"Jade's Letter"


By R.S.W.D.W

Beta-ed by Apple Blossom

A companion piece of Storm Shadow's Evaluation, hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN G. IN ANY WAY OR FORM. I do own Lunette, Frank, Janet & Jade.

Summary: JADE: Well, if a certain letter gets to a certain Veterinarian...

Somewhere in Fort Worth, Texas a young, shapely, beautiful woman with long curly brunette colored hair dressed in doctor's scrubs is sitting at a small round table nibbling on her lunch and looking over her mail. Her neighbor, who works with her, brought it to her with the complaint that the mailman couldn't read numbers.

There were two bills and one fat envelope, she put the bill's away and opened the mystery letter. Inside she found two sponce sheets for Denver Colorado, one for a fully furnished flat the second for a fully furnished Veterinarian office. Both of which are very affordable for her.

"Humm that's odd, why would I get this?" she said aloud to herself. "Better yet, who would send it to you, Lunette?" a handsome young blonde man with slim shaped glasses asked. "Hu? Oh hay Frank, I'm not sure. They didn't leave me a note or a name." She informed him, Frank motioned to the sheets in an asking manner. "Wow, this has everything a practice needs. Just needs the people, and it's really affordable." He looked over the second and asked her "So, you gonna take the chance?" She looked at him mildly concerned. "I don't know..."

"Aww, come on you can so afford this." He ensured her. "Afford what?" A petite blonde ask sitting at the table with them. "Hi Janet." Lunette offered as Frank handed her the papers they were discussing. Janet read over them then asked. "Hay, Lunette didn't you say you had family in Denver?" "More next door to it, but ya." Lunette responded. "Then you should definitely go for it, at least look into it." Janet encouraged. "Ok, ok, I'll look into it. I have some vacation time coming and I'll call the agency tomorrow."


Elsewhere, at G. headquarter, also known as the Pit, several new members are celebrating their one year anniversary. Storm Shadow, who is one of said persons, had agreed to a one hour jog around the base with Kamakura, then meet up with Jinx to spar with her for half an hour and then a one hour meditation session with Snake Eyes.

Unfortunately, he didn't realize he would be stopped every two steps to be congratulated by everyone on his one year anniversary. He was now half an hour late for his session with his brother and only made one-forth of a lap.

"Yo, Stormy congrats!" Ship wreck yelled to him as he drove by.

"Thanks!" He responded.

"Dude, congratulations." Footloose and Dusty stopped by to greet him.

"Thank you." Storm Shadow said politely.

"Jeez, that makes what, twenty people now?" Kamakura asked annoyed.

"It doesn't seem like we're going to get to finish our jog dose it?" He teased.

"It's been two hours and we haven't even made half a lap yet!" Kamakura steamed.

"Calm down...wait...what did you say, two hours? I was supposed to have met up with Jinx then Snake Eye's." He said looking at his watch.

"Oh don't worry looks like their coming to find you." Kamakura pointed to the side indicating Jinx and Snake Eyes walking towards them. "Quick start running." Storm Shadow teased smirking, though no one could tell because of his mask. "Hu?" Kamakura asked confused. "Nothing never mind." He rolled his eyes. "Sensei that wasn't a nice thing to say." Kamakura grinned.

"Thomas your lait! What's going on?" Jinx demanded with her hands on her hips. "I really prefer Shawn over Thomas." He pointed out dryly, really if it wasn't for her being a cousin he'd really have a fit. "Whatever." She growled. "Why are you so late, Shawn?" Snake Eye's signed. Shawn opened his mouth to explain his situation but was ambushed by three lovely women he was on a mission with just last week. Cover Girl on his left arm, Scarlet on his right arm and Lady Jayne pressed against his chest wrapping her arms around his waist, as the three chimed together.

