A HP/Naruto Crossover!

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Kakashi is 14 years old

This takes place 3 months after the kyuubi attacked the village.

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'Hogwarts. The school for witchcraft and wizardy.' Wolf stared out at the castle, with the majestic towers piercing the dark, and rainy sky, it was an impressive sight. He sighed in annoyance, his ANBU wolf mask hiding the action. Although glad they had finally caught sight of the school, they were still a long way to go before reaching there. Not only were they forced to walk there, but it was raining. Of all the luck.

"Grand, ain't it?" His escort yelled over the thunder. The giant man puffed out his chest and gave a large grin almost hidden by his, in Wolf's opinion, ridiculously large beard.

His charge glanced back at him once, and continued to walk. Hagrid stared at him in curiosity. He was small in status, a dark cloak effectively camoflauging him into the surroundings. A white mask, carved into the design of a wolf, adorned the face, its blank and expressionless design making even Hagrid shudder whenever it stared at him.

Hagrid continued walking, his giant strides soon catching up with 'Wolf,' as he had introduced himself as. Once again, he cursed the fact that they had missed the portkey. After waiting for nearly 2 hours, his charge had finally arrived, saying how he was 'distracted on the road of life.' Dumbledore had instructed Hagrid to introduce Wolf to the wonders of magic, he was disappointed though, that he hadn't given much emotion even when Ollivander popped right behind him when they went to get his wand.

Hagrid continued to scrutinize the charge. 'Either he's ridiculously short, or he's a goblin,' Hagrid mused, unaware of the charge's age. He stared at the wild silvery hair poking out from the hood, its thickness immediately squashing the idea of old age. Deep in thought, he nearly crashed into the man (?) who had suddenly stopped.

"Uh, sorry 'bout tha.." Hagrid babbled over the wind.

"Hagrid-san..." Hagrid visibly jumped.

"What is it, Wolf?" Hagrid said, wiping rainwater from his eyes.

"Our pace is really slow and," Wolf said, turning to him, "I would like permission to go on ahead."

".....er.. Yeah."

Wolf briefly nodded and, to the giant man's awe, disappeared with a rush of fallen leaves.

Wolf leaped among the trees, scowling at the moon. "This Dumbledore who requested me better live better to my expectations of wizards more than the ones I've met already." he muttered.

FLASHBACK -- 1 month ago --

"Wolf. I have selected you for this particular S-Ranked mission." The third stated calmly.

The figure in front of him nodded briefly. He had just returned from another mission and blood dripped from the haunting wolf mask adorning his face, falling down onto the black and white armoured uniform of ANBU.

He was tired, not that he would show it. After joining ANBU, he was immediately swarmed with missions consisting from B-rank to even some S-rank. He was rarely in the village for the past few months, but it was to be expected. The village wasn't in its best days after the kyuubi attack, and was vulnerable to enemy attack. Shinobi were constantly running from place to place, including him.

"It will be a year-long mission that will take you to another dimension to a place called Hogwarts, were you will stay disguised as a 4th year student. Your mission is to protect your client, Harry Potter, at all means necessary. "

Wolf hid his surprise. It was rare for them to get a mission like this before. The pay must've been pretty big, especially if they were going to send one of their most useful ANBU members out for a year.

The Sodaime gave the young ANBU a paper giving the details of the mission along with a blown up picture of a young, slim boy with black hair, green eyes, and rounded glasses.

Sodaime softened his expression, "Seeing as you just came back from your previous mission, you will be given a brief period of time to rest and learn their language. I advise to be careful around the wizards, especially Voldemort, who, according to our info, is after the boy."

The Sondaime took out an English Dictionary as an afterthought, handing it to Wolf.

"Take care to give your farewells, this mission will take one year."

Wolf, nodded, "Hokage-sama," he quietly voiced, glad that he had lost his child-like voice 5 months, or it would have ruined the seriousness of the situation.

"Yes, Kakashi?" said the smiling Sondaime, taking a long puff on his pipe.

Wolf, or Kakashi scowled inwardly at the name, "Learning a language is simple for a sharingan. I am prepared enough to go right now..."

