Hello everyone, fans and guests

I am sorry to announce this but I will be discontinuing my "Against My Will?" FanFic due to the fact that I have accidentally been promoting the rape culture that is currently striving all over the world, and I no longer will be part of this promotion of such a sick public issue.

I encourage my fans, although I love and appreciate all of you, REALLY CONSIDER promoting fanfics that promote


Emotional/Physical Abuse

Lack of Consent

Any negative aspect towards Women, Men, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Those of different cultures, ETC (no limit)

Help make this world a better place by telling the world that this shit is fucked up and we do not want this in our world.

I will continue writing consensual and positive (but still sexy) fanfics later on. Thank you all for your support, I greatly appreciate your time.

-Anita Uriel