G. I. Joe

Storm Shadow's Evaluation


Disclaimer; I IN NO WAY POSSIBLE OWN G., OR ANY OF ITS OFFILIATS. Also this is just a story line I created and does not follow the toon or comic in any way.

Disclaimer #2; I honestly don't remember the age differences and real names and other minor & major characteristics of all the Joe's. I'm trying very hard to just focus on the few I do remember… (But that's not too many)…The main characters are Snake Eye's and Storm Shadow. Also, before you flame me for it, YES, I know S.S name is Thomas, but bare with me we'll get to that. As for S.E's, if he has a real name I've never heard it mentioned, so again bare with me and if one of you know it, PLEASE tell me and I'll fit it in.

Disclaimer #3; I have no idea of the time line so I'm making them around 24 and 25 at the year 2008. Also, Sniper, Hacker, Shane and Jade are my creations.

Summery; Storm Shadow is required to attend a psychological evaluation courtesy of Psyche-Out and is asked to bring his family.

Beta-ed by Apple Blossom

Storm Shadow's POV

So you want to know about my life from the start do you?

Well just remember you're the one who asked.

It was 1988; I really don't remember much, I was only 4 years old. What I do remember was a mean, bald headed man the size of a bear, and I mean, maliciously mean. When he wasn't busy yelling at me, he was beating me, except when there was someone important supposed to show up. Then he'd just shake the hell out of me and make me sit or stand in the closet or in my bedroom holding buckets of water until my arms fell off.

Another thing I can remember is that there was some Assassin that came out of nowhere to become an instant legend and a popular one. Rumor says he claimed the name Sniper for himself, though even at my young age I personally think the media did that for him.

Whoever he was, he was perplexing to say the least. He would swoop in, assassinate whomever he was hired to knock off and disappear in a heartbeat. Ya, a lot of assassins worked that way but eventually they got caught one way or another. Thing was, this person never left any clues, no one ever saw him or heard were his shots were being fired from and he only took jobs that were the most expensive and hard to get.

Mainly, he got a large number of mob members or drug lords that the police couldn't touch. I never could understand why the police wanted to arrest the man he was doing them a favor after all.

The other thing that made him so unusual was his weapon; it was so… futuristic for that day and time. With it, he literally shot small bi-planes down clear across the other side of a small city. I remember being very impressed with his aiming talent, for some reason I idolized him.

Back then I remember 'Sniper' taking out someone in our own city. I was so excited to know he was in our city. I was actually able to forget the bald bear that social services made me live with, also, that day I met my brother for the first time.

He was half a head taller and one year older than me. The social worker said his name is William…humm…I can't remember his last name anymore. I'll have to remember to ask, later. Anyway, she explained that William couldn't speak. The accident he was in left his vocal cords destroyed. It's also how he became an orphan. He had a small white board, a marker and an eraser he use to communicate with. He also had a small book 'American sign language.'

Me, I didn't have the luxury of knowing my parents. I was abandoned seconds after being born. They, whoever they were put me in a trash can. The actual owner of said trash can found me and called the police.

In 1989, exactly one year later, brother and I were minding our own business when the 'bear' came in drunk and stoned. That's when I was most afraid of him. Will still didn't understand he should not bug the man when he was like that. He scribbled on his board and held it to the man. The expression on his face was horrid…


Snake Eye's POV

1988? Well, it went along swimmingly until that tractor trailer slammed into mom and dad's minivan. I woke up in the hospital with dozens of strangers swarming me. I tried to ask were mom, dad and sis were but my throat hurt so bad I couldn't get anything to come out. The next day my older sister was moved into my room so we could be together. I was never so happy to see her in all my short life. I tried to ask her questions but couldn't get sound to come out of my mouth.

She calmed me down then told me what happen to my voice, then to mom and dad. I was devastated to say the least, but she reassured me everything would be alright. After we were released from the hospital, social services decided it would be easier on them to separate us so they could place us in homes.

