulders? Would you have done it? I highly doubt it! You wouldn't even yell at her if she crossed you. I always the one to stand up to her for you! Don't you dare say otherwise!"

"Bellatrix, I'm a follower too!" Narcissa hissed. "I know what you are going through! And you are right. I wouldn't have done, nor would I have killed you! But Bella…we can't escape anymore. The Dark Lord will have our heads on silver platters if he even suspected we thought about running for it! It's over…until the Dark Lord is in power…Bella, we're slaves in our own homes! So if you planning on being around any longer, I suggest you learn your duty or die defying him…if I thought I had the option I would be gone faster than a phoenix can fly…"

Bellatrix said nothing as she threw her hands over her face in remorse. Narcissa felt her heart breaking as she reached for Bellatrix once more.

"Come on, Bella…" Narcissa whispered mournfully, pulling her up.


"Bella! Please, come on. We need to get you away from here."

"I'll do anything the Dark Lord wants…anything." Bellatrix ranted. "I will be his most loyal subject. Kill whoever he likes. Torture whoever. My heart can't be the factor. I won't let him hurt you or Lucius or Rodolphus. I will be the sacrifice! I have to be! No more of this back and forth nonsense! I have my duty to uphold."

Narcissa stared in horror at her sister's face. It was contorted into an evil, satisfactory grin now, the tears gone.


Bellatrix did not answer as a low chuckle escaped from her lips. She threw her head back and the chuckle erupted into a manic cackle.

Narcissa slid away from her sister, horrified. Bellatrix laughed wildly, unable to control herself. That was not Bellatrix's laugh…that was the laugh of a newly corrupted soul, not of the older sister she adored…

Laughter sounded through the halls of Black Manor, no doubt coming from the third floor bedroom of two sisters.

"Cissy, stop it!" Bellatrix cried, trying to avoid her sister's blows.

"No you totally deserve it, Bella!" Narcissa retorted, swinging the pillow in her hands, aiming for Bella's shoulder.

"I'll give it to you! I'll give it to you! Just stop hitting me with that blasted pillow!" Bellarix shrieked, falling to the bed, covering her face with her arms.

"You surrender?!"

"Yes, I surrender, I surrender!" Bellatrix assured her. Narcissa dropped the pillow and fell to the bed next to her sister, out of breath. Bellatrix glanced over at her and rolled her eyes.

"I can't believe I'm doing this…" Bellatrix groaned, sliding from the bed to the floor. She crawled along the Oriental rug to her open trunk. She riffled through her things, pulling books and potion ingredients from it, littering the floor with her belongings. Narcissa sat up anxiously as Bella rummaged through her school things.

"Hurry up, Bella! Or I'm getting the pillow!" she cried with anticipation.

Bellatrix snickered as she pulled the last book from her trunk - The History of Slytherin House. She carefully pulled open the cover and a thick piece of folded parchment dropped to her lap. Bellatrix sat back on her heels, clutching the letter to her chest before standing.

"You get mine…" Bellatrix's eyes narrowed. Narcissa put on a innocent grin.

"I know nothing about a letter for you!" Narcissa laughed.

"If it weren't the summer holidays, I would be hexing the answer out of you. I got yours, now you get mine or it's going in the fireplace!" Bellatrix threatened. Narcissa scowled.

"Very well, Bella. You've made your point. Now get that look off your face. You remind me of Mother when you do that." Narcissa crossed the other side of the spacious bedroom and pulled an identical letter from her bedside drawer.

"We trade on three…" Bellatrix suggested.

"Alright." Narcissa agreed as they both neared each other.

"One…" Bella started.


Before either of them could say three, Andromeda burst through the door.

"Accio letters!" She shrieked and the parchment flew her hand automatically.

"Give them back!" Bellatrix shrieked rushing after her, jumping over the bed to get to her elder sister. Andromeda laughed with satisfaction as Narcissa and Bellatrix tried to snatch them back.

"Just because you can use magic outside Hogwarts now gives you no right to take my property!" Narcissa cried angrily.

"This is for eavesdropping in on my conversation with Archibald Fletcher yesterday!" Andromeda replied smugly, crossing her arms - the letters clenched in her fists. Narcissa and Bellatrix immediately stopped whining to take a look at one another before erupting into obnoxious laughter, falling to the floor. They clutched to their sides as Andromeda huffed.

