Chapter 4: The letter and the Gender-bender.

"Oi, Potter."

Suppressing the urge to grip his wand, Harry whipped around, a slice of apple pie in hand.

Behind him, A 3rd year girl from Gryffindor, with wavy, dirty blonde hair, 'apparently the leader' Harry noted, was glaring at him. Five scowling girls, ranging from 1st years to even 7th years, were backing her up like girl versions of Crabbe and Goyle. Worn openly on their robes were large heart shaped pins with blown up pictures of a scowling Kakashi on it. The pin looked familiar.. Has he seen it somewhere before?

Hermione meeped in surprise. "Skye!" She exclaimed.

The leader called Skye ignored her. Instead, she casually flicked her wavy hair over one shoulder, and smirked at Harry. "Potter, the Kakashi Fan Club has heard about what happened in Moody's class." The leader sneered in a very Slytherin-like way. "Enlighten me as to why Kakashi is absent today?"

Harry stared defiantly back at her, but knew that she was right. Where WAS Kakashi today?

"I swear Potter, if you did anything to Kakashi…"

Suddenly, Kakashi poofed behind her. "The apple pie tastes horrible today don'cha think?"

"EEEEK!" The fan girls jumped in surprise at Kakashi.

"IT'S KAKASHI!!" They squealed, completely ignoring Harry and co. "O. M. G. Master Sky is SO LUCKY!! Kakashi just talked to her~~~!"

Kakashi eyed the girls warily, the gleeful smiles on their faces making even the 14 year old shinobi shudder slightly. Suddenly, he detected sudden movement in the corner of his eye. Kakashi whirled around in a white blur…

"ARRGH!" Kakashi collapsed under the weight of 6 fan girls, squealing his name in his ears. Kakashi glared murderously at Harry and Co, who were trying to sneak away.

'You owe me one!' Kakashi mouthed, as he was unwillingly dragged away to every chibi's nightmare.

Harry sent an apologetic look at Kakashi before retreating hastily. He watched in guilty amusement as he was lead struggling off from the main hall. Ron sniggered but it withered under Hermione's cold stare.

"I wonder where lil' 'Kashi went," exclaimed Fred behind Harry's ear.

Jumping in surprise, Harry fell anime style onto the floor, before glaring at the two identical grins behind her. "If you have something to say, say it!" he said to the sniggering twins. Said twins just gave him a mischievous look.

"The poor lil snowflake -"

" -bein' dragged off like some kinda toy.."

" I pity the parents who had to raise such a cute and feminine boy," they both said, two identical grins pasted on their faces.

"I mean, come on!" George added. "With a face like that! Well, not that we can see most of it…"

A vein on Hermione's temple pulsed visibly. "And what might YOU know about Kakashi?"

Harry's ears perked up as the two Weasley twins exchanged knowing glances at each other. "Oh.. A lil' bit of this and that…"

Harry rolled his eyes in impatience. "If you have something to say, say it!" Ron took a long drink from his goblet of pumpkin juice, curious as well.

The twins settled themselves, leaning on the wall, "Ahem, well, Snowflake here is a real weird bloke. It's obvious that he's from somewhere out there." George explained with wide gestures, placing emphasis on out there. Harry leaned closer, drawn to every word.

"A reaal curious bloke," Fred added. "After that incident, we decided to follow him 'round a bit.."

"You were STALKING Kakashi?!" Hermione uttered in horror.

"Hey, we weren't the only ones! You should see all the giggling girls and guys following him after class…"

"Giggling WHAT?" Ron spluttered in horror, spraying pumpkin juice all over the floor. The twins gave him an amused look.

"Oh, nothing! Nothing!" they said, hiding a smirk behind their hands. Hermione scowled at Ron, who was absentmindedly cleaning up the spill, a shocked expression still lingering on his face.

"What incident?" Harry interrupted, his curiosity peaking even higher. Fred and George exchanged looks again, as if briefly debating whether to tell them. After a brief pause, they both beckoned the trio to come closer.

"It all started after detention with the greasy-haired bat…" said Fred.

--------------------------WOO STORY TIME-----------

"Mission successful," I said in glee. I was rubbing my poor, sore hands while George was attempting to magic away the bleach smell from our reeking robes. Detention with Snape was… _______ (insert curse word here) and we were forced to clean the classroom without magic. Yeah, I know! It took forever to scrub away the bogies constantly dripping from Snape's oversized nose! Nevertheless, the proud smirks we wore suggested that we came from a date with two beautiful ladies, not detention.

Aaah, it was a rewarding night. After purposely getting detention with Snape, we then had successfully taken what they needed from his private potion ingredients.


"What were you taking?" Ron asked suspiciously. Hermione loudly shushed him as George rolled his eyes.

"Stuff for our uh, inventions. Now shuddap Ronnykins, I'm trying to tell a story here. Anymoo…"


We were in a real good mood that night. So, when we stumbled upon a damsel in distress, Kakashi, quite alone in the middle of the night and being confronted by Malfoy and his troll gang. Hiding around the corner, George and I exchanged courageous glances, for we knew, as white knights in Gryffindor armour, we were destined to save him from a cruel fate!

Our princess was surprisingly doing really well. He has an amazing sarcastic ability to throw every insult back at the blond Slytherin. It was a battle of words, and I must say, Malfoy was getting beat.


Harry knit in eyebrows in confusion. 'Why would a Death Eater insult the son of another important Death Eater?'


Malfoy soon had enough though, and they were soon advancing on the princess, who proudly stood his ground. Now, 3 against 1 isn't fair, and we were going to even the odds. We drew our wands and was about to charge bravely into the fray when…!

Malfoy quickly drew up his wand and shot a curse at Kakashi! Now here's when it get's weird. Kakashi just stood there as the curse hit him and he crashed into the wall with a BANG! Malfoy laughed and taunted the fallen Kakashi before… he vanished in a poof of smoke, leaving behind a log.

George stopped there, pausing to see their reactions, and he wasn't disappointed.

Harry blinked in confusion, as if wondering whether George was lying or not, before narrowing his eyes, his mind making absurd conclusions in his head.

Ron stared at George in silence, his eyes widening as he spluttered, "Wha -..I -.. That's not.." before lapsing into an awed silence.

Hermione joined in with Ron with the questions. "That's not possible!" she exclaimed. "That would mean.."

"Yup!" Fred said, shaking his head in disbelief though grinning as well. "The princess knows wandless magic."


"Yeah, that's what we said too."

"Anyway," George said, wiping imaginary lint from his robes, "After the smoke cleared, Kakashi was GONE! You should've seen Malfoy's face, priceless I tell ya. Crabbe and Goyle just gaped dumbly as they all searched the hallways before…"

"Before…?" Ron stage-whispered, his eyes wide in anticipation.

"We all heard Kakashi's voice saying, As if I'd let scum like you interfere with my mission. Amazing thing is, that voice came from above, and sure enough, there was Kakashi, feet planted on the ceiling, right above Malfoy! Then, he suddenly fell down, doing an impressive back-flip I might say, and kicked Goyle right on the nose! It was like something out of those muggle Karate movies!" Fred exclaimed.

"Kakashi was a small blur, and in seconds, Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy, were all defeated on the floor! I swear, my mouth literally dropped onto the floor." George continued excitedly. "Then, as the cool lil' princess he is, he glanced up at us with a bored expression, and walked right past us."

"………………." (o_O) /(O_O)\ (O_O)

"Again, yeah, that's what we said too."

There was a soft silence, as Fred and George analyzed their expressions. Then, Fred sighed, grinning ruefully as he scratched the back of his head, "Yeah, pretty far-fetched, but we're not lying! We've been pestering Kakashi about those spells for days, but he won't tell us how he does it! Do you know what we could do if I could walk on the ceiling?!"

Harry, Ron, and Hermione didn't respond. "Uhh.." Hermione finally said in a tiny voice, "We need to go to the library… Right guys?!" She nudged the two before they finally caught on.

Harry and Ron could only shake their heads in agreement before the famous trio dashed off in an undignified manner.

Fred and George watched the trio scurry away in the crowded hallways. "They have a good idea, at least." Fred voiced out loud. The twins exchanged glances. "Ya mean that pinkyfruit potion?"

"I don't care if Kakashi is even a Death Eater, I ain't sacrificing my manly hood."

Suddenly, the deadly screams of the fan girls ripped out into the air. A door next to Fred burst open, revealing Kakashi and his fan girls. The twins watched in silence as Kakashi, who for some reason had whipped cream on his robes, sped away with inhuman speed as the girls desperately tried to catch up, strawberries in hand.

