Hello my name is Alex, well Alexander but everyone calls me Al. Anyways like I was saying I live in an alternate universe exactly like yours except for one difference, in your world China developed the People's Republic of China in our world that never happened. Since this happened China's emperors continued to conquer Asia. They soon became very powerful they conquered Europe, they moved onto Africa, then South America, and Australia until they conquered the whole world. They wanted to create a new generation of all Chinese people. So they killed everyone from other cultures. All of the Americans fled to the mountains and sent a message to all survivors that they would offer safe protection. The Americans built a survivors colony in the sides of the Grand Canyon. Soon people from all over the world (except for the Chinese of curse) showed up and the Americans housed them. The leader of the colony was my Grandfather, Michael, he is the one who started the colony and when he died we all decided to elect new leaders and create a democracy so that they could be nothing like the Chinese. While my grandfather was the leader he made a law that all children able would be trained starting at the age of six to be the best fighter that he or she cold be. He wanted to make sure that everyone could defend themselves and be able to hopefully someday rise up against the Chinese. Everything I have told you has already happened. I am just telling you my side of the story.