"Congratulation's and Happy Anniversary, Storm Shadow!" Kamakura slumped foreword indicating his frustration as Jinx and Snake Eyes blinked a donning understanding to there relatives tardiness. Storm Shadow smiled brightly as he looked over his teammates with their overly excited greeting. The three had been acting quite strangle ever since he taught them how to serf on their recon mission in Florida. Honestly women can be so confusing.

"So Storm Shadow how abought having lunch with us?" Cover Girl asked him tugging on his arm. "Ya!" the other two chimed excitedly. "I'd love to, but I was supposed to jog, spar and meditate with these three." He responded nodding his head at Kamakura, Jinx and Snake Eyes.

"Now that you mention it food sounds good." Kamakura commented. "You always think food sounds good." Jinx chided him then snapped her head to look at Snake Eyes along with everyone ells. Snake Eyes, who began blushing under his mask since his stomach chose now to embarrass him and side with his exuberant student, Kamakura, he signed to the others. "Actually, lunch does sound like a good idea."

"Well...lunch it is then." Shawn smiled weakly as the group of seven made their way to the mess hall, slowly. After all, everyone was still stopping Storm Shadow to congratulate him along the way.

The mess hall was busy and rowdy as usual, the group of seven made their way around with congratulatories given with every step of the way. As Storm Shadow's group finally settled down to eat and listen to the loud bustle of the mess hall. As they ate the room became deathly quiet as everyone stared in the direction of a cell phone ringing to the tone of "I'm a Little Tea Pot" in the vicinity of the ninjas and three beautiful women surrounding the white clad ninja .

Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes looked at one another with half slit tired eyes.

"Is it you're phone or mine?" Shawn asked as Will checked his with a swift tap to see if his was vibrating then pointed to Shawn. He sighed then answered. "Hello Jade, what do you need?" "Why do you always assume I need something? Oh, and by the way congrats on the one year as a good guy instead of a bad guy thing." the teen countered and implored her uncle. Then continued. "Anyway you know how we've been discussing the fact of when I'm free from school and the dojo and you're on vacation, that instead of renting a motel room for us that you need to get a home of you're own. Well, I found one perfect for us." "Really?" Shawn asked, eyebrow twitching lightly.

" Yes, in Denver, Colorado. Do you want to see it? It's a huge flat, has that open floor plan you love so much and..." "I trust you dear, I said what ever you decide I will get, but may I ask, why Denver?" Storm Shadow intervened. They had been discussing the apartment thing for some time now and he had told her to do the choosing for them he would just show up and sign the papers.

"Well for starters, it's close to the vicinity of Joe headquarters without giving up the location to Cobra. Secondly, it has an awesome college I want to go to." She explained. "...Oh..." was her uncles response.


Two months later


"So, ya all moved in now, hun?" Janet asked Lunette, the shapely brunette smiled and moved her cell phone to her other ear. "Yes, I just have to finish putting my dishes away and I'll be done." Janet giggled at her. "How bout your 'New Office? Ya all moved in to it too?" Lunette laughed "Yes, dear. I'll open the doors to it next week or the week after. I think after all the moving and stuff I want a good long break."

Janet quickly added her thoughts to the idea. "Oooo, yeah, make it the week after. I still have a ton of things that I need to go through before I can move up there to be your nurse!" Lunette laughed at her friend. "Thanks for coming on, I really appreciate it." "Not a problem hun, besides it puts me one state closer to my family, too." Janet giggled.


"Ok, Jade." Shawn had said for the umpteenth time, they were at the moment looking through the apartment Jade had found. She was giving him the grand tour, though he didn't know why he did say he would get the place if she found it.

"And over here it has two master suites but this one's bigger. In the back there are three other rooms, one can be a meditation room, one a training room and the other can be Uncle I's room." She said grinning, then walked past him into the kitchen. "It has a huge kitchen area and like I said it has that 'open' floor plan you like so much." she said this looking over the bar and into the living room area.

