How far will they go to get the girl of their dreams?

Longer summary:

Two completely different guys, pining over the one thing they desire--The girl of their dreams. For Edward Cullen, the quiet, handsome, somewhat cocky yet mysterious boy, that girl is Lauren Mallory, Jacob Black's ex-girlfriend. The hottest, most popular cheerleader at Forks High, she's beautiful and desperately wanted by majority of the male population, and she knows it. For Jacob Black, the ridiculously cocky, confident, womanizing jock, that girl is Bella Swan, best friend of Edward Cullen. The shy, pretty nerd that keeps to herself, and to Jacob's dismay, the one girl who will not give into him. Seeing the longing looks of desire in Edward's eyes for Lauren, Jacob Black sees this as one thing--An opportunity. Hands shake, and a deal is made. But when fate intervenes, Edward's eyes are opened. Now, faced with the consequences of the deal he made and the barriers he must now overcome, Edward finds himself having to fight back for the true girl of his dreams before it's too late.

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Chapter 1.

""Push! Push, Mrs. Swan!"

"You're nearly there!"

"Once more!"

Twenty-year-old Renee Swan screamed out in pain, before collapsing back on the sofa with an exhausted sigh. A baby's wail echoed in the room, and she glanced up to her right to see her young husband's eyes light up with tears and joy.

"Is it--"

"Congratulations, it's a girl!"

Charlie Swan grinned with pride, leaning forward and planting a soft kiss on Renee's hair before looking back to the bundle of cloths in front of him that concealed his newborn daughter.

"Can we see her?"

"She will be brought back in a moment," The nurse replied. "Mrs. Swan, you need to rest."

"I'm fine". Renee smiled up at Charlie and intertwined their fingers tiredly. "A girl, Charlie. A baby girl."

"Our baby girl". He smiled lovingly at her and kissed her fingers. "You did so well, honey".

"What will we call her?"

Charlie smiled at their little bundle of joy. "Isabella Marie. Bella".

"Bella". Renee agreed happily. "Beautiful, she is."


She looked up to see her friend's heart-shaped face. Her best friend, her college roommate, her savior when she needed advice. "Esme! Come in".

She stepped in with a nine-month-old baby boy in her arms. "Well?"

"A girl!" Charlie beamed. "Bella Swan".

"Beautiful!" Esme grinned and embraced them both. "Congratulations!"

Renee smiled at the baby boy in her best friend's arms. "Maybe one day, Esme. We could be in laws".

Esme looked to the baby boy in her arms and smiled, before looking back to the tiny crib that now held little Bella. She moved over with her son in her arms, turning him around in her arms so his big green eyes could focus on her.

The moment his green eyes focused on her, he reached out with his hand. Esme smiled at him and lowered him a little in her arms so his fingers could press against Little Bella's forehead. He gurgled and cooed, pressing his tiny fingers to her temple.

"Edward Cullen, meet Bella Swan". She whispered with a smile.


Seven Years Later.

"Edward!" Bella screamed happily, running out of class.

He laughed as she stumbled on her way over, catching her in his arms as he always had. "What are you doing, Bells?"

"I missed you". She snuggled into his chest comfortably and closed her eyes. Seven-year-old Edward, quite a bit taller then his best friend, wrapped his arms around her tenderly. "Missed you too. You're coming over this afternoon, right?"

"Yep". She giggled. "Alice is making me".

Edward smiled happily and hugged her close. "I love you, Bella".

"Love you too, Edward".


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