"WAIT, KAKASHI, COME BAAACK!" One of the girls screamed, as they disappeared off into the hallways.

The deathly silence afterwards was broken by a sudden snort from one of the twins, which echoed around the hall.

"Annoying fan girls," said a voice above them. The twins looked up to see Kakashi, upside down on the ceiling. Somehow, his now spotless robes defied gravity and stayed at his feet.

Fred grinned to hide his surprise. 'You hafta teach us that someday, snowflake," Kakashi ignored him, and walked effortlessly down the wall.

"I don't see how sensei survived those… things," Kakashi muttered under his breathe, to the confusion of the twins. "Well, I gotta go," he added. Then, he disappeared in a gentle whir of fallen leaves.

"…..I thought apparating in Hogwarts was impossible?"

"One of the mysteries of the princess… Man, I really wish I could do that."



Kakashi wandered off in the hallways, careful to avoid the girls. He smiled as he remembered an incident similar to this.


The bright sun in Konoha warmed up the usually cold morning as a 6 year old Kakashi, his mask on even at that time, walked with his sensei, Namikaze Arashi, a cheerful blonde-haired, blue eyed man with a soft spot for ramen, and 'cute things.'

They both walked down towards Ichiraku Ramen. Kakashi stared at his sensei in confusion. "Sensei, I thought we were supposed to do training today."

Indeed, the blonde haired jounin hastily said that they were doing a special kind of training today. Instead, they were going to a ramen store, and for some strange reason, Arashi was wearing his ANBU mask and hood.

Arashi glanced at his annoyed companion, and even with the mask, anyone could tell that he was grinning under it, "Oh Kakashi-kun, do you know what the day is today?"

Kakashi looked at his sensei weirdly.

"What does that have to do with anything, sensei? Uh, sensei…?" Arashi had stopped suddenly, staring at him.

Kakashi's 6 year old face had a confused look, with his head cocked to the side. That face soon glared at his sensei as he saw that look in his eye. "Sensei….."

"Kakashi-kun, you're so cute!!" Arashi exclaimed, and before the unfortunate Kakashi could protest, was glomped by the blonde. The two collapsed onto the ground in a cloud of dust.

"SENSEI, GET OFF!" said Kakashi's muffled voice under him. Arashi unwillingly let go, as he grinned at Kakashi. The chibi glared at his sensei, "I thought we went over this already, sensei."

Arashi pouted, "But 'Kashi-kun, you're so cute." He sweat dropped as Kakashi's killing intent rose dramatically. He nervously laughed, "Okay, I give, I give."

Kakashi's continued to glare at him, but the killing intent dropped gradually. "Anyway, sensei," he began, his mouth twitching into a smile, "Why are going to a ramen store, and why are you wearing your ANBU mask right now? You don't have a mission, do you?"

Arashi shook his head dramatically at his annoyed student, "Didn't you know, Kakashi? Today is a special occasion, and Ichiraku Ramen ALWAYS gives out ramen half price on this day! As for my mask, I need to keep a low profile, or else I could seriously die." He said, becoming grave at the end.

Kakashi's face became slightly worried for his sensei. "Why do you need to keep a low profile?" 'And why the hell would he risk his life for ramen, then?' he added in his head.

Before Arashi could reply, a man ran smack into him, and they both fell anime-style onto the ground. The man picked up his groceries, and bowed down to him, "Gomen-nasai!" He said, before hurrying off again. Kakashi glared at the rude man, before lending his sensei a hand.

"Itai…" Arashi mumbled, and rubbed his sore cheek. Then, he froze, realizing what he just did. He whipped his head around, and saw a broken ANBU mask on the floor beside him. "Oh… crap."

"Sensei?" Kakashi asked, oblivious to the danger that now engulfed them. Arashi paled as he stared behind the unaware Kakashi. "Uh, sensei? Are you okay?"

"RUN KAKASHI, RUUUN!!" Arashi screamed, and he grabbed the confused Kakashi before running off towards the direction of the hokage tower.

Kakashi ran even faster after his sensei, as he heard a scream that chilled him to the bone.


He spared a glance behind him, and to his horror, saw a giant pink crowd of fan girls. Fan girls, from every single age, holding what seemed to be heart-shaped cards….


'Arashi glanced at his annoyed companion, even with the mask, anyone could tell that he was grinning under it, "Oh Kakashi-kun, do you know what the day is today?" Kakashi paled in dread as he remembered the day.

February 14, Valentine's Day.


------------------------------------FLASHBACK END----------------------------------------

Alone outside in the evening darkness, Kakashi gave a small, fond smile, one he only shown in privacy, hidden behind the mask. Lost in his own thoughts, he didn't realize that he was outside, until a gentle raindrop in his eye quickly brought him back to reality.

Kakashi blinked slowly as his mind slowly confirmed his location. The quidditch field. He looked around among the drizzle, the towering stands encasing him in a closed yet open surrounding. Three metal hoops on each end.

So this is how the field looks like, Kakashi noted. One of the more reserved, and respectable fan girls, what was her name, Cho Chang?, had told him about it in Charms Class. A sport with flying broomsticks was both stereotypical yet fascinating.

Kakashi stood there for hours, oblivious to the rain, simply enjoying the brief escape. Silence, it was so rare in this mission.

He sighed. He hated long-time missions. It meant being away from the memorial stone, and visiting it always calmed him down… If not, at least it swallowed some of the guilt he had.

A school, magic, ghosts, wizards, if Obito was here, I wonder how he would react? He'd probably jump around like crazy, asking the ghosts random questions, and most likely annoy the Slytherins to death. Kakashi gave another small, nostalgic smile, and glanced up at the gloomy clouds above.

He slowly placed his hand into his pockets, drawing out a small photo. It was of a 10 year old girl with brown hair up to her shoulders. The most noticeable part about her were two upside down fang like triangles on her cheeks, similar to a clan tattoo. A small but happy smile was on her face. Rin.


Breathing in a quivering breathe, Kakashi suddenly realized something. Where'd that Potter go? Haven't seen him since that stupid fan girl incident. He easily concentrated on Harry's chakra signature. Although weak as everyone else's here, it was still there.

…..A… girl's washroom? Why the hell is he there?!

Although he would have preferably stayed there more longer, he had a responsibility to his mission. Putting on a mask of indifference, Kakashi disappeared in a whirl of leaves.


Harry, Ron, and Hermione gathered around Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. In Hermione's hand was a small flask, which contained a bright pink potion that bubbled out a soft, cotton candy flavoured haze.

Harry had stolen 2 pairs of girls' robes and other girly accessories. Ron had the luck to have to get the make up.

"You ready?" Harry said in determination. Ron nodded, although he looked a little green, and kept his arms close to his chest, as if afraid it would 'burst' at any time.

"Remember," Hermione cautioned, "The potion will wear out in 2 hours, and you both will have to meet the fan girls club meeting in room 208 in 10 minutes."

"I still can't believe that Snape has a potion like this in his desk drawer," Ron exclaimed and Harry silently agreed with him. 'Why would Snape want a gender-changing potion?'

Ignoring Ron, Hermione grinned evilly and gave the potion to Harry, who paled dramatically. "You first, Harry!" she said sweetly. Harry reached out to it with trembling hands, and Ron held his shoulder for emotional support. Slowly, he drew the flask to his mouth..

"Oh, just do it already!" Hermione said, laughing inside. "Boys and their need to be overdramatic," she murmured under her breathe.

Nodding, Harry screwed his eyes closed and pinched his nose before downing half the flask in front of Ron, who looked at Harry in horror.

Harry gulped down the potion with difficulty. "UURK!" He choked, it tasted like that cheap, chalk flavoured, heart shaped candy that you usually find on Valentine's Day. Harry swallowed the last of his potion, before collapsing onto the floor, twitching audibly, and foaming at the mouth. Hermione rolled her eyes. 'The potion is painless, moron,'

Ron and Hermione watched in silence, as Harry changed into a girl. His hair lengthened out, and his eyes shined clearer than before. The usually rough skin from quidditch practice softened and paled slightly. To Ron and Hermione's horror, two lumps grew as well. 'Noooo!' Hermione thought with anguish. 'His is bigger than mine!!'

Soon the trembling stopped, and Harry stood up with slender legs. "How do I look," Harry said weakly, his voice turned into a soft, melodic feminine one. With open mouths, Ron and Hermione looked at Harry up and down.

