Urahara was barely able to keep up with Senna's attacks in the training grounds. She had the speed of Ichigo with his Bankai while also using the air around her. His mind raced as it worked overtime to calculate changes in velocity and direction due to the intense wind. Still, the veteran Shinigami fighter wasn't going to be defeated by a fifteen year old girl novice.

Urahara charged up his sword and fired at Senna with a blood red beam. She merely deflected the beam with her staff; the beam went over her head and exploded a rock formation a distance away. Senna pointed her staff at Urahara and fired. The intense beam of light hit Urahara forcing him back a few steps. He held out his sword and hand in an attempt to block the beam. Suddenly there was an explosion throwing Urahara to the ground.

"Did I hurt you?" Senna asked innocently.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me," Urahara laughed off as he got back to his feet. "Let's continue your training."

Senna readied her staff and skipped across the ground as she moved quickly towards him. Urahara made no effort to avoid her assault. Senna's eyes then noticed something wrong about Urahara. She used the wind to twirl on one foot and clashed with Urahara behind her.

"Very good," Urahara said impressed.

The fake Urahara was hit with the winds and was torn apart. Urahara rapidly attacked Senna, but from her point of view he was too slow. She easily blocked all of his attacks and then used the wind to throw him across the training ground. Urahara fell to the ground stunned. The only way he could defeat her would be to use deadly kidu spells, but he wasn't going to chance them with her.

"Let's have a break for lunch," he suggested.

"Sure, but I want more training afterwards," Senna said eagerly.

Zangetsu swept a city for souls to devour. With a swipe of his sword entire skyscrapers fell to the ground creating large dust plumes. He had been devouring souls ever since Aizen had taken power over the Earth. With so few humans left, he found himself in constant hunger. There was a hole in his chest where his heart used to be and his pale face was hidden behind a horned mask.

Suddenly Quincy warriors appeared on the tops of skyscrapers surrounding him; Ishida and Orihime were among them. Zangetsu didn't make a move as if the Quincy did not concern him and gave little notice of the two former friends. The Quincy warriors took aim at Zangetsu with their energy bows.

Ishida ignited a stick displaying a long blue energy sword. Zangetsu merely held up his sword ready for a fight. "Remember, he's no longer Ichigo," Ishida told Orihime. She nodded understanding.

Ishida sped through the air and slashed at Zangetsu. The two battled in the air creating energy discharges in the city. Zangetsu's powers had increased from all the souls he had devoured, but Ishida had also fine tuned his powers as well. Ishida managed to slash Zangetsu's flesh with superficial injuries. Zangetsu swiped at Ishida cutting off his right arm. The other Quincy fired on Zangetsu creating an explosion.

Ishida quickly retreated and immediately Orihime healed his injury. Her skills were faster than before and in seconds Ishida's arm was repaired. The smoke cleared revealing an undamaged Zangetsu. "You fight against an immortal," Zangetsu said to them all in a shrill voice.

"Now," Ishida instructed his wife.

Orihime put her hands in front of her as she released her power. An orange shield appeared over Zangetsu's mask. The mask broke apart and disappeared revealing what resembled Ichigo's former face. His eyes were yellow, the whites of his eyes were black, his scalp was bald, and his skin was deathly pale with signs of decay. Ishida then triggered his plan encasing Zangetsu in a square of blue energy; a staff hung suspended in the air. Zangetsu seemed a little uncertain as the blue square began to close in on him.

"I have used his own energy to fuel my technique," Ishida revealed to Orihime. He then cast a capsule of blue liquid on his staff. Zangetsu struggled with the confines of the blue prism as it became smaller. He began to scream an inhuman shrill sound that shook Orihime to the core.

The Quincy readied their bows in case Ishida's plan failed. Zangetsu's shoulders were being crushed by the blue prism and he could barely move his legs. The more energy he used to resist the more powerful the blue prism became. He then raised his left index finger and fired through the blue prism with a red cero. The blue prism exploded from the impact freeing Zangetsu. The Quincy then fired on Zangetsu all at once.

Zangetsu shot up into the sky from the explosions caused by the Quincy arrows. A dimension opened in the sky and immediately Hollows from Hueco Mundo poured in. "Concentrate on the Hollows. I will fight the main opponent," Ishida called out.

Zangetsu whirled his sword and fired down on the city. The white-reddish beam of energy hit the city like a nuclear blast. Several Quincy warriors were vaporized immediately while others barely escape. Zangetsu continued his assault destroying the entire city leaving a dead crater behind. Zangetsu then targeted the forests on the outskirts of the city killing every plant and animal. When he was finished the battlefield was completely dead.

Ishida realized what Zangetsu was doing. He was depriving him of spiritual energy for his bow. "Can you reject it?" Ishida asked.

"I think I can," Orihime said confidently.

An orange shield appeared encompassing the entire crater. Zangetsu watched in wonderment as the orange shield below him quickly reverted the crater back to how it was. Those killed by Zangetsu reappeared again. When she was done, the city was back to how it was before. Ishida charged up his hilt and went to battle against Zangetsu again.

Meanwhile, Aizen watched as an army formed before him in what remained of Seireitei. He had a deathly pale face with dark eyes. He had aged considerably in the last fifteen years giving him the appearance of an old man. His face was wrinkled and his hair was nearly gone; what remained was white. He lazily sat on his throne where the Commander once sat.

The army was clothed in white robes without faces. They hovered above the ground and swayed with the wind; there were thousands of them filling the square. There heads were red and small. Leading them was man with long white hair, a middle aged face, wearing black and green armor. To his right and left were several comrades that were also in black.