I cried of course and clung to sis's leg as if it were the only thing keeping me alive. I only let go after she promised to find me, no mater what. I was placed in a home of a really big scary looking man and a kid younger and scrawnier than me. He was introduced as John Doe, that's what the hospital named him since he was abandoned from birth. I couldn't help but think how cold that name seemed.

Strangely, for a 4 year old he seemed awfully fascinated with the news channels, until he explained he was looking to see if 'Sniper' put another sick, twisted creep out of the populace's misery.

I couldn't help thinking his fascination with an assassin was unhealthy until John pointed out all the creeps he was taking down. I found myself applauding the man…Do you think that was horrible of me? Months went by and I discovered just how scary the man I had to live with was and since he always knew when the social worker came to visit, he successfully hid this fact from them.

He was a horrible drunk and drug addict. John told me when he was like that to just stay quiet and out of sight and for a year I did, but after he tripped over his feet for the umpteenth time that day my conscience took over and I asked if he was all right. He rewarded my concern with a heavy slap across my face and choking me till I was blue.

John tried to come to my rescue yelling at him to stop but was silenced when the man back handed him half way across the living room floor…it knocked him out cold…sorry my candy I'm chewing on choked me a little there.

I remember praying to God or any entity that was there to help. I didn't want John to die and I didn't want to join my parents just yet either. I remember the edges of my vision getting black and hoping John would be ok. Then, the door flew off its hinges and in walked a man in a long dark-gray duster that flowed behind him like a cape. He had dark black visor-like sunglasses and a scowl on his face that would make St. Slaughter shiver.

The creep chocking the life out of me let go and charged the stranger, only to meet the other side of the wall. I remember being shocked at how strong the slender man was. He was nowhere as tall as the 'bear', that's what brother called him, yet he backhanded him all the way to the other side of the room!

I had mixed emotions over that, (one) I was relived to have been rescued but (two) terrified as to what the 'bear' might do to us when he gets up. Then I noticed that the stranger was holding John and had his hand out for me to take it…he was offering to tack us away. I took his hand and he lifted me up to sit on his hip, I think I surprised him when I clung to his neck like a lifeline…


Sniper's POV

1989 was interesting to say the least. I had five jobs I had agreed to, two for two million, two for three and a half mill and one for four million. Hacker, my partner, had just created a new weapon for me to play with. It was completely hi-tech and the sunglasses he made had an ear phone and a microphone that strapped to my neck, so I could communicate with him. The gun was twice as big and twice as heavy as the last one he made, but he promised a mess load of new features and a longer distance range. A longer range is always good, but the weight of the thing bugged me. Ya, I could carry it and all, I was always freakishly strong for my age and gender, but still is it asking too much?

I was just hanging out waiting for my mark to show up, I stalked him for about a month to get his routine and decide were the best location to tag him would be. Then I heard the commotion next door. It sounded like someone falling over them selves while they were walking across a floor with marbles all over it. I had just moved in a week ago and didn't know much about the Neighbors except the one down the hall. At that time he was a Detective. Him, I tried to learn about since he would pose a problem. So far every thing had been in my favor. The Detective wouldn't be home for another four hours.

Hacker snapped me out of my musing when he announced the arrival of my target. I was so far away I couldn't see even with the scope he put on my new toy. But it also had a feature he wanted to try. I would never recommend anyone using a weapon for the first time in a situation like this but I trust him with my life so I agreed.

He did this hi-tech stuff and my sunglasses instantly became a grid map of the street my target was located. "Cool." I had whispered to him. "I thought you'd like it. So you don't mind shooting blind do you? The bullets I made for your weapon are as hi-tech as your glasses. I can even make them turn corners if I have to." He had told me and I laughed. "So, that's why you wanted me so far away, you wanted to play." "Yep." He replied, and then I heard another thud from next door. "Let me know when you're ready." I told him, as I mused about how helpful a turning bullet would be, being so far away.

