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"Grr..." Kaede woke up from the pain that burned up her leg. She knew she wasn't going to get anymore sleep so she got out of bed. Now that she was partially disabled, simple tasks were difficult to do. She didn't even realize that making breakfast required so much moving before. In a few days Kaede would be able to walk, but until then, Kaede had to walk around in ridiculous crutches. Tired of the stuffy atmosphere inside the house, Kaede grabbed a jacket and sat on her porch. It was still slightly dark outside for the sun hadn't quite come out yet.

"Hmmm..." Kaede stared across the street as the woman who owned the convenience store opened her doors and turned on the lights inside, awaiting her first customer of the day. She never realized the woman got up so early. As she looked at the convenience store, she was reminded of Hiruma and if he actually got his high demanding sugarless gum. As she stared aimlessly down the street, she noticed little things that happened when she would usually be sleeping: an elderly man taking his morning walk, the neighborhood newspaper boy, a woman walking her dog, a jogger...

"Shin-kun!" Kaede called out as she recognized the familiar jogger. Shin stopped momentarily as he stopped to look at the person who called his name. "Ah...hi! Did you get your sweater back?"

"Yes, thank you," Shin responded and was about to continue jogging when Kaede stopped him once more.

"W-wait..." Kaede didn't want it to end there just yet. "What's your favorite color?" Shin thought for a moment as he wondered if he even had one.

"White," Shin answered after a moment, and he jogged on. Kaede sighed. It wasn't easy to start a conversation with him.

"Hello? Sakuraba? It's Kaede," Kaede coiled the telephone cord around her finger as she talked. "I...was thinking if tonight would be okay for the dinner? I think it would be better if it was at my house?...Yeah, a barbecue! What? Oh... I'll hold on..." Kaede waited for the receiver's answer as she stared out her window. She suddenly wondered when her father would be back. "Ah, so its okay?" Kaede got back into the conversation. "Okaayy, see you tonight!" Kaede hung up and went out to buy a large amount of meat.

"Hey guys! Come on in!" Kaede limped out of the way as she opened the door for the White Knights. Kaede had put her crutches away and was limping around the house.

"Why exactly did you invite us?" Takami asked as he took of his shoes.

"Well I just felt like we should have a get together. It has been a while, you know." Kaede said innocently. "I bought a whole bunch of meat of all kinds, so eat as much as you want," Kaede announced. "I think our team should be here soon..." Kaede glanced at her clock.

"Hey, the door's open, so we're coming in!" Taki's voice was heard as he gracefully entered the room. "Ahh! Traitor! Why is another team in here!?"

"Its Oujou!" Sena said alarmed as he entered the house.

"Hey, hey, I bought beer!"

"Put that away!" Kaede scolded. "Not in my house. Just get in here!"

"Let's see who can eat the most again!" Monta challenged.

"I would most definitely eat more than you," Taki challenged back. The two rivals started another pointless competition.

"Hey this is fun, right?" Kaede grinned as she looked at the two teams sitting together. Kaede stuffed a piece of meat in her mouth. "Bleck! Salty. Who put salt on the meat!?"

"...." Otawara tried to avoid Kaede's eye contact. Kaede just glared as she chugged down her glass of water.

"Ah! Kaede, I don't think that's your...." Mamori's voice trailed off as she noticed the change on Kaede's face.

"Wooahh, this is some trippy water!" Kaede smiled stupidly. "D-did someone drug is or something, 'cause I feel loooopppyy," Kaede cracked up as she lazily got up. "Ouch." Kaede passively said as she stood on her sprained foot and limped outside. "Oh, Shin-kun! Wuuzzupp!?"

"...." Shin stared at the drunk girl who had stumbled onto the front porch, but Kaede ignored his silence.

"Since you already know, Shin-kun, its really hard to be a guy you know! Especially when you're really a girl, hehehe..." Kaede hiccuped and continued, "And know, when you have lady problems and stuff. It's just not keewwl," Kaede drawled. "Wooaahh." Kaede tripped on her own feet and Shin easily caught her. Shin curiously looked at Kaede, wondering what she was talking about.

"Haha, you caught me like whoooo," Kaede made a face. "No wait! It was more....whoosh. Hehe," Kaede patted Shin's face as if she was blind, "Uhh, I was going to say something to you this morning...but uhm....I forgot...hehehe," Kaede began to giggle uncontrollably.

"What the fuck is this girl talking about?" Hiruma walked outside to find Kaede in Shin's arms.

"Uhhh, it's Hiruma-kun!" Kaede stood up. "Ouch." Kaede looked up at Hiruma and grinned widely at his face. "Hiruma-kun!" Kaede lightly patted his chest. "L...let's go shopping! Then we can ride a boat down the isle and be like...whheeeee!" Kaede spread her arms out, doing an airplane imitation as she ran around the front porch.

"Who gave this crazy kid alcohol!?" Hiruma demanded, slightly amused. He pulled out his video camera as he recorded the lunatic Kaede.

"Is that a camera!? Hi camera, I'm KAEDE. Do you have a name camera? I'll call you... Cam-chan. Hi, hi, Cam-chan, I'm Kaede." Kaede laughed stupidly in front of the camera as Hiruma gave an evil grin. Mamori ran outside the porch, joining a silent Shin, a crazy Kaede, and an amused Hiruma.

"Oh no! Kaede, you should calm down! Let's go inside." Mamori escorted the drunk girl back inside her home. But as soon as Kaede limped inside she pushed Mamori away and made her way back to the porch.

"Oh yeah! Shin-kun, I remember! I remember whhh....what I was going to say...hmmm," Kaede suddenly collapsed to the floor.

"Kekeke, this is great," Hiruma laughed as he captured every moment.

"Hiruma-kun, instead of trying to blackmail Kaede you should try and help her!" Mamori scolded. "Is she still conscious?" She added worriedly.

"GOOD MORNING!" Kaede lifted up her head and yelled the words. "That's what I was going to say!"

"Kaede!" Mamori rushed to her sight and lifted her back on her feet.

"Ouch." Kaede said lazily as she rubbed her eyes. Once again, Mamori, being the mother figure, got Kaede back into the house, and once again Kaede pushed her away. Kaede spread out her arms in crazy manner, that made everyone stop eating and stare at the girl in the strange position. "EVERYONE! I have an announcement! I am really, a girl!.... Eegghhh," Kaede puked.

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