Naruto : The Angelic Swordsman

Chapter One : The Death of Naruto

Valley of the End

Naruto and Sasuke stood on opposite ends of the valley, the cursed seal completely enveloped Sasuke's body and even granted him a pair of monstrous disfigured wings that resembled webbed hands, Naruto in turn was enveloped in the cloak of the Kyuubi, his whiskers deepened, his nails had become claws, fangs inched their way out of his mouth and his eyes were slitted and blood red.

For almost an hour the two had fought each other with all of their might and now it all came down to this, Sasuke pointed his left hand downwards in a claw-like fashion and started charging chakra, soon the air was filled with the sound of a thousand birds chirping as his most powerful Jutsu activated, but this time it looked different, it has black bolts of electricity mixed in with the blue, almost as if it was being corrupted.

At the same time Naruto raised up his right hand and concentrated, rotation, power… almost immediately a sphere of swirling red chakra formed in his hand. The two former team-mates looked at each other one last time and then it happened, they both leapt towards each other.

For a moment all was silenced, not even the sound of the waterfall behind them could be heard, as the two met and trusted their attacks at each other only two words pierced the silence.



The moment the two attacks collided the water underneath them was pushed down as if by an invisible sphere being pressed into it. The flash was blinding and the sound deafening. Beyond the light both Naruto and Sasuke pushed against their attacks harder, each one trying to overpower the other.

'Just a little bit more…' Naruto thought to himself as he started to feel Sasuke's attack weaken, '… almost…' that's when it hit him, if this attack overpowered Sasuke's Chidori then it would hit him dead on… almost an entire tails worth of the Kyuubi's chakra was compressed into the Rasengan he was holding. Then he remembered the last time he had seen Sakura.


"… please Naruto, bring Sasuke back to me…" Sakura asked with tear filled eyes in front of the entire retrieval team moments before they left.

On the inside Naruto's heart was breaking, this was the moment he realised that he could never be with her, but… he would rather see her happy with somebody else than see her like this. So he would bring Sasuke back alive, even if he had to break his arms and legs and drag him back.

"Don't worry Sakura, I'll bring him back, it's the promise of a lifetime" Naruto said with a toothy grin on his face as he flashed her the good guy pose.


As that memory flashed through his head he lost all will to fight, if he had won this struggle then there was no doubt in his mind that the Rasengan would kill Sasuke, he couldn't do that, he wouldn't do that, Naruto's Rasengan dispersed and faded into nothing.

Sensing the weakness in Naruto's attack, Sasuke gave one last thrust forward, what he wasn't expecting however was Naruto's attack to completely vanish, Sasuke's arm kept moving until it struck Naruto in the left side of his chest, right where his heart is. All of a sudden Sasuke went numb, he couldn't believe what he had done, the cursed seal slowly receded back into his neck. Sasuke's arm was still wrist deep in Naruto's chest, Sasuke couldn't move, he just stood there. Naruto coughed and sputter a few times as blood poured from his mouth and hit the Uchiha's arm. Naruto slowly raised his head and looked his former team-mate right in the eyes.

"C… Congratulations… you win… was it worth it?" Naruto asked through the blood and pain.

After speaking, Naruto's eyes closed and his head rolled back, the extra weight was enough for Naruto's body to fall away from Sasuke, his hand came out of Naruto's chest with a wet gory sound, Naruto's body fell off a short cliff and splashed into the water below where he quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Sasuke finally moved, he pulled hi hand closer to him and stared at it, coated in his friends blood.

"W… W-What have I done?!" Sasuke asked nobody in particular as everything came rushing back to him. Sasuke dropped to his hands and knees and looked into the water where Naruto had disappeared, hoping for some sign of him resurfacing, but there was nothing, not even the smallest air bubble. As he continued to look for Naruto he noticed something reflected in the water, his Sharingan eyes were changing right in front of him.

"No… oh god no, what have I done?…"

Not too far away from where Sasuke was kneeling somebody new appeared on the scene, Kakashi landed from a long drop next to his summoned Pug Pakkun and quickly approached Sasuke. As he approached Sasuke he noticed his surroundings were wrecked, the valley was littered with smoking craters and scorch marks.