The once short hair had grown to be up to Harry's mid back, and although it kept it's messy look, the look somehow still fitted the new Harry. The face turned more heart-shaped, the skin glowed softly, and the green eyes were more noticeable than before. Female Harry had a more slender look, but didn't look fragile since he/she kept the muscle from playing quidditch a lot. (A/N Think Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight w/ green eyes, google it. O.o)

Harry fidgeted nervously as the two eyed him/her.

"Oh my god, you're a sexy goddess," Ron said, breaking the silence. Female Harry blushed as red as a tomato as Hermione threw the female Harry some girls robes and swapped Harry's trademark glasses with a more rectangular shaped one that, to Ron's shock, made her look even that more sexy.

Harry felt herself blush again under the two stares, 'Damn these stupid girl emotions!!'

"And don't you THINK of looking at yourself!!" Hermione shrieked in panic as Harry went to a bathroom stall to change.

Still numb with shock at Harry's new appearance, Ron didn't notice as the pissed off Hermione turned her head towards him. "Well, it's your turn," she grinned, her mood changing in an instant as she thought of how Ron will turn out.

"OH. MY. GO-" interrupted Harry's voice in the stall. Ron blushed furiously, and Hermione gave the stall a deathly glare. Harry wisely shut up.

Bending down to grab the potion, Hermione paused to comfort the petrified Ron, "It's only for 2 hours, you can deal with it!" She said cheerfully.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Hermione only smirked in reply.

"Wait, I wanna see this!" said Harry's feminine voice from the stall again. Ron paled, eyeing the pinkyfruit potion lying innocently on the floor.

"Oi, Potter, you in there?" said a familiar voice which echoed in the bathroom.

The trio froze in shock. "Oh, Merlin's robes, it's Kakashi!" whispered Ron. The female Harry jumped in shock, and after hastily finishing putting on the robes, drew out the invisibility cloak and the trio covered themselves in it and huddled in a damp corner.

The three held their breathe as Kakashi casually walked into the bathroom. He looked around with a fake-confusion face. Inwardly, he rolled his eyes. Even if he couldn't see them, he could detect their chakra signatures coming from his right corner. The question was, what were they doing?

Kakashi's sensitive ears easily picked up their breathing sounds, and he mentally snorted. They're horrible at stealth. Simply horrible. Nevertheless, he honestly didn't care whatever they were doing in here, and it's not like he was involved. (A/N Or are you?) So, acting as if he didn't see them, Kakashi began to leave the bathroom. 'Maybe I'll go train near the lake. It's not raining that hard and I've been slacking a lot,' he mused.

Suddenly, his eyes caught something on the ground, and he examined it. It was a flask, and, hearing a small gasp coming from the corner, it was obviously something important. Picking it up, he curiously smelled it, and wrinkled his nose in disgust. 'Ew, smells like the fan girls. Well anyway, they should practice their stealth skills more, so I'll teach them a lesson, hehehe.' Kakashi grinned evilly to himself, although his outward face adopted a puzzled expression.

"What kind of a potion is this?" Kakashi said out loud, and mentally laughed at the nervous heart thumps he heard. "Someone must've forgotten it here, oh well," and to 3 collective gasps, he tipped the flask upside down, the pink potion swirling around until it all got swept into the bathroom drain.

'Hehehehe, I'm so evil,' Kakashi smirked, as he left the bathroom. 'Now where was I? Oh yeah, training….'

When Kakashi left, a deathly silence was left in the bathroom, broken only by the sniffles of Moaning Myrtle in of the nearby broken toilets.

"Wow, that was too close," Ron said, trying and failing to sound disappointed.

"Aww, I wanted to see a female Ron!" Harry pouted, and Ron blushed. Harry looked at Ron in confusion. "What?"

"Stop that!" Ron exclaimed, smacking Harry on the back of his/her head. Hermione glared at Ron.

"You can't hit a girl Ron!" Hermione cried. Harry bobbed his/her head in agreement. Ron scratched the back of his head with a sheepish expression.

"Sorry, it's just that it was too…"

"Too what?" Harry said in confusion.

Ron blushed, "Well, sorry but you HAVE to be part veela!" Hermione nearly snarled in rage, and Ron, ignoring Harry's bewildered face, began looking around, and picked up the empty potion flask, "Well, at least I won't have to be a girl anymore!" He added, quickly changing the subject.

Harry paled, "Oh no… I have to be stuck in a fan girl club, ALL BY MYSELF?!" She (A/N I'm saying she now…Too troublesome) saidshrilly. Hermione felt pity for Harry, and put her hand on her shoulder.

Ron gave an apologetic smile at the female Harry, "Sorry Harry… Hey, wait, we can't keep calling you Harry, y'know?"

"Lily," Harry answered quickly, her startlingly green eyes adopting a thoughtful expression. "Lily, uh, Quinto. Lily Quinto." (A/N Quinto = qwin-toe)

"Well, good luck Lily," Ron said cheerfully, and headed for the common room. Hermione smacked the back of his head. "Ow!"

"You can't, Ron!' Lily said, panicking again. "We NEED to get info on Kakashi! You have to help somehow! Please…?" She begged, giving Ron the puppy eyes. Ron blushed furiously while Hermione seethed, jealous with Lily's supreme female power.

Ron paused for a second, and his eyes lit with the determination that has never been there before. "I know… How to get info without being a girl… But you owe me one, Harry." He said grimly.

Hermione gaped. "You don't mean…?" Ron nodded his head. Hermione burst into tears, "Ron, you're so brave! You can do it, we believe in you!" Lily watched in confusion.

Ron grinned weakly, "You don't wanna know." He raised a hand as Lily began to protest, "Seriously," he said, his face paling again. "You REALLY don't want to know." Then, with one last hug from Hermione, he left out the door.

Hermione wiped her tears on her sleeve and checked her watch. "Merlin's robes! Harry, you're 2 minutes late! You best get going!" she urged. Lily nodded with determination.

"Oh and one more thing, Harry." Hermione said seriously. "There's a reason why not many people use Pinkyfruit potion. It can be dangerous. So, please… be careful, okay?"

"Don't worry Hermione, everything will be fine," Lily replied confidently before running out the door.

Sprinting down the hall, Lily was puzzled at the attention she got from the other students. People whirled their heads around to gap at her in amazement. 'Don't tell me that they know I'm Harry?!' she thought in panic.

"Hey, you there. With the brown hair." said a familiar drawling voice. Lily mentally snarled. 'I really don't need a blonde git right now!'

Lily turned around slowly to meet Malfoy's surprisingly red face. 'Why's his face red? And why's he looking at me like that?' she thought in confusion.

"Uh, yes?" Lily said, carefully, lifting a perfect eyebrow. She noted that, for once, Malfoy's two goons weren't beside him like usual.

"Uh, well…" Malfoy trailed off nervously and Lily looked at him in puzzlement. 'Okaaay? This is a side I've never seen.'

"Sorry, I'm late for something, see ya!" Lily said hastily, and bounded off without another glance. 'Man, that was kinda weird… No, everyone's weird! All their faces are red, is there a bug going around the school?'

Soon, Lily arrived at room 208. The song, "I'm Too Sexy," was loudly heard coming from the other side of the room. Taking a deep breathe, she opened the door…

It was a semi-large room, and only just managed to fit everything inside. Taking a closer look at her surroundings, Lily paled in revulsion. It was probably the most creepiest thing in the world.

Pictures of Kakashi, some moving and some not, were taped onto the walls, each of them heart shaped or had pink writing on it. Lily saw pictures of Kakashi reading in the library, doing homework in the common room, eating in the main hall, etc.

A life-sized poster of Kakashi decorated the right wall, kiss marks adorning it. The Kakashi poster was twirling a quill in his fingers, standing in a casually pose. He was occasionally eye-smiling and/or winking slyly. 'Probably edited on,' Lily thought.

On the left was a large, pink desk with many things on top: A copy of Kakashi's schedule, a small vial with a few strands of silvery white hair in it, some scraps of black fabric, obviously coming from his robes, and even a small bottle with his blood in it. 'How the hell did they get these things?!?'

In the middle of the room were 3 small couches and a large coffee table littered with more pictures of Kakashi. The couches were black or white in colour, with the pink words KFC sewn into it. On the couches were about 10 people and 15 other people were standing around, looking at many pictures with hearts in their eyes.

