Here's the new story I was telling you all about. It's an idea I've been kicking around for a while and since my other story (Bleeding Love) is starting to wrap up, I figured it was time to get this one out. I'm currently student teaching so this is definitely a world I know something about (just as a warning, I'll probably be relieving some of my frustrations out here too...haha). And before you ask, yes, the backstory for this is semi-autobiographical and I figured I'd just run with it and see what happens. Hope you like!


Chapter One


Although I hadn't lived, I mean really lived, in Forks for four years, nothing had changed much. As my ancient pick-up truck hobbled through the streets, it was hard to believe that I was back, driving through these streets again. It seemed like a lifetime ago since I had made this drive but the roads were uneasily familiar and my heart was still pounding wildly in my chest like it had eight years ago on my first day of high school. Now I was back and on my way to my first faculty meeting for my first teaching job. Holy shit.

I was an adult now. I had to not only be responsible but be responsible for other people's kids as well. Even now, driving up to my first 'grown-up' job, I wasn't sure how to feel about it. The probability of falling flat on my face my first year of teaching was just too high to be all that optimistic. It probably didn't help that I had had to move out of my cozy apartment in Seattle with Alice and move back in with Charlie. All grown-up with absolutely zero money. Moving back in with dad seemed like a backwards way of flexing my hard-earned, college degree-driven independence.

I could practically hear Alice's voice in my head: "You're just saving some money, Bella, that's all it is. No shame in that."

I tried not to notice my death-grip on the steering wheel. Maybe if I squeezed it tightly enough it would break off and I could get a new car. Fat fucking chance of that ever happening. I had been secretly hoping that Renee and Phil would invest in a shiny new car for me as a graduation present but as it turned out, they had decided to cover my student loan payments for a year. I was willing to take whatever I could get and their generosity was way more than I had been expecting.

As if my hair-brained mother had telekinetic powers, my phone started to ring. I dove in my purse my phone, silently praying that I wouldn't find it in time and be spared of her latest gab session. As much as I love my mom, I absolutely loathed talking to her on the phone. Once I had the stupid thing in my hand, I contemplated just letting it go to voicemail but thought better of it, knowing that she would just keep calling back until I finally surrendered to her annoying persistence.

Suppressing a groan, I answered it. At least I had time on my side.

"Hey Mom…listen, I can't talk for real long--"

"Oh honey, I know! I just wanted to call and wish you good luck for your first meeting. I'm so excited for you!"

I smiled into the phone. "Thanks, Mom."

"So…you're nervous, huh?"

I bit my lip and squeezed the steering wheel with my free hand a little tighter. Truth be told, I had been pushing it out of my mind since I had rolled out of bed this morning and just thinking about it made me grimace in uneasy anticipation. I still had three weeks until school started and my truck was loaded down with boxes upon boxes of book and odds and ends and, while I was thrilled to unload all that crap and see my room, I was not particularly excited to be bombarded with a million new people. I had never been, and probably never will be, all that great in new and uncomfortable situations and as my mom had so simply stated, I was nervous. Correction: I was scared out of my fucking mind.

"Uh…yeah, Mom. I'm nervous. What do you think?" I responded, a little too curtly than intended.

"Oh, sweetie, don't worry. Edward Cullen will be there." She responded slyly.

I groaned loudly into the phone and even though she couldn't see it, I rolled my eyes just for the sake of being melodramatic. I was wondering how long it was going to take for her to bring that shit up. Same old shit. Ever since May, it was a rare occasion that she didn't find some way to sneakily mention his name to me.

"Mom…" I bit out warningly. "Let's not go there right now."

"What?" She feigned ignorance. "All I meant was that you'll know someone there. It's kind of like the first day of school and you just need that one person to show you where your locker is and to sit with you at lunch…"

I snorted right into my phone. "Mom, you realize I don't even really remember what he looks like, right?"

This time, my mom laughed loudly, like it was some kind of weird, mixed up private joke I had no hope of ever understanding. And considering it was my mom, I wouldn't put it past her.

"Bella, I'm sure you'll recognize him."

I sighed, knowing I was fighting a losing battle to even think about trying to reason with her. "Whatever. Look, I don't really have time to talk about this right now. I'm pulling into the parking lot so I'll call you later tonight, alright?"

"Ok, honey, I love you. And good luck!"

