Mainly Charlie/Annie and has some slight Eliot/Sarah mentionings. Its pretty strait forward. Enjoy.

'Crap!' I thought as the doctor told me the news. I was pregnant; it wasn't too big of a deal when I thought about who the father was, and his reaction. Charlie Baker would be ecstatic, he'd be a little worried about me and my art degree, but otherwise he'd be happy. The only thing I really dreaded was telling my dad. Jimmy Murtaugh does not exactly understand when it comes to his kids making mistakes. And this was a pretty big one.

Usually Charlie and I used a huge amount of protection; birth control, condoms, the foam, the whole nine yards. A few beers each and sometimes you forget about it all! Especially when you're both horny as hell since I had had finals and neither of us had had any for a few weeks. The doctor gave me all the information I'd need for the pregnancy and I headed out to go tell Charlie.

I spent the thirty minute wait in our apartment thinking about my dad and his reaction.

"Annie?" Charlie's voice sounded from in front of me. I lifted my head off the bed and looked at him, he had a quizzical expression on his face along with a lot of grease.

"Hey," I spoke, and wow did my voice sound depressed.

"Something wrong?" he asked, I loved how he worried about me sometimes, over silly things most of the time.

"Sorta…I'm pregnant," I told him, being blunt was probably best with Charlie, didn't want to worry him too much. As expected he was happy, a bit confused, but happy none the less.

"So why are so down about it?" Charlie asked me, his worried voice back.

"My dad is NOT going to be happy, unlike you, I'm suppose to be the example remember?"

"Right…forgot about him for a bit," Charlie muttered the last part as he lay down on the bed next to me. I cuddled into him, ignoring how greasy he was as I usually did. "He'll get over it eventually, then he'll be excited about being a grandfather."

"Yeah, but that's going to be after a lot of yelling, arguing, and telling me how irresponsible I am," I told hi m, sighing into his chest, he always felt completely comfortable and safe.

"How about we tell all of them together? It's almost summer, so Nora and Bud will be down soon with Tom. We could convince my parents to bring the family down for a while, I'm sure Eliot and Sarah will be over-joyed about tat part. Then we can just get it over the telling part in big go. Plus, Eliot and Sarah might do something to completely distract from us," Charlie laid out his plan; I laughed at the last part. He was right, Eliot and Sarah could definitely work as a distraction, Eliot never seemed to be able to get enough of kissing her, and neither cared if anyone watched. Last summer they had gotten caught in Eliot's room, some very important pieces of clothing were missing from Sarah's body.

"Alright, let's do it! At the very least I can be entertained by my little brother and his teenage hormones," I joked, kissing Charlie as fiercely as I could from my position. He responded immediately as always, but we stopped when the phone rang.

"Hello?" Charlie answered the phone, out of breath. He talked for a few seconds with, from what I could gather, Mr. or Mrs. Baker.

"So?" I asked.

"My parents will ask Nora and Bud if they can stay with them, if they can they'll be down in a week or two. Around the same time your family normally shows up. Now where were we?" Charlie asked, pushing me down on the bed as I pulled at his work clothes.

Baker vs. Murtaugh

Charlie and I were driving up to The Boulders' tonight. I could already see the Baker kid's with my younger siblings down in the lake, and all the Baker cars in the drive. We pulled In behind Loraine's light pink Porsche; New York had been great for her. Walking up to the door was making me nervous, especially when I thought about what I had to tell everyone. We rang the bell and Calvin answered, he smiled at us. He looked down at my clothes a bit confused, I was two months pregnant and I really wasn't sure if I was showing or not yet, so I'd worn a dress that hid it, whether it showed or not.

"What's up sis?" Calvin asked me, I rolled my eyes and hugged him.

"Nothing but the sky until you let us in," I told him, Charlie and him both laughed at my corny joke. Calvin let us in after that, leading us out onto the porch in the back. Loraine and Becky were chatting about New York, Becky was going to NYU next year and Loraine was looking for a roommate apparently. I chuckled softly as I heard them discussing details about it, apparently the bathroom was an issue since there was only one.

I saw Lisa and Robin playing Kim and Jessica in double chess, a game they came up with a few summer's back. I noticed Dad, Serena, and Charlie's parents talking about something in whispered tones, Dad and Mr. Baker kept glaring down at the lake. I took a look at what it was they were glaring at, I laughed, Eliot and Sarah. They were making out on the dock again, and Eliot appeared to be playing with the ties on Sarah's bikini top.

"Hey guys!" Charlie greeted, leading me over to a seat by Daniel, who was reading a book of some kind. Calvin took the seat across from me as Charlie sat down next to me. Daniel gave me the same look Calvin had when he saw my dress. I had a feeling that neither of them would be surprised with my announcement, they both knew I never wore such conservative clothes unless I was hiding something. The last time I'd done it, they'd figured out the tattoo about a month after I got it.

"Charlie, Ann, how've you two been doing?" Mrs. Baker asked as her grandson came running up to her.

"We've been good, you?" I replied, I couldn't help but smile at little Tom, he was barely two but he was so adorable! I remember once someone told me that two and three year olds were the hardest to handle, but I couldn't believe that when such an angelic little boy was sitting in his grandmother's arms.

A few hours into the night we all sat down for dinner, I decided that when everyone finished I would make the announcement. So two hours later Charlie and I stood up, "Guys, I have a little announcement to make."

"Are you two finally getting married?" Jake asked, I noticed Charlie glaring at him from the corner of my eye.

"No, we're not getting married yet…"

"Yet? So you ARE getting married then?" Kenneth interrupted me.

"Can I just finish please?!" I snapped at him, when everyone was quite again I continued, "I'm pregnant."

"You're what?!" My dad yelled, saw that one coming.

"Pregnant, Dad," I told him, blunt was the best way to go here too.

"I KNEW letting you live with a guy was a bad idea! I never should have allowed it!" He was ranting now.

"Allow? Please dad, it was MY decision, and even if Charlie and I didn't live together, it probably would have still happened. It's a good thing dad," I was being blunt again, probably not the best tactic.

"She has a point; a baby isn't a bad thing. If they can make it work, I don't see the bad," Serena said, I smiled appreciatively at her.

"I agree, in fact another grand kid sounds like fun!" Mrs. Baker chimed in. I noticed that Mr. Baker was sitting quietly, I saw a talk in Charlie's future.

"FUN! What kind of example is this to set for the other kids?" Dad was off, he was rambling on, as I had expected. From the corner of my eye I saw Eliot and Sarah sneaking off, I silently prayed that they would create some kind of distraction so Charlie and I could leave.

Twenty minutes later I got my wish when Serena and Mrs. Baker noticed their absence, Dad and Mr. Baker were the lucky ones who found them. From the screaming I heard from Eliot's room it seems this time a lot of clothes had been taken off, and little Eliot was doing something to Sarah that Mr. Baker did NOT like.

On Charlie and my departures I got several 'congrats' from the fifteen Baker/Murtaugh/McNautly family members present. Calvin and Daniel had apparently bet on how long it would take for me to get pregnant, Calvin lost.

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