I heard another thud from next door then Hacker came over the headset, "Ok let it go." "Copy that firing in three, two, and one." BAM! Next thing I knew my back was on the floor! I got up yelling at Hacker, "What the hell did you do? That wasn't silent at all!" "Sorry forgot." Forgot my ass! I started breaking the gun down when I heard a kid screaming. "No, stop it! You're choking him! Stop it, stop it, stop it!" then there was the unmistakable sound of ones back hand across a soft cheek then there was silence.

That really pissed me off.

After placing the weapon in its carryall, I stormed out into the hallway, kicked the door to the Neighbor's place in and trudged straight through it. There was a big bald ugly guy choking one kid and another on the floor next to him. The moron charged me and I back-handed him across the room with great pleasure.

I went to the little blonde since he was out cold then turned to the brunette. He was staring up at me in pure astonishment. I held my hand out to him and he grabbed hold. I pulled him up to sit on my hip. I was a little surprised that he latched onto me so tightly. I turned to the door, when to my horror, I heard Detective Edward demanding to know what the hell was going on and another neighbor telling him that he wasn't sure.

We went out the window onto the trellis. I as cat-like as possible, and you would be very surprised how easy it really is, jumped to mine.

After climbing inside I set them down, the blonde was waking up finally. I grabbed my disguise and hurried in to them. I didn't give a rat's butt if they saw anything they weren't supposed to. I was more concerned about Dtv. Ed finding us. It sounded like baldy was awake and spilling out his helpless end of the fight.

"You're a girl?" I heard a small voice ask me. The blonde's blue eyes were now locked on me. "Ya, and you're a boy." I said smugly tying my boots then straightening my outfit. I checked the mirror to make sure I looked like a gothic punk rocker. "Are you 'Sniper'?" I guess the expression on my face gave him his answer. Shortly after he followed it with, "You're a girl... I've been idolizing a GIRL". I grinned and told him not to worry, that he'd get over it.

Then I asked them their names and ages. The blonde answered for both of them as the brunette hand signed his response without realizing the blonde did it for him. I guess he was still a little shell-shocked.

"This is William, he's 6 and I'm John Doe, I'm 5." Then without warning, William stepped up and signed a question. "What's your name and how old are you?"

I cracked a smile at how they leaned in to hear me, so I told them. "My name is Nis'e and I'm 16."

I thought they were going to hit the floor. They were shocked at my age. Then I looked over at John I didn't like that name. It was something the morgue gave unidentifiable people. "Ya know Blondie I don't like your name…William I like but John Doe seems so impersonal. What do you think of Shawn of Thomas?" he looked at me blankly for a bit then shrugged his shoulders.

Will stepped forward and signed 'I like both.' I thought about that for a bit then smiled. "Ok how dose Shawn Thomas sound?" the kid smiled back "I like it."

Then I managed to sneak us all out…


Storm Shadow's POV

Nis'e said she would find us a home with parents who cared for us. After two years she quit looking and we were calling her mom. It started off as a joke she keep nagging us to clean our rooms and stuff. So, to tease her I would tell her 'yes mom' and William joined in.

Surprisingly, she never seemed to mind. Being a teen and all one would think she would have had a fit. But she just started introducing us as her boys. That was the start of our morbid little family. Uncle Hacker, Mom Sniper, older Brother Will and younger Brother Shawn, ya we were some family tree. All of us living on a little island mom purchased with her millions. It was great. There was no one else for miles. Other than Mom and Uncle Hacker's friends, that would come to visit.

That was the first time we met our dad, we just didn't know it yet. He was one of mom's friends. Well actually, he was more than a friend. He was also the first ninja we had ever encountered. He explained that he belonged to a clan called Arashikage. The head of said clan didn't approve of mom so he would make excuses that he was on vacation at Hawaii, so he wouldn't attract suspicion.

I don't think it worked well.

Since Will and I had adopted her as mom we decided we didn't like any of the men that tried to court her and we became nightmarish little pranksters, trying everything to drive them away. He was no exception, but being a ninja he got out of a lot of our ideas for pranks for him. That left the three of us guys glaring at each other from across the dinner table. I remember mom laughing her butt off over it. She said we belonged together.

