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This is the next... 'episode' in a string of stories, if you have not read the others I started with "he's not my brother!" and followed with "Is all fair in lve and war?" So if you haven't read those, some of this might not make total sense.

Chapter 1

It had been 3 weeks since Tony had passionately kissed Ziva and then left her apartment at her request. She'd regretted in on one hand, but on the other she felt it best for everyone. She had found it strange that their professional relationship was not at all rocky. In fact, it was back to the way it was before she was taken hostage some 6 weeks ago. It hadn't stopped Ziva from wondering what could have been, but she had made a choice and for now she would stick with it. She had noticed a definite change in Tony since that night. He no longer stared at pretty girls when he was out on assignment, and did not jump at a job when it included one. She knew what he was trying to do. He was attempting to prove to Ziva he had grown and that he only had eyes for her, but that he would wait as long as she needed. He was right about one thing. The more time she spent thinking about what could be; the more complicated the possibility of a relationship with Tony became.

She was grateful that he was not going out of his way to win her over, he was being attentive to her needs but only when they were alone and never in a harassing manner. The teasing had stopped, something Ziva actually missed, but she appreciated why he had. He had even gone as far as to be waiting outside her building at 0500 hours every morning to go for a run with her. She had found it off putting at first, but she now saw it as a challenge, and pushed herself harder in an attempt to tease Tony and as an added bonus, show him how amazing she really was.

Ziva appreciated all the effort Tony had made, especially considering how they had left it that night, but there were so many things holding her back from entering a relationship with her partner; emotions would cloud their judgement on the job and someone could get hurt or worse, die; she didn't even know how Gibbs would take it; but her biggest fear was if the relationship didn't work. What would happen then? Could they just go back to being friends? She doubted it, and she didn't know if she was prepared to loose Tony for good just over some stupid experiment.

Ziva and Tony had been at work early and beaten McGee in. Tony had gone looking for a file to assist him with some work, but could not help but engage in some good old fashioned 'Tony' snooping while he was there. He'd stumbled upon some photos on his computer and was ooing and arhing. Ziva knew it couldn't last. Tony had no doubt found photos of some every attractive girls McGee was seeing and was taking the opportunity to ogle them. "Oh, ho, oh, she is really something… Arh Probie, your breaking my heart here." Tony said clutching his heart. Ziva had to admit, curiosity had gotten the better of her. She moved over to the computer to see what type of competition she had. There on the screen Sarah McGee standing in front of McGee's Porsche.

"Timothy would kill you if he knew you were looking at his sister like that Tony."

"What?" Tony looked confused, "Oh, noooo, just look at his Porsche. I can't believe the Probie has one, it's just not fair."

Ziva had to admit that she was slightly relieved, she just laughed and walked back to her desk, past McGee who was just walking in. "Tony what are you doing at my desk?" Damn it, Tony had become so engrossed in photos of the car that he had been sprung.

"Oh, come on McCar-guru, when are you going to let me take her for a spin?"

"Never Tony, she is a pretty sweet ride though." McGee said as he shuffled Tony out of his seat.

Gibbs walked into the bullpen with his coffee in hand, he sat down behind his desk.

"Stay strong Elf Lord, you remember what kind of track record Tony has with cars." Tony's face sank as he remembered watching one smash to smithereens in a high speed chase after being stolen and the next car was being blown up. Everyone else just smirked.

"Agent Gibbs?" a woman's voice questioned looking in Tony's direction as she walked into the bullpen. Tony looked at her, she had shoulder length, bark brown hair, and a serious look on her face, he pointed her in the right direction.

"Yeah? That's me." The woman acknowledged his reply and headed towards him.

"My name is Shauna Michaels, and I really need your help."

"what with?"

"My daughter has been kidnapped Agent Gibbs." Gibb's heart tore into a hundred pieces for this woman, he had never gotten over loosing Kelly and although he desperately wanted this woman's story to end a lot happier then his, these type of cases always reminded him of his own angel.

"How do you know she's been kidnapped?" Gibbs replied inquisitively.

"I was watching Katie in the park, and I received a phone call, I only turned away for a second and when I turned back…" the woman paused, trying to fight back the tears, in her hand she clutched the cross hanging around her neck. "Not long after I received a call, it was a digital voice… My husband is a Marine, he is currently deployed. He didn't think I should get help and we should just deal with all of this ourselves like they've asked, but I know I can trust you."

"I'll do what ever I can to help get your little girl back."

"Thank you agent Gibbs. She always told me you were a genuine, trustworthy man."

"She who?"

"I apologise, Katie was named after her aunt. My sister was Special Agent Caitlin Todd."

At that name, the entire team looked up. Their fallen partner. They missed her so much. Here was her sister, who looked so much like Kate, desperate for their help. How could they deal with loosing another Caitlin though?

"Please Agent Gibbs, Caitlin always spoke of you with the highest regard. I can't deal with this alone and I don't know who else to turn to, I don't even know if she's still alive."

While I love Ziva to bits, I do miss Kate, she was awsome, and so much of her story was untold. She did say in one episode that she had a sister (and in another that she had 2 brothers) so thought I'd try it out. Hope you enoyed so far.

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