Ok, just to clarify this is 3 years after CBTD2, so Sarah and Eliot are like 16, and Annie and Charlie are around 22-3 or so.

"I hate pregnancy!" I shouted to no one in particular. At eight months pregnant I am huge! I can barely walk or do anything without help. URGH! This is so frustrating! I wish it would just come out already! Seriously, does it need nine months? Eight and change should be good enough.

"It's only 3 more weeks, babe, then you can go back to being completely independent," Charlie told me from the doorway. I turned from my position laying on the bed so I could glare at him.

"I'll still be huge for a while," and completely unattractive… but I didn't tell him that last part. He thinks I'm just as sexy now, but that's probably because he likes that he's the one that got me here.

He rolled his eyes, "Knowing you, that'll be very temporary," he kissed me after using his sweet voice, damn him. He knew exactly how to get be to calm down, when I didn't want to be calm!!

"So, how's the family?" I asked, distracting him from my neck, which was were he was currently kissing me.

"According to Loraine, the only thing different then 7 months ago is the fact that 'the dads' won't let Eliot and Sarah talk on the phone anymore," Charlie informed me, sitting on the bed, pulling my head up lightly to lie in his lap.

"Why's that?" I hated being out of the loop, Dad was pissed, he didn't even want to see me and he never talked to me. So we got all the info from Kenneth and normally Jake, but right now Loraine was visiting, and she didn't charge for information. Times like these I miss Becky and Henry, they were always helpful with the information stuff. Of course college comes first, but I hated paying Jake, who normally had the most dirt, and Kenneth, who was the ONLY one of the my siblings besides Eliot that was sneaky enough to call me with getting caught.

"Two words: Phone Sex," he shuttered at the thought as he said it. I couldn't help but laugh; Eliot and Sarah were definitely the most interesting couple. I had wondered why Eliot hadn't called me in a while, and this explains it.

"Who caught them? And why didn't Kenneth or Jake tell us?" I was SO curious right now, and apparently Charlie did not know these details, and didn't want to because he hadn't me the phone.

"Loraine is number six, have fun," Charlie said simply, nearly dashing down to the garage after giving me the phone. I was laughing hysterically when Loraine picked up.

"Hey, it's Loraine!" she chirped out the greeting, she recognized my laugh, "Annie? That you?"

"Yeah it's me Loraine, sorry, Charlie was just too hilarious when he gave me the phone," I heard her slight laugh; she knew how very unhappy Charlie was that his little sister was being 'deflowered' by my brother.

"So let me guess, you wanted more info on Eliot and Sarah?" Loraine asked as her mischievous side started to come out.

"Yeah, Charlie wouldn't tell me more then that they were caught having phone sex or something," I responded with a smile, this was the main thing I missed about my family, I used to talk forever with Calvin or Daniel, sometimes I even talked to Eliot about stuff. Now though, none of my three siblings were talking to me, the only two that were talking to me were my half-brothers. Even Becky, my little sister was too busy to talk to me! Sometimes Charlie's family looked so much nicer.

"OH my gosh! It was hilarious, so what happened was that your dad caught Eliot talking on the phone with Sarah, and when I mean talking I mean they were moaning back and forth. According to the yelling your dad did after finding him, he was jacking off. Seriously, who knew little Sarah would do stuff like this. Anyway, everyone heard your dad yelling at Eliot, even the people on Sarah's side of the phone. Needless to say your dad called my dad an hour later, I was listening end through another line, and when dad found out, he blew his top. Now Sarah and Eliot both got phone privileges taken away. At the moment though I'm the only here that knows EXACTLY why they don't have phone privileges," Loraine was telling me everything, and I just couldn't believe it! Eliot was having MAJOR phone sex. Wow…why does all the funny stuff happen when I'm gone?!

"At least they didn't caught having actual sex, that probably would have ended with murder," I joked. I heard Loraine laughing on the other line.

"Probably, oh and Becky says 'hi' she's been doing great in school by the way. She'd call but she's taking on a double work load with having two unrelated majors at the same time," Loraine told me, all joking aside. Loraine knew how close Becky and I use to be, we got really close after our dad remarried. Even though we've drifted apart, everyone knew that we were still really close.

"That's good, I'm glad she's focusing on her studies. Tell her I love her when you get the chance," I could feel the pregnancy hormones doubling the sadness in me.

"No problem, I'll talk to you more later, fill you in on all the other stuff. Diner's in like 2 seconds," Loraine said, she sounded a little shook up herself.

"Ok, bye," I spoke, but my voice was breaking.


"Oh, and Loraine, thanks," now I was full out crying.

"No problem," she said, and then the line went dead.

Life was hard sometimes, and right now, life totally sucked. Labor, no matter what anyone says, is THE most painful thing EVER! Charlie might be next to me holding my hand, but it still hurt like hell. I was early by exactly 3 days, and my dad still hadn't talked to me since I told him I was pregnant. Nine months, no contact from him. Sometimes there are just times in a girl's life were she doesn't want the man she loves, she wants her daddy there to help her. I felt so jealous of Nora now, having all those people that cared for her unconditionally throughout her pregnancy. I was at the same hospital, but I just had Charlie, he'd called Loraine and Becky. They were down for Spring break with the entire family, but I doubt if any of them would come, maybe Becky or Loraine, but I wasn't expecting anyone else. Right now though, my mind should be thinking about what I want to name my little boy or girl, not thinking about how much I wanted my family there. This baby and Charlie were my family too, I had to focus.