Sadly, shortly after that visit, she had to leave us with him. A month after that every news channel all over the world was talking about the death of the greatest assassin ever…

Mom was dead.

I was 7 years old and I wailed like I was 3. I was devastated. Dad was the only one that knew her secret and was sympathetic, but the Grand Master. The head of the Arashikage clan couldn't understand why we chose to mourn 'Sniper' in such a way. Mom hadn't shown up for three months after promising to be back in a few weeks. I think he figured it out.

Shortly after that he allowed dad to adopt us. We became William David Arashikage and Shawn Thomas Arashikage. We started training in their dojo and became ninja. After that we were known as Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

In the year 1994, I was 10 and brother was 11. We were official ninjas then, when out of nowhere a woman showed up. She stalked us for a week until I got pissed enough to confront her. I nearly died, it was mom! She wasn't dead. She faked her death, for us. She and Hacker planed it all out. She did it so she could raise us, responsibly she said. We were so happy we didn't care what Grand Master thought.

That was a big mistake, I guess.

Turns out, Grand Master really didn't like mom all too well…well not at all actually. And when dad told her he had adopted us legally she seemed sad but happy over the fact. Later, against Grand Masters wishes, she signed our adoption papers and legally became our mother. We would stay and study in school and at the dojo and on all the American and Japanese holidays Dad took us out to Mom's Island to visit.

You want me to move forward to 1998?

I was 14 then and Will was 15. We both had girlfriends at the time and we were making straight A's as students and we were two of the most feared ninja out of the Arashikage dojo. Thanks to one of Uncle Hacker's friends we were also surfing fanatics.

We spent a whole summer at Mom's Island and Ret Weavers taught us to surf and taught us all about lifeguarding. It was a great year for us…


Snake Eyes POV

Well let me see now, Mom had decided to keep us as her own. And Shawn and I decided we didn't like any of the men mom dated, so we pranked them away. We learned the hard way that ninja's were really hard to scare off.

I would chuckle about that but it's hard to hand sign.

Mom left us with Shane while she went to do her 'Sniper' thing. One month later, all the news stations were announcing 'Snipers' death. Shawn and I paled, we sat in utter silence. I got sick to my stomach. Brother and I ran to our room and cried. Grand Master didn't like the idea of us mourning an assassin like that but he figured out why when mom never came back.

Let's see 1994. We were being stalked by a woman. It turned out to be mother. We were ecstatic to see her. I was speechless.

Well you know what I mean.

Grand Master was not at all pleased to see her, but she ignored him. It was probably why he didn't like her.

You want to know about 1998? I was 15 and dating Celeste Cabbit, and Shawn was seeing Lunette Peterson…um…Well, Shawn just told you all about that, you really don't need me to repeat it, do you? Besides everything that happened that year was good.

Ret Weavers? He was a lifeguard and loved to surf he taught us one summer at the Island. We were sad to find out he died on his job. He was rescuing someone from an undercurrent dragging them out when a shark hit him and pulled him under…


Nis'e's POV

Ya in 1991 I decided that in order to raise the kids properly, Sniper needed to die. Hacker and I planned out an elaborate scam to do myself in. Ya it was a little gruesome and I had to stay hidden for a year because someone actually got a picture of me back when the boys were 5and 6. The pic is too far away to really see anything but, if you could, you would see the boys clinging to my legs. It was enough to make me paranoid, but hey it worked, the world thinks I'm dead.

Well, Sniper anyway…

What'd I do with my weapon? Well then, I'd be telling now, wouldn't I?

Ya, I was a little hurt when I finally got back to Japan. I was happy and all that Shane adopted the boys, and they did have the best of every thing. Even though I was able to afford too give them more, with my budget.

Still, everything worked out well. The boys had a family and education and they visited as much as possible. And I adored their girlfriends. Too bad Shawn and Lunette broke up after graduating High School…


Storm Shadow's POV

In 1999, William finally asked Uncle Hacker to help him search for his sister. All the avenues Will ran came up short. But what Hacker found shocked us both.

Turns out I had an older brother too. Our older siblings had managed to meet and fall in love, they had a daughter they named Jade.