Shawn rubbed the bridge of his nose, the only thing he didn't like about the place was the twin building next door was so close...close enough that he could easily climb through his bathroom window into the neighboring bathroom window.

"Jade, I said ok. I would like to sign those papers now if I could." He looked at the realtor to indicate he was willing to sign them immediately.

Days later, Storm Shadow had gotten his vacation request and spent the whole first day and half the night unpacking and decorating his new condo. He got up at around 8:00 in the morning, Jade was going to be there any time for her summer break from school and the dojo.

He trudged into his new master bathroom and turned the hot water on for a shower then turned to the Lennon closet to get a towel and washcloth. Not noticing he had left the window uncovered.


On the other side of the window, in the other condo, Lunette is enjoying her pipping hot bubble bath. She had left her window shade up to get as much light into the room as possible, she had been alarmed that the building next to hers was so close, but they reassured her that no one owned the apartment her bathroom and bedroom window faced yet.


Shawn had stripped and was in the shower washing off. Reveling in the fact that it was as quiet as it was, no Joe base evolving around him, no one screaming at anyone, no one screaming for him, no bombs going off accidently...no nothing, just his new quiet sanctuary. Well quiet till Jade gets here. He mused letting the hot jets of water soothe his tense muscles and rinse away the soap.


Satisfied that she was relaxed and clean enough Lunette sat on the edge of her tub, hair up in a towel, and let it drain as she applied body lotion to herself after which she wrapped a towel round herself. She stepped out on her fluffy rug with the intent to brush her teeth next, when something from the corner of her eye caught her attention and she turned to look. She froze.


Shawn had finished and was leaning out of the tub to reach his towel, after collecting his prize he got a glimpse of something moving at the window and looked to see what. He, a seasoned ninja, froze.


Blushing crimson red they both darted for their tubs and shower curtains! Lunette breathed heavily holding her heart. They said no one bought the place yet! No one was supposed to be there! No one was supposed to accidently see her in her towel! No one was...was...she took a deep breath instantly calming down. Was that...Shawn?

Shawn stood stalk still for a moment, then relaxed after his quick calculating brain yelled at him for acting like a pre-teen. Then a nagging voice keep telling him there's something familiar about that woman. After wrapping the towel round him he leaned out to grab his robe on the counter top.

"Shawn?" The voice was so quiet he almost missed it, his heart lurched, was that... He looked to her standing in the middle of her bathroom, a towel wrapped round her head a fuzzy pink robe wrapped protectively round her body. "Lunette?" He said her name just as softly as she spoke his. He stepped out of the tub, his hair dripping with water and an amusingly camouflaged towel wrapped around his toned waist and a stark white robe in hand.

She smiled warmly at him, not at all embarrassed as she was moments ago. The one person who meant so much to her in the past was next door to her now. "Hey, it's been a while." Her angelic voice reached his ears, his dreams ,his desirers stood just close enough to hold if it where not for the windows and wall's...and the 30 story drop...

"Yeah, it has been hasn't it? How have you been, Lunette?" God, he loved just saying her name as much as he did, and still does, her. She shivered. He was the only person that could put so much meaning into a single word and even more when it was her name.

"I've been good." She smiled and walked over to the window and sat on the chair she brought in so she could fix her hair and makeup. Shawn walked to his window and sat on the closed lid of his toilet. "So, what are you doing now?" He asked and she smiled warmly. "I'm a veterinarian now, I just moved in here a few days ago and I bought the old Veterinary Clinic two blocks down. How bout you, Shawn?"

Storm Shadow sat with his head propped on his hand at the windowsill, clearly enjoying her mellow voice. "Shawn?" Blinking out of his musing, he explained in a semi amused voice. "Hu? Yeah, um, well lets see, first I did nothing but train, then I got a job and trained, then I let Cobra talk me into joining them, then Jade gave me a video tape and shortly after I resined from them and for the past year I've been with G.."