"To be expected...." The Sondaime closed his eyes and sighed. Opening one eye, he glanced over at Wolf. "Was there anything else?"

Wolf sighed, taking a closer look at the Sondaime. Even though he wouldn't admit it, he looked tired as well. New stress lines were beginning to form on his face and there were deep bags under his eyes. "The kyuubi attack has damaged Konoha severly but… Take care of yourself, Sondaime-sama," he said gently. "The village is worried about you too."

Taking a mock-salute, Wolf vanished in a whirl of leaves.

The hokage smiled sadly at the closed door, worried for the child he considered a son. 'I hope this mission will give Kakashi time... To think.' he thought. 'A person his age shouldn't have to suffer so much'

Wolf leapt towards the memorial stone, taking of his mask. Rain pouring down from the dark sky effectively cleaned his ANBU uniform of the blood that stained it. His dark eyes stared at the names in the stone.




Kakashi bowed. "Ja ne…" he paused. "Iie. I'll be back." He vanished in another whirl of wet leaves.

END OF FLASHBACK -----------------------

Kakashi barely slowed down as he began to run swiftly on the lake. Rain poured down like bullets, drenching him to the bone, but he disregarded that. A low-level fire jutsu would take care of that.

He soon reached the front entrance of the castle, but his sharp ears detected a foreign sound in the storm outside. In seconds, he retreated into the darkness of the walls, curious as to who would come in at this time. According to the info, everybody was suppose to be inside already.

Clunk. Clunk. Clunk.

Kakashi gazed warily at the newcomer through the shadows, a man with scars adorning his face, a bright blue eye moving energetically up, down, and even rolling over into the back of his head. Kakashi had never seen anything like it before, but he had seem a lot of new things these past few days.

'Mad-Eye Moody,' Kakashi confirmed thinking back to the list of teachers that were in the paper Sadaime had given him. 'Ex-Auror. Retired. Has taken the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher job as a request from Dumbledore.'

Kakashi watched intently as the man slammed open the door and walked in, to a crowd of heads whipping around to see him. Before the door managed to close, he sneaked through unnoticed by the "distraction" and creeped stealthly through the main hall, taking not of every detail.

'Dramatic, isn't he?' Kakashi thought as he stopped and waited in a dark corner near a table with a red and gold flag with a lion adorning it hanging above. There was a nagging feeling Kakashi had gotten about the man, and made a mental note to be cautious around him.

He heard a booming voice say, " May I introduce our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher!"

A pregnant silence followed afterwards, only broken by two pair of hands respectfully clapping. He couldn't blame them. Moody didn't look the part of a teacher.

Kakashi stared at the man sitting on the front table, one of the only two clapping his hands. He was old, with a long white beard and a nose that seemed like it was broken too many times, but radiated a power that immediately told Kakashi he was not a man to trifle with.

'Albus Dumbledore I presume' Kakashi noted. He stopped his thoughts when he heard Dumbledore speak again.

"We would like to welcome a new student from Japan, called Kakashi Hatake, although it seems that he is not here right now." Dumbledore stared sternly at Hagrid who fidgeted in his seat.

HARRY'S POV ---------------

"Moody?" Harry muttered in shock to Ron. "Mad-Eye Moody? The one your dad went to help this morning?"

As Ron explained to him about Moody, Hermione whispered to them, "What happened to him? What happened to his face!?"

Before Ron could reply, Dumbledore spoke again, "We would like to welcome a new student from Japan, called Kakashi Hatake, although it seems that he is not here right now." He gave a piercing look to Hagrid who frowned guiltily.

"Kakashi?" Harry whispered to Ron. "Sounds foreign."

Ron paused for a second then nodded knowingly, "I think Dad mentioned him once. An exchange student from Japan, I think that Hagrid was suppose to escort him. I dunno why he's not here though. Dad said that they were suppose to use a port key"

Hermione frowned, "Hagrid looks guilty. Maybe they missed the portkey, walked here and… Did he lose the exchange student in this storm?" She said, an incredulous look on her face.

Before Harry could voice his opinions, a small but noticeable cough was heard from a dark corner near their table, echoing in the silence. He turned around to see a short figure in the shadows, the only thing that could be distinguished was the dripping, black cloak he wore. For a second, his heart froze, remembering the cloaks the Death Eaters wore during the Quidditch games.