The room was a buzz of activity, with many gathering new pictures of Kakashi to add onto the already cluttered walls. Some had scissors in their hands, cutting out pictures to put in the growing pile of album books.

The girls lying on the couches were idly sipping butterbeer or pumpkin juice, chatting excitedly about, guess who?, Kakashi.

In other words, Harry had just entered THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

-------------------------------------------BACK TO RON----------------------------------------

Ron walked nervously down the hallways near the dungeon area. Although it was pretty cold in this area, Ron was sweating slightly.

'I REALLY don't want to do this!' said a voice in his mind.

'It's for Lily! I mean, Harry!' said another voice.

'I WILL be scarred for life, y'know that?'

'Well, suck it up.'

Continuing down the hall, Ron finally reached the right room. Room 105. The other side of the room blasted the Naruto opening songs, so he knew it was the right place. Taking a deep breathe, Ron knocked on the door 5 times, and entered.

Pictures of Kakashi littered the brown wall, some even with him sleeping. Like KFC, there was a life sized poster of Kakashi on the left wall, although this one had a different pose, this one was sitting relaxed on a chair. Potions and potion ingredients littered most of the right wall, and a small cauldron let out a thick blue-green haze.

The most confusing part of the room, in Ron's opinion, were the vast amounts of muggle chains, handcuffs, and sleeping draught potions lying innocently on the shelves.

In the middle of the room, there was 3 blue couches containing 7 people from all houses. Looking closely, Ron could make out the words WLK sewn into the couch fabric.

This was the We Love Kakashi club. They were a separate club because the KFC had rejected them for one reason, and one reason only.

It was a boys only club.


"Well… A newcomer." said Skye's voice. Lily jumped, but covered it by smiling politely.

"That's me, Lily Quinto.' Lily said confidently, 'Can't mess up here…' "And I want to join this club because, well…." Lily forced herself to blush. "I FANCY KAKASHI!" She squeaked, inwardly shuddering at her own words.

The girls around her murmured, and one of called out to her, "Hey Lily! What shampoo do you use? Your hair is amazing!" she said, her voice filled with awe. The girls around her bobbed their heads in agreement.

Lily turned towards the girl, and gasped in shock, "CHO?!" Mentally, Harry was entering depression, spiralling down the dark despairs of an eternal abyss….

Harry's long time crush laughed cutely, "I can recognize a girl who takes her hair seriously," She smiled, twirling her own long black hair subconsciously. 'Man, you are wrong in many ways,' Harry thought dryly, staying in depressed-land.

Suddenly, Lily was aware of the stares she got. 'Oh.. Right. I need to answer…' With effort, Lily pulled herself together, "Well, I use soap, I guess.." She admitted.

The girls gasped in shock. "Wow, what daring!" One of them said. The others nodded in agreement. I let out a small sigh of relief. 'Whew, that was close.'

"Soo… Lily," Skye grinned, also approving of my answer. "To prove yourself to be worthy (Harry mentally snorted) of our club, you have to pass a test."

Lily fidgeted nervously. 'Oh crap. I only have about an hour and 15 minutes left before the potion wears off…' "What test?" she asked, curiously.

Taking a bite of a chocolate-chip muffin that appeared out of nowhere, Skye paused dramatically before saying, "You have to go to Kakashi's dormitory, and steal one of his prized materials!" The girls gasped along with Lily.

"Wow, that's a tuffy!"

"Good luck Lily, hope you make it!"

"If you can, can you grab one for me too?"

Lily ignored the girls, her mind working furiously. 'I have to STEAL something from Kakashi?! Is that even possible?! The guy has super-hearing!!!' Nevertheless, Lily adopted a determined expression.

"I accept the challenge." Lily declared. The girls shrieked in giddiness, and clapped for her. Skye herself was impressed at her answer, so Lily thought that it was probably one of the toughest challenges yet.

'It's good I love challenges,' Lily thought grimly, before heading off towards the common room.


Ron blinked in the glaring lamp shining directly on him, seated uncomfortably in the 'interrogation chair,' after all, a hard wooden chair can't be comfortable. The rest of the WLK club cluttered around him, their faces half hidden in the dim darkness.

The leader, an American Hufflepuff with short-cropped hair, asked Ron many questions.

"So, Mr. Weasley, what is your reason to why you are here?" The leader demanded, fondly caressing a Kakashi plushie next to him. Ron mentally shuddered in repulsion.

"Yes, Ron, tell us why!" One of them smiled eagerly, while the other was doodling a manga one-shot. Ron had once casually glanced over at it, the title was called, 'KAKASHI YAOI,' to his confusion. What was this 'yaoi' the club frequently spoke of?

A small Gryffindor 6th year with long, shaggy, blonde hair adopted a dreamy expression, "It's his mysterious quality isn't it? The way, he hides under that cool mask of his? And I gotta say, he does have a nice a-"

"STOP!" Ron screamed in panic. "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!" With his brain in stress overload, Ron rolled his eyes into the back of his head, and fainted.


As Lily entered the common room, heads whipped around so fast, it matched Kakashi in speed. She paused for a breather, she had to run all the way here to spare some time, though now that she thought about it, she didn't really have a plan.

"Why, hello there, sweet thing."

"What's a cute girl like you-"

"-Doing in a place like this?"

Jumping in surprise, Lily fell anime style onto the floor, before glaring at the two identical grins behind her. "If you have something to say, say it!" she said to the twins.

George raised an eyebrow, "I feel a sense of de ja vu here…"

Fred leaned closer to the brunette before widening his eyes in realization, "Merlin's beard! Is that YOU, Ha-" he exclaimed before being silenced by a petite hand.

"Shut up, you too," Lily whispered in urgency, "It's Lily, and I have a mission to do. Anyway, I have a favor to ask you. Can you make a distraction?!"

Fred and George grinned simultaneously. "Why, Lily, how could we say no to a pretty face like you."

Whipping out a pile of dung bombs from nowhere, Fred tossed it casually into the fireplace.

"HEADS UP!" George cackled, and both of them casted a bubble charm on themselves, and ran away in a break-neck speed.

The dung bomb rose dramatically in the air, to the many shouts of horror coming from the Gryffindors.

"NOOO!" cried Percy, desperately whipping out his wand but he was 3 seconds too late.

The bomb exploded upon contact with the flames, and a brownish, gooey substance splattered out in all angles, coating the once clean room in… crap. A thick coloured smoke exploded and covered the common room in a green, smelly darkness, a new upgrade from the twins.

There were screams everywhere, mostly coming from the first years around the fireplace, they had gotten the worst of it. Unlucky firsties.

With as much dignity as he had, Percy switched into leader-mode, before slipping and crashing head-first in a chair, effectively knocking himself into blissful unconsciousness. Among the chaos ensured, Lily slipped into his dormitory unseen, giving a thumbs up to the two identical red heads retreating out of the common room.

"That was wicked," Lily said out loud in the silence of his dormitory. Taking a deep breath, Lily crept up as silently as she could to Kakashi's canopy.

"Harry…?" said a groggy voice. Lily jumped before turning around. It was Seamus, rubbing his eyes wearily as he looked around in confusion.

"Shhh- Go back to bed," Lily whispered. Inwardly, she cursed herself. She had forgotten that Seamus had a headache today and had to stay in bed for the whole night. To her relief though, he thought she was Harry, due to the darkness of the room.

Seamus nodded obediently, before lying back down onto the bed. Lily sweat dropped. After a few minutes to make sure he was asleep, she turned back towards the trunk.

With a thumping heart, Lily peeked into Kakashi's trunk. She rifled through the things; there were clothes, textbooks, basically all the necessities. 'Aren't there any personal materials in here?' Lily thought in exasperation. Suddenly, she spied a small album book hidden among the folds. 'Aha! Jackpot.'

Lily grinned at her prize before curiously taking a peek through it. To her disappointment, it didn't have many pictures in it. Judging by the fact that they weren't moving, they were probably taken with a muggle camera.

The first one was a picture of a masked man very similar to Kakashi, with white hair and a nearly identical face. Or what he could see, anyway. The same headband with that unfamiliar symbol that Kakashi had was worn on his forehead. There were words scrawled to the side of it which were, to Lily's growing curiosity, written in English.

"Hatake Sakumo. My father, and a hero." The sentences seemed as if they were added on over the years. Lily furrowed her eyes in confusion at the name, Hatake Sakumo. It was his father, which explained the looks, but how come it sounded like she heard that name before…? Not once had Kakashi had ever mentioned his family. It was one of the his mysteries that people wondered about, whether he was pureblood or not. With even more curiosity, Lily flipped through the pages.

