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Lost in this Moment

Chapter 3


The word slipped from between Chuck's lips like a prayer; sincere and perfect in its simplicity, and there was something about it that made Blair feel like she could fly.

Today was going to be her wedding day.

Grabbing Chuck's hands, she motivated him to get out of the bed by promising to join him for a shower. Then she made sure they only got distracted one... okay, one and a half times.

Her fiancée was enthusiastic; who was she to discourage him?

After dragging their clothes on, Blair opened his laptopcomputer and got to work; there was a lot of research that had to be done before they could approach Lily. Chuck was still under eighteen and they had to convince her that they knew what they were doing and that they were serious. Letting her brush this off as a flighty whim was not an option so it was imperative that they go to her completely prepared.

It was the scheme to end all schemes, even if the outcome for this one was the most important thing she'd ever do. This wasn't some mere take-down or disciplinary hearing over an unfortunate wardrobe choice: this was her life that she was plotting to take control of.

And Chuck had always been her most valuable partner in strategic design; there was something so amazing about starting their life together this way. The more she thought about what they were planning to do, the more right it felt to have him by her side.

Once they'd drawn up a letter for Lily to sign according to guidelines that they'd found on the Internet, Chuck called his step-mother to request a meeting. The blond woman who acted as his guardian was upstairs in her late-husband's office, now her office.

There had never been so many stairs before.

Blair climbed upward slowly, clutching Chuck's hand with her left and the letter waiting for Lily's signature in her right. He gave her hand a squeeze and it reminded her that he knew her; her thoughts, her fears... he knew it all. This was the start of something that she'd dreamed of all her life.

A partnership with a husband who loved her for all that she was... a true fairytale.

They reached the landing and Chuck knocked on the office door using his free hand, then turned the knob when his step-mother invited them in. When Chuck walked through the door, Blair lingered on the other side for a moment while her fiancé greeted his step-mother, then she walked into the study and linked her hand with his.

Lily smiled warmly. "Blair, darling, I didn't know you were still here. Serena left..." when the older woman's voice trailed off, it seemed that she'd put the pieces together and noticed that Chuck and Blair had joined hands. "Oh... I see. You didn't spend the night with Serena."

"No, I didn't," Blair replied, hoping that her face wasn't as red as it felt. "Charles and I had some important things to discuss."

The older woman smiled smartly at her step-son before returning her eyes to Blair's. "I'm sure there was a lot of conversation."

Taking a deep breath, Blair fought past the embarrassment at the topic of conversation before answering through slightly gritted teeth: "There was."

"So," Lily gestured softly with her hand in surrender, "am I to assume you're back together?"

"Finally together," Blair stressed softly, "yes." Then she glanced back at Chuck before adding, "and we want to stay that way."

Smiling tenderly, a far off look came to the blonde's eyes as she responded, "An admirable goal."

Then Chuck stepped into the line of fire and captured his step-mother's attention by clearing his throat. "Lily," there was a firmness to his tone, but a fond note all the same; he obviously cared what his step-mother thought of him and this decision he was making. "Blair and I have come to ask your permission to marry."

Even though she'd been looking him straight in the eye, she still seemed to think she'd misunderstood him.

"What?" Her eyebrows arched in surprise, "I don't understand. You're too young to get married."

"Blair's not," Chuck replied, strongly, but Blair could feel him squeezing her hand in his.

No one else would have known from the way that he was staring Lily down, but he was nervous and holding onto her for strength. "And taking into consideration that I asked her to marry me last night, that is a problem that we've come to have rectified. As my legal guardian, you can grant me permission to make good on my promise."

"A promise you shouldn't have made because you can't keep it," the blonde replied. The defiance that her parents must have dreaded when the woman was growing up was in every part of her demeanor; from her tightly pulled back tresses to the Louboutin heels on her manicured feet, Lily Bass was standing her ground. "You're both too young to be making a decision like this."

"Now, Lily," Blair sighed, formulating a plan of attack to win her future mother-in-law to their side,"You know that love really knows no age; it's different for everyone and our time is now. I love Charles and he loves me."

If the older woman wasn't trying to appear refined, she would have rolled her eyes. Instead, there was a prolonged blink before she asked, disbelievingly, "Love at seventeen and eighteen?"

Blair's fiancé glanced over at her, studying her face for a moment before replying: "Yes." Then he winked at Blair and she knew they had the same idea, "Do you remember what it was like?"

Only slightly ruffled, his step-mother crossed her arms over her chest and responded resolutely, "I also remember how it ended."

Blair shot back, "As in it never ended?" Lily's knowing adult look dropped and for a second the woman was speechless, allowing Blair to strike a more crippling blow. "Can you honestly say that the person you loved at eighteen isn't the one that you love now? Have you ever wished that you could have back the twenty years of pretending that there was something else out there for you and give it to the person you were meant to be with?"

"I don't..." Lily trailed off, unsure how to respond.

Then it was Chuck's turn to drive the point home."We've spent a year pretending... and it's enough for us; don't make us wait just because you made that mistake." He took a step forward, standing eye to eye with the woman who'd been the only mother he'd ever known and spoke plainly: "We're in love... we've found the person we want to give our lives to." Sighing, he gave her a small smile and concluded, "All we need is your signature and a copy of the guardianship papers."

"You're really set on this, aren't you?" The older woman mumbled, her eyes narrowed at the two young lovers as if sizing up how far they're willing to go to get what they're asking for. "And if I refuse?"

"The laws of the Dominican Republic aren't nearly as strict as ours," Blair pointed out then added softly, "But we'd rather have your blessing."

Another moment of silence as the wheels supposedly turned in Lily's head and then she laughed. "If there's hope for anyone in making a gentleman out of him, you're the one with the greatest chance, Blair. I bid you good luck in accomplishing it."

"Really?" Blair asked expectantly.

"Yes," the blonde took two steps and hugged Blair as she had many times before, if just a little tighter. "I'm looking forward to having you for a daughter... officially."

Stepping back, Blair turned to look at Chuck and saw him take his step-mother's hand and kiss her knuckles. "I knew you'd come around; you put up a great defense, but no can resist Blair when she puts her mind to something," he smirked before adding, "Thank you."

Her hand shaking a little with nerves, Blair set the sheet of paper on the desk. Chuck disappeared to the corner of the room while she showed Lily what it was she was signing, just as they'd planned. All that was left to get was a little ink and a sheaf of paper, then they would be free to do as they wished.

Lily signed the letter of permission, just as Chuck came back from retrieving the guardianship papers from his father's safe. "Well, I guess it's up to you two now; when's the big day?"

"Vegas is a three hour plane ride," Blair chirped, with a grin.

Raising her eyebrows, Lily commented, "If I didn't know the two of you have been avoiding each other, I would think there was a more pressing reason for your hurry than purely love."

"There are reasons," Chuck drawled with a smirk, "But not the one you're thinking of."

Blair rolled her eyes with an abashed laugh and grabbed his arm. "It's time to go, Bass, we're gonna miss the flight."

The older woman gave Blair a sympathetic smile and then followed them to the door of the office before saying, "Take care of him, Blair."

Meeting the blonde's smile, Blair gaze locked with Chuck's amused eyes, "Oh, I will..."

Once the elevator doors opened and she stepped inside, Blair took her the lapels of her fiancé's shirt and pressed her lips to his in celebration before whispering...

"Til death do us part."

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