After a moment of silent blinking she looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Cobra?" Smiling sheepishly he rubs the back of his head. "Yeah, well, they're no one you need to worry about...So, um, what made you decide to move here?" He asked changing the subject. She smiled, she knew he was changing the subject so she let him. "Well, it was weird, I got an anonymous letter with sponce sheets for the Vet Clinic and this condo. My friends talked me into it and I do have family near by, so here I am."

"Someone sent you sponce sheets...anonymously..." He said rather than asked. I wonder if Jade has anything to do with this? "Jade!" He exclaimed wide eyed then jumped up. Lunette looked at him surprised then smiled. He was thinking to himself again and Jade is probably behind it. "So, Jade huh?" she asked with a quirked eyebrow. "Um, yeah, I'm supposed to pick her up from the airport in a few, sorry hun, I gotta go." He disappeared into his bedroom to get dressed oblivious to anything he may have said and not noticing Lunette's blush. Did he just call me hun?

After fighting traffic for an hour, Shawn finally made his way into the airport to look for his niece, fortunately he didn't have to look far. She seen him walking toward the building and grabbed her bag to meet him at the door, leaving behind the group of boys who were trying to flirt with her.

"Hay, Uncle S how's it goin?" The teen asked giving him a hug. "I'm fine dear, by the way did you know someone bought the condo next door?" He asked with mild sarcasm. She smiled at her Uncle brightly and asked with the same mild sarcasm. "Really? I had no idea. Are they friendly?"

As soon as the two got home Jade raced to Shawn's bathroom, leaned out the window and began knocking on the other window. Lunette, who was sitting in her chair reading a book, heard the knocking and looked up. She then followed the knocking into her bathroom.

She smiled brightly when she saw the teen and opened her window. "Jade! Look at you, all grown up." Jade smiled warmly. "Hey, how are ya? Its been forever!" Lunette laughed. "Yes, it has been and I'm fine, sweety. How have you been?" Jade winked at her smiling mischievously. "Oh you know, the same old thing keeping Uncle S and I out of trouble."

Lunette faked a surprised expression. "My! You must stay busy all the time, dear." "Hey, I heard that." Storm Shadow said with amusement in his voice as he stood in the doorway, his niece glanced over her shoulder at him with a feral grin and he almost shivered at its implication. Almost.

"Hey Lunette, Why don't ya come over and have dinner with us?" She smiled innocently. "Oh, um..." Lunette searched for an appropriate turn down but found she had none and didn't want to say no. "Come on, its been so long since we last seen each other, it would be easier to talk to ya if you were in the same room instead of hanging out the window. Please." Lunette smiled at her warmly. "Well, so long as your Uncle doesn't mind." Jade whipped around to her Uncle who looked calm and collected on the outside, but knew he was hurt on the inside. "No, never. I don't mind at all."

"Ok then, I'll come over. What time?" Lunette asked softly and Jade spun back around to answer her. "Dinner will be ready at 7:00, ok?" "Alright, I'll see you then..." she began but was interrupted. "I'll send Jade over to wait for you in your lobby and she can walk you over." "Ok." Both girls agreed. Which in turn, left Lunette to fret over what she should wear. Jade worked to make her room look more hers, then sat at the kitchen bar to decide what should be for dinner, and Shawn running around cleaning and straightening what is an already clean and straight home.

"How does lasagna sound?" Jade asked as Shawn dusted a clean shelf next to her.

"Don't have any lasagna noodles." he sais quickly.

"Chicken Alfredo?"

"No sauce."

"Chicken Parmesan?"

"No chicken."


"No beef or pork."

"Fish, salad?"


"...what do you have?"

"... Shit, I don't have anything! I haven't had the chance to shop for food yet." He stood still looking defeated. How was he supposed to invite the one woman he loved more than life to dinner if he has nothing to cook for her. "Ok, ok remain calm we have plenty of time to go shopping and cook before 7 it's only 11:30, so lets go." sighing in relief he grabs his wallet and house keys.

