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Tonight must be my lucky night.

It certainly hadn't started that way. At the start of the day, it seemed as if the world was working against me, but as I fumbled with the hotel room key, feeling Bella's soft bites on my neck as I tried to get the door open I felt on top of the world.

After the door swung open I all but pushed Bella inside the small room, shutting the door behind us with more force than I had intended. Normally I consider myself to be a levelheaded guy, not one to have random sex with the first woman I lay eyes on.

For me, sex is meaningful. The combining of two souls, giving yourself, your entire being, over to the one person that will honor and cherish it until the day they die.

Not tonight.

Tonight, the twenty shots of tequila were doing the talking for me; that and my underused libido. Then again, I'm sure those shining brown eyes that absorbed my soul while I poured out my heart to her might have something to do with it. I had never in my lifetime met someone who made just listening to me a contact sport. The way her body mirrored mine as I relayed my grief over Tanya, the small caresses that started as a light brush of her fingertips on the top of my hand that became full contact with my hair, her slender fingers weaving thru the few days growth I had managed to allow myself while on leave.

I grabbed Bella roughly by her waist, pulling her flush against me, and brought our lips crashing together, our tongues tangling together in a battle for dominance. In the end, it was I that won out and my tongue forced hers back into her hot, wet mouth as my hands found a mind of their own and grabbed onto her tits, my thumbs brushing over her nipples, instantly hardening and earning a loud moan to escape her lips and reverberate around the room.

In need of a quick breath, my lips started trailing open-mouth kisses down her jaw line and neck, my hands squeezing her perky breasts once before moving to the back of her tiny black dress to grasp the zipper and pull it down.

My lips still attacking her neck, I slipped the dress off her shoulders, letting it pool around her feet, leaving her in nothing but a black, lace bra and matching thong. God, that's fucking hot. I brought my lips back up to Bella's as her hands began to wander to the hem of my tight-fitting rocker tee, and I groaned out in pleasure when her small hands traveled underneath and started lightly scratching my lower abdominal muscles, making them twitch. The higher her hands went, the higher my shirt ran, and soon it was up and over my head, joining her black dress on the floor at our feet.

Bella broke off our intense, passion-filled kiss and nipped at my chin before trailing down to softly bite each one of my pectorals, eliciting another loud groan and my jeans were becoming all that much more tighter. My cock twitched in anticipation as Bella slid her hands down to the waistband of my jeans, unbuckling my belt and unfastening the button quicker than I had ever witnessed any woman do before. Before I knew what was happening, she had kneeled down onto the carpeted floor and pulled the tab of the zipper down with her teeth, gasping once she noticed that I had forgone any underwear, freeing me of my restraints.

My jeans now around my ankles, I toed off my socks and shoes and quickly stepped out of each pant leg, nearly losing my balance when one of Bella's fingernails traced the underside of my throbbing erection. I moaned at the contact, at the same time as a pleasurable shudder traveled down my spine, and the next thing I knew, my dick was in her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head, teasing the slit.

If she kept that up, I wouldn't last too much longer.

Grabbing Bella by her shoulders, I helped her stand back up and crashed my lips to hers once again, tasting myself on her warm tongue. My hands caressed her sides before stopping where the clasp of her bra was, quickly unhooking the offensive thing. I watched the fabric slide down her arms and reveal her perfect breasts and hardened nipples to me. I groaned and swiftly attached my lips to her right breast, my hand roughly massaging the other one, and I softly bit down on her nipple, listening to her moan my name in ecstasy.

"Edward . . ." she breathed as her fingers wound tightly in what was left of my hair. "Please."

I let go of her pink nipple and looked at her face.

"Please, what?" I taunted her. She didn't answer, just let out more soft moans as I now lavished her other breast with attention.

While feasting on her delicious tits, my fingers hooked themselves into the waistband of her thong and I kneeled down in front of her, my lips now kissing down her stomach, and slid her panties down her toned legs, helping her to step out of them.

After tossing the panties aside, I let my hands slowly travel up her legs until they came to the juncture between her legs and felt my cock twitch again when I saw just how wet she was. Unable to resist, I lifted one of her lean legs and placed it on my shoulder, giving me better access to what was waiting for me. I had to taste her. I had to find out if she tasted as sweet as she did when I kissed her.

So with newfound determination, I brought my nose closer to her dripping wet pussy, sniffing her before I ran my flattened tongue along her slick folds, tasting that sweet nectar between her thighs.

Fuck, I'm in Heaven.

I ran my tongue back over her wet folds once more before wrapping my lips around her clit, giving it a little nip. I plunged two fingers into her, pumping at a fast pace, while my tongue continued its ministrations on and around her bundle of nerves. It wasn't long until I felt her walls clamp around my fingers and she screamed out.

"Oh! Oh, Fuck…" She was gasping for breath now, her body quivering as she rode out her first orgasm of the night. "Edward," she moaned again softly.

Removing my two fingers from her pussy, I stood back up and stuck the juice-coated digits into my mouth, my eyes rolling back inside my head at the sheer taste of her. After licking my fingers clean, I reattached our lips as I picked her up, her legs wrapping around my hips, and her arms around my neck, and I walked us toward the bed, both of us collapsing onto the mattress. To ensure that I wouldn't suffocate her, I rolled over onto my back, bringing her with me, and situated her on top of me.