"What is so funny?!" She cried.

"We didn't know who you were talking to until just now!" Narcissa choked out through a fit of giggles. Bellatrix was laying flat on the floor, hardly able to breathe from laughing so hard.

"What do you see in him, Andromeda? He has a nose like a hippogriff's beak! His hair looks like dental floss and the way his face contorts into that scowl when he thinks - its more unpleasant that looking at a mandrake! Might want to beat him with a shovel too next time we see him!" Bellatrix squealed.

"Wait! You hit a mandrake with a shovel?" Narcissa asked.

"Just once. The stupid little thing bit me…he had it coming." Bellatrix sat up, wiping the tears from her eyes. The smile faded from her lips when she saw the look on Andromeda's face. "Oh…um, you like Bald Archie, I mean, Archibald Fletcher, do you, Dromie?"

"Shut it, Bella." Andromeda warned. "He is a friend, and you should be ashamed of yourself! Talking about people that way. It's positively cruel!"

"She's sorry, Annie, darling. But please, give me my letter, I beg of you!" Narcissa pleaded, folding her hands.

Andromeda thought for a moment before checking the seals on the back of each envelope.

"Malfoy and Lestrange!?" Andromeda was appalled. "No, No, No!"

"What?" Bellatrix and Narcissa groaned.

"I'm not going to let the two of you spend all summer, writing mushy love letters to those boys! Not a chance!" Andromeda crossed to the window and pulled it open. And before her sisters had a chance to react, she tossed them out into the summer air. Bellatrix and Narcissa screamed with despair as they rushed for the window, pushing Andromeda out of the way.

"Andromeda Black, I am going to kill you!" Bellatrix screamed. "Rodolphus is going to expect me to answer him! He wouldn't have gone to the trouble of giving the letter to Cissy to give to me! There was not supposed to be a fourth party member here!"

"Nor would Lucius have gone to the trouble of giving the letter to Bella!" Narcissa was equally upset.

"You wouldn't kill me even you got the chance!" Andromeda scoffed, and with a wave of her wand, the letters soared back through the window and to their rightful owners. Bellatrix clutched hers to her chest and scowled at Andromeda.

"No I might…depends on how mad I get!" She murmured and with a subtle wink, she smirked before climbing onto her bed. She ripped the seal and the contents of the letter were more than she could ever describe. She sighed with adoration as she sunk into the multiple pillows on her bed.

"Who knew…" Andromeda laughed. "Bellatrix Black has a heart…"

"Oh shut it…" Bella mumbled. She looked over to her little sister. Narcissa was sprawled on the rug, her eyes widened with anticipation as she read her letter. The general expression of her face seemed to change with every sentence. Andromeda rolled her eyes.

"I bet ten galleons neither of you end up with either of those idiots!" Andromeda remarked, shuffling past them both and out into the hallway.

Bellatrix snickered and with one last roll of her eyes, she immersed herself into Rodolphus' words, falling in love with him with every line…

Bellatrix stood, her robes falling out behind her as she glanced down her sister. Narcissa covered her mouth as her sister's gaze made contact with her own. There was no longer any color to her eyes, they were as empty as her expression as she swept from the room, a faint "Rodolphus" slipping from her lips. In the next moment she was gone. Narcissa did not move, barely breathing now.

"Narcissa…" a low voice mumbled. Narcissa said nothing as she turned to her husband. Lucius extended his hand to her and she took it, and in the next moment she was embraced in his arms.

"What are we going to?" she whispered.

"What we all have to do…" Lucius murmured, taking his forefinger and pushing one of her stray locks of silky blonde from her face. "Survive."

"Not sure how we are going to find a way to do that…" Narcissa scoffed, her voice hushed with despair.

"We'll find a way…" he replied, kissing her on the forehead. "We are together, that is all that matters."

Narcissa chuckled, a slight grin on her face now, a momentary pause in her grieving.

"What could possibly be funny about that?" Lucius narrowed his eyes. Narcissa shook her head and put her fingertip to his lips to silence him.

"Nothing at all, darling. It's just…Someone owes me ten galleons."