"What in god's name happened here?" Kakashi murmured to himself

Kakashi approach Sasuke quickly but carefully, it was then that he noticed Sasuke's hand completely covered in blood.

"Kakashi…" Pakkun spoke up to get his summoner's attention. "… that blood, it's not his"

Kakashi's one visible eye widened.

'The left hand… Chidori' Kakashi realised what had happened.

"Sasuke, where's Naruto?" Kakashi spoke harshly whilst preparing himself for anything Sasuke may attempt.

Sasuke slowly turned his head to look at Kakashi.

"K-Kakashi… I… didn't mean… what have I done?…" Sasuke sputtered.

Kakashi was shocked by two things, the first were the tears starting to well up in Sasuke's eyes, the second were his eyes themselves, they were the same red as the Sharingan, but instead of any tomoe circling his pupil there were three black rings circling his pupils in an Atom fashion.

"The Mangekyo Sharingan…" Kakashi muttered… he knew the technique intimately, especially after Itachi had used it to torture him not too long ago. He also knew the only way to achieve it… his fears were confirmed when he spotted something shining on the ground, a small green crystal on a string splattered in blood, he had seen Naruto wearing it a few times and knew that Tsunade lost it to him in a bet. Kakashi reached down and scooped it up…

"Naruto… I'm sorry… if only I had been a little faster…" Kakashi muttered 'Sensei… forgive me… I failed…'

"Sasuke… you're coming back to Konoha with me now!" Kakashi said in a raised voice as he tried to hold back his anger. "Now this can happen one of two ways… you can walk back, or I can break your arms and legs and drag you back… and believe me, either one is fine"

Sasuke stared at the water for a few more moments before slowly and shakily getting back to his feet and turning to Kakashi, but he kept his head hanging, he couldn't bring himself to look his Sensei in the eyes.

"Well done… that's the first smart decision you've made all day…" Kakashi said spitefully before turning around and started walking back the way he came with Sasuke slowly trailing behind.

Neither of them noticed the river's current pulled a bloody battered body away from them down the river away from the valley and towards the sea.


A Few Hours Later

The South Konoha Gates

At the gates several people waited anxiously. Sakura had been waiting in the same spot for hours, waiting for some sign of the rest of her team returning. One by one the other members of the retrieval team that were sent after Sasuke were brought back by members of Shizune's medical team, Choji and Neji were the worst off. Both of which were on the brink of death. Next to return were Kiba & Shikamaru accompanied by Temari & Kankuro of the hidden Sand village, Kiba had a pretty bad wound to his stomach, Shikamaru however had managed to get away with no more than a self-inflicted broken finger.

Finally came Rock Lee being carried back to Konoha on a floating floor of Sand courtesy of Gaara. Needless to say it was a strange sight considering the last time Gaara and Lee had met.

Now only Kakashi, Sasuke and Naruto remained. Waiting with Sakura was Tsunade, Gaara and Shikamaru.

The silence was almost unbearable, Tsunade was about to say something to reassure Sakura where she felt somebody approaching from behind. Tsunade turned around to see Hinata Hyuuga and Kiba Inuzuka on a crutch.

"Kiba, you should be in the hospital" Tsunade said sternly.

"Nah, I'm fine Lady Hokage, Shizune fixed me up ok" Kiba said with a grin as Hinata walked further ahead to watch the gates. When Hinata was out of hearing range he leaned closer to Tsunade and whispered.

"She didn't say anything, but she wanted to come and wait for Naruto… but she refused to leave me in the hospital… she's kinda stubborn that way" Kiba whispered with a smile.

Tsunade looked at the way Hinata watched the gate and instantly understood.

"…Ok… 30 minutes and then back to the hospital, ok!" Tsunade said, it wasn't a question

After a few more minutes of waiting in which nobody spoke somebody finally appeared out of the tree line ahead of the gates. Two people, the first was easily recognisable as Kakashi thanks to his face coverings and hair, after a moment they also recognised the one walking next to him dressed in his usual blue shirt and white shorts.

Sakura's face immediately brightened.

"S-Sasuke-kun!" as they got closer her face darkened a bit when she saw the colour of his left arm, it was covered in blood.