I sighed again and shook my head in disbelief as I tossed my phone back into my purse. Ugh. That woman never failed to amaze me; she always had some ulterior motive. And lately, that ulterior motive revolved around Edward Cullen. Slamming my truck's door shut, I winced a little at the thought as I started walking in towards Forks High School.

Edward Cullen. Ugh. He might as well be a figment of my (or Renee's) imagination. Or from another planet. Edward and I went to middle school together. Fortunately for him, he was something of a golden boy/all-star athlete. His perfect little family was new in town, complete with Carlisle, his gorgeous doctor father, Esme, his gorgeous stay-at-home mother, and Emmett, his gorgeous athletic older brother. Every guy at our school, including Jasper, my best friend since kindergarten, wanted to be him and every girl, excluding me, plain old wanted him. He was funny, cute, good at sports, and he was a genuinely nice guy, a rare thing among the jock population.

Still, I was in the miniscule minority in middle school. I didn't really see what was so fantastic about him. Maybe it was just a rebellious thing, to make a conscious effort to not fall all over the 'it' boy at school. I didn't want to be one of those girls who laughed at all his jokes, who were in the front row cheering for him at all his basketball games (I was cheering for Jasper), and who cast him long, blushing looks during class. The fact that he always seemed to have a different girl hanging on him didn't do him any favors either, at least in my opinion. Nonetheless, he was a hard guy not to like. I'd be lying if I said it took all of my willpower to not develop a school-girl crush on him.

Fortunately, my adolescence made it easy on my willpower. During those crucial middle school years, I was burdened with glasses, braces, mousy brown hair, a procrastinating-to-mature body, and acne. Thank God my parents had given in to my begging and let me get contacts in seventh grade. I was a hopeless tomboy, complete with the baggy clothes and the countless basketball jerseys I frequently wore to school. I doubt Edward ever saw me as anything other than that basketball player who kind of looked and acted like a boy. Luckily for me, Jasper, for the most part, shared in my awkwardness; we weren't necessarily unpopular, but we weren't exactly with the 'in' crowd either. This trend continued on through high school until we finally made it to college, where we met Alice, who turned out to not only be responsible for my newfound fashion prowess but Jasper's soul mate as well.

Edward, on the other hand, was always tragedy-free. Up until May that is. I don't know all the details. But this is what I do know: although Edward and I didn't go to the same high school because his parents moved them to, ironically enough, Seattle, when Edward graduated from middle school, Carlisle and Esme moved back to Forks soon after Edward started college. This gave Esme and Renee ample opportunity to reconnect, since they had become friends through going to our basketball games, and to gossip about their children as well. Every time Renee ran into Esme, she always managed to pass along whatever news there was about Edward and Emmett, as if I actually cared. It was always little pieces of information that I wasn't really interested in…Edward goes to school in Seattle too, Bella…oh Bella, I ran into Mrs. Cullen the other day and she told me that Edward's going to be a music teacher…Edward just got engaged…

And then in May, two weeks before the wedding, Edward's longtime girlfriend and fiancé walked out on him. This information trickled down to me through Renee, naturally. Supposedly, his fiancé started to have feelings for someone else. Edward was crushed, Esme had told Renee, and was now back living with his parents until he could find a more permanent place to live. It didn't matter to my mother that Edward was a heartbroken mess, all that mattered to her was that he was single again and now made it her mission in life to find some way to push us together. No matter how much I protested, complained, or stomped my foot, Renee was determined.

She definitely wasn't an expert in the art of subtlety either.

"So I saw Mrs. Cullen yesterday at the grocery store and she mentioned that Edward's still single…"

"Good for him. It's probably for the best anyway if he's just single for a while."

"Well, Mrs. Cullen really thinks he should start dating again."


"I didn't say anything! I was just saying…"

"You were implying that you think Edward and I would make a good couple."

"So what if I do? Edward's always been such a nice boy and seems like he would be a good boyfriend for you. He's a teacher, he's respectful, he comes from a nice family…why is it bad that I want that for you?"

"Mom, that's not bad. But given the fact that I can't remember the last time I saw him, that we don't know each other anymore, and that he has an extreme amount of emotional baggage I want nothing to do with…I don't see it having much of a chance."

"Well, if I were your age and Edward Cullen was in running around this town single, I wouldn't hesitate to jump—"

"Knock it off, Mom."