Aizen sat motionless unconcerned by this new force. "My name is Ganryu from the House of Ryōdoji. These comrades of mine are also from the same House. We were exiled a thousand years ago by Commander Yomomoto, and now we seek to serve you for destroying the Shinigami that have exiled us," Ganryu introduced.

"Of what service can you provide?" Aizen asked.

"We lived for a thousand years in the Valley of Screams. Over the thousand years, we have collected the memories of every living human that has died. The death of countless humans recently has freed us. Our army is made up of 'blanks.' They are not Hollows but memories incarnate. We have discovered how to use them in combat," Ganryu explained.

"Can you use these 'blanks' to find a certain man?" Aizen asked.

"We have access to every memory of everyone who has ever died in the last thousand years. What man do you wish for us to track?" Ganryu asked.

"Urahara Kisuke: find this man and kill him if you can. Then you will be worthy of my service," Aizen ordered.

The battle in the city was so powerful that the impacts could be heard from Urahara's cottage. Urahara and Senna paused from their training as they heard the thunder from the blasts. "Let us go outside," Urahara told her.

The two went outside the cottage where Karin and Yuzu were watching. "What is it?" Senna asked confused.

Urahara, Karin, and Yuzu could sense the battle from the afar, but Senna was not trained to sense the spirit world yet. Senna closed her eyes in meditation and expanded her sight to a distance. She could sense a terrible battle with powerful forces. "Take Senna inside the basement and don't come out until I return," Urahara ordered the sisters.

Zangetsu was hit hard by a shockwave of energy. He hit the side of a building creating a crater. Ishida fired rapidly pinning Zangetsu to the concrete wall of the building. Ishida then showered the building with arrows until it fell in an explosion of dust. Zangetsu remained seemingly unharmed.

Zangetsu quickly moved towards Ishida grabbing him by the collar and stabbing him through the gut. He made sure it was not a lethal wound, so Orihime would come to help him. Ishida tried to keep her back, but Zangetsu strangled his neck. Orihime fired at Zangetsu slicing his face near his right eye. He released Ishida throwing him aside. Orihime cast an orange shield around Ishida and fired again. The fairy blasted a hole through Zangetsu's chest significantly wounding him.

Zangetsu fell landing on top of a skyscraper. Orihime continued to fire blasting holes into Zangetsu's arms, legs, and abdomen. Zangetsu coughed up a blackish blood as he was hit. "Help me Orihime. I'm back now," Zangetsu said with Ichigo's voice.

Orihime looked at Zangetsu uncertainly. "Heal me like all the times before. Like old times," Zangetsu pleaded.

Orihime bit her lip in indecision and then placed an orange shield on Zangetsu. "Come to me old friend," Zangetsu gestured to her.

Orihime walked up to Zangetsu cautiously but was suddenly sliced through the chest. Orihime looked up at Zangetsu in horror as his evil look reappeared. "Why?" she asked softly.

"You were the only one that had any hope of bringing Ichigo back," he said.

Ishida jumped to the top of the skyscraper and saw Orihime in a pool of her own blood. "Orihime No!" Ishida shouted and took aim.

Zangetsu blocked Ishida's arrows with his sword and in a quick flash slit his throat. Ishida fell to the ground stunned. Zangetsu then saw Urahara suddenly appear before him. "Is that really you or a trick?" Zangetsu asked.

"Does it matter?" Urahara asked.

"I will erase all images of you," Zangetsu pledged.

Urahara pointed his sword at Zangetsu and fired. The reddish beam sliced through the air and was blocked easily by Zangetsu. He retaliated with a whitish red beam that caused Urahara to explode. Zangetsu looked around for the real Urahara. He reformed his mask gaining a dramatic increase in power and searched for him.

Zangetsu appeared before a hiding Urahara and nearly swiped his head off. Urahara fired of a Senjū Kōten Taihō without the incantation. The pink beams of light hit Zangetsu creating rings of light around his wrists. Urahara then saw a blinding flash of light as Zangetsu's enormous power began to overwhelm himself. Zangetsu then divided into a dozen versions of himself with one twelfth the power of the original. The one caught in the kidu exploded in a huge flash of light stunning Urahara. The remaining Zangetsus attacked Urahara slicing at his body and clothes. Urahara retreated away from the flying Zangetsus and hit them all with kidu attacks.

The Zangetsus came together to form one powerful form. Once he was together again, Zangetsu gave a shrill laugh at Urahara's failure. "This is the end for you master," Zangetsu laughed and fired a cero at Urahara.

The beam hit Urahara causing an explosion. When the smoke had settled, Urahara was gone. The real Urahara picked up the injured Orihime and flash stepped away. She had healed herself with her ability, but couldn't save her husband in time. "My son," she whispered weakly.

Urahara nodded knowing exactly where he was. Zangetsu realized he had been tricked and went back to where Orihime and Ishida were. He only found the dead body of Ishida and became instantly infuriated. The rest of the Quincy had been overwhelmed by the Hollows and had been killed. Zangetsu waited patiently and sure enough the soul of Ishida appeared with a chain attached to his chest.

"Your soul will satisfy me for a time," Zangetsu said to Ishida's soul.

"There is one that can defeat you where I have failed," Ishida said defiantly.

Zangetsu ignored the soul and then opened wide his mouth. Ishida was sucked into Zangetsu's mouth and disappeared. Zangetsu then felt a power boost and immediately reformed his mask.