"W-What the hell did Naruto do to him!!!" Sakura failed to keep herself from screaming. Tsunade however was a very experienced med-nin and she could tell by the way Sasuke moved his arm that the blood was not his, it was then that she noticed that Naruto wasn't with them.

When the two entered the gates Tsunade stepped forward. Sakura was about to run to Sasuke but stopped when Tsunade held her hand up.

"Kakashi… where's Naruto?…" Tsunade asked, she almost feared what the answer would be.

"… I'm sorry Lady Hokage…"

Kakashi's eye held sadness as he held out a hand. Tsunade gasped when she saw what he was holding. The crystal, that had belonged to the first Hokage and had been passed down to her and then from her to both her lover Dan and her brother Nawaki. Both of which had died shortly after. And not long ago she had given it to Naruto.

Before Tsunade could say anything Sasuke stepped forward.

"I… I killed him…" Sasuke stuttered

Hearing this, Sakura stepped back and held a hand over her mouth.

"We were fighting and… we both attacked… then he stopped suddenly… I… I kept going and then he… he was gone…" Sasuke explained as if he was trying to recall something that had happened years ago.

Hinata had dropped to he knees in shock as tears started to fall from her eyes. Gaara remained indifferent on the outside, on the inside he was grieving for his friend and at the same time was struggling the urge to crush the Uchiha where he stood. Shikamaru lowered his head in sadness and Kiba gritted his teeth in anger.

Tsunade's sadness was quickly being replaced by rage and she unconsciously found herself gathering chakra in her fist.

"Hokage-sama…" Sasuke spoke again, "… I'll… I'll accept any punishment you deem necessary…" Sasuke said as he raised his head and looked Tsunade in the eyes.

At that moment Tsunade pulled back her fist ready to kill the traitor right then and there but something made her hesitate, she saw dried marks on his face where he had obviously been crying along with a few unshed tears.

Tsunade bit her bottom lip in anger. Tsunade's hand shot towards Sasuke, but instead of her fist decapitating him, she grabbed him by the collar and pulled him close to her.

"… No…" Tsunade spat through her clenched teeth. "… if I kill you now then his death would mean nothing… you will live and you will be punished for what you have done and then you will continue to serve this village until your dieing days… understand?" Tsunade finished.

Sasuke didn't speak, he just nodded. Tsunade let go of his collar and let him drop to the ground before turning around and started walking towards the hospital.

Sasuke slowly stood up and brushed himself off, but the moment he looked up in the direction the Hokage had left in, he saw something heading towards him, a fist.

The fist struck his face with tremendous force, so powerful that he was launched off his feet and flew backwards until he smashed into the wall surrounding Konoha.

Everyone looked at the owner of the fist that had collided with Sasuke and gaped, even Tsunade who had heard the commotion and turned around to see if the Uchiha was trying anything.

Hinata stood there with her fist still clenched, her breathing was heavy and her tear-filled eyes were filled with something nobody had ever seen in her, fury.

"… Hokage-sama is right… if you die now then Naruto-kun would have died for nothing… but if you step out of line ever again… I WILL kill you!!!" Hinata spat the last three words through her teeth. With that said Hinata spun around and started to walk away in a hurry. Tsunade smiled at the Hyuuga's actions.

Sasuke slowly managed to wobble back to his feet and wipe away the small trail of blood seeping from his mouth.

"Sasuke, follow me…" Kakashi said as he approached his former student and started to escort him to the detention centre.

Sakura was still frozen, she just couldn't believe it, Sasuke had killed Naruto… as Sasuke passed by her she didn't look up, for the first time in her life… she couldn't bare to look at him.


Three Day Later

North, South, East, West. No matter which direction you looked in you could see the exact same thing, water, water, water and of course… water. The only thing on the visible ocean that wasn't made of two parts hydrogen one part oxygen was a ship. A Brigantine Sloop type ship with two large masts and a Lion figurehead, the ship also had a large '1' painted on both sides with red paint running around the entire ship. Lastly on the sail and the flags atop both masts was the same insignia, a skull and crossbones wearing a straw hat. This ship's name was, The Thousand Sunny.

