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When my clique was announced (even though I had been expecting it) I bounced gleefully over to the corner to wait for the rest of my family. Most of them looked glum, apart from me and Jasper, who had been assigned cliques we would have chosen for ourselves. I laughed at the expressions on the rest of my family's faces. Bella was looking positively terrified as she clung to Edward, who was soothing her but still looking glum. Emmett was seated on the ground, whimpering, with Rosalie glaring at him and suppressing distaste for her own clique assignment. The bell rung at that moment and I danced away to the steps at the back of the school, where the popular teens hung out. I encountered a group of shell-shocked looking girls, most of them Jocks and Artsy types. There was a group of computer geeks and emos standing in place of the popular guys. I laughed heartily and smiled brightly at the rest of my clique. They flinched and looked away.

Our college student hadn't arrived yet, so I sat there in thought, wondering how I could get this sorry bunch to act like popular people. I would not lose this bet. My whole family was betting that they would be able to act most like their assigned persona. I would win for sure. All I needed to do was sabotage my siblings.

Edward would be easy. He was so high-strung. All I needed to do would be to prove to him that even emo guys wore makeup, and force him into liberal amounts of eye-liner. Rosalie would be equally easy. She would despise wearing cheesy t-shirts, talking in chat-speak and playing computer games. Perhaps I should buy her a gamer t-shirt and insist she wear it…

Emmett would be easy to crack. I would have to go shopping for him, too. The perfect nerdy outfit was already forming in my mind. Bella would take care of herself. She was already reluctant to be part of the bet. Jasper and I would win…even though it was only $250.

At that moment, the college student, a slim blonde with square glasses, came running over and stopped before us.

"Hey," she huffed. "Sorry I'm late. I totally forgot that this was where I was meant to be. I'm Jill by the way. Are you the popular girls' clique?" She eyed us with an incredulous expression, but as she landed on me she smiled. I was obviously the only one that looked the part of a popular girl.

"Alice is it?" she asked, and continued without waiting for an answer. "We have to outline some key points for your Life Plan. Do you have any ideas?"

"Designer clothes, perfect makeup and hair," I offered with a slight smile. Jill wrote it down and continued on to other students. I zoned out and gasped as I was hit by a vision. The air in front of me went hazy, and then I was seeing the principal running around covered in tar and feathers. I could hear Emmett's booming laugh in the background and shuddered as the vision stopped. Whatever Emmett was doing, he was going to be up to no good. The money was as good as mine…not that I needed it. It was just a matter of principle.

At that moment, the bell rang again and I started. I hadn't realised that I had been lost in thought for so long. I hurried around the corner and encountered Jasper who was looking self-satisfied. I joined him, and within moments, the rest of my family had arrived. They all looked morbidly depressed, and I suppressed a laugh as I embraced Jasper.

"How was it?" he asked gently, setting me back down on my feet.

"I guess it was okay," I mused. "I just need to teach all those kiddies how to act like popular girls. I will get through to them eventually." He grinned at me and I danced away to English, where the teacher glared heavily at me. I couldn't figure out why until I realised that I was about a minute late. The teachers at this school were really psychotic about that.

Bella was in my class and I sunk down next to her, smiling.

"How was it?" I whispered, drawing a heavy glare from the teacher. Bella seized a piece of paper and began to write.

It was horrible! Do you know I'm going to have to spend the whole week practically running everywhere? I also have to temporarily join the cheerleader squad and practice with them for a week. A whole week of cheerleading in my breaks! I am gonna die…

Wow that sounds bad…I reckon my clique will be fine…I just seriously need to teach those girls how to utilise their wardrobes! Just like you…

Bella laughed softly and crumpled up the note as the teacher stalked past and threw novels on our desks. Pride and Prejudice…great. No doubt Bella would like it, but no doubt both of us had read the book at least 50 times already.

When the bell rang I quickly hugged Bella and pranced over to the back of the school, already planning the mega shopping trip I had planned for that night. Jill handed me a piece of paper and I smiled with expectation.


True to your clique, for the rest of the week, you will:

Wear designer/expensive clothes, shoes and accessories.

Spend at least half an hour in the morning doing your hair and makeup perfectly.

Flirt with the popular guys and jocks.

Act better than everyone else, especially the nerds and geeks.

Talk about other people behind their backs, and insult what they are wearing, what they do and what they look like.

Use the word 'like' at least once in every sentence.

Eat salads and other vegetables in the cafeteria at lunch.

Read celebrity gossip magazines.

Act stupid.

I glared at the piece of paper. It seemed I would have to act like some dumb bimbo. Oh well, at least I got to do a lot of shopping.