Bella leaned down and captured my lips in a searing kiss, her teeth biting down on my lower lip eliciting more pleasurable moans from me. I grabbed her hips in each hand and lifted her up just enough to position myself at her entrance, her hands splayed out on my chest as I plunged into her tight center. We both moaned at the contact.

We laid there for several seconds before Bella and I began a steady rhythm. My hands slid up her sides to cup her bouncing breasts as my hips thrust upward to meet each of hers.

"More," Bella moaned. "Harder."

I grunted in response as I flipped us over so that she was on the bottom, allowing me to take full control. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders, giving me a better angle to hit her spot, plunging myself deeper, filling her to the hilt.

I continued to pound into her, Bella meeting my every thrust with just as much force, and I could feel her walls begin to contract once more, bringing her closer to the edge of the proverbial cliff. Figuring I had at least a few more thrusts left before I succumbed to my own release, I pounded into her harder and faster than ever before, my balls slapping against her skin, and she cried out in extreme pleasure, her back arching up off the bed as she rode out her second orgasm.

Thrusting into her one more time, I felt myself cease all movements as I spilled into her, my body seizing up as I came down from my own high. I collapsed onto Bella's chest, keeping most of my weight off her, and kissed the valley between her breasts before I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back, exhausted.

We climbed underneath the covers of the bed, and snuggled into each other, creating two spoons. It wasn't too much longer until I was listening to Bella's slow, even breathing, alerting me that she had fallen asleep.

Feeling my own eyes droop closed, I felt a smile tugging at the corners of my lips, and soon I was off into dreamland.

This was definitely a night to remember.


I awoke probably a few hours later, not sure of the time. Glancing at the watch sitting on my left wrist, I found that it read 7:34 – whether it was in the morning or in the evening, I wasn't so sure, but judging by the light coming in through the curtained window, it must be morning.

Suddenly remembering where I was, I looked down at the woman still sleeping in my arms; her mouth parted slightly, a little drool on the pillow. She looked so peaceful when she slept, and as much as I wanted to wake her up and possibly continue what we had done last night, I thought the least I could do would be to order some breakfast from the small café downstairs and then take a shower, letting her sleep just awhile longer.

As quiet as I could possibly manage, I slipped from the motel bed and gathered my clothes and slipped them on. Once I had my socks and shoes back on my feet, I stood up and watched her sleeping form for what must have been hours, but was really only about five minutes or so.

I wasn't sure what she would want to eat this morning, after all, our breakfast habits weren't one of the things we spent the time discussing at the bar last night, but I figured if she woke with a headache that was close to the one that I was battling, it would be best to keep it light.

I grabbed the key to the room, and ran down the stairs to the small coffee shop where I ordered a few bagels, some fruit, yogurt and a few muffins. I grabbed a bottle of Tylenol from the gift shop and some bottles of water and made my way back to the room.

I quickly drank down one of the bottles of water, taking two of the Tylenol before heading into the bathroom to take a shower.


Ugh. Why does my head feel like it's about to explode? Like Mike Newton got his way and took a jackhammer to it in an attempt to crack my skull open because he knew that would be the only way I would ever say yes to his repeated attempts to ask me out.

Of course the sun shining through the window isn't helping matters, either.

I rolled over onto my stomach, burying my head into the flat, uncomfortable pillow that smelled of bleach, sex, and halitosis.

Wait. Where the hell am I?

Turning my head to the side, away from the window, I slowly opened my eyes to find that I was in some generic hotel room, nothing about the décor of the room giving away if I had spent the night at a Holiday Inn or a freaking Marriott.

There was a slight draft on my skin and when I looked down I noticed that I was naked. Looking around the room, I was able to pinpoint where my clothes were, surprised to see them all scattered about haphazardly.

What happened here?

That's when it all came back at me tenfold. The bar.

That mysterious man I had met; with the most unusual shade of hair color. Bronze or something like that. He looked like the perfect specimen of man, like a Greek God, a god with a broken heart if I remembered correctly. Adonis had nothing on him, though. His eyes, I think, were a brilliant shade of green, like exact replicas of emeralds. They were so bright and deep, I could have sworn I had seen all the way into his soul.

Then there was the tequila. A lot of tequila.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes and noticed that there was a tray on the desk in the corner that was full of bagels, muffins and fruit, along with water and that glorious red label that told me there was relief ahead for the pain that was pounding behind my eyes.

I couldn't remember everything that had happened last night, but if my being naked in a hotel room alone is any indication; I would have to think that I had a wild night of sex with said perfect specimen. A perfect specimen that had bought me breakfast and Tylenol; what was his name, again? Edward. That's right, his name was Edward.

I stood from the bed, wrapping the sheet around my body as I made my way over to the desk, quickly swallowing the Tylenol as I grabbed a bagel and fruit to bring back to the bed with me.

I turned from the desk and all coherent thought left my brain as I stood staring at that bronze haired specimen walking out of the bathroom, a small hotel towel wrapped around his waist. I could only stare in pure lust as I watched the droplets of water make their way down his perfectly sculpted chest, dipping into each and every ripple on his well toned stomach.

Huh. I guess I wasn't left alone in this hotel room after all.

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