"Namiiiiiiii…" a loud whine came from the crows nest, the voice came from a teenager wearing his signature straw hat, this teenager was the captain of the ship, Monkey D. Luffy. "…when will we get to the next island?"

Down below on the port side of the ship was Nami, a stunning red haired beauty sat in a deck chair in her two piece swimsuit getting a tan.

"Two days Luffy…" Nami answered in an annoyed tone "… same as when you asked ten minutes ago, and ten minutes before that and ten minutes before that!"

Before Nami could rant on about Luffy annoying her a door to the ship opened and out trotted a small furry reindeer standing of two legs with a red top hat on it's head. Nami quickly noticed a smile on his face.

"Let me guess…" Nami said with a grin, "… another new medicine Chopper?"

The Reindeer's mouth split into a toothy grin.

"Yep, best one yet, I…" suddenly Chopper's grin disappeared and was replaced by a worried look.

"Chopper? What's wrong?" Nami asked upon seeing his disposition change so quickly.

Chopper didn't answer, instead his body started shifting into his full Reindeer form, he then lifted his head and sniffed the air a few times.

"Nami, are you hurt?" Chopper asked with worry.

"N-No… why?" Nami asked worriedly.

Chopper sniffed the air again before speaking, "I smell blood… a lot of it…"

"Maybe Zoro injured himself training again…" Nami offered.

"No… there's too much blood…" Chopper said whilst still sniffing the air, he slowly followed the scent to the edge of the boat, that's when he realised the smell was being carried by the wind, Chopper looked out onto the ocean, in the sea of blue something stood out, floating in the ocean about 100 yards from the ship was a mixture of orange and red.

"There! It's coming from there!!!" Chopper shouted to Nami.

Nami quickly stood up after grabbing a telescope from next to her chair, she reached the edge of the boat next to chopper and looked at the mess of orange and red through the scope. After a moment she gasped at what she saw, it was a boy, no older than 12 or 13, floating face up in the water. He was dressed in orange and his chest was covered in blood.

Nami took in a deep breath before shouting…

"MAN OVERBOARD!!!" after she screamed she waited for some kind of answer… but there was none. Nami realised what she had done wrong and drew in another breath.


This time footsteps were heard all over the ship as the crew made their way to her.

"Nami, what is it?" Chopper asked wondering what he had seen

"It's a boy, he looks really badly injured" Nami answered.

"WAAAA!!!" Chopper screamed as he changed into his smaller form and started running in circles. "DOCTOR, DOCTOR, WE NEED A DOCTOR!!!" Chopper screamed.

"Chopper, you ARE a doctor!" Nami said in annoyance

"… Oh yeah… heh" Chopper said with a sweat drop hanging from his forehead. "… ok, I'm a doctor… I'LL SAVE HIM!!!" Chopper screamed heroically before jumping over the edge of the boat

"CHOPPER! YOU CAN'T SWIM!!!" Nami screamed down to him.

Unfortunately Luffy chose this moment to appear from the crows nest.

"Oy, Oy, Namiiiiii, why are you screaming?" Luffy said as if he'd just woken up.

"There's a boy hurt in the ocean and Chopper just…"

"SOMEBODY'S HURT? I'LL SAVE HIM!!!" Luffy screamed as he too jumped over the edge.

"LUFFY YOU IDIOT, YOU CAN'T SWIM EITHER!!!" Nami screamed as he face started to turn red.

Luckily for Nami somebody who could swim eventually emerged from below deck. A few minutes later Luffy and Chopper were on the deck breathing heavily after the ship's cook Sanji pulled them out of the water. Meanwhile the ship's First Mate Zoro had jumped into the water to get to the boy, while Zoro was swimming the rest of the crew had turned up to see what the fuss was about. This included Usopp, the ship's marksman, Nico Robin the ship's Archaeologist, Franky the ship's carpenter and Brook the ship's musician.

Zoro climbed up the side of the ship and unceremoniously dropped the boy on the deck.

"ZORO! WATCH WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!" Nami shouted.

With the boy on the deck they were able to get a proper look at him, he had bright blond hair held back by a blue bandanna with a metal plate on it, he had three strange birthmarks on either cheek he was dressed in a hideous orange and blue jumpsuit. There was a hold in the chest of the jumpsuit covered in a familiar red substance.