Standing in the elevator on their way down Jade grins. "Forgot it was only 11:30 didn't you?" Shawn smirks a simple "humm" as his answer.


Lunette was busy going through her closet looking for something she thought would be appropriate for the dinner. Then her phone rang, she rushed over to answer it and found Janet on the other end. "Hey girl, what's up?" she asked and Lunette sighted audibly. "Hey hun, I'm going a little nuts at the moment" "Wow, you really sound ruffled. what's wrong?" Janet encouraged her to vent her frustration. Lunette took a deep breath.

"Ok, so you have a guy that you absolutely adored back in High School and he asks you over to dinner and you don't want to dress to casual but not to sensual because he has his niece with him who set up the dinner but every thing you have is too formal like your going to an interview or a funeral or something! What do you wear?" She gasped for air after she was done.

After a few minuets of silence Janet finally spoke. "Wow, you mean their was a someone that important to you?" "What?" Lunette asked with irritation. "Well, its just that we've known each other since Collage and you never once dated anyone. I wasn't sure what that was but I didn't want to pry. I'm sorry."

"Don't be, I never offered the information and no one asked but yes, he was very important to me back then and I broke it off..." She explained but was cut off by an exasperated Janet. "You did what! Why, if he were that important?" "You know, that whole long-distance relationship thing?" Lunette asked. "Oooooh, I see. Well, when is the dinner?" the brunette smiled. "At 7 o'clock." "And what time is it now?" The blonde asked.

"11:46." she said flatly and Janet took a deep breath of her own.

"Ok, now listen closely deary. GO SHOPPING! Get a cute sun-dress or a cameo top with slacks or dark jeans with pointy toed hills. Now if you don't mind, I have to stay up all night to pack so I can get up there tomorrow!"

Lunette laughed. "What happened to taking your time so you don't kill yourself?" Janet laughed back. "Are you kidding me? I have so got to meet this guy!" Shortly after that Lunette went shopping and Janet started packing up her things in a frenzy.


The Grocery Store


"So, What should we make for dinner, Uncle S?" Jade asked scanning the isles at the grocery store they had entered and Storm Shadow looking just as confused as he did earlier. "I have no idea...What do you serve for a dinner date now days anyway?" Jade pondered the question for a moment then suggested. "How bout some lemon basted salmon steaks, asparagus with cheese sauce and oven grilled new potatoes?" Jade said this as she grabbed each item and put them into the cart leaving Shawn to gawk speechlessly.

"Then for dessert we can have candied peaches?" She smiled at her Uncle as she inspected several fresh peaches. "Sounds good I guess, but, do you know how to cook what you just suggested?" She looked at him for a moment and he rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Cause I don't." She smiled mischievously at him. "Of course I do, I wouldn't have suggested it if I didn't."

Shawn stared at her in confused silence for a minute then slit his eyes to glare at her in dawning understanding. "Who have you been cooking for? I didn't know you had a boyfriend." She smiled sweetly "Well if I have to tell you, then you're not a very good ninja now are you?" He continued glaring at her as they checked out.


At a Clothing Mall


Lunette tried on as many outfits as she could till she was happy with three different ones. One being a spring colored chiffon dress, one was a plain solid colored blouse and skirt and the last one was a summer colored tank top and dark blue jeans. She tried each outfit on again and stepped out of the dressing room to look at herself in the full length mirrors. She didn't notice the crowd of men that had stopped to watch her model the clothes until a concerned sale's clerk had intervened.

"Excuse me gentleman, but, if you're not going to buy anything then I'll have to ask you to leave so you're not disturbing the other clientele." The older woman looked the group of men over. Each had been staring at the tall shapely brunette since she walked in.