The second one was of a blonde man with a very cheerful and contagious smile. The words beside it were: "Is he really my sensei? Ie, A hero. Lily grinned at that one. The blonde must've been quite a guy to have had that kind of respect from Kakashi.

She flipped to the next one. It was of a black-haired boy about 10 years old. He wore orange goggles and had a large goofy grin on his face. The words beside it were: A worthless ninja and a cry baby. My best friend. I'm sorry. Lily stared at that one. Although the bolded lines were more recent, they were still probably years old. Why would an apology be the very last sentence…?

Lily felt an unease in her stomach. Guilt. And unease. The words sounded cryptic, as if there was more to them than at first glance. Should she keep going? There was only a page left. With shaking fingers, she turned to the last page.

The picture was missing. It used to be there, for the tape holding it in place was still there. It was just that the photo itself was missing. A slight dread crept into Lily's mind, as she read the words beside the empty spot.

I promised I'll protect you.
僕は嘘をついちゃったんだ. 実は君のことが大好きだ。本当にごめんね.

Lily stared at the words in confusion. The rest of the words were in another language… It looked like Japanese. Not only that, but the foreign words looked more newer than the rest of them, as if they were written down just a few months ago.

(A/N cookies to whoever gets it and the one before, cuz I ain't telling :P)

Wanting to know more, Lily flipped through the pages. To her disappointment, there were only four people in here… And those words only gave hints, as though the sentences carried a dark past with each letter. Lily recalled Skye's words, she needed to find a prized material from Kakashi…. Could she sink so low as to actually take this..?

'No. Photo albums were TOO precious to actually give away,' Lily thought, recalling the one Hagrid had given her. To her relief, the restless butterflies in her stomach lessened a bit, and she closed the album.

Suddenly, she spotted a few loose papers from the back of the book, and she curiously reached out for it. The first one was a letter. Opening it, she frowned in disappointment, it was written in Japanese. It would be useless for the fan girls if they couldn't understand what it said.

Lily jumped in horror as the dormitory door suddenly creaked open. She quickly hid the letter in her pocket and, with her quidditch abilities, threw the photo album in the trunk.

"….Lily?" said a familiar voice.

"RON?!" Lily exclaimed, mentally jumping for joy that it wasn't Kakashi. That would've been sooo awkward.

"Oh, it's only you…" Ron mumbled in relief. Lily sighed in relief as well. Then, she got a closer look at Ron. The red head was pale and clammy, and panted as though he had ran all the way here.

"The dung bombs get to you?" Lily laughed, remembering how Ron always got sick at the smell. As a reply, Ron suddenly leaped to his feet, dashing away towards the toilet.

"AURUGARRRF." Lily winced. A few seconds later, Ron came back, wiping his mouth on his robes.

"That bad, huh?" Lily said with sympathy.

"No… That's not it…" Ron answered vaguely.

"Okaay, so anyway, watcha doin' here?"

Ron sighed, "Needed a calming potion. Mum always gave us some for emergencies." He mumbled. "Why are you here?"

"I need something from Kakashi," Lily said. "Y'know, for that."

Ron nodded thoughtfully, looking at Kakashi's things with a careful eye, "Hey, what about that?" He pointed to a small dagger lying at the bottom of Kakashi's trunk.

Nodding her thanks, Lily snatched the dagger hesitantly. After all, it must've had a dark history. It was curious-looking, with rune-like seals wrapped around the handle. The dagger itself was 3-pronged, and, Lily noted, looked well taken care of.

"Perfect," Lily grinned. "I just hope he doesn't notice that it's gone," She turned towards Ron, who was taking a few strands of hair from Kakashi's hairbrush.

"Good luck Harry!" Ron waved, and sprinted out of the dormitory room. Lily sweat dropped. She took one last look at the dagger before pocketing it.

Suddenly, the window next to Kakashi's canopy opened with a squeak, and to Lily's horror, a drenched Kakashi, wearing that strange armour again, popped out from the window with ease. To Lily's relief, the sword at Kakashi's back wasn't coated in blood.

There was an awkward silence as both of them stared in shock at each other.

"Uh, what are you doing here?" Kakashi asked calmly, slowly removing his ANBU mask. Lily flinched visibly.

"Er, uh.." 'Dammit, I need to distract him… But how?!' "..wanted to meet you?" Lily answered meekly, twiddling her fingers in a Hinata-like way.

"Okay, hi my name is Kakashi, now go away," The white-haired enigma said stiffly. Kakashi walked around towards his canopy bed, and Lily panicked as she saw where he was going. Straight towards his trunk. Which she left open. And his clothes lying scattered on the floor.

'I need a distraction, dammit! I NEED ONE NOW!' Lily's mind raced in her head for an excuse, but came up with nothing. 'Crap, crap… I need to do SOMETHING!!' Lily glanced up at Kakashi, and her eyes widened in disbelief.

Lily ran towards him with a fierce determination. "What the hell did you think yo-" Kakashi stopped abruptly, as she tackled him onto the floor, and did the first thing that came up to mind.

She kissed him. Kissed as in a long French kiss. Kakashi immediately became stiff with shock while Lily firmly but gently made use of his shock by lingering the kiss. . 'Whoa, he smells like… A forest,' Harry thought, his mind dutifully noting every detail. After a long 10 seconds, they broke apart.

Kakashi was utterly speechless, his mouth doing a magnificent impersonation of a gaping fish.

There was a short and awkward silence as the two looked at each other in amazement, one in pure shock, and one as red as an over-ripe tomato.

'I can't believe I did that,' the two thought simultaneously.

Lily broke the silence "AAARGH, I'M SORRY,' she squeaked, and getting up from the floor, she took a hasty retreat out from the room.

Lying on the floor in the dormitory, Kakashi took a finger to his lips, noting the pink lip gloss in silence.



Lily raced towards the KFC club room, her mind still in chaos over the.. Unfortunate incident.

She didn't have a plan for a distraction, she had kissed Kakashi on impulse, after seeing that confused look on his face.

"I couldn't help myself, it was…. Cute." Lily mumbled.

The brunette mentally punched her face, although it turned out to be more of a slap. 'What am I thinking?! Cute?! HARRY POTTER IS NOT GAY!!! It has to be because of the potion, right…?!?!'

Confused about his/her sexual preferences, she didn't realize she had arrived at her destination until the loud words of, "I'm Too Sexy," reached her ears. Looking at her watch, she realized there was only 24 precious minutes left.

Taking a deep breathe, Lily re-entered the twilight zone. Just as she closed the door, the sounds of screeching girls banged into her eardrums, as everyone in the room swarmed towards her.

"Lily!! How did it go?!"

"Didja do it? Didja do it?!"


Grinning ruefully, Lily dramatically took out the dagger to a uproar of loving screams.

Skye pushed her way through the crowd, amazement written all over her face.

"Wow, Kakashi's dagger, I've seen this before! Just last week, he was twirling it absentmindedly in the school grounds!" Skye said in excitement, completely abandoning her usually cool air. Lily nodded with confidence.

Snatching the dagger with rubber gloves on, and holding it like as if it was a new born baby, Skye scanned over it as crowd of girls fell into silence.

"Well, Lily," Skye finally said, "You pass!" She handed Lily a heart-shaped pin, which she took gratefully. And with a bit of hidden disgust too. The girls screamed their congratulations and Harry couldn't resist pumping her fist into the air.

Phase 1: Complete.


Hermione absentmindedly read, 'Hogwarts: A History' while nibbling on some dry toast. In reality, she was worried to death. Would Harry keep his act up? How long could Ron pretend to be gay? Why do people like apple pie so much?!

Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted as her eyes spotted a suspicious group of Slytherins in a corner. Cocking an ear to the group, Hermione strained to listen to the conversation, catching a few sentences.

"I tell you, she was the most beautiful person I have ever seen!" Malfoy argued.

"I haven't seen a green eyed Gryffindor like that before, so it's obvious that she's not a pure blood!" One of the first years sneered.

Suddenly, Malfoy's wand lashed out in a blur, and he pointed it threateningly at the paling first year, "I. Don't. Care," he snarled.

Parvati gasped in shock. The rest of the Slytherins began muttering in his ear, but Malfoy kept shaking his head stubbornly.

Hermione's eyes widened in surprise. Did Draco Malfoy just defend a non-pure blood Gryffindor?

