A Day in Chain Gun's Life
(Or, Monsters who have a stealing fetish)

By Chu2 Ayane

Hi! I'm Chain Gun, and this is my life, well,a day anyway. Don't laugh at some of it. Anyway, here we go.

12:00 PM- I wake up, and put on my clothes. Oh drat, my boots are missing. I scream for Easter and Katcham to look for my boots. I put on my CyFrame and waltz out to the Scociety.

12:30 PM- WHA? Mag Launcher is there! And that dumb blonde Linear.... ooohhh... Mag likes her because she Evolutia.... but Mag is so sweet... I wish he was mine... And now Nina is shreaking at me to get my 'stupid ass' inside to get my mission.

12: 35 PM- I'm going to the Ruins of Kayazua to find a 'Rod of Kayauza'... I have a picture of it, and it looks hideous. I sign up and leave.

12: 46 PM- Well, Mag was SO kind to drop me off in his Sea Otter Plane, and why is Linear so 'goody-goody'? It annoys me. Oh great, I open up the door and I fall out, banging my head. Linear help me up and fixed my headache. Whata nice gal.

1:00 PM- I'm on the Second Floor. My cape was stolen by some spiders and now that are holding a Toga Party. My god, how many times can you hear 'Toga'? I walk way, my back hurting badly.

1: 25 PM- I am now on the 4th floor, and wouldncha know it, MY HAT WAS STOLEN! What is it with me and monsters who have a fetish for stealing? Ahh well, I found a nice 'Fire Cape of the Phoenix' to wear, along with a bandanna. Ahh, there's treasure, treasure everywhere. My feet are bleeding and my left arm went numb.

2:10 PM- Owwwie... 7th floor... I am now a mess. My hair is messed up, my left arm is broken, my CyFrame chipped and my right shoe missing. I should return to town right about now... hey! An artifact! Cool! Anyone think these dungeons are randomly generated? I think so too.

2:47 PM- My eye is sore, and look at my last entry to see how I am fareing. Oh great.... another group of Spiders. Time to use my CyFrame. *SHKKKKKKKKKKK* Gory huh? I walk away with spider guts on me and my head hurting again. I sense Mag Launcher is behind this.

3:20 PM- Sore, Sore Sore. I got 4 Artifacts, lots healing items and NO progress, except I am on the 10th floor. This dungeon is too short... I sense something bad is gonna happen...

3:22 PM- I fell up a hole. Yes, UP. It happened to be Yurka, who was on a lunch break. He felt like making fun of someone before he went to go get Linear. Hey, he can have the bimbo, just give me Mag. WAAAAAAAAA!!!! I'm falling UP another hole agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainn....

5: 57 PM- Late, I'm on the 13th and final floor. It was too easy to get here. I am looking like Speed Racer from 'Crash in the Jungle' now, except I'm a girl. HEY! There's my artifact! Wee-hee! Paydirt! I run for it, and then, a giant fire bird heads my way. Fighting time!

5:59 PM- I get toasted. I retaliate with an ice attack. It freezes, and like a cliche, I win. Hooray! Time to get what I wanted and get one for a shower! I take it and I am teleported to the Society, where Mag and Linear are, and they looked shocked to see me.

6:05 PM- 2,000 Gold! I am good! Mag get 650... heh heh... It's Linear's fault! I walk away,a nd then I bang into the door and hurt my head, AGAIN. I scream curse words and leave.

7:30 PM- I take a nice shower and get ready for bed. Hey, an adventurer has to get to be early! I yell at Easter and Katcham to clean up the place before I wake up. I doze off and I have a nice dream of marrying Mag. Ahh.. I love dreams...

11:09 AM- I wake up... the cycle starts ALL over again...

*The End*

A/N- I like Linear and Chain. I figures Chain would do here.... hope you like it!