Satisfied with her choice, Lunette walked to the counter to check out. "Will that be all for you, dear?" the older clerk asked her. "Yes, thank you." Lunette smiled. The older woman looked at her closely. "You're new round these parts aren't you?" Lunette half grinned then responded. "Yes, that's right. I bought the old veterinarian clinic three blocks down." the old woman studied her then said. "Well, may I say for a veterinarian you're quite the vision. I dare say you single-handedly brought my store to a screeching halt with that super model look of yours." The old woman tilted her head toward the door were the crowd of men had been shooed to. All of whom were waiting for her to come out so they could attempt to talk to her or possibly land a date.

Lunette glanced at the doorway then paled looking horrified, she quickly looked for a way out without having to shove her way through fifteen or twenty men. Then spotted the costume jewelry on the counter. The sale's woman caught on and discreetly handed her a ring, a simple band with a medium glass diamond-cut stone. Lunette thanked her quietly and just as discreetly as a ninja she slipped it on her wedding finger. After she paid for her clothes and new ring she turned to go but the old woman gasped loudly a fake over exaggerate gasp grabbed her hand with the ring lifting it up so everyone could see and spoke loudly so even the men outside could hear.

"My! Darling! That's a beautiful engagement ring! " The crowd of men dispersed with their egos deflating fast. Lunette smiled broadly. "Thank you so much."


Storm Shadow looked over Jade's shoulder as she prepared the cheese sauce and explained how to make everything for the dinner. It's not that Shawn didn't know how to cook he just didn't know how to make fancy meals and to him this constituted as fancy. Besides, all he needed was someone to teach him just once, then he could repeat it himself whenever he wanted.


Lunette went over all her paperwork for her veterinary clinic she was going to open next week as she waited for her dinner date with Shawn and Jade. She mused to herself at how calm she seemed to feel. Shawn always made her feel unusually calm, relaxed and secure but overall he made her feel safe from the world.

Looking at the clock one last time, Lunette put her papers away and went to shower and get dressed. In the end she chose the solid colored blouse with the dark jeans and black heels. She put on just the smallest trace of perfume, she remembered that Shawn never liked a lot of fragrance. When he was a young ninja they trained him as a tracker, he always had an uncanny heightened sense of hearing and smell .

Unfortunately, his sense of smell left him sniffling and sneezing at strong smells, it was the biggest reasons why he always wore a mask it provided a filter for the overpowering smells.

Finished, she waited for Jade to come for her.


With dessert finally done and cooling Shawn began setting the table, Jade had made him purchase new dinnerware for four, it was nothing fancy but nice to look at. Jade, happy that her uncle had let her teach him to cook something new and drop the interrogation on her own love life, went to tap at Lunette's window letting her know dinner was ready and she would be over shortly to escort her to their condo.

At that Lunette made her way down to her lobby and Jade went down to get her. Shawn finished cleaning the kitchen area and mused to himself, the last time he had a real dinner date with anyone was with Lunette. It was the day before their high school graduation and he spent nearly an hour and a half cooking for a picnic for two. It wasn't anything fancy just a typical fried chicken dinner with all the fixings and two slices of chocolate cake. They went to the nearest park and sat under a cherry blossom tree and chatted happily. Shawn was snapped from his musing as the girls walked in.

"Thank you for coming over." Shawn said awkwardly as Lunette smiled "Thank you for inviting me." "Always." He smiled back with all his tense muscles finally relaxing.

The three sat chatting and reminisced happily as they ate. Lunette complemented the cook on a job well done as she enjoyed the delicious flavors. Done with dinner, Jade cleared the table of their plates and went to get the dessert.

"Oh! Ya know, I totally forgot the ice-cream." Jade said smiling sweetly but grinned mischievously on the inside. Shawn leered at her knowing she was definitely up to something. "I'll just go get some and I'll be back shortly, ok?" Lunette smiled and Shawn asked. "Do you need any money?" Jade, already at the door, said. "No, I have enough." and disappeared out the door purposely leaving them alone.

Things are going great! Now, if Uncle S is smart enough to take advantage and get her back. Everything will be great and back to normal and he won't be so distant like he became after she left.