That was typically how our conversations about Edward went. It's not that I didn't feel bad for him though. And I definitely knew a little something about what Edward was going through. Through trial and severe error, I'd learned the hard way that relationships weren't something I cared enough about to make time for. I had had a string of not-so-fantastic boyfriends and that was enough to turn me off guys for awhile. I had discovered them to be nothing but unreliable and immature assholes. This also meant I wanted no part in Edward's situation. The last thing I needed was to get myself involved in something like that. I had more important things to worry about. Like surviving my first year of teaching without jumping off a cliff.

Still, when Renee discovered from Esme that Edward was a music teacher and newly appointed varsity basketball coach at Forks High, she did cartwheels for weeks.

With a deep, self-reassuring breath, I pushed open the doors and navigated through the hallways to find the auditorium. I smiled to myself while I pushed back my nerves and let my eyes roam around the school. It was nice to know that some things never changed. It was funny…I hadn't really walked these halls in four years and while they had remained the same, I certainly hadn't.

The auditorium doors came into view and I pushed through them before my nerves could get the best of me. I had planned it out just right and walked in just as the meeting began, taking a seat near the back and off to the side. Principal Greene started droning on about a few odds and ends in the beginning and then the part I had been dreading arrived: new faculty introductions.

I listened intently as he read off the list, one by one standing up once their names were read. I waited…I rubbed my sweaty palms on my pant legs and desperately tried to calm my heartbeat so I wouldn't like such a nervous newbie to all the other teachers. And then I heard my name called out:

"In the English department, we have an alumnus of Forks High, Isabella Swan…although I know she goes by Bella." Principal Greene joked while he scanned the crowd for my familiar face.

I stood and waved awkwardly to the crowd of curious faces who had turned around to get a look at me. And then I saw him. Damn Renee. She had been right; I had no trouble recognizing him. Zero trouble at all. I hadn't seen him up close in about five years but I would have recognized him anywhere. I guess some things just got better. Gone were the boyishly cute, teenage heartthrob qualities of his adolescence; he had matured into a living and breathing Greek god. The bowl hair cut I remembered was long gone but that shockingly bronze hair of his was wildly disheveled and the term 'sex hair' came to mind. It was deeply unsettling. Alarmingly unsettling. He was staring back at me with those striking emerald eyes I definitely had not forgotten, an odd expression on his face like he was in shock or something…but he couldn't have been surprised to see me since I was positive Esme was playing the same game as Renee.

As I sat back down, he smiled that lop-sided grin that had frequented the halls of Forks Middle School and was probably etched into the minds of every single girl he had ever came in contact with and I felt my breath catch in my throat. Why the hell was he looking at me like that? He waved to me and smiled again. I did my best to offer a small wave back and he just smiled at me again. He almost looked happy to see me. What the hell?

The blonde sitting next to him nudged him with her elbow and he quickly turned back around to refocus on Principal Greene. The blonde sitting next to Edward turned her head to send me an apologetic smile and I felt the air leave my lungs. Well, of course the best-looking people in the room would be sitting next to each other. She was, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and I suddenly felt very self-conscious. I glanced down at my outfit and was at least comforted in the fact that Alice had taught me well. My dressy Bermuda shorts, wrap shirt and flats made me look professional yet still stylish and I silently congratulated myself for taking extra care with my hair and makeup today. Still, I didn't really hold a candle to the blonde. I doubt anyone could.

With a sigh, I pushed all those thoughts away and focused on the task at hand, deliberately avoiding staring at the back of a certain someone's head and used all of my lingering adolescent stubborn willpower to not notice that, every few minutes, he was sneaking glances at me through a slight turn of his head. Damn it all to hell.


Ho-ly shit. Holy fucking shit. Bella Swan. There was no way that person sitting a few rows away from me was Bella Swan. This was just insane. I vaguely remembered my mom telling me, among other things, that Bella had 'grown into a gorgeous woman' but given my memories of Bella from middle school, I hadn't really given it much thought. But gorgeous didn't even begin to describe her. When had this happened? I couldn't get over it. This was definitely not the girl I remembered.

Rosalie nudged me again and I jumped in my chair. Shit. She caught me. I turned back around in my chair and glued my eyes to the front of the auditorium to pretend to be paying attention. I could feel Rosalie's eyes on me but I kept on own gaze right on Principal Greene. It was the same speech he had given us last year and since he wasn't exactly one for reinvention, I didn't see the need to pay close attention. But I needed the distraction to keep my head from turning to my right.

