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I woke up feeling ridiculously happy for the first time in my life. And trust me when I say this, I am NOT a morning person. Me and Freddy might be very new but waking up in his arms felt natural. Okay maybe the girls are right and I am getting too lovey dovey, to hell with it you only live once and I want to enjoy every moment of this even if it does mean turning to the soft side.

It was warm and felt strangely safe wrapped in his arms. I would love to see the look on Harriet's face if she could see us now. Harriet had been a total bitch my first year at Abbey Mount and had her eye on Freddy for a long time. To be fair it was an all girl's school and Freddy was the only decent eye candy we got on a regular basis however Harriet also made everyone's lives hell and used new students to be pretty much her slaves. Poor girl never stood a chance with me, I never have and never will be someone's bitch. Enough said.

Anyway back to the glorious feeling of being in Freddy's arms. Because I have never had a serious relationship or never gone very far with guys, as much as some people will tell you otherwise, this is my first time waking up with someone else other than having girls over for a sleepover. To say I liked it was an understatement. Although I remember when I was really young and if I had a nightmare mum would let me curl up in bed with her dad. I miss her so much but I'm positive she would be proud of me and she would have loved Freddy.

Sometimes I sit and wonder what would have happened to me if she was still alive. I'm sure I would have still been the same person and my dad raised me how she would have wanted but if she was there would she have made me go to Abbey Mount? And if not would I have rebelled and got sent there against my wishes? I could only wonder and 'what' and 'if' are dangerous words when put together. Instead all I can do is enjoy every day as much as I can and hope somewhere she is looking down at me proud.

'Morning trouble.' A deep voice says disturbing me from my thoughts..

I turned over to smile at him 'Morning.'

'How are you feeling? Is your head any better?' He asked me.

'I'm okay, slightly bruised in places but it could have been worse.' I said shrugging it off. It was true I was fine and I was just thankful it hadn't been worse. There's no point in dwelling on the past.

'How does food and coffee sound?' As much as I wanted to stay in bed with him all day coffee and food sounded like just what the doctor ordered.

'Okay that sounds good.' I replied.

'Okay you jump in the shower and I'll get started downstairs,' He said smiling and jumping out of bed still clothed from the night before.

'Are you trying to say I smell or something?' I asked winking.

'Well now that you mention it...' He said smirking at me. 'Trust me you will feel much better after it he said giving me a kiss and holding down the pillows before I had a chance to throw one at him. Yep this boy could definitely read my mind.

After he left I jumped in the shower and enjoyed the warm water running over my slightly aching body and felt much better and refreshed. It was like I was washing away everything that had happened the previous night and starting afresh.

After I had finished dressing and applied some subtle make up I headed downstairs to the smell of bacon and coffee and damn it smelt good.

It was a funny sight to see Freddy dresses in an apron whilst the girls were the ones sat round the table chatting away. As soon as they saw me the girls all asked me at once how I was feeling and it took lots of reassurance to let them know I was fine. I plonked down in one of the kitchen chairs and watched Freddy finish off cooking the bacon. He looked very domesticated and at home and soon he was sharing out bacon sandwiches and pouring out a jug of coffee for everyone.

Everyone was quiet whilst we were eating and trust Drippy to be the one to break the silence.

'Poppy can I have him when you're done? A man that cooks and kicks ass sounds pretty good.' She said jokingly.

'Hmmm what do you think Freddy?' I asked him curious of his response. Its always fun to put a man on the spot.

'Sorry Drippy but I'm stuck with this one for as long as she'll have me,' he said making me smile. He finished his sandwich before giving me a kiss on the cheek and announcing he was going to take a shower.

As soon as he left the room the questions came.

'Did he stay in your room last night?'

'Did you do anything else?'

'Have you said the 'L' word yet?'

'Do you love him?'

'Are you going to marry him?'

'How are you going to tell Mrs Kingsley?'

'Are you going to tell Mrs Kingsley or keep it a secret?'

They were asking questions before I could even answer them but I wasn't mad because I know if it was the other way round I would be the same. It's what best friends are for after all.

'For a start we just spent the night SLEEPING together and to everything else I don't know,' I answered. It was true about all the rest but I don't want to think about that yet. I want to stay in my happy bubble for a little bit longer.

'Okay but if you get married I want to be a bridesmaid,' replied Kiki.

'Okay I promise you will all be bridesmaids.' I had to laugh at them. They sure did love me as much as I loved them and it was a good feeling.

A few moments later I heard Freddy coming down the stairs. He still only had a towel wrapped round his waste and he looked literally edible with water dripping down his very toned body. We couldn't help it. All 5 of us were sat wide mouthed gaping at him. Definitely one lucky lady.

Freddy suddenly seemed slightly awkward and unsure of himself for the first time that I have ever seen and I have to hold back from laughing at him.

'Erm Poppy I just wanted to see where you wanted me to put the towel when I was done,' He said not knowing who to look at.

'Just bung it in the washing basket in the bathroom.' I said smiling as he awkwardly exited the room.

As soon as he left we all burst out laughing. Yes I am a terrible girlfriend but it was oh so much fun.

I decided I had better wash up seeing as Freddy had cooked and rather than bung it in the dishwasher like I normally would have done I decided to wash it by hand. I like to wash up sometimes, it was relaxing and plus I wanted Freddy to see I could be slightly domesticated.

When he came downstairs he wrapped his arms around me from behind and nuzzled my ear. I am definitely washing up more often.

'So what's the game plan for today?' Kiki asked.

'Anything less eventful than last night would be great,' I smiled. Quiet sounded good.

My dad and Molly chose that moment to come downstairs and greet everyone.

'Hi girls and you must be Freddy,' my dad said lifting a hand to shake Freddy's.

'How do you know about Freddy Daddy?' I asked confused.

'He called ahead to check it was okay to visit and he was so polite that I could hardly refuse.' My dad said giving Freddy a pat on the back. Well that's weird Dad never likes any of my boyfriends, even friends who just happened to be guys. 'Anyway I think we should go for dinner tonight to get to know each other better.'

He even wanted to get to know Freddy? I wonder what Freddy said to him on the phone.

'Sounds great Daddy.' I smiled.

'Well while you guys have dinner why don't me and the girls go to the cinema and let you guys bond a bit?' Suggested Kate. I kinda wanted them as a barrier as I knew if we had nothing to talk about they would find something but I suppose it was for the best.

'Thank guys.' I smiled. I suppose I had better prepare myself for tonight then.

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