Then I heard the crying, "It's a girl Annie, a baby girl," Charlie whispered in my ear. I could see her, just a little ways a way, she was beautiful. The doctor held her out to Charlie, who laid her in my arms, putting his arms around us. I smiled and laughed lightly, I knew for sure that I was crying.

"She's perfect…" the one thing I said before I blacked out from exhaustion.

Apparently I've been out for nearly two days, according to Charlie. When I did wake up he was sitting in the chair neck to me, holding my sleeping daughter.

"What'll we name her?" I asked him, I was completely consumed by thoughts about her, every once and a while a thought about my family would come to mind, but other wise it was all her. Then I got, "How about Lynnette?"

"Lynnette, I like that. Where'd you come up with it?" Charlie handed Lynnette out to me.

I took her, rocking her slowly in my arms, "It was my mom's name, and she looks a lot like my mom. Well minus the dark locks she got from you."

Charlie laughed quietly, "Here I thought she looked like you."

"Well, I've been told me and my mom look a lot a like," I stuck my tongue out at him, and then leaned back into the bed, holding my baby.

"Excuse me?" a nurse was at the door, I will never get why they say excuse me like it's a question.


"You have some visitors, are you up to seeming them," the nurse was polite, and looked a bit worried.

"Sure," I answered, more then a bit curious to who it was.

"Hey Annie," Serena greeted; behind her was Calvin, Daniel and Becky. I saw Loraine too, and what I thought was Mrs. Baker out in the hallway.

"Hi guys," I was a little surprised by Serena, I wasn't exactly pleasant to her when I first met her. She was barely five years older then me when she married my dad. After a while I realized that she truly loved my dad, and she was always treating the younger kids like her own. We older kids never really gave her a chance, except for Becky. I thought came to me; I motioned for Charlie to come closer and whispered, "How about Serena as a middle name for Lynnette?" He smiled and nodded at me, he probably knew what I was thinking, he always got me pretty well.

"How are you feeling sweety?" Serena asked, moving as to let the other five make there way in. She was right next to Charlie now.

"I'm good."

"What'd you name the kid?" A voice asked from the doorway, the six around my bed all turned and had shocked expression by who was there. I didn't even look up though, I knew who it was.

"HER name is Lynnette Serena Baker, daddy," I spoke just to him, I noticed Serena tilt her head, she was surprised.

"I love the name," Becky said, breaking what was an awkward silence.

"Thanks," I told her.

"Mom would be happy," Calvin spoke lightly; sitting down on the foot of my bed and leaning up to lightly stoke Lynnette's face.

"We could call her Lyns!" Daniel jokes, he'd always loved making people's nicknames, mine was 'Ant, and Calvin got 'Calves.' I remembered him once calling Becky 'Beck n' Call' before dad told him to stop such childish things.

"Why does she get a cute name when I had a horrible one?" Becky asked him, mock anger in her voice.

"Cause she's cuter," Daniel teased.

"Definitely," Charlie said, staring at Lynn and I with a look of pure love and happiness. I couldn't help but blush under his gaze. I heard Loraine laugh from behind him.

"Come on you guys, we've seen the baby, now its time for us to let Lynn and Ann get some sleep. Labor can be very tiring," Mrs. Baker said as she ushered the others out of the room. Serena stayed, frowning slightly when she noticed that my dad had left nearly as soon as he had gotten here. I wasn't really surprised, he was probably still angry.

"Hey Serena, would you like to hold your grandchild?" I asked her, she immediately perked up.

"I'd be honored," Serena took little Lynn and sat down in the chair next to Charlie. They looked so sweet, I looked around a bit until Charlie handed me my sketch book. I smiled at him, and started to draw my little angel in Serena's arms.

It's been hours since everybody left, Lynn was a sleep in the crib next to me, and Charlie had gone to get me something to eat.

"Hey superstar," my dad said from the doorway.

"Dad, I thought you left?" I was honestly surprised.

"Nah, just didn't want to crowd around Lynn to much," he was standing next to her crib now, he looked happy, truly happy. "She looks just like you did when you were a baby, except she got Charlie's hair."

"Yeah, that's probably why she reminded me of mom," I told him, he'd probably change the subject, he was really shaken up when mom died, and that's when all the perfectionist stuff came around. His way of coping I guess, even when he got remarried to Carrie and then Serena, he never got the same smile he had with mom. Although Serena was starting to get it back, helping him mend his heart.

"Probably, your mother would be proud of you, taking care of your sister. Not completely shutting Serena out, and now you're even starting to let Serena in. She'd be real proud," dad was starting to cry, it made me cry.

"Yeah I know. Nice to hear it from you though," I told him lightly, he smiled and walked over to me.

"Don't make my mistakes, Annie, you got that?"

"I got it daddy," I smiled at him, and then he hugged me.

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