Chopper got his breath back and went to work, he quickly unzipped the boy's jumpsuit and opened it, when he did everyone flinched at what they saw, even Zoro who was usually impartial was shocked. The boy had a large gory hole in his chest where his heart should be. Chopper checked his pulse to be sure.

"He's alive, but barely, somebody help me move him to the Sick Bay… CAREFULLY!!!" Chopper said loudly when he saw Zoro move to pick him up again.

As Zoro lifted him up, the bandanna wrapped around the kid's head slipped loose and clattered to the ground.

"Poor kid, think he'll be ok?" Nami asked her friend Nico.

"If anybody can help him then it's Chopper" Nico said as she stepped forward and picked up the headband and looked at the metal plate curiously.

"What's wrong?" Nami asked.

"This mark… I think I've seen it before…" Nico said as she ran her thumb over the spiral symbol. "I have to check something in the library" Nico said and walked back to the lower deck.


One Hour Later

Almost the entire crew were in the dining room for dinner, with the exception of Nico and Chopper. As everyone ate the door opened and Nico stepped in holding a large book in one hand and the boy's bandanna.

"I knew I'd seen this somewhere before" Nico said and placed the book and headband down on the table.

These headbands are worn by Shinobi.

"Shinobi?" Nami asked.

"Yes, or 'Ninja's' if you will… there's a place not far from here called the Ninja nation's, the nations are split into five countries, Fire, Wind, Earth, Water and Lightning and in each of these countries are ninja villages, this headband has the symbol from Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leafs." Nico explained.

"So he's a fighter? But he's only a kid?!" Nami said not quite believing what Nico was telling them.

"Actually some of the most powerful one's became ninja's when they were as young as six and this would explain how a child as young as he is could get a wound like the one he has" Nico explained.

Nico was about to go on when the door opened again and Chopper walked in.

"Chopper, how is he?" Nami asked.

"It looks like he's actually going to be ok" Chopper said as if even he was shocked.

"Well I'm not surprised, you're the best doctor this side of the grand Line" Nico said with a smile.

"No, believe me my medical skill has nothing to do with it" Chopper said in a still shocked voice.

"What do you mean?" asked Nico.

"H-His body… it's… it's healing itself…" Chopper answered.

"What do you mean healing itself?" Nami asked.

"I mean exactly what I said, his body is literally healing itself, I just stood over him and watched part of his wound close up and heal… at this rate he'll be completely healed in a couple of days" Chopper explained.

"How can that be?" Nami asked curiously.

"Maybe he ate a Devil Fruit?" Sanji offered from behind the counter that separated the dining room from the kitchen.

"No, remember how we found him? If he had eaten a Devil Fruit he would have sank to the bottom of the ocean" Nico clarified.

"Well, whatever's happening to him we'd better get him back to his home" Zoro spoke up for the first time.

"I'm afraid that's going to become a problem" Nico said as she opened the book to a marked page and pushed it to Nami.

In the book was a map detailing the elemental nations, it's place on the edge of the Grand Line and the water currents surrounding it.

Nami studied the map for a few minutes, as each moment went by her face more and more graver.

"Oh crap… there is no way we can get him home right now…" Nami said.

"What do you mean?" Sanji asked as he looked over her shoulder at the book.

"First of all the Elemental nations are on another magnetic course then the one we're following so our eternal compass won't take us there, second of all the currents surrounding the nations are almost always flowing away from the nations themselves" Nami explained.

"What do you mean 'almost'" Sanji asked again.

"Well there is one way… it looks like there's a current that reaches the edge of the elemental nations called the Elemental Current, but it only appears once every five years and the next one is for another…" Nami stopped as she did a few calculations in her head, "… two years and seven months"

"The way I see we have two options… we can drop him off at the next island and forget we ever found him… or, we keep him with us and try to find a way to get him home" Nico said in a 'matter of fact' voice as she took a seat.

"… You just want to find out more about where he came from don't you?" Nami said as she eyed Robin suspiciously.

Robin smiled lightly. "Guilty Navigator-san…"

"Well when it comes down to it…" Zoro spoke for the first time since entering the dining room, "… it's Luffy's decision"

At the mention of the captain everyone looked to where he was sitting, it was then that they noticed that his stomach was bulging and all of their food was gone.