Hermione dropped her toast with a muffled thump, as she realized something. A green-eyed Gryffindor…? There was only one person matching that description, Harry Potter!

Malfoy actually fancies Harry Potter/Lily Quinto! Blushing furiously, the fan girl in Hermione squealed in glee. Dropping her book, she took out some parchment and a quill, and began to doodle a one-shot.

---------------------------------------Back to Harry

Lily was definitely surprised. Once Skye had declared her 'one of them,' she was immediately welcomed and invited in like as if they were best friends.

Girls were weird.

"So anyway," Lily said excitedly, mentally congratulating herself for her acting skills. "What's the new scoop on the snowflake?"

Cho giggled adorably and blushed, making Harry want to kick something. "I heard that a girl once saw three strays walk up to him and lick his face! AND, he didn't complain!" The girls around her gasped in delight. "Kakashi must have a secret fondness for puppies!" In cue, the girls awwwed simultaneously.

"Pure rumours!" Another girl, this time a Hufflepuff second year, said, "I heard that Hagrid is really fond of Kakashi because he wasn't afraid of those dangerous animals he keeps, and he always invites him to his hut for tea! We could soooo ambush him on his way there!" The girls immediately agreed, pulling out parchment to write plans on.

Lily cocked an eyebrow, 'Hagrid actually likes that Death Eater?'

"No wait," Lily pressed, "I'm talking about real gossip. Like, dark secrets about Kakashi that no one is suppose to know…" She said, smiling darkly.

"Oooh, looking for that enigma side to dear Kakashi?" Cho said, agreeing with my apparent thoughts. "Well, once, I saw Kakashi actually petting a thestral. So he had obviously seen death in the face before!" 'Now we're getting somewhere,' Lily cheered inwardly.

The other girls joined in. "Apparently, he came from another dimension!" A fifth year said in a mysterious tone.

"You mean another country," A Ravenclaw first year, Dyanne Current, corrected, rolling her eyes. "I saw him writing a letter in another language outside on a tree."

"He's definitely Japanese," Lily added, carefully listening in the conversation.

Another nodded her head, scratching her chin thoughtfully, "What was that country called..? Kanada or something?"

"I think it's Konoha!" A first year piped up.

"Did someone say Konoha?" Skye said, taking interest in the chat. The girls nodded their heads respectfully. "I know a giant secret about that country…" She said vaguely.

"You do?!" Lily gasped, her face filled with excitement. The others swiftly took quills to take notes on.

Skye nodded slowly, "I was listening in to a conversation between Professor McGonagall and Professor Moody. Professor McGonagall was clearly worried, telling Moody how shockingly horrifying it was that Kakashi, a 14 year old child, came from such a violent country."

"Violent..?" Lily breathed out. Skye nodded before continuing.

"From what I heard, Konoha was a bloodthirsty country, where people from the ages of 8 took missions," Lily gulped, remembering from the twin's story what Kakashi had said to Malfoy. "Missions where they were sent out to actually kill people!" The girls gasped loudly, scribbling down notes.

"Poor Kakashi! No wonder he could see thestrals!" A girl cried softly. "He must've been forced to go on those missions!" The others girls murmured sadly.

"Hey, do you think Kakashi is on a mission right now?" The ravenclaw Dyanne interrupted. The other girls scratched their heads thoughtfully.

"He must've been sent here to kill those remaining Death Eaters!" A Gryffindor second year said with joy.

"By Merlin's pants, of course that's why he's here!"

"Good luck Kakashi!!!"

Lily drank in all the facts. He was right. The girls here sure were gullible. They couldn't be more wrong. Kakashi was sent here by Voldemort to kill him.

"D-drat. Look at the time." Lily said weakly. "I gotta go, see you all later!" The other girls waved her good-bye as Lily retreated from the room.

Lily ran from the room, and promised to NEVER go back in there. She stopped for a quick breather, leaning against a wall. She spared a glance at her watch, she only had a few minutes left, Lily grinned, she made it just in time.

She had to talk to Dumbledore. Now that she had proof, she could send that Death Eater straight to Azkaban! Lily hesitated, 'Wait, how do I tell convince him that gossip from creepy fan girls is proof enough?'

'Maybe Ron will have more luc-'

"Uhh, excuse me?" said a familiar drawling voice. Lily cringed, and slowly turned around, adopting a puzzled expression.

"Uh, what's up Malfoy?" Lily said meekly, lifting herself off the wall. She stared, hardly able to distinguish the Slytherin in front of her. Malfoy looked nervous, shifting from one foot to another, and his lackies, Crabbe and Goyle, were nowhere to be found.

Malfoy stepped up to the green-eyed Gryffindor until they were both right in front of each other. He gazed deeply into Lily's eyes, his fingers fidgeting nervously. "You're, uh, really beautiful." He said.

Harry's mind flashed out warning signs. 'WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!' "Uhh, what?" Lily said slowly, stalling for time -which she didn't have.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. GET AWAY!! GET AWAY NOW!!!

A small tint of pink appeared on the normally pale faced Slytherin. "I like you." Malfoy continued, and then, to Harry's horror, he gave her the look.

THAT look. The look that a guy would give a girl before he would kiss her. And he was giving it to Lily, the Harry in disguise. Slowly, ever so slowly, he advanced on Lily, eyes half closed.

Harry's mind silently screamed in repulsion. 'Malfoy's gonna kiss me. ME! And hell, why, oh WHY, am I thinking of my breathe? MERLIN!! WHY am I leaning towards him?!'

The two inched closer…And closer…

Malfoy's heart was beating loudly in his chest, and he smiled to himself, 'I'm actually going to kiss Lily, the girl of my dreams.' He opened his eyes for a second, just to see the face of his goddess, and stared into those startling green eyes.

Green eyes that looked…. Familiar?


Ron limped away from the WLK club room, barely aware of where he way going. Dully, he directed his brain in the direction of the Gryffindor common room, his mind still reeling over what he had done.

He was actually stupid enough to, accident or not, show the club his drawing talent. It was one of the only things he didn't brag about, since he didn't really care about it. Ron shuddered, they had actually forced him to draw… To draw…

"STUPEFY!" Ron's head snapped up, breaking out of his thoughts. Recognizing Harry's voice and not Lily's, he sprinted towards where he thought he had heard it.

Arriving at the destination, he skidded to a stop, and saw a strange scene.

Malfoy was hit at point blank range, and he lay crumpled onto the floor. Harry panted in exhaustion. The potion had worn off at that exact moment.

He rubbed his lips in horror. Slowly, he looked up at Ron who was looking at the unconscious Malfoy, and back at him, trying to piece together the scene.

Harry suddenly felt dizzy. He gracefully threw up into a corner, grateful that the hallway they was in was empty.

"Okay, what in Merlin just happened here!" Ron exclaimed, pointing at the blonde-haired body on the floor. "How di- OI, HARRY!"

The past events swam in circles in Harry's mind, and his eyes rolled back into his head, and collapsed onto the floor.


Harry blinked his eyes wearily, 'What in Merlin happened just now….?' He stared up onto the blurry ceiling in surprise, he was in his dormitory room.

Harry put on his glasses just in time to see a red-headed figure come into the room. Ron smiled weakly at Harry, "Morning sunshine-boy. Madam Pomfrey sent these,"

"How long was I out?" Harry asked groggily.

"Don't worry, just about half an hour." Ron said quickly, handing him a pepper-up potion and a slice of apple pie. "Harry, it's all over the school."

Harry nodded as he reached for the apple pie, "What happened to Malfoy?"

Ron sat down next to Harry, and held his shoulder. "Harry." Ron said, seriously, "Its all over the school."

Harry paled, "E-Everything?! HOW?!" He shouted.

"Where you stupid or something?!" Ron shouted back, completely losing his calm. "Do you think Seamus actually just went back to bed like that? He was suspicious of a girl getting into the dormitory and watched you. He saw everything. IT'S ALL OVER THE SCHOOL HARRY!! YOU WERE SNOGGING KAKASHI!"

Harry gaped dumbly. "How did they know it was me…?"

Ron's face grew even graver, "Malfoy… He got real pissed when he woke up a-and he told everyone, and everyone knows that you kissed Malfoy too.."

"I DIDN'T KISS HIM! HE WAS TRYING TO KISS ME!!!" Harry shouted in panic.

"B- But YOU KISSED KAKASHI!!" Ron shouted back. "W- Why would you do that?! Or you gay or something….?"

Harry's face fell in disbelief. "I never knew you were against gay people, Ron."