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow but couldn't hide his surprise at the stranger in the corner,

"Mr. Hatake. Glad you could join us." The figure gave a mock-salute and stepped out of the shadows.


Now all the student's heads turned in a marvelous re-enactment of when Mad Eye Moody showed up.

Harry couldn't repress a shudder as he looked at the stranger. He wasn't very tall, and had a dark cloak with a hood hiding most of him, and Harry immediately thought of a Death Eater. A long sword was half-hidden by the cloak, shining in the candlelight. A wild, silver hair in a crazy anime-like haircut poked out from the hood. For some reason, Harry suspected the hair colour to be natural. A creepy, porcelain wolf mask completed the look. Kakashi's first impression only confused him further. His laid-back gesture seemed out of character for one who dressed like that.

"THAT is Kakashi?" Hermione gasped, apparently also cowled by the man's appearance.

Harry could only stare. "Who IS he?" Harry couldn't help but agree.

Kakashi POV -------------------

Kakashi immediately regretted his cough as the attention of the entire school was soon

focused on him. Hasn't anyone seen a sword before?

Dumbledore had a small look of surprise. "Mr. Hatake. Glad you could join us."

Kakashi snorted under the mask. Why did he look surprised? Did this Dumbledore really think highly of this school's defenses? It was noticably easy to get into the school. I don't see how this Voldemort couldn't kill a simple boy because he was in the "safety of Hogwarts" No wonder they sent a request for a guard.

Kakashi came up easily to the front of Dumbledore in a flash, stunning the students into a silence. Two orange-headed twins from the red and gold table exchanged excited looks.

Kakashi nodded in respect to Dumbledore who smiled back. He gestured to a small chair with the sorting hat on it. 'Aah, right.' Kakashi thought. 'As a student, I have to get sorted.'

Kakashi cautiously made his way towards the hat and hesitantly pulled it over his head, mentally shaking his head at the students who were still gaping at him.

They had a lot to learn about the world.

The hat fitted loosely over his head. 'I wonder what I'm suppose to do.' Kakashi mused.

'You have a lot of bloodshed in your life...' Kakashi jumped.

'How do you...'

'I'm reading your soul, obviously.. You had a sad childhood and many hardships. This has made you cold and seemingly emotionless... You do have a smart mind, boy. Very cunning indeed. Maybe Slytherin'

'… So a talking hat sorts the students? How disappointing'

Kakashi, however, blinked in shock at the next words, 'You do care about your friends though, and you are very honourable. Your personality has improved drastically since these past few months. Did Obito change that about you?'

'...Shut the fuck up'

'Touchy aren't you? It wasn't your fault y'know. None of it was. Obito, Rin, Yondaime...'

'Sort me. Now. Or I will shred you into bits.' Kakashi thought of a violent picture in his head and the hat chuckled nervously.

The hat sighed. 'I wish you good luck then.'


Harry's POV ---------------------------------


Harry gaped but clapped nonetheless. 'The Death Eater-like exchange student was a gryffindor?!'

Dumbledore also seemed pleased at the sorting, since he gave Kakashi a beaming smile, before gesturing him to the Gryffindor table.

Fred and George clapped gleefully, "Yeah! We have the creepy guy on our house!" Ron rolled his eyes.

"I dunno Harry." Ron whispered to him. "He seems like a weird bloke." Hermione slapped him on the back of his head.


"Ron! We should at least be respectful. Maybe we should ask him to sit with us?"

Hermione snapped at him. Harry watched incredulously as she waved to Kakashi. The other Gryffindors also looked at her like as if she was insane, an intimidating mask and sword can do that to you.

Kakashi looked at her, and Harry soon felt his eyes on him and forced down a shudder.

Harry stared defiantly at Kakashi, there was something about him that just didn't seem right and he didn't like it. But before the strange student could move towards them, a voice was heard again.

Normal POV ----------------------------------------

"Mr. Hatake." Dumbledore started, his piercing blue eyes trained on Kakashi. "I don't believe that that mask you are wearing is allowed here."

