Bella's weird mind.

It was an ordinary day in Forks. Well… as ordinary as it could be with a vampire for a boyfriend and, said boyfriend's, entire family of vampires'. But I wasn't complaining. I kinda liked it, without being completely morbid; being within 100 feet of vampires whom could all kill me within a few seconds, probably before I even knew it.

The weather was the same, rain, rain and – oh yeah – rain. It scared me a bit at how I've gotten used to the weather here. I mean… I spend 17 years of my life in sunshine and to become so use to rain and clouds so quickly was a bit scary. But I knew the reason. Edward. He was the only reason I stood up with this endless rain. Since meeting him, I was glad it rained. If not, he couldn't be near me in such a trivial place as school.

School was tedious. I have respect for Edward, since he has gone through all of this a lot of times before. It must be difficult but at least, he doesn't have to listen and pay attention. He could pass the class just by showing up at the test-day and write down answers that will give him the A+++ that he deserves. I was a bit jealous about that. He had it so easy. They all did. Stupid gorgeous and genius vampire. His family, I knew, was also as talented as my Edward in the academic department, but I didn't have any classes with them, being three of them, having graduated already. At least there was something comforting that I could look forward to. Someday I would be just as beautiful and smart as them. I sighed in content.

I could feel his gaze on my face, he always watched me. Tsk, tsk, tsk, getting a bit clingy, not that I really minded. The though was ridiculous. I almost laughed but I did smile.

"What's so funny?" he asked softly. I didn't know if I should tell him. He might think I'm insane, but, then again, if he hadn't thought that already it would be fine. I sighed and told him.

"I could feel you watching me and I thought that you were getting clingy, not that I minded. The thought sounded so ridiculous to me that I almost laughed because the whole thing is a joke." I finished my speech and blushed. He was looking at me in a confused, chocked and amused way. I could see the corners of his mouth twitch and knew he was fighting a smile. I sighed and looked at the board. "I told you, you don't want to know everything I'm thinking. The thought only proves I'm more insane than I leave on." My face flushed again, of course. I could see him hunch over a bit and his shoulders were shaking slightly. If I hadn't been with him for as long as I have, I wouldn't have caught it. I glared the best I could.

"You know." I said and he looked at me, composed. "You could stop laughing at me." He smiled the crooked smile and I melted and got lost in the golden orbs.

"I'm sorry love." His voice burned with sincerity and I could do nothing better than to believe him. "And I do want to know what you are thinking; your mind is very fascinating." He made me sound like a science experiment but I couldn't mind. He could use me for anything and I wouldn't mind at all.

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