They were on there way to Japan to meet up with us. Jade stayed with a friend so she could attend school, she was 7 then. There was a bad storm that night and the plane they were on crashed…everyone died.

I never even met my brother, so I can't say it devastated me, hurt maybe. Will on the other hand…he was hardly eating and barely drinking. He hardly moved around at all. He was like that for a month. He was getting so sick, pale and thin I begged him to snap out of it. Then a social worker and two lawyers showed up. They played a video will that our siblings left behind. They made it just before coming to see us.

The nuts gave us custody over our niece Jade in the event of their deaths. Of course the social worker and her lawyers were against that idea. I mean really, who leaves a 15 and 16 year old custody of a 7 year old? Still, she was family and I noticed the look on Will's face, he was happy. So I agreed that we would take Jade. Maybe her being around would snap Will out of his grief and start him eating again.

To everyone's surprise, Jade did more than just snap him out of it, she slapped him out…no literally, slapped him out of bed. She was an adorable kid extremely intelligent for a 7 year old…I mean scary intelligent. She breezed through all of her training and became one of the youngest shinobis ever to pass the Arashikage clan tests.

Jade also boasts the hardest hits. It hurt to have to train her, every punch and kick she had was backed with power. I was always surprised that my ribs and jaw never broke when I sparred with her. Today I pretty much avoid having to spar with her, by any means necessary.

Yes, that means I run from her. Will does the same thing and yes we know it's childish, but her punches hurt…dont look at me like that.


Snake Eyes POV

I was fed up with all the dead ends I kept running into trying to find my sister so I asked Uncle Hacker to help. I didn't expect him to come back with her life story.

And to Shawn's surprise my sister had married his biological brother and had a daughter…we had a Niece named Jade Halunc.

They were on their way to Japan to see us when their plain was struck by lightning and crashed.

I felt so alone, I knew I wasn't but I still felt that way. She was all I had left of my old family. I got so depressed I made myself sick. Then a social worker and two lawyers showed up and played us a video explaining that they had left Jade in our custody. I was so happy and even happier when Shawn agreed for us, that we would take her.

I was still a little sick and depressed and I stayed in bed until late in the afternoon.

After Jade had gotten acclimated to her new surroundings she marched her way into my bedroom and demanded I get up. I leaned on my elbow and smiled at her. I thought she was just being cute, then she slapped me…I just blinked at her, I was dumbfounded. Then she smacked me again only harder, I got up in a hurry when she reared back for another…


Nis'e's POV

In 1999 Willie asked Hacker to help him find his sister. Hacker ended up finding more than just her. He found her husband and their daughter too. The boys were so excited to meet them. I was happy for them but then the plane crashed. Shawn was a little disappointed but Willie made himself sick. I couldn't stand seeing him like that so I made a few suggestions to the people looking after Jade. They sent Jade, her social worker and two lawyers (one for the boys and one for the social worker) to Japan. Jade stayed and after I gave her my permission, she snapped Will back to his senses.


Jade's POV

Of course I was heart-broke, my parents died. But I didn't see what brooding over it was going to accomplish, besides Uncle I did enough of that for all of us.

Who's Uncle I? Oh that's right I haven't met you until now, that's what I call Uncle Snake Eyes, get it I for Eye.

Any way I got tired of him moping around all day. So after asking their mother, I decided to motivate him. For his own good of course.


Storm Shadow's POV

…Lunette? We were 14 when we started dating and 18 when we graduated. She became my world, I adored her…I…had planed to…propose after graduation, but she had something on her mind so I insisted she talk first.

She informed me she'd been accepted into a wonderful college back in her home state in the U.S., she was studding to be a veterinarian. The look on her face told me the pain she was in but she continued to explain. She didn't want to go through a "long-distance-relationship" only to find one of us slipping away from the other…

She didn't have to beat around the bush for me to understand she was sincere. It wasn't until after she had left that her best friend Celeste told me she changed her mind but never said anything…just gave me a hug and a kiss good-bye. I guess she thought it was for the best, after all, long-distance-relationship were rumored to fail miserably.