"… LUFFY YOU BASTARD!!!" Sanji screamed as he planted a powerful kick in his captain's face.


Two Years and Seven Months Later

This was the very edge of wind country, there was nothing here for miles around other then Sand and heat, yet this part of the desert just happened to collide with the ocean, at the edge of the desert was a large stone cliff that ran along the water for miles, the water below was treacherous, every few seconds a wave would smash into the cliff. Out on the ocean quickly approaching the cliff was the first ship to sail this way in two decades, the Thousand Sunny.

As they approached the cliff the crew started moving around quickly.

"Naruto get ready, we're only gonna get one shot at this" Nami shouted down from her place atop the mast. The ship was being carried towards the Elemental Nations on the Elemental Current, the current would skim the edge for only a few brief moments before carrying them back out to sea, this was extremely dangerous, if they got too close then they would smash into the cliff, if they were too far away then Nruto couldn't make it.

Down below a young man hurried around, he had the same blond spiky hair he had almost three years ago, he had grown a bit over the years and was now almost as tall as Zoro and he looked more mature overall. His attire had changed drastically, he wore a pair of black pants and boots, he also wore a loose fitting shirt with a few buttons undone near the top and his Konoha forehead protector wrapped around his upper left arm, finally around his waist he wore a large orange sash that held in place three Katanas hanging from his left hip.

As he rushed around he was saying his last goodbyes to what had become his family over the past couple of years, several of the members of the crew had tears in their eyes as they prepared for him leaving, Luffy, Chopper, Usopp, Franky and Brook (Somehow) were all crying hysterically as they gave him hugs. Even Nami who was climbing down from the mast had a few tears in her eyes as she bit her lower lip to try to stop them.

Finally the whole crew surrounded him giving their own last goodbyes.

"Hey kid…" Zoro said as he passed a brown bag to Naruto, "… this is from all of us, a few things that should help you out"

Naruto smiled and placed the bag around his shoulder.

"Thank you, all of you, for everything" Naruto said with a smile as he tried to hold back a few tears and gave everyone except Zoro and Sanji a last hug.

When he got around to Nami she gave him a tight hug and a quick peck on the cheek.

"Goodbye whiskers… we'll find a way to visit someday ok" Nami said with tears now freefalling down her cheeks.

"I look forward to it Onee-chan" Naruto said truthfully.

"Ok, we need to do this now or we'll have to wait another five years" Robin warned them.

"Ok, let's do it!!!" Luffy said with his fists pumped into the air.

Everybody rushed to their stations. The ship quickly approached the cliffs, Nami twisted the wheel to Starboard and rode the Elemental Current as carefully as possible.

Naruto was ready, he knew what to do and had been preparing for it for a long time.

Then it happened, the ship reached the perfect position and skimmed along the side of the cliff.

"NARUTO NOW!!!" Nami shouted.

Naruto suddenly sprinted forward, he planted one foot on the edge of the ship and jumped with all his might. He soared through the air and landed carefully on a jagged rock protruding from the cliff-face.

He quickly gained his footing and watched as the Thousand Sunny continued to ride the Current until it pulled them away from the cliff-face and out towards the sea from whence it came. Once out of danger the crew all ran to the back of the ship and started waving goodbye, Naruto turned around and started waving back at them.

It was then that Luffy breathed deep and shouted to Naruto.


Naruto smiled, he knew how much Nakama meant to Luffy.

"FOR LIFE" Naruto shouted back to him at the top of his voice.

With that said Naruto turned back around and started to quickly climb up the slippery cliff.

After reaching the top Naruto turned around and watched as the Thousand Sunny got small and small in the distance until it disappeared over the horizon.

"Goodbye everyone, I hope we meet again someday…" Naruto said with a single tear on his right cheek before turning around, adjusting his swords and starting to walk towards the opposite horizon, over the desert of Wind country.

"Get ready Konoha, Naruto Uzumaki is back…" Naruto muttered to himself as he started to pick up speed.

To Be Continued…


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Chapter Two : Heroes Come Back - Naruto's mad new skills