Siting at the table admiring one another silently, Lunette and Shawn continued chatting.

"So, you're opening a Vet. Clinic next week, hu?" Shawn asked.

"Yeah, a friend of mine, Janet said she would come up and help. She's still getting packed up. So, you're with G. now?" Lunette asked.

"Yeah, Snake Eyes and Jinks are there too."

"You're cousin Jinks?"

"Yeah, so..." He began and stopped.

"Yes?" She asked.

"So, I guess you had a lot of date's in collage?" He asked nervously.

"No." She said gently looking at her cup of tea.

Yes! He thought to himself. "Why?" He blinked at his stupidity for asking.

Lunette shrugged and answered. "I just didn't want to..." she trailed off looking at her tea with a soft blush. "Have you?" She asked in return.

"No." Was his quiet reply.

"Why not? Im sure plenty of girls would have..." Shawn cut her off with a gentle reply that left her blushing.

"They weren't you."

Storm Shadow quickly left the table to wash the dishes Jade had just cleared away. Lunette blinking to clear her thoughts and followed after him.


Jade stepped out of the elevator just as her Uncle Snake Eyes was about to enter. They stood staring at each other for a moment then Jade asked. "Hey Uncle I, what are you doing here, now?" Snake eyes squinted his eyes at the harsh question. "What was that for? My vaccation was accepted and since Shawn invited me to stay here with you, here I am." William signed explaining his appearance. Jade blinked then waved her hand to dismiss the tension. "That's awesome Uncle I, really, but you can't go up there right now."

William blinked back at her then asked. "Why not? I'm tired and want to put my clothes away." "Yes. Yes, you can do that later, but now you're coming with me to get some ice cream." She urged trying to pull him back away from the elevator. He spun around and hopped into the elevator with a smug grin on his face. "I will be right with you after I put my bag in my room." Jade rushed in to grab at her uncle and pull hem out but to her surprise he didn't budge. "No, you can't go up there now." She said as the doors to the elevator closed and they began rising. "Why?" Was his simple question.


Lunette walked up to Shawn, slowly rubbing his arm encouragingly then looked up at him and took a deep breath. "I've missed you, I've missed you so much it hurt to think about dating again. I didn't want to give you up, but my foolish belief caused me to call it all off instead."


The bell rang indicating they were at the 15th floor. Jade calmly punched the button, with her index finger, stopping their ascension in the small mobile room. William looked at her perplexed. What are you doing? He asked his niece with confusion spreading on his face. "We can't go up there yet. "Why?" He all but demanded then swiftly punched another button, when Jade moved far enough away from the console, allowing the elevator to move up again. She moved toward the console again but was held back


Shawn looked at her softly. "I only wanted you to be happy, if you wanted to be left alone and forgotten I would have done it for you. So long as you told me it would have made you happy, I'd have left this world for you." Lunette leaned in to him looking at him with deep admiring love. "I never should have broke up with you." She whispered as Shawn slowly began leaning down to her his eyes never leaving her full lips. "I never should have let you leave." He whispered back.


"No. No. No!" Jade berated.

"Why?" Will asked.

"Just can't."




Lunette leaned in closer to the blonde and their lips met in a tender chased kiss. Shawn pulled back slightly then with ninja speed turned, wrapping his arms protectively around her pulling her body flush to his. Kissing each other deeply, fondling and groping in a heated needy manner. Lunette moaned her approval as he moved down her neck and he gently lifted her from the ground walking and stumbling to his bedroom.


Jade looked up to see there was only two more floors before they arrived at theirs. She breathed in a deep breath then explained. "Uncle S has a date there and I just excused myself to go get ice cream!" *ding* "A date? Finally, who is she?" He asked, happy to know his brother was finally dating again. "Lunette! She moved in next door and I invited her to dinner and now I've excused myself from the scene." she said quickly trying to get her uncle to understand the urgency to not go in there!