Kakashi froze and turned to face Dumbledore. The students murmured as a staring

contest began. 'What is Dumbledore thinking?!' Kakashi thought with annoyance, 'ANBU cannot reveal their identity,' Dumbledore continued to stare at him with those blue eyes.

Blue eyes.

Kakashi froze as he looked at those eyes. So familiar, yet so…


Kakashi breathed in short gasps as he looked at the scene before him, his heart sinking. The scene was a disaster. Trees lay scorched and broken, hiding the corpses lying scattered on the ground. He ignored the familiar faces, his eyes set on one, and one only.

Kakashi rushed towards the bloody body of Yondaime in a giant crater in the middle of the field.

"Sensei....." With panic, Kakashi searched the crater, and found what he was looking for. A bundle of blankets. He cautiously opened it to reveal the angelic face of a sleeping Uzumaki Naruto. He let out a sigh of relief. The child was just… sleeping. It was hard to believe that the kyuubi was sealed in such an innocent baby. At a price.

Kakashi slowly looked back at the corpse of his sensei. A small smile adorned the face of Yondaime. At peace in knowing that he had protected Konoha.

But the eyes. The blue eyes. The laughing and clear blue eyes Kakashi had always known were dull and lifeless.

"...Sensei..." He dropped to his knees, the blood on the ground seeping into his clothes.

"What happened to teamwork? And friendship?" Kakashi pounded the ground in anguish. "Team Seven… Is gone."

I'm the last one left.

"Mr. Hatake.." He heard the voice as if it came from afar. "Mr Hatake!"


END OF FLASHBACK ------------------------------------------------

Kakashi blinked. Dumbledore was right in front of him, oblivious to his flashback and staring at Kakashi.

Kakashi averted his gaze and glanced at the students who were still murmuring.

"Can you believe his nerve?'

"Maybe he's really shy..."

"Why doesn't he take off his mask?! I don't see why he WANTS to look creepy!"

Kakashi sighed and took his hand to his mask. 'Stop shaking dammit! Now is not the time for a breakdown.'

Kakashi took a deep breathe, "Dumbledore-sensei." Everyone stopped talking, as they leaned forward in silent anticipation.

Relieved that his voice wasn't shaking, Kakashi continued, "I am sorry for my defiance and I will take it off. Just not right now."

Dumbledore silenced the small murmurs of disappointment around the hall and raised his eyebrows but didn't question him, much to Kakashi's relief.

Turning around, Kakashi walked towards the Gryffindor table, where a bushy-haired girl gestured him to sit next to her. Considering his options, Kakashi reluctantly sat next to her. It wasn't that he didn't like girls, it was just that he didn't like that gleam in her eye. Kakashi sighed. 'It's the hair, isn't it?'

During the silence that followed, Dumbledore coughed and said, "As I was saying," Dumbledore smiled at the sea of students before him, "We are to have the honor of hosting a very exciting event over the coming months an event which has not been held over a century. It is my very great pleasure to inform you that the Triwizard Tournament will be taking place at Hogwarts this year!"

"You're JOKING!" said Fred Weasley loudly.

As everyone laughed, Kakashi cocked his head towards Dumbledore. 'Ah right, the Triwizard Tournament. This 'dangerous' tournament which was suppose to help connection between the wizard schools. An engenius idea indeed.'

As everyone listened intendly, Kakashi zoned out, picking at the peculiar food placed in front of him and staring at the utensils. Forks. It was good that he used the sharingan for that exact problem in the Leaky Cauldron. If he didn't, he would probably be doomed.

"....tomorrow morning. Bedtime! Chop chop!"

Kakashi got up and was about to head off when the bushy haired girl walked up to him.

"Hi I'm Hermione! You must be Kakashi right? How are the schools in Japan?' She said innocently enough. Kakashi sighed and decided to humor her.

"They are.. different."

Before she could ask more questions, Professor McGonagall came up beside them.

'Mr Hatake, the Headmaster would like to see you now." She said sternly. Kakashi nodded once and left with a casual wave at Hermione.

Hermione stared at the retreating back. "Oi, Hermione! Hurry up!" Ron said. She jumped and followed Ron towards the Common Room.



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