So instead of paying attention to a speech I had already heard, I spent the rest of the hour trying to remember everything I knew about her.

Basketball player in middle school. Pretty good one, too. I remembered my parents dragging me to a couple of her high school games and I vaguely remembered seeing her at a few of mine too, tagging along with Charlie. She definitely had braces…I couldn't remember ever seeing her up close without them…really long brown hair but it looked different now, it was shinier and curlier. Definitely didn't remember her hair ever looking like that. She always hung out with that Whitlock kid…post player in middle school…she always wore baggy Nike shirts, always, it was never anything but sports related. She had had glasses too…when did she lose those? I couldn't remember. My mom telling me a few years ago that Charlie and Renee were getting divorced, then that Renee was getting remarried…I think my parents went to the wedding.

My most recent conversation with my mother kept replaying in my head:

"You remember Renee Dwyer, right? Bella Swan's mom?"

"Yeah, sure. I remember."

"Well, I actually ran into her the other day at the grocery store and you'll never believe what she told me. I'm sure I told you Bella was going to be a teacher too…she just got a job in the English department at Forks! Isn't that crazy? You guys are going to be working together come September!"

"Huh…that's a weird coincidence."

"It definitely is." My mom laughed. "Listen, Edward, you have to promise me that you'll look out for her…you know, show her the ropes, answer any questions she has, help her out if needs it…this is her first year teaching and her mom told me she's pretty nervous about it."

"Yeah sure, Mom."

It wasn't that long ago, a year only, since I was in the exact same spot as Bella. Getting my job had been pure luck anyway and in my desperation to just get hired somewhere, I had offered to coach JV basketball in my interview. Which, of course, had been a rookie mistake. First year teaching and first year coaching abso-fucking-lutely do not mix. I still don't know how I managed to make it through the year without ending up in a padded room. But, as luck would have it, the varsity coach decided to retire in the middle of the summer and I was next in line for the job, which had come with a nice little pay raise. And since I hadn't exactly been in the right state of mind to make any type of life-altering decisions, I had, naturally, just said yes. At that point, I figured nothing could possibly be worse than the year I had just suffered so why the hell not?

Fuck if I still wasn't suffering.

I could feel Rosalie's eyes on me again but I didn't give her the satisfaction. I knew she was worried about me. Everyone and their god damn mother was worried about me. Rosalie, being my sister-in-law, probably felt some kind of misplaced familial responsibility to take care of me at school. But I didn't need that from her or from anybody. I was through talking about it and done thinking about it. The open wounds from the worst day of my life were slowly clotting into a scar and I wasn't about it rip them open again by being stupid enough to talk about it.

Bella's reappearance in my life was a welcome distraction now. My mom had always been keeping me up-to-date on Bella's life from high school on and it had never been anything that was all that interesting to me. She was just someone I went to middle school with, someone I had had some classes with, someone whose best friend had been on my basketball team…we were never really friends although I don't remember ever doing or saying anything to her that she could potentially remember as mean. We just ran with different crowds…she was just a passing acquaintance, someone whose voice I couldn't even conjure in my memory and yet, eight years since I had first met her, I was fascinated.

Thankfully, Principal Greene let us go shortly after I snuck a last glance in Bella's direction. All the faculty members starting going their separate ways, whether it was to catch up with friends or to head to their classrooms to start prep and somewhere along the way, Bella disappeared into the commotion.

My mom's instructions to me kept whirling around in my head and I figured I had nothing to lose. I hadn't actually had a real conversation with her in probably five or six years and there was nothing wrong with catching up with an old acquaintance. Good thing I knew where the English wing was.


I got out of that room as fast as my legs would carry me. I knew I probably should have stuck around to make small talk with some of the other teachers but my nerves just weren't up to it. Besides, I had boxes upon boxes of supplies and teaching materials to bring into my classroom and I needed to get started on that. Screw socializing. I could do that after my room was set up.

It took me two round trips from my truck to my classroom before I was officially out of breath and cursing my decision to build a robust classroom library. Those books were fucking heavy. Not to mention the boxes of games, textbooks, and classroom supplies that were still nagging at me. This sucked.

I was just rounding the corner that led to the doorway when I heard his voice behind me.


I froze at the sound. I'm not sure why I was surprised by his sudden appearance in the English wing of the high school but I was shocked nonetheless. He was jogging over to me with that stupid smile on his face while I just stood there, completely dumbstruck.