Upon entering the bedroom the two frantically de-vested each other and Shawn laid her onto the bed. Continuing their lust filled attack on one another moaning and shivering with each new touch and sensation. Lunette wrapped her legs around Shawn's hips as he rubbed against her creamy silken body. She rubbed her hands up and down his back and his sides eliciting shivers from her lover. Their molesting become more frantic and heated with each new ticklish touch as their moans filled the room.


"Lunette! Really, she moved in next door? Wow, what a small world." William mused to himself. The elevator came to a stop, Jade promptly plugged her ears with her I-pod turning the volume up all the way and turning around to face the back of the elevator. The doors opened and William stepped out and fished for his keys that Shawn had given him.

He opened the door and entered the condo but froze in place, accosted by the lewd noises coming from Shawn's bedroom, his honey brown skin turned a deep red as he blushed. Snake Eyes quickly drooped his bag and fled the condo to the elevator were Jade remained facing the back of the confined room. She only turned around and shut off her I-pod when the elevator began moving again, down. She stepped up next to her Uncle glancing at him sideways noticing the blush across his face.

"Ice cream, ice cream's good very cold and distracting." He said simply.


Raveling in the heat and friction of their movements, the lovers climbed slowly to their climax. "God...I lo...love you!" Lunette moaned as Shawn continued thrusting against her panting and lost in the moment. "MARRY ME!"

The room became silent again as they both stopped their menstruations both holding their breaths. Shawn could feel his heart pounding he couldn't believe he just blurted that out. He remained silent searching his head for a correction he didn't want, he wanted her back. "Um, yes." Was her quiet whispered response after a moment of looking into his face to see a mix of emotions; lust, apprehension, panic, love.

"What?" He asked clearing his mind and looking at her hoping he wasn't hearing things. She took a deep breath and smiled. "I said yes." Shawn looked at her silently shocked for what felt like an eternity. Lunette started to ask if he was alright when he suddenly got up from the bed leaving her shivering from the loss of his body heat. She rolled over to her side and propped herself up on her elbow and watched Shawn with confusion racing in her mind.

Shawn flung the door to his closet open and began rummaging through the misalliance stuff he had put there. Finding the object of his hunt he returned to the bed and fell on both knees holding the small box out to Lunette. He then opened it for her.

Lunette gasps at the sight of the simple gold band with a surprisingly bright and shinny four karat diamond. She picked it up glancing at Shawn's straight but flushed face and slid it on her finger. Shawn returned to the bed laying next to her and the two simply stared off at the wall and ceiling as if waiting for answers to questions. Suddenly, Shawn leaned over to the night stand grabbing his cell phone.


At the ice cream parlor, Jade and William were enjoying their sweet distraction when Will's cell rang he answered apprehensively after seeing it was his younger brother. Jade watched for any change in her uncles facial expression to indicate that it may be safe for them to go back to the condo. Only to watch her uncle in perplexed anxiety as he falls backwards off his stool.


While Janet was busy packing what few things she had left her phone rang and she answered.

"Oh hey Lunette I'm almost done here and I'll be up!" she said.

"Really, the dinner went that good?" she asked smiling.

"He what?! You what?!" She exclaimed yelling into the phone.


Somewhere on a remote island a phone rang to be answered by a one of it's four inhabitants.

"Oh, hello dearest." the woman said.

"So how's it going ?" She asked.

"Really!" She gasped.

"That's great sweety! Why don't you all come home for a visit I'd like to see her again." She smiled.

"Wonderful! I'll see you then. By dear." Nisei said hanging the phone up and turning to the others; Shane: the boys' father, Hondo: their uncle and Shane's brother, and Hacker: their adopted uncle.

She smiled brightly as said happily. "Shawn is engaged, to Lunette!"

The room was filled with elation's as they all cheered and agreed that it was about time Jade's plan they had helped with finally ended successfully.