Ron snorted, "I'm not. Well, I wasn't." Ron shuddered. "It's just that, since yesterday, I had a new lo- Wait! OR YOU SAYING YOU'RE GAY?!"

Harry spluttered. "No Ron! I'm not gay! Seriously!" he pleaded. Ron let out a shaky breathe.

"I believe you, Harry. Hermione does too. I don't know how, but she does… But.. Well.. That's what everyone is saying."

Harry's face lost the remaining colour that it had. "You… Can't be serious…"

"Malfoy, for a split second, saw you turn back into Harry before you stunned him… He told everyone, and although people laughed at him for liking you, he knows that…"

"I'm doomed.." Harry finished. He could imagine now. The next headline for the newspapers. HARRY POTTER: SAVIOR… HERO.. AND GAY.

"What'll Cho think of me now?" Harry moaned, before burrowing his face into his pillow, apple pie forgotten.

Ron patted his back. "I don't want to make things worse, but the KFC found out as well, and they're out for your blood. Something about being betrayed by a fellow club member and breaking the rules. Skye's furious."

Harry's only reply was to punch him in the arm, hard. Ron winced. "Okay, it IS bad timing, but better now than later."

"Harry?" said a concerned voice from the door. Harry and Ron snapped their heads. It was Hermione.

"How'd you get in here?" Ron said incredulously,

The Hermione smiled, before handing Harry a calming potion, which he took gratefully, "It was pretty easy, most people had went off for dinner already. Oh, and Harry,"

"What?" he said, swallowing the last of the potion.

Hermione bonked him on the head, ignoring the indignant look he gave her. "I WARNED you Harry?! But did you listen? Nooooo! You said, it'll all be fine! Is it though? The whole school is buzzing about this, I can't believe you!!" She said angrily.

Harry rubbed his head, wincing at the bump. Hermione could hit really hard. "What's so dangerous about the potion anyway?"

"The side effects, idiot!" Hermione said, as if it was obvious. "Didn't you read the paper I gave you two?" She rolled his eyes at the sheepish expression they gave. "The pinkyfruit doesn't JUST change your physical appearance! It's not the same as a polyjuice potion, which just changes your appearance but not your mind. It literally makes you into a different gender. Which -"

"Changes your DNA as well!" said Harry excitedly, to Ron and Hermione's confusion. "Thank Merlin! I actually thought I was gay for a second." he said in relief.

"Aha!" Ron shouted, pointing a trembling finger at Harry. "so you DID want to kiss him!" Harry stayed silent, unable of a come back.

"You mean that part of the rumours were true?!" Hermione said in disbelief, while Ron laughed uproariously.

"Shut up." Harry said, his red face burrowing back into his pillow. Ron coughed loudly, hiding a smirk in his hand, and began to munch on the apple pie.

"So anyway… I'm hungry as a horse." Ron complained, finishing the pie, "If we hurry we can make it in time for dinner."

Harry shook his head. "I'm not going out there. Not until Christmas." He said firmly, his voice muffled by the pillow.

"You can't be serious, Harry!" Hermione said, "That's exactly what Malfoy wants you to do: hide!"

"She's right, y'know." Ron piped up, putting a comforting hand on Harry's shoulder again. "You can't keep running from them, mate."

"They think I'm gay," Harry said shortly. "I'm not. Going. Out. There."

Ron sighed, "I gotta get something to eat. Convince him for me, 'mione?" he pleaded.

Hermione snorted, "Fine, just go get your apple pie," she said irritably.

Ron patted Harry on the back one last time, "One day, we're going to look on this day and laugh, mate," he said comfortingly.

Giving Harry one last pat on the back, Ron left the dormitory, leaving Hermione alone with Harry.

Harry clutched his pillow stubbornly, there was absolutely no way he was going down there.

He didn't see the evil smile on Hermione's face.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------KAKASHI POV

Kakashi couldn't believe it. The girl that kissed him was actually a guy. And not just any guy, it was Harry Potter. He cursed, not only that, but he also stole the dagger Arashi-sensei had given him. And, he also took the letter. Of all the things in the world. Kakashi bit his lip. At least the letter was in Japanese. Who knows what would happen if he actually read that.

Kakashi walked hastily down the hallways, ignoring the whispers around him. Taking the letter meant that Potter had seen the album. He had written the words in English so that people couldn't understand it. It was a pain to write but it was worth it when Obito had looked at it one time. It was good that Potter didn't know anything about him, if it was one thing he hated, it were those sympathetic looks people would give him if they knew about it.

Potter had taken it so he could be part of his fan club. Why the hell would he want to be part of it when there's already another one he could join instead? And why would he be part of it in the first place?!

There was only one explanation: Harry Potter was gay. Kakashi shuddered momentarily before continuing down towards the main hall. He had never met a gay person before, especially not one that liked him. And why would he like him? Didn't the blood-covered katana teach him anything about his personality?

After reading some books, Kakashi had come down to one way of dealing with this. There was no way he was going to have an awkward chat, he was going to shoot him down. Break the feelings before it developed into something more. Protecting his client was hard enough if said client was distracted.

Kakashi's thoughts were broken as a loud noise was coming from his right. He caught the words with his sensitive ears even though it was at the opposite end of the hallway, although, wincing, he wish that he couldn't.

"YOU TRAITOR!" Ah, it was the fan girls.

"Why join our club when you could join that WLK club?!"

"I'm NOT GAY!!" said Potter's voice.

"It was probably his first kiss too-"

"You completely killed our trust!"


"Potter…" The other voices went silent, and Kakashi sighed. It was Skye. "I can't believe you, Potter… Of all the things you had to do, you know this means war. Prepare yourself, for the fight of your life!"

Kakashi sighed again, as he heard the sound of wands being drawn out. He raised his eyebrows at Snape, who walked right past him. Snape smirked as he saw the scene, but kept walking down the hallways. 'Huh, I thought he was a teacher,' Kakashi thought.








Kakashi shook his head in exasperation. Well, protecting Potter was his mission. So with sudden speed, he jumped over the heads of the students and onto the ceiling, running over towards the commotion.

In less than a second, he arrived there, just in time to see a silvery charm being shot at Potter from behind. Busy casting a shield spell for Hermione and himself from the other spells, he hadn't seen it.

With a crowd of witnesses

Kakashi cursed, he wouldn't make it in time unless he used either a jutsu, which while okay for one person since no one would believe them, should be totally avoided with a crowd of witnesses, or… A spell.

Unfortunately, he had forgotten his wand in the dormitory room. Since it was a weekend, Kakashi felt no use for it except for classes, feeling that he didn't need to depend on a wooden stick.

Of all the luck. Kakashi gritted his teeth, 'I need a shield spell, NOW!' Not knowing what he was doing, he waved a hand over towards Potter, and to his and everyone's amazement, an enormous shield spell appeared. It was drastically different from a normal see-through shield that covered just the forward area. The shield was a silvery, transparent mist that completely covered Granger and Potter in a protective circle.

The KFC froze in shock as their spells bounced off the shield and headed back towards them in twice the speed. Their spells hit them dead on, and instead of the spells normal effects, knocked them all into unconsciousness.

The students gasped in shock at the spell, thinking it was Potter's spell since he had just began to shout it out. Kakashi mentally snorted in amusement, before jumping down towards the growing crowd, too distracted to notice him. 'For once.' he added.

"I was going to come in but it looks like you didn't need my help, Potter," growled a voice, making the students jump.

Clunk. Clunk. Everyone turned their heads as Moody appeared out of a corner, wand in hand.

Kakashi glanced at Potter looked shocked, and Granger who was looking incredulously him, the shield spell still surrounding them.

"That was an excellent shield spell….." Moody said, prodding the unconscious form of Skye. "…Hatake."

Kakashi groaned mentally as the students gasped, their heads turning simultaneously at him. He maintained a look of indifference, although he glanced at Potter, who, for some reason, looked doubtful at Moody's words.

"You must be mistaken, Professor," Kakashi said slowly, "I didn't say anything. If I casted the shield spell, someone must've heard me, but no one did, did they?" The students faces grew doubtful, and they began murmuring amongst themselves.

Moody laughed suddenly, "If you say so, Hatake," Waving his wand, he muttered a hovering charm, and the unconscious KFC club hovered behind him as he made his way past the students. "Don't forget your detention tomorrow," he added, looking at him and Potter.

Kakashi stared at the retreating back of Moody, before walking away from the whispering crowd, releasing the spell along the way. 'Now how the hell did I do that anyway?' Dinner forgotten, he made his way towards the library.