"What are you doing?" He smiled when he had reached my side.

"I'm…uh…just bringing…uh…some boxes in from my truck." I stammered. Nice. Smooth. Very smooth.

He nodded and gestured his head for us to keep walking out towards the parking lot. "I'll give you a hand."

"Oh no, Edward…you don't have to do that. I'm sure you have a million things you have to do in your own classroom…you don't have to help me." There. Now he had an out.

He just shrugged his shoulders and kept walking with me. "I'm sure don't have nearly as much to do as you. Besides, I don't mind."

I frowned and nodded slowly in response. Now this was strange. There was no good reason for him to be so nice to me. It's not like we had been friends when we went to school together. Sure I had, for the most part, expected him to be fairly friendly just because of our parents, but not this. He was overtly going out of his way. And that did not sit well with me.

Still, I didn't foresee him relenting in the near future so I just gave up and let him bring in box after box with me.

"So, English, huh?" He said during one trip in from the parking lot.

I smirked a little. "Yeah."

"You know, I never really had you pegged as an English major type."

"Well, you never knew me in high school."

"That's true but you don't normally hear 'jock' and automatically think 'Ah, she must be an English major too', you know?"

I chuckled at that. He did have a point. "Well, I could probably say something similar to you too, you know."

He laughed now and jumbled the two boxes he was carrying as he walked through the door. "It's really good to see you again, Bella."

I almost stopped dead in my tracks. It wasn't just what he said but how he said it. He sounded excited and genuinely happy to have me here, which was something I definitely couldn't wrap my head around. I hadn't talked to him since I was a senior in high school and even though we had went to the same college, we had never crossed paths there. Not even once. Seattle was just too big, I suppose. Still, the way he was acting toward me was something I couldn't understand.

"Uh…it's nice to see you again too. I can't really remember the last time I saw you, let alone talked to you for that matter." I responded lamely.

He laughed again as we walked into my new classroom. He set down the boxes and brushed his hands against his pant legs.

"I never knew you were into music that much…" I started, feeling more than a little awkward from the intensity of his eyes. He ran a hand through his hair and I shifted my weight on my feet uncomfortably.

We were walking back out to my truck now to make the last trip in and the spring in his step was startling. Wasn't he supposed to be depressed? Didn't the supposed love of his life just leave him two months ago? I hadn't been expecting him to be so…I don't know…whatever this was, I wasn't used to having a near-strange man be so nice and so friendly to me without wanting something else in return.

"I actually have always been interested in music, piano mostly," he was saying. "When we went to school together, that wasn't exactly something I wanted to broadcast though, if you know what I mean."

I nodded as I lifted the last box from my truck. "Yeah, I do. So…piano? What do you do with that here exactly?"

He shrugged as we starting making our way back inside the building. "I teach Music Theory, Composition…individual piano lessons…that kind of thing."

"And coaching? How does that figure in, considering music and coaching basketball don't really go together…" I was surprised by how interested I really was by all this.

"Yeah, I know…a major in Music Education and a minor in Coaching seems like an odd choice but I love them both so I make it work. Besides, teaching something like Composition during the day and then going to basketball practice after school keeps me on my toes."

"Nice change of pace, I guess."

He smirked and held the door for me with his foot. "Something like that, yeah. How about you? What does your schedule look like this semester?"

"Two classes of freshmen and one sophomore class."

"Ouch…I guess that's the price you pay for being a recent college graduate. Trust me, I feel your pain."

I chuckled in spite of the uneasiness I felt at how natural this was…talking to him, laughing with him, working with him. "I actually don't really mind. I dealt with freshmen all throughout my student teaching so it's not like it'll be a huge shock or anything. As long as my classes aren't all freshmen, I don't really have too much of a problem."

His eyebrows rose at my last comment and he seemed impressed. "So you're not completely freaking out?"

"No, not yet at least. Ask me again on the first day of school and I might have a slightly different answer."

He chuckled as he set the box down. "I'll have to do that."

He smiled down at me and I felt my stomach do a back-flip. I wasn't sure I liked the way he was looking at me. It was too familiar…and way too friendly for someone I hadn't seen or spoken to in five years. Uneasy didn't even begin to describe the way I was feeling.

