Chapter 1:

"Getting Started"

"Al! Alex! Come on man your always working it's our day off lets go have fun. I heard that there's half off drinks at the bar by my place." This was my best friend Mike. He was a good friend and very good at fighting when he wanted to be. He just never wanted to sit down and get something done he always wanted to party. "I know, I know it's just that I need to work on my speech for the election. I got some big plans for this colony but it'll only work if I get elected." Mike paused for a second wondering what was going on-he also had a very weak memory-then when he figured it out he said, "Well you don't need a good speech everyone has always loved you since you were born. You're sure to win. C'mon lets go." I looked at him and said, "You do remember that the speech is tomorrow don't you?" I knew he didn't but I asked anyways. "Oh yah right so um, well, so…" "Yes you can still go out and drink." I could always tell what he was thinking. "K'. See you tomorrow." Moreover, just like that he was gone.

I was a little nervous about giving my speech but what Mike said about me not needing a speech was a little reassuring. I finished writing my speech and editing it at about ten 'o clock that night and stayed up until at least two-thirty practicing. The next day I was so nervous it felt like there were at least one hundred butterflies in my stomach. No mater what reassuring things people said nothing helped. I was to give my speech in two hours so to pass the time I practiced my speech repeatedly until I had it perfectly down.

When it was time to give my speech we had the celebration, shook hands with the elders, then it was time for speeches. I went fist, and this was my speech, "Hello everyone and thank you all for gathering here today. As we all know we have been hiding from the Chinese for a while and we have been scared for a while, but I say no more. They should be hiding from us, and they should be the ones living in caves," at this point the crowd started yelling and cheering, "As I was saying, we need to rise up. All of the men, women, and children have been trained to be the best. If I am elected I will start making small attacks all over the country weakening their forces until they crumble to the ground," more loud cheering and chanting, " I also vow to fight alongside everyone else and I will lay down my life for the Colony. It is our time now not there's. Thank you." At this point, the crowd went wild. People always said I knew what to say to get people cheering.

My opponent then gave his speech. The crowd wasn't as excited. He talked about improving farming and science. After his speech, everyone went to vote. Now out of all the pain I have suffered this was the worst two hours of my life, just waiting for the results. After the votes were tallied, they read of the winner. Once they read off the card, "The President of our colony is Alexander Johnson" I wanted to leap out of my seat and scream, but I held back, acted respectful, and shook my opponent's hand. Once we got back to the eating area all my friends and family were there to celebrate. That night everyone celebrated and made toast and drank to me being elected. It was a good feeling that night but I knew I needed to get busy on my work if I wanted to start on my new plans.