"Oi, Potter," Kakashi said out loud, turning towards the teen. The crowd fell silent immediately, wondering what he was going to say. Turning around, Kakashi kept his mask of indifference, and said, "I'm sorry, but I don't swing that way." Before Potter could reply, Kakashi had left in a speeding blur.

'Well that solves one problem,' thought Kakashi happily. 'Cruel, but he'll get over it… Anyway,' Kakashi stopped at the entrance of the Gryffindor common room. 'It seems like magic is more interesting than I thought it was. And to get more info about it, I need that wooden stick.'

----------------------------------------------------------------- HARRY'S POV

"I'm sorry, but I don't swing that way."

Harry stared at Kakashi in shock, before the words registered in his mind. Kakashi thinks I'm gay. Scratch that, everyone thinks I'm gay. Harry Potter, the gay boy-who-lived. He snapped.

"I. Am. Not. Gay." Harry said through gritted teeth. Everyone screamed as the windows shattered, the glass thankfully dropping outside.

"HARRY!" Hermione shouted, and, thinking of the first thing to do, bonked him on the head.

Harry winced, before punching himself. Accidental magic, he hasn't been this mad since the Aunt Marge incident. How could he let Kakashi get under his skin like that?

'Because you're distracted, duh' said a voice in his head.

'Well, obviously' Harry replied.

'Not because of this. You feel guilty' said the voice teasingly.


'You feel guilty. The past events, do they really point to Kakashi being a Death Eater?'

'Yes, they do! What kind of an non-Death Eater keeps a blood-covered katana, lives in a violent village, and has only ONE EYE? He obviously lost it during one of those missions. Who are you anyway?'

'I am obviously your conscience. You're assuming things. Why not try reading that letter you stole in your pocket?'

Harry widened his eyes in surprise. He completely forgotten about the letter. 'My conscience?

How come you're actually a voice?'

'Because wizards have stronger minds than muggles, so they have more powerful consciences.'

'How ironic. Voldemort has a powerful mind, but does HE have a conscience?'

'I have no idea, but shut up now, because having too many conversations with me can make you insane,' the voice said seriously.

Harry blinked, coming back in the real world. He smiled sheepishly at an angry Hermione, who was fixing the windows.

"Sorry, 'mione," Harry mumbled. The crowd, seeing as the action was over, soon departed, whispering to themselves.

"It's okay, Harry." Hermione said, smiling reassuringly at him, before pocketing her wand. "As long as you tell me that shield spell that you did! It was amazing!"

"Hermione.." Harry said slowly. "I didn't cast that spell."

"What?!" Hermione said in shock. "So that means…."

"I really don't know if it's Kakashi or not either," Harry said in confusion. "We could ask him, but we won't know if he's lying or not, seeing as he denied what Professor Moody said."

Hermione adopted a thoughtful expression. "It could've been anyone in the crowd. But considering the rumours, and the impressive shield spell, it would narrow the people down to…" Hermione sighed. "There are so many possibilities."

Harry stayed silent. "Harry?" Hermione said in concern.

He sighed. "I'm just… Not sure Kakashi is a Death Eater anymore."

Hermione gave Harry an incredulous look. "I had a conversation with my conscience." Harry explained.

Hermione gasped. "Harry! Too many conversations with them can -"

"Make you insane, I know." Harry mumbled. He took out the letter still neatly folded in his pocket. "He told me to take a look at this letter. I kinda accidentally took it from Kakashi's trunk. I forgot to put it back." He decided not to mention the photo album.

Hermione snatched the letter, her eyes widening in worry. "I don't know, Harry. It looks kind of private."

"We need every piece of evidence we got," Harry said firmly. Hermione smiled weakly at him before pocketing the letter.

"Harry, we'll have to go to the library, I think I've heard of a translation spell before. But first, you up to go to the main hall?"

Harry nodded grimly, "Like Ron said, better now than later." He said weakly.


The main door opened, and people's heads turned around as they saw Harry and Hermione walking towards the Gryffindor table.

The two sat next to Ron, who was devouring some baloney. Whispers followed them, and the whole entire Slytherin table began snickering at him, not even bothering to lower their voices.

"So Potter is gay? Who would've thought."

"No wonder he hangs out with a mudblood. He's just as bad as them."

"I'm glad Kakashi is straight, I was so relieved when he shot him down like that." said a female Slytherin who sighed contently. The other Slytherins just shook their heads in disgust before continuing their conversations.

Harry ignored them, but he did glance up at the teacher's table. Professor McGonagall looked the same as usual, so it was hard whether she believed the rumours or not. Snape, on the other hand, looked as if Christmas had come early. He had a bigger-than-usual smirk on his face as he took a sip from his silver goblet. Dumbledore was humming a small tune while taking a bite of a Chocolate Frog, oblivious to the whispers around the hall.

"Harry!" whispered a voice beside him. It was Seamus. Harry ignored him, stabbing viciously at his potatoes. "Dammit, Harry. Will you hear me out?"

Harry stayed silent, and Seamus misinterpreted that as a yes. "I'm so sorry! I heard that Ron called you Harry so I immediately thought that you took a polyjuice potion or something! When you kissed Kakashi -" Seamus paused as Harry let out a growl. "I had to tell someone. I only told one person but it looked like as if someone overheard me because the next second, the whole school was talking about it! I'm so sorry." he finished, an anguished look on his face.

Harry sighed. Although he would've loved to punch Seamus in the face, it wouldn't be good to add 'violent' to his already growing titles. So, burrowing his anger, he turned to him, "Kay." he said shortly, unable to say anything more.

Seamus looked relieved as he turned back to Dean. Ron patted Harry on the back. "Good job, mate." he said through a mouthful of bacon.

Suddenly, the twins sat down next to the group. "Those slimy gits," said Fred cheerfully.

George answered their questioning looks.

"We overheard some people laughing about Harry here," he said, thrusting a thumb towards the fuming Harry. "So, we planted a few of our latest inventions in their shoes and…"

A loud explosion coming from the dungeons made all the tables tremble. "Let's just say, no one messes with the savior." Fred finished with a cheeky grin as Filch began storming down the hall muttering about Peeves.

"Wait, you know Harry's not gay?" Hermione said, glancing nervously around the table.

"Yup, why else would we throw our latest dungbombs into the Gryffindor fireplace!" said Fred with a hurt look on his face. "Wait, don't answer that. Anyway, we got a weeks worth of detention, but it was worth it seeing that look on Percy's face." he added dreamily.

Harry snorted in amusement, "Thanks, guys." he muttered gratefully. Before the twins could reply, another red-head came storming up into the scene.

"Is it true?" Ginny said tearfully. The entire hall went silent as they listened curiously. "All this time… You were.. GAY?"

Harry, for some unspeakable reason, snapped seeing Ginny's tears streaking down her face. "I'm not gay Ginny! You can't trust everything people say!" he said, standing up from the table. Now, even the teachers watched intently on the scene, while the Slytherins sneered simultaneously.

"All this time… I know you noticed!" Ginny continued, wiping away her tears. "How could you… Crush my… My feelings like that…"

Fred, George, and Ron looked at Ginny in disbelief. It was the first time Ginny had ever confessed her feelings to Harry before.

Harry's head was spinning. There was no way Ginny, of all people, would believe the rumours. And… She still fancied me? After all those years? Harry felt a new feeling wash over him, and he felt an overwhelming desire to…

"I'll prove it to you!" Harry said with determination. And, right in the watching eyes of the entire school, he stormed over to Ginny, and kissed her.

It was like his entire world just froze at that second, expanding that brief moment into an everlasting time. And Ginny, after recovering from her shock, returned the kiss, and they both lingered for minutes before they broke apart.

All the students cheered, minus the Slytherins, erupting into a loud scatter of applause that was barely heard over the many cat-calls coming from the Gryffindor table.

Harry grinned weakly, "You believe me now?" Ginny nodded tearfully, before burrowing her head in his robes, her face blushing furiously. Ron gaped openly before clapping along the rest, ignoring the teasing looks from his brothers at the small tears in the corner of his eyes.

Well, that's one way to convince people he wasn't gay. But that problem was small compared to his screaming thoughts right then. He had kissed Ginny. It was like that impulse he had earlier when he had taken the pinkyfruit potion but… Better. Way better. It was like.. Comparing the size of the Earth to the Sun. Completely different.

Is this what they called love?


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