I sent him a quick smile and turned back to the piles of boxes cluttering my new classroom. With a sigh, I put my hands on my hips and made a mental estimation of how long it was going to take me to find a place for everything. Probably longer than I thought. Great.

"Where should I put this?" Edward asked, pointing to a box that was labeled 'library books'.

I frowned back at him, a little taken aback by his willingness. "You don't have to do that. You've done enough…"

He shook his head and bent over to pick up the box, waiting for directions. "I don't have anywhere to be for awhile and this is going to take you a long time to unpack without any help. I know you probably want to set some things up by yourself but I can at least unpack some books for you while you work on something more important."

I sighed and threw up a hand in resignation. "Alright…um…that's the box for my classroom library…I still have to move the bookcase but…"

"Where do you want it?" He cut me off.

I sighed again and bit my lip before pointing to a spot on the back wall. "Right over there."

He silently went to work on that and I turned back to setting up my desk, deliberately facing away from him so I didn't have the option of sneaking any glances at him, even though that didn't stop me from analyzing every second of our conversation. Ugh. This was just another example of why men were always so confusing.

Only the sound of his loud eruption of laughter made me turn back around.

"What?" I asked in confusion.

He held up a book I knew all too well. "You're really putting 'He's Just Not That Into You' in your classroom library?"

I shrugged and nodded, not seeing what the big deal was. "Of course. Every girl, at some point in their life, needs to read that book. It's the bible for relationships."

His eyebrows rose and he looked back down at the book, turning it over in his hands to read the back of it. "Huh…is there a 'She's Just Not That Into You'? That's one I could probably benefit from."

I didn't know what to say to that so instead, I laughed uncomfortably and smiled awkwardly at his joke. Well, at least he could laugh about it. That was more than I could say for myself when I was in that stage.

"I definitely did. I pretty much have it memorized," I said, figuring switching the focus to my past was less uncomfortable for both of us. "My mom pushed that on me a few years ago, promising that when I was ready to read it, it would 'open my eyes' as she put it."

"And did it?"

I laughed and nodded. "Absolutely. Reading that taught me pretty quickly that relationships are nothing but trouble and a complete waste of my time."

He smirked and rose his eyebrows again for what seemed like the hundredth time, like everything I said was a surprise. "I don't blame you."

Now it was my turn to raise my eyebrows in surprise. I had been expecting him to respond with some smart-ass, typical guy wisecrack about how I just hadn't met the right guy yet or that I should give lesbianism a try but not that. I saw very familiar pain and understanding in his eyes. As it turned out, we had way more in common than I would have ever guessed.

Before I had a chance to even contemplate the best response, the blonde Edward had been sitting next to during the meeting appeared in my doorway and saved me from myself.

"Edward!" Her velvety voice called out. "There you are…I've been looking everywhere for you."

Her eyes flew directly to me and instead of the ice I was expecting, I was met with surprising warmth and compassion. She was, after all, a teacher. She stepped into my room with her hand outstretched to me.

"Hello…Bella, right?"

I nodded as I shook her hand.

"I'm Rosalie…Edward's sister-in-law…I teach Organic Chemistry and AP Chemistry here."

My eyebrows raised and I shot a quick glance over at Edward, who was watching our exchange carefully. I definitely wasn't expecting her to say that. Maybe some kind of Foods or Home Ec. classes or something along those lines. If I had felt inferior to her before, I now felt about two inches tall.

"Wow," I managed. "That's…really impressive. So you're married to Emmett?"

She nodded, smiling politely back at me. "Yeah…two years now…"

She trailed off and glanced around me to catch Edward's attention. "Edward…are you ready to go? We have to meet your mom and Em for lunch, remember?"

"Oh shit, that's right! Alright, I'll be right there."

He quickly placed the remaining books in the box on the shelf and stood back up, sending me an apologetic glance.

"I'll see you later, Bella. It was great catching up with you." He smiled as he walked towards Rosalie.

"Yeah, it was. And thanks for your help, I really appreciate it."

He smiled that lop-sided grin again as he past me. "Anytime, Bella…anytime."

He smiled again and waved as he followed Rosalie out the door, leaving me in the wake of that confusing, frustrating, albeit intriguing last hour we had spent together.

Figuring I'd never completely figure it out anyways, I just shook my head and went back to unpacking. I had more important things to worry about at the moment. Edward Cullen, and all his bewildering tendencies, wasn't something I needed to be concerned about.

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