I was foolish…no blatantly ignorant not to chase her down and beg to start over, but I didn't…

I refused to admit I was depressed and instead of caving in on myself I threw myself into training. Day in, day out that's all I did. The Grand Master took Jade away to begin specialty training. When I wasn't training I was at work, meditating or sleeping due to the exhaustion. I was 20 and I looked like I was 40. Will joined the army that year, said he wanted to do more for people who needed it.

I was dragging my sorry carcass back to the dojo from across the cherry blossom field. I was so tired I wasn't paying any attention to anything around me, so when the yard in front of dojo exploded due to the aircraft that crashed there, I was knocked unconscious. When I woke up I was in a bright white room I looked closer and discovered that it was a hospital ward for Cobra. The only nurse in the place noticed I woke up and went to get some business looking representative who just so happened to want to talk to me.

Whatever meds they had me on must have been great because I let him yammer on and on about Cobra. According to them it was G. who was responsible for attacking the Arashikage dojo. I informed him that it was an accident that the plane crashed there. He then tried to reason with me that it crashed there for a reason.

The meds were really good apparently before I knew what I was saying I had agreed to work for Cobra Commander. It would be another three months before I would run into William. It was on a battle filed against the Joes., I almost didn't recognize him. His outfit had changed dramatically from loose to form fitted. He recognized me though. He managed to run up and began signing. Wanting to know what had happened to me and all.

I let the lie Cobra had told me blind me and I let my rage control my emotions and actions. I back handed him across the face and demanded to know what he was doing with the enemy. He countered with the same question. That was the beginning of the biggest family feud the world had ever seen…


Snake Eye's POV

It was 2002 when we all graduated and unfortunately the girls we were dating had to go home. Celeste was on her way back to Honolulu to study for her real estate license and Lunette was off to Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine. Celeste and I are still together. Why do you think I go to Honolulu for my Vacation's all the time?

Unfortunately, Lunette thought it would be better for her and Shawn to break up. She didn't think a long distance relationship would last. Sadly to say, that left Shawn beside himself. He started training and when that wasn't enough, he went out and got a job as a shipping and receiving stockman. There were long hours involved and I think that's why he took it.

Then one day I had just come home to visit from boot camp when a plane that Cobra had forced down crashed right in the front yard of the dojo. I was so close that I was knocked out. I woke up to find Jade sitting next to me, I asked her were Shawn was. She said they couldn't find him.

I was asked to join G. shortly after that. Three months later I found Storm Shadow working with Cobra. I was shocked and confused, to say the least. I managed to get across the battlefield next to him then asked what he thought he was doing with the enemy when he asked the same question after smacking me.

He was confused as to who was right or wrong and I knew nothing I said was going to change his mind. He would have to learn that for himself. So reluctantly, I didn't interfere with that.

It was the beginning of a huge family feud.


Nis'e's POV

Ya, it hurt to know I couldn't help much and it was a pain to see Shawn so depressed. But it's not like Lunette didn't keep track of him. I was really concerned when he disappeared during the plane incident. Hacker did everything he could to find him, even broke every law out there and even rewrote a few.

I was relived when Willie told me he found him. I was well prepared to bring 'Sniper' back from the dead but decided to listen to my own advice for a change. I was always telling the kids "Everything happens for a reason."

I learned to hate those words…


Jade's POV

The whole plane crashing into the yard thing was a bit of a surprise but not as big as Uncle S coming up missing. Thankfully he was still alive, brainwashed maybe, but alive.

Yes, I went to visit him often. Cobra Commander was quite polite about it, if he didn't approve he hid it very well. Personally, I think he enjoyed having an intellectual there that could scare off his dimwitted lackeys. I noticed that half the base would disappear during my visits. The Baroness and I enjoyed talking about men, outfits and other things so I really had no reason to dislike her. I think she just missed having an intelligent conversation, being surrounded by men most of the time…


Storm Shadow's POV

I suppose mother could have stopped us if she'd wanted to. I wish she would have some times, but I suppose she had her reasons. She always explained to us that "Everything happens for a reason." I was even more surprised that Jade didn't intervene and stomp our asses into the ground. Though she did make a comment about "The bigger picture", whatever that was supposed to mean.

I never could figure out how her brain worked. Did you know that just two year's ago she was visiting me and Cobra Commander had pissed her off, in two days she took complete control of Cobra?

She tossed the Commander in one of his prison cells and replaced the rest of Cobras high command with her ninja team from the dojo. They didn't attack anything or anybody but they did hire a lot of competent people. They all had experience in what they were hired to do. And they were making money, lots of it, legally. Then Cobra Commander and the rest of his staff pleaded with her and apologized for making her mad. After that she gave everything back.

Surprised all of us really, but she never intended to do much with Cobra to begin with. She just wanted to teach them not to piss her off.


Snake Eye's POV

I don't know why mom never stopped us from fighting. And Jade would visit Storm Shadow no matter if I liked it or not.

No…I didn't know she took over Cobra.

Though, if he made her mad enough, then I wouldn't put it past her. She had the brain and the brawn to do it.

Nis'e's POV

I guess I could have stopped them, but Shawn still would have blamed the Joe's and refused to listen to his brother.

Ya, I knew Jade did that, she called me to see if I wanted to help.

I was a silent partner of course. Besides she got the information she needed then bailed…

Everything happens for a reason, ya know.


Jade's POV

What? So I took over Cobra, wasn't very hard to do by the way. Anyway, I needed access to all of his files he kept and it was the easiest way around security. I called in my team from the Arashikage dojo. I needed their help, especially Hack's. She just so happens to be Uncle Hacker's daughter and is just as smart as he is when it comes to computers and such.

Hack found the file I wanted and cleaned it up for me. Uncle S's birthday the next year was going to be awesome. All of my little pawns were falling into place and if I knew my Uncles the way I thought I did then their feud was going to end…


Storm Shadow's POV

One year later in 2008, I was going to be 24 soon and Jade came back to visit just long enough to give me a gift and then she left. I opened the gift and played the video that was in the box…it was very eye opening. I learned for the first time what really happened during the plane crash at the dojo.

Needless to say, that was when I handed in my resignation. Then Will talked me into coming to G.…


Snake Eye's POV

Jade called me and asked me to come to a secluded Island to pick her up. When I got there I found my brother instead and a Cobra tower that was in flames. He said he quit Cobra and not to bug him about it. Then he bowed and apologized for not listening to me from the start. So, I drove us back to shore silently.

I was so happy, he came to his senses and our feud was over.

Are we done?


Nis'e's POV

Jade gave him his gift and it opened his eye's. Sure, his resignation from Cobra was a little extreme but with those half-wits it's almost mandatory anyway. I couldn't be happier both my boys are healthy and where they belong. What more could a mother want…

Ok, grandkids before I'm dead would be nice…!

We done here?


Jade's POV

Yes, I admit, I didn't think Uncle S would go that far to resign, but you got to admit, blowing up a Cobra base all by himself was pretty impressive.

…Grandkids huh?

Well, if a certain letter gets to a certain Veterinarian…

Are we finished?


Storm Shadow's POV

I wanted to keep my condo in town and it was the only job I could find…


Are we done yet? I have laundry that needs to be washed before it mutates.

No, seriously, I was in Mindbender's lab last week.


Later, in Duke's office "So, Psyche-Out, how did Storm Shadows psychological evaluation go? I know I shouldn't be asking because it's confidential and higher up than me, but I couldn't help noticing you asked him to bring his family."

Psyche-Out groaned and rubbed his temples before responding. "I think, after that, I need to see a psychiatrist."

Duke watched him walk away but before he was to far away Psyche-Out turned back to him. "I can tell you this much. Don't go pissing off Mom and little niece, Jade!"

Duke looked on in confusion as he walked away. "Hmmm…I wonder why he said that." He muttered to himself as he walked down the hallway, trying to